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[Drama 2019] Romance Is A Supplement, 로맨스는 별책부록

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Wi Ha Joon Talks About His Bromance With Lee Jong Suk In Real Life And In “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

by S. Park

Wi Ha Joon shared his thoughts on his latest drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” in a recent interview.

“Time passed by really quickly,” began Wi Ha Joon. “To be honest, I had a lot of concerns and felt pressured, but I’m glad that it ended well.”

In “Romance is a Bonus Book,” which concluded on March 17, Wi Ha Joon appeared as a successful book designer named Ji Seo Joon. He won over the hearts of Kang Dan Yi (played by Lee Na Young) and Song Hae Rin (played by Jung Yoo Jin) with his sweet charms, and surprised viewers with a plot twist when it was revealed that he was the son of writer Kang Byung Joon (played by Lee Ho Jae).

He continued, “When I read the script, there were various aspects to Ji Seo Joon. At first, it was difficult to grasp him. He wasn’t a character that I could define as one thing. The director also said that Ji Seo Joon was a difficult character. So instead of trying to define him, I tried to act in different attitudes according to who I was acting with.”

In the drama, Wi Ha Joon showed a fateful, dramatic romance with Lee Na Young and a bickering, friend-like romance with Song Hae Rin. “It was definitely different,” explained Wi Ha Joon. “If the romance with Kang Dan Yi was something to be careful and well-mannered about, Song Hae Rin felt like a friend that I later developed into lovers with. It was fun because both of them had different charms. I think my personality in real life fit more with Song Hae Rin’s romance. Dating while bickering and building affection. I was happy that the viewers said Ji Seo Joon and Song Hae Rin were a good match. I wish we could’ve shown more of him dating [Song Hae Rin], and I regret that.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1312283wpp/wi-ha-joon-talks-about-his-bromance-with-lee-jong-suk-in-real-life-and-in-romance-is-a-bonus-book
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Posted (edited)

I'm missing this drama.  it's the first weekend without this drama.  i had been trying to stay away from discussion threads but allow me to share my thoughts.  i must say that the drama is worth de-lurking and after this, i foresee some drought waiting for the next light, feel good drama.

What I liked –


1.     Production

-       Cast – Lee Jong Suk, Lee Na Young.  I’ve watched several of their movies/dramas in the past.  I’ve enjoyed their works and the variety of roles they portrayed.  

-       Set design – Publishing company.  I liked the hallway flanked by rows of bookshelves on each side.

-       Music – makes you tip toe through the tulips, happy vibe.


2.     Script

-       Drama veered away from makjang.  No amnesia, no truck of doom, no chasing after each other, no third party to make life difficult for OTP.  i liked how the writer didn't dwell into the backstory of writer kang.  still remained relevant to the story but was not the focal point.  kudos to the writer.  i'll watch out for your future projects.

-       No push and pull. Characters upfront and speak out their minds.  No ever winding chasing, guy goes after girl, girl goes after guy, guy and girl are apart for most of the drama.  we have seen how eun ho and dani spend a good amount of time together, sharing mundane activities together, eun-ho being upfront with his feelings and patiently waiting for dani to reciprocate, dani being realistic and not dragging eun-ho along (as well as seo jun),  cute interaction between hae rin and seo jun bicker and witness how their professional interaction slowly transitioned into a possible romance, delineation of work and friendship between ms go and ceo - i like how they say, here's what i will say as a friend, ji yul and park hoon colleagues from the same start group sharing experiences as they grow professionally within the publishing company

-       Just the right mix of romance, comedy and drama

-       Slice of life, realistic, relatable

-       Puppy love with a hopelessly romantic guy

-       Strong women characters


3.     Characters

-       Ms Go – no nonsense character.  i actually like her.  she is one person you would like to work for as she upholds high standards.  one must be on their toes working for her.  team members who become successful later in their careers will appreciate her.

-       Eun Ho – sweet boyfriend so smitten with Dani but still keeps his objectivity and doesn't favor dani.  one reason why companies don't allow dating at work is because it may put the supervisor or lead in a situation where interests are in conflict

-       Dani – strong go getter, definitely not a damsel in distress.  the drama presented her miserable life in the beginning but she was able to pick up and do something to get her out of it

-       Hae Rin – another strong woman character, driven, on top of things, fair, upfront, compassionate

-       Ji-hyul and Park Hoon - Korean 'Bonnie and Clyde’ – partners in crime.  good comic relief with a totally dysfunctional ‘relationship’


4.     Others

-       Chemistry of cast members

-       Geum Bi

-       The tailored coats used by the cast members.  Gyeroo must be paying their employees well to afford those trench coats



1.     Casted with tall actors – Lee Jong Suk – 6’0’; Lee Na Young – 5’8’; Jung Yoo Jin - 5’9”;  Wi Ha Joon – 5’11”; Kim Yoo Mi – 5’7”; Kim Tae Woo – 6’3”

2.     Gyeroo dating policy.  Eun Ho and Dani, Ms Go and Mr President, Ji Hyul and …, Hae Rin and Seo.   Title should be Books is a bonus romance … i.e. working in Gyeroo opens opportunities for potential romance ;-)

3.     Typical Korean office culture – asking an assistant to do things for you even personal errands

4.     Typical of Korean dramas where everyone is connected to each other.  What are the chances that Dani bumps into Seo who happens to be the son of Kang Byeong Hun who is ‘father’ to Eun Ho who is Dani’s childhood friend …



1.     Lee Na Young is the wife of Won Bin

2.     Ms Go is the wife of Reply 1994 lead actor

3.     2nd time Lee Jong Suk and Hae Rin to work in a drama.  The first was W.


I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.  Till then.

Edited by Gin Nietschze
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Weekly Romance – Scenes That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

romance is a bonus book lee jongsuk


Have you been watching dramas these days? If not, you are missing many great scenes! If you like romance, this new Kpopmap series might be for you. Be aware of spoilers.

We made a selection of three scenes from K-Dramas this week that will make your heart flutter by their cuteness and romantic vibes. These scenes are the sweetest of this week. No more words, here is the list!

Let us know in the comment which scene you prefer and/or what is the sweetest scene of this week episodes according to you.


1- “Romance Is A Bonus Book

Lee JongSuk and Lee NaYoung as Cha EunHo and Kang DanYi

If you like a cheesy demonstration of love, this is for you! Lee JongSuk and Lee NaYoung are one of the cutest couples. Lee JongSuk’s sincere love and affection for Lee NaYoung is never failing.

As both are working at the same publishing company, viewers are the witness of their sweet daily interaction at work. This scene caught our attention as they are sending hearts to each other and try to be ‘discreet’ and unseen from other employees passing by. Their love relationship is a goal for many.

With the end of the drama, many are sad to separate from this adorable couple.

lee jongsuk romance is a bonus book, lee jongsuk cute, lee jongsuk 2019, lee jongsuk drama, lee jongsuk romance is a supplement, lee jongsuk lee nayoung

lee jongsuk romance is a bonus book, lee jongsuk cute, lee jongsuk 2019, lee jongsuk drama, lee jongsuk romance is a supplement, lee jongsuk lee nayoung





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This is a bit late, but I finished subbing all 13 OST songs. I put it in a youtube playlist below.


Romance Is A Bonus Book OST (Complete) [English Hardsubbed]


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Romance is a Bonus Book


Romance is a Bonus Book - Review

Romance is a Bonus Book is a Korean romantic comedy about successful author and chief editor at a publishing company Cha Eun Ho and his love story with his childhood friend Kang Dan Yi. Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dan Yi have been friends since she saved his life when they were younger. He falls in love her with but hides his feelings from her in order to maintain their friendship. After her divorce and losing her home, Kang Dan Yi moves in with Cha Eun Ho and enters his company, Gyeoroo Publishing as a temporary employee. Living and working together makes sparks fly between them and Kang Dan Yi realises that she too has feelings for Cha Eun Ho. Romance is a Bonus Book has a happy ending and stars Lee Jong Suk as Cha Eun Ho and Lee Na Young as Kang Dan Yi.


Full https://videodramareview.com/index.php/2019/04/03/romance-is-a-bonus-book/

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[JShine Eng Sub] 
Romance is a Bonus Book
Ep 15. Post Credits Scenes Translatıon

Subtitle by JShine Lee Jong-Suk Fanclub.  

Translated by 生活是个大饼脸
Proofread by Joanna5959





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