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[Upcoming Drama 2019] The Devil Is Calling Your Name, 악마가 너의 이름을 부를 때 - Jung Kyung Ho, Park Sung Woong, Lee Seol and Lee El

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27 minutes ago, triplem said:

Gals , any character chart or description  or something like that ? 



None that I know of. It think it has been very quiet for this drama, no promos, no posters, minimal descriptions and only casting news.


I don't know if its intentional to have a mysterious vibe. Or is it normal for a drama to be promoted like this? Or was the main cast casting done too early, so they have yet to start any promo. So many assumptions. Haha


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Just to quote myself because....

On 3/18/2019 at 6:04 AM, jongski said:

Yey another newbie from Namoo Actors. I like their talents! Hope he shines here. And my fav rookie actress Lee Seol.  Then our cute couple... (hahaha yes..  for cuteness sake I said that.) Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong. What's not to like

 I realise the newbie young actor Song Kang - cast in this drama will be in 3 upcoming dramas this 2019 (Love Alarm, and if he accepts the lead for tvN   pycho webtoon drama 'Sweet Home') In demand. Hmm, I wanna see his acting.


And Lee Seol my fav new actress. In demand too. This will be her second drama after Less Than Evil.


Casting news.


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4 minutes ago, triplem said:

@katakwasabi oh my! Is he some hobo ??? Busker on the street ? :joy:


Lol! I have no idea :lol:. It seems he has grey hair, was he old before he met the devil? 


I seriously need more info about this drama. The lack of news is making me speculate any picture I see. Hahahaha :joy:

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