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[Drama 2019] The Devil Is Calling Your Name, 악마가 너의 이름을 부를 때


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23 hours ago, Jillia said:

I have this theory that Jung Kyung Ho's character is actually some oldschool unsuccessful singer who "steals" Yi Kyung's talent for singing to become successful. But who knows? The drama hasn't even premiered yet. :D


Same theory!! It hasn't even aired and I'm busy making my own theory! Hahaha. Because of this theory, I don't think there will be any romance since he's basicly a grandpa. I'm eager to see of my initial theory is correct :lol:.


Anyways~ the first ost is sang by Jung Kyung Ho but I don't know who the other singer is. I like this song. It sounds like the songs i heard in reply 1988. It feels nostalgic.





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Lee El Transforms Into A Sharp, But Soft-Hearted Agency CEO For “When The Devil Calls Your Name”

Jul 31, 2019
by R. Jun



Ahead of this week’s premiere of tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name,” actress Lee El revealed more about her character.

“When the Devil Calls Your Name” is a comic fantasy about a famous songwriter named Ha Rip (played by Jung Kyung Ho) who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for success. However, when he finds out that the deal came at the price of the talent and life of a young girl, he tries to set things right.

Lee El plays Ji Seo Young, the CEO of Ha Rip’s agency who also happens to be in love with the devil.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1342371wpp/lee-el-transforms-into-a-sharp-but-soft-hearted-agency-ceo-for-when-the-devil-calls-your-name




Premiere Watch: When the Devil Calls Your Name

by stroopwafel


Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Fantasy, comedy
Episode count: 16

This week we’ll be getting a reunion between Life on Mars costars Park Sung-woong and Jung Kyung-ho. However, this time they’ll be adversaries rather than allies as they’ll be portraying the devil and the man who sells his soul in this take on Goethe’s classic work, Faust. Jung Kyung-ho is a successful singer-songwriter who has it all, thanks to a little deal he made with the devil, Park Sung-woong. In exchange for his soul, the devil (whose human form is a beloved actor) gifted him with talent and luck to spare. But as the time on his contract begins to wind down, Jung develops seller’s remorse and schemes to keep his soul. Along the way, Jung Kyung-ho begins to realize the full ramifications of the deal he made with the devil. Though he reaped fortune and fame, his talent was stolen from a once-promising young singer-songwriter played by Lee Seol. While Jung tries to keep his soul, he’ll be attempting to right the wrongs done to Lee Seol. Lee El will join the cast as the CEO of Jung Kyung-ho’s management company and his most trusted partner. Look forward to laughs and ruminations on the value of life.



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So this has started? Great! I've just completed two dramas so I may come on board sooner rather than later.

I was just looking at the official trailer on YT and it actually looks solid. There's storytelling depth there and as usual JKH shows his versatility. I hope it delves into spiritual and existential issues in a substantive way.

The cast is indisputably top-notch. I'm excited. 



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Hello everyone hope you're doing well! I've just watched the 1st ep and it looks really promising (I watch all the ML dramas and I simply adore his acting) so I'm looking forward to see how everything will develop (and i hope each one of you will like it as much as me if not more) :D 

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“When The Devil Calls Your Name” Premieres To No. 1 Ratings

Aug 1, 2019
by E. Cha

tvN’s “When the Devil Calls Your Name” is off to an impressive start!

“When the Devil Calls Your Name” is a new fantasy drama about a famous songwriter (played by Jung Kyung Ho) who sells his soul to the devil (played by Park Sung Woong) in exchange for success. However, after learning that his success came at the cost of the life and talent of a young girl, he sets out to make things right for her, himself, and those around him.

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama premiered to strong viewership ratings on July 31, beating the premiere ratings of its predecessor “Search: WWW,” which previously occupied the same time slot. The first episode of “When the Devil Calls Your Name” scored an average rating of 3.1 percent and a peak of 3.7 percent nationwide, while “Search: WWW” premiered to an average rating of 2.4 percent back in June.

Additionally, “The Devil Calls Your Name” took first place in its time slot across all channels among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, scoring an average rating of 2.5 percent and a peak of 3.0 percent nationwide.

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I'm gonna wait until it's available on tvn asia to watch this with subs. I read the episodes will be released a day after the original broadcast. Yay. Hopefully it will look great on a tv screen.


I really want to like this as everyone else seems to be. I watched ep 1 raw however I'm not a fan of the colours. It's too muted and kinda washed out to me. It will take time for me to get used to. My recent dramas watches are more vibrant and bright.


Imo, PSW stood out most in ep 1. He looked scary when he changed and his character is quite extra. I've come to a point that I like characters who are extra and villains are just more appealing. Hahaha

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50 minutes ago, triplem said:

Oh my will there be romance in this drama? :D I just wanted to post this from eps 2 because I love how JKH walks slo mo 

I am okay with romance.. this is tvN after all. But that draping of jacket wasn’t really necessary, I think :P considering she has wings and dressed quite properly, not torn/wet clothes :lol: (must insert a drama trope)

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