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[Drama 2019] Romance Is A Supplement, 로맨스는 별책부록

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Roman history is a
collection of 16 episodes of the album to be
in terms of time, eight weeks, spanning two months,
but one episode an hour, only two episodes a week
can not tell the charm of Enhao,
so we only give up
a lot of people say that survived the first second episode, romance more attractive
this show is really slow
, "Romance is not, Appendix"
on the powder after large bell from the first set to begin shooting angle to me The drama that has been witnessed all the way to death (except for the one-act play) is of
great significance.
I think that my favorite drama has two parts: W, because the representative of Jiang is too close to my appetite; Luo Bi, this is my story from the plot to the actor. They all liked it
too warm. The
female divorce, looking for a job, and then glowing in the competition, everything is so real, so sad, so inspiring
Che Enhao, he is simply the true color of Li Zhongshuo, will blush sweating saying: "hey a muttered, good hot", will be quietly concerned about her sister, her sister shelter, care for the younger generation, respect for the older generation, no regrets take care of ginger writer, high cold but love is a little sweet peas[笑了cry]this everything we see in the eyes, sweet to the heart
"this Gave fans a gift, "
as a gift sparkled like a drama to look forward to
ending it
Enhao Tan and Iraq have been happy to go on
competing against the staff of every conscientious and responsible press should be happy
wish inside a little every The living characters will still let our[heart]
mouths lingerin the end of the show for a long time, and bring a satisfying smile.2019.1.26 - 209.3.17
Che Enhaosees[bell]
Li actor again, looking forward to the return of 657 days after two years.
Moonlight tonight, really beautiful


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 Lee Jong-suk [heart]# 0914 # Happy Birthday Lee Jong-suk 
two years
might change a lot
, especially for an artist for
two large into the army
I found a treasure boy who
is also a very child
I can not guarantee that you can not wait until veterans
like just now especially like you
[tears][tears][tears] @ Lee Jong-suk


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 Lee Jong-suk # romance with separate volume appendix # This is when I first met romance most moving pieces, but also I have to start the clock master wants to learn more about this idea, blink of an eye four months later, I looking at Romance @ Lee Jong-suk L LNE - microblogging video 1
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