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[Drama 2018] A Promise with the Gods, 신과의 약속

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they should've just waited a bit longer for that donor's response before! At first I thought NK paid off the donor to not donate. If only they communicated better there wouldn't have been a misunderstanding :huh: person should've confirmed with the coordinator first before believing a random phone call (didn't they wonder how they got that number in the first place when you're not supposed to see their contact info?)

is that lighthouse scenery the same place from Children of Nobody?

I wanted to see more in the ending :cry: who is Joon Seo's legal mom now? I want him to call JY "mom"...

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I was browsing and found a show headed by HCY.  It has been a long time since I watched her. 

It is a good show but I wonder why soompi forum posts only 9 pages for 48 episodes while the ratings have been excellent.

Could it mean Koreans have different tastes than non-Koreans or overseas Koreans?

Well whomever they are, they have missed a great show.


I would like the end to return to the beginning but there has been too much water under the bridge for the couple to get back together. The new husband has also been a devoted father and husband.  Rather sad for them, even though they all seemed happy. NK as many others have said, really deserves prison time or worse for her, to be rejected by the little brother.


Not knowing Korean law, I am going to conclude  that a married woman having a baby with a married man is adultery by Korean law. Perhaps the mode of getting pregnant is not specified. I remember a real case when the parents in their forties had a baby to provide bone marrow for their 20 something. There was a great hoohaa but it was not against the law or medical ethics the AMA. The doctor said the cord blood of the second baby was needed, I wonder why they did not keep the leftover. Then it would not be necessary to get the bone marrow, which I was told to be very painful.


A friend long ago had a boyfriend who had a one night stand which hurt her but she said that the years they had spent together were more precious, so she forgave him. I wish I know what happened to her. Those were pre email, Whatsapp days. I am rather unsure if JY getting a divorce over his one off infidelity was a good step in real life. However, impregnating the 'random' girl as JY's mum called her was more than a series of one night stands. He must have had been carrying on for a while to get her pregnant. In that situation, I might be vicious and stay married to him for a few years so that her little B would remain so and not be in the family register. But of course it will ruin the story in this show. Still wishing they returned into a family, but poor MH did not deserve to be hurt that badly. 

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