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[Drama 2019] The Devil Is Calling Your Name, 악마가 너의 이름을 부를 때


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5 hours ago, katakwasabi said:

I'm sorry...but I can't stop myself






I wonder why he is wearing that. Could it be a scene from the 80's. I do think there is some time travelling or old to young magic going to happen in devil. Hehe

@katakwasabi lol at the comparison :lol:




On 10/3/2018 at 11:22 AM, larus said:



'When the devil calls your name' is Occult Human Melodrama. The star composer who sold his soul to the devil and who enjoyed 10 years of youth and success, deals with the devil to extend his contract immediately before returning the soul.

For the past five years, he’s held top status and has amassed the most royalties in the industry with skills that are almost otherworldly. However, five days before his soul is to be collected, he desperately begins to bargain with the devil using his own life as collateral. The devil’s conditions are this: He must find three other people who have promised to sell their souls and take their contracts. (Dramabeans)



On 10/3/2018 at 11:22 AM, larus said:

Director: Min Jin Ki ( Circle: Two Worlds Connected )

Writer: No Hye-Yeong ( Come Back Mister )

 I've watched the drama of the director but ( but I did not finish).  I've not seen the drama of the writer.  I'm not into fantasy otherwordly  genre but if it's well written, well acted (doesn't matter who the actors are) I'm going to check. I like the actors heres, btw :)


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Watch: Park Sung Woong And Jung Kyung Ho Take Over “Amazing Saturday” In New Preview

Jul 20, 2019
by S. Park



Two stars will be joining the cast of “Amazing Saturday” to guess lyrics and win delicious food!

On July 20, the variety show released a preview of next week’s episode featuring Park Sung Woong and Jung Kyung Ho, who will be starring in tvN’s upcoming drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name.”

In the preview, Park Sung Woong and Jung Kyung Ho take on the roles of a devil and angel, respectively. Park Sung Woong immediately takes control of the atmosphere with his charisma and direct way of speaking while Jung Kyung Ho mesmerizes with his handsome appearance and gentle demeanor.

The guests, however, soon lose their cool due to the difficulty of the lyrics. Park Sung Woong asks, “What’s this?” and Jung Kyung Ho adds, “I can’t hear it.” Park Sung Woong gives it his all to win some snacks and Jung Kyung Ho adds with a laugh, “This is really fun. I think this is the most fun.”



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Stolen dreams and brutal honesty in tvN’s When the Devil Calls Your Name

by tipsymocha


A lot of my interest in this show stems from the drama reunion between Jung Kyung-ho (Life on Mars) and Park Sung-woong (Hundred Million Stars From the Sky), but I’m glad to finally see some of the female stars of upcoming tvN fantasy drama When the Devil Calls Your Name. There’s a new trailer out featuring the eternally unlucky songwriter played by Lee Seol (Bad Detective), and some new stills with Lee El (Matrimonial Chaos) as a charismatic entertainment company CEO.

The trailer is quite short, and begins with Lee Seol’s character on stage with her guitar. She looks quite uncomfortable on stage, and offscreen, she asks whether she really doesn’t have any talent. Jung Kyung-ho says that when he hears her song, “I feel like crap.” Damn, that’s harsh, considering his deal with the devil stole all her talent and luck away, and is the reason for his own success. Or maybe that’s exactly why he feels terrible when he hears her singing, because of his guilt from knowing he basically ruined her life.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/07/stolen-dreams-and-brutal-honesty-in-tvns-when-the-devil-calls-your-name/

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July 22 2019

Ep.1 trailer for tvN drama series “When the Devil Calls Your Name”


Ep.1 trailer added for tvN drama series “When the Devil Calls Your Name” starring Jung Kyoung-Ho and Park Sung-Woong. Ep.1 trailer begins with narration that states “For 10 years, whatever you want, all will be accomplished. When the contract ends, you only need to give up your spirit in return.”

“When the Devil Calls Your Name” first airs July 31, 2019 in South Korea.

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This drama attracts me though I'm not really familiar with the cast except for Park Sun Woong and Lee El.

Lee El often takes role in fantasy-type drama so I remember her clearly and Park Sun Woong seems very suitable with this kind of role, that looks good outside but has a devil heart inside. Definitely I'm anticipating this since this type of genre is one of my favorite:)

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The fantasy aspect worries me a little as well because tvN's record in this genre is not really great. But I have high hopes for this one. And Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong alone are worth it. :wub:


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Woot2!!! It will start next week! I hope I can recover some of my kdrama watching cells to watch this. I've been waiting since last year. Hahaha


Devil fightinnngggg!!!!


The old JKH pics are making me speculate stuff. I think he is actually super old turned young~



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I have this theory that Jung Kyung Ho's character is actually some oldschool unsuccessful singer who "steals" Yi Kyung's talent for singing to become successful. But who knows? The drama hasn't even premiered yet. :D

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