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[Drama 2019] Romance Is A Supplement, 로맨스는 별책부록

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Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 14

by abirdword


Having the chief editor on her side isn’t enough to keep our heroine at her job. But while Dan-yi’s days at Gyeoroo are over, Eun-ho is at her side, as always, to help her heal and move on. And Dan-yi may have left her job behind, but she took with her valuable allies who are also there to provide help along the way. But as everyone starts to move on in their lives, Dan-yi discovers the secret Eun-ho has been hiding from everyone, even her.


Episode 14



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Had a little extra time today, so here is a translation of the BTS of DY and EH's house date. Translation in the spoiler.





caption: Having given her resignation and is now leaving, Dan Yi
caption: Gathering her emotions even before shooting has started, Dan Yi
caption: A crying Dan Yi lingers (cry) (cry)

caption: More seriously than any other time, monitoring (means she’s reviewing her scenes with a serious mien)
caption: This time, rehearsing together with Eun Ho
DY: We agreed to put (the box) in between us.
EH: Didn’t noona agree to carry this on your head?
caption: Eun Ho X Director, A Combo to Tease Dan Yi

caption: (Today as well, ready to go, Eun Ho)
EH: Kang Dan Yi!!!
caption: Already immersed, having fallen too early, Eun Ho’s tears
EH: Aigoo, they fell too fast.
EH caption: (flowing…)
caption: For those who didn’t see it, one more time…

caption: Hugging Dan Yi tightly, Eun Ho
caption: Eun Ho cried
caption: Eun Ho cried, Dan Yi cried
caption: Eun Ho cried, Dan Yi cried, and I cried, too…
caption: Patting Dan Yi (comfortingly), Eun Ho

caption: - reading together on top of the bed, EunDan -
EH caption: Cha Eun Ho (32) / beekeeper
EH: I… couldn’t I sleep here… then go…?
EH caption: glancing glancing (me: he’s checking for her reaction)
EH: I’ll go…
EH: Sleep well…
caption: Eun Ho’s reaction to Dan Yi not answering…
caption: Pretending to leave, and then slipping behind the camera~
EH caption: Here I am~
DY caption: (it was funny, so exploding (with laughter) Dan Yi)
caption: Watching noona is like honey (meaning it’s fun to watch her)

Director: We’ll go again
EH captions: (me - not sure, the syllables say “doom-cheet”, but not sure what that means)
EH: Body

DY caption: (jerk…)
Director: Okay
caption: Finally OK!
EH: You did well!~ You did well.
caption: Embarrassed Dan Yi, an abundantly complimenting Eun Ho
EH: Noonim, you did well~ (me: he’s using the more formal way of saying noona)

caption: Today as well, directly demonstrating, the Demonstration Fairy, the Director.
caption: He’s not just lying down. He’s determining the position.
caption: This time, Dan Yi’s turn
Director: You just saw Eun Ho.
DY: I think my leg will get caught in this?
Director: Just a little… hmm..
caption: Our Dan Yi has a superior length~
caption: She rolls.
caption: She rolls. She rolls.
caption: She rolls. She rolls. She rolls again.
caption: Nearly cleaning the floor.
EH caption: tightly (heart)
caption: Happy to see one’s owner(?), overflowing puppyishness Eun Ho

caption: (star) Cha Eun Ho Puppy Moment (star), 1. Watching noona who is lying down
caption: (star) Cha Eun Ho Puppy Moment (star), 2. Smiling eyes like Deng Deng (me: A Shiba Inu dog that became a viral hit)
caption: (star) Cha Eun Ho Puppy Moment (star), 3. A heart destroying aegyo (aegyo = cute antics)
EH: Me. Me. Me.

caption: A sitting Dan Yi, has to be raised to standing…
DY: 1, 2, 3
EH caption: collapsing
DY: Put some strength in it…
EH caption: Eu ra cha cha

caption: - Having a house date all day long, Eun Ho and Dan Yi -
EH caption: Kang Dan Yi is captured in my heart (heart)
caption: The world’s sweetest, the sweetly playing around two people
DY: What are you doing?  (EH is hitting her covers or something to tease her)
DY: Your face has become red.
EH: It’s a disease. (?)

caption: Reading a comic book together, EunDan.
DY: Oh, this is your face. (talking about a drawing in the comic)
EH caption: …? (feeds DY a chip)
DY: This is your face when you’re angry.
caption: What in the world is the drawing anyway….?
caption: 3
caption: 2
caption: 1
caption: Angry Eun Ho (?)

DY caption: (Again discovering something!)
caption: Having fun teasing Eun Ho, Dan Yi
EH caption: Bite~ (me: EH makes a sound as if taking a bite)
caption: (Laughing to death, EunDan. k k k k k k)
EH: Noona keeps saying that I resemble this. (pout) (pout)
DY caption: (wiping)
DY: Dust
DY caption: I was only trying to pick the dust off you.
EH, DY captions: embarrassed embarrassed
EH caption: (nom)
caption: One bite for Eun Ho~
caption: Dan Yi gets one bite of a finger (?)
DY caption: (I’m not going to let go)
EH: Ouch. It hurts.
caption: Letting go for playful Eun Ho’s sake, Dan Yi
caption: This weekend, Saturday Sunday night 9 pm. Please continue to love us until the end. (heart)



The joke near the end of the BTS where EH offers a bite of chip to DY only to put his finger in her mouth instead of the chip seems to be a bit of a common joke for Koreans. I think the first time I saw that kind of joking around was in the drama Reply 1988 where Deok Sun repeatedly does it to Taek when she's sharing corn chips with him at the beach. Since then, I've noticed it a couple of times.


Anyway, EH and DY seems pretty comfortable and relaxed in the BTS'. LJS seems to have a knack of getting along really well with his noona co-stars with a combination of respect, admiration, and teasing. Given that LNY is a happily married woman in RL, I didn't expect BTS' that pushed the romance, but their comfortable, teasing relationship is still very cute to watch.


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Watch: Lee Jong Suk And Lee Na Young Goof Off Behind The Scenes Of “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

by K. Lew

Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young have great chemistry in a new behind-the-scenes video for “Romance Is a Bonus Book.”

The video shows that the first scene that is filmed is the one where Lee Jong Suk comforts Lee Na Young with a hug. The two both tear up but the director and Lee Jong Suk tease her behind the scenes. In another scene, they film a romantic moment on Lee Na Young’s bed. While waiting out of the camera’s line of sight, Lee Jong Suk goofs off for the camera.

n the next scene, the director shows Lee Na Young how he wants her to roll around on the floor. She adorably rolls around everywhere on the floor, and Lee Jong Suk sweetly makes her feel better by using all sorts of tactics.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1310270wpp/watch-lee-jong-suk-and-lee-na-young-goof-off-behind-the-scenes-of-romance-is-a-bonus-book

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@stroppyse Thanks for the translations!! 


Loved episode 14 and the mini dramas there
While the romance is not wild and super exciting, I love the down to earth and realistic portrayal of a cozy romantic relationship between best of friends. The sense of comfort, some teasing and the trust. Just makes you feel all fuzzy inside and all smiles watching it. 

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Image may contain: 1 person, text


Text Preview,  Ep. 15
Broadcast Date: 2019-03-16(Saturday)


Dan-yi (Lee Na-young) finds Kang Byung-jun's diary which is hidden in the attic.

She discovers EunHo’s (Lee Jong Suk) hidden secret.
Hae-rin (Jung Yoo-jin) feels strange about Writer Kang Byung-jun's novel "Heros" which is submitted using a pseudonym.
Someone takes the original manuscript of Eun-ho's first submission, and he feels upset because he doesn't know who did this.
In addition, the final winner of the contest collection for the competition is released.

Jae-min (Kim Tae-woo) is shocked …


Lee Jong Suk_JShine Fanclub

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Will Bug(윌벅) - You’re beautiful / 로맨스는 별책부록 OST Part.8 / Romance Is a Bonus Book OST Part 8

Title : You’re beautiful
Artist : Will Bug(윌벅)
Release Date : 2019
Genre : OST
Label : LOEN Entertainment, Inc.
Language : Korean





FANART by leeleecalli 


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Lee Jong Suk And Lee Na Young Talk About Working Together As They Say Their Farewells To “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

by L. Kim

With just two episodes left of “Romance is a Bonus Book,” lead actors Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young shared their thoughts about the drama coming to an end.

Lee Na Young, who played Kang Dan Yi, said, “I can’t believe it’s already the end to the point that I keep dreaming about filming. I was happy to meet Dan Yi, Eun Ho, and the publishing company through ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’. Thanks to them, I was able to spend a very happy and warm winter. I hope it was a drama that conveyed warmth and comfort to viewers.”

Lee Na Young revealed she had worked hard to round out her character, who moves forward without any hesitation despite the harshness of reality. She explained, “Although I had many worries about expressing Dan Yi’s abundant charm, I was able to move on with faith in a good production team. I was always grateful to Jeong Hyeon Jeong, the writer who consoled hearts with her sympathetic script, director Lee Jung Hyo, who guided with loving words, and the crew members who laughed whenever our eyes met in difficult situations.”

Then she relayed her gratefulness to her co-star Lee Jong Suk, saying, “I also thank Lee Jong Suk, the actor who understood, cared for, and created the best teamwork with me. I was honored and happy to work with a trusted colleague.”

Lee Na Young also didn’t forget to mention the other actors as she fondly shared, “In the scenes with the members of the publishing company, I used to get emotional just by facing my senior and junior actors. It was an affectionate time we spent together.”

he actress said, “With Dan Yi’s growth as a character, I think I grew even more as an actress. Above all, I was happy for the loving eyes of the viewers. I ask you to keep an eye on me until the end. Thank you for taking good care of me and Dan Yi. Until the last episode, her growth period will continue. I hope that the courage of the tireless Dan Yi can convey hope and comfort.”


Lee Jong Suk, who played Cha Eun Ho, said, “When I met the warm, mature character named Cha Eun Ho, I was able to look back on myself and grow both internally and in acting. I would like to thank Jeong Hyeon Jeong, the writer who made Cha Eun Ho, director Lee Jung Hyo, who pointed out his delicate emotions, the production crew who made the warm and pretty drama, and the actors who performed in the drama. I’ll keep the precious memories we made together for a long time.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1310771wpp/lee-jong-suk-and-lee-na-young-talk-about-working-together-as-they-say-their-farewells-to-romance-is-a-bonus-book

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Finally! Thank you!!!!

5 hours ago, ibru said:


Will Bug(윌벅) - You’re beautiful / 로맨스는 별책부록 OST Part.8 / Romance Is a Bonus Book OST Part 8

Title : You’re beautiful
Artist : Will Bug(윌벅)
Release Date : 2019
Genre : OST
Label : LOEN Entertainment, Inc.
Language : Korean





FANART by leeleecalli 



Edited by bebebisous33
don't quote videos, gifs and pictures. Remove these next time please
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Song Hae-rin (and Jung Eugene's portrayal of her) is now my favourite Korean drama character, and she will probably be my number 1 for a very long time. There is nothing I hate about her. She is not without flaw but she was well-writtten and Jung Eugene's acting was so consistent. And based on the preview of the finale, I will love her even more. I don't want to say goodbye to her yet. I wish her story will continue in another drama.  :)


I just wanted to say that before I post my final thoughts after episode 16. 

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told ya something great will happen to DY, so happy for her!! im curious with what will happen between SJ and EH as they open each other’s knowledge about writer Kang and hoping everything’s going to be cool. 


please tell me that you guys also see the spark on ms. Go and CEO. from the very first episode, I thought they are a couple but then I was proven wrong about it. and somehow now i see the vibe again ever since the button incident lol. im liking their chemistry!


big hug to HR. she’s such a mature-strong woman both in love life and professional life. gosh i wish i can be as stong as her on dealing with man damn. 

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ep 15 (almost to the end... :))


WHEE!!!SHE WIN THE CONTEST, GOT HIRED AND GOT 200 % INCREASED  IN SALARY . I felt so proud for danyi when she  do that push and pull trick with Kim Ceo :smirk:. go girl. show how sly you are more when you report for duty :w00t: . show em!!!


i wonder is ms seo playing her ex-husband or really did fall in love with other man? poor guy, so devastated that his ex-wife move on with close acquaintance of them  :sweatingbullets:


jiyul is being doofus like danyi. gosh. girl, please and learn from danyi how to recognize your own heart later. you are so head over heel over your so called roommate. :lol: 


that girl who sold danyi name as the devil, name is cheon seongyi? really ....:angry:. glad that you get busted. i can't wait to see you get ruled by danyi.:rolleyes:


the arc with Kang writer msytery dissapearance finally come to the end. eunho out of his good nature has been loyal companion to that ailing writer. such a good boy that i want to know who raised you so badly.  the old man knew the existence of his only son in moment of his loosing his memories one by one, but he remember him enough to jot it down on piece of paper. :cry: poor ji seo jun not knowing he met his dad in that cirmustances and now must learn that his father doesn't have much time left. eunho now will be the only connection he has in knowing who his father is.  :tears:


tomorrow is the last ep!!! 




tsk...tsk...tsk.... so dramatic :lol:


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I just love the quotes at the end credits of ep. 15:wub:


Especially this in particular:-


"A Fair Part of This Unfair World Is Everyone Lives Once.. What Kind of Life it'd be Depends on You..."  

Just so moving and very true.. and also this gem:-


"We're Small But We Can Go Anywhere, You Can Do Anything If You Want It Enough..." 

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On 3/3/2019 at 1:58 AM, bebebisous33 said:

So by firing her, Go might actually propose another position for DY which fits better her qualifications

@bebebisous33 go at least propose her to a small company.

And dan i make a comeback when she won the contest.

Go is the one to advise the ceo to use special recruitment.

Great for dan i whom just tender resignation again.

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