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Guest &gravity.

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Guest &gravity.

3 Graphics & 1 Poster
I'm not creative with titles at all. <_< The three graphics were made for this challenge that I participated in. Although, only 2 of the 3 were actually used. C/C's are welcomed. Also, my name is Mal, but I go by Matt as well. I was formerly (if you've been here long enough) Aphrodite, Etidorhpa., BRIDGE*, etc. I've had a lot of name changes since then. This is just to clarify random PMs.

The theme for this one was "AQUA."


The theme for these two was "BARE." Only the first one was actually posted for the challenge.



Credits: Soompi Stock Thread, Yahoo Images, Amazon, Starwind Cafe, sxc, Opacity

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Guest symphonee.


I really like the third graphic. There's this sense of tranquility which surrounds it. It's just so beautiful. I don't know if it's just me, but do I see a face on to the right of that graphic? I can perceive two eyes and a mouth somehow. It may just be my eyes tricking me however.

Anyway, your graphics have always been so lovely to look at and I lovehate you for that.

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Guest bohemianheart.


i love your hwanhee one. hotness. and i love the boat one. so sexy. and nice coloring on all. i love all your artwork and i'm a fan. ^_^. loving you soft colors and etc. nice job.

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Guest lost.breed


Long time no talk <33 How are you?!

You are still amazing as usual. Your style is very unique and not to mention, nice :) WOOT! Look at Hwanhee's hot self!

take care, hun.


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Guest &gravity.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I agreed whOdatxrasCalx, I do like making dark graphic better and do well with them also. :)

Kelli, I think your eyes are playing tricks on you. I went back to look at the stock that I used and there wasn't a person in them. Although, there was a human in one of them. That human was standing and had it's back to the camera so the stock was of it's back. You sure your battle with Mai isn't making you go crazy? ;)

Hamster and Jun <3

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Guest satisfaction!


I don't know if you remember me...

But I had a graphic battle with you longg longg time ago..

Before I had a username change, I was xD0Rk.

Lol, remember now? :P I doubt it ^^

I was always amazed at the rounds you had in our battle.

Creative too!

Anyways, the first one's amazing and peaceful.

I love your style!


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Guest kyugaroo.

Mal! You probably have forgotten me but I'm Rei from MBS. I didn't know you were so awesome at PS! I love love LOVE the ff poster you made for Fragments out of all of them!

You've inspired me to go and create a graphic now!

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