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[Drama 2019] Romance Is A Supplement, 로맨스는 별책부록

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Instead of “I love you”, Natsume Sōseki said, “The moon is beautiful.”
When the author, Natsume Sōseki, was a teacher, he told his student to translate something as homework. When the student translated “I love you” into Japanese, he just translated it word-for-word, “I love you.” Since Japanese people don’t say that often, he told the student it would be better to translate it, “The moon is beautiful.”

That’s why I told you, “The moon is beautiful.” (x)




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Cr: kdramatrend


Episode 9 


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lee jongsuk kiss scene, romance is a bonus book kiss scene


Lee JongSuk And Lee NaYoung’s Soft First Kiss Scene Awes Viewers

Have you been watching “Romance is a Bonus Book”? The drama with Hallyu actor Lee JongSuk and Lee NaYoung.

The two characters relationship has been hooking viewers. Lee JongSuk (as Cha EunHo) has been hinting Lee NaYoung (as Kang DanYi) of his feelings for her and has been waiting for her to realize it.

On Feb. 24, the first kiss scene -finally- happened. Lee JongSuk could not hide anymore his feelings and confessed to her his feelings. He remembered her that he loves her and said this sweet sentence “Dani, there are days like today from time to time when it is hard to hold back.” Dani asked for what he is holding back and he answered by this light kiss.

lee jongsuk kiss scene, romance is a bonus book kiss scene

The scene was soft and cute. Fans could only find it heart fluttering.



With this first kiss, they are leaving their ‘friend zone’ and ‘dongsaeng-noona’ relationship to move on a love relationship. Viewers are already excited to know how they will become a couple.




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Since yesterday  i tried to be calm and not to drawn by the "peck "scene. The sweetest Sukie in action:wub:

Ya,  Eun ho...finally you have courage  to kiss love of your live:lol:.

Eun ho aa, why love is such complicated issue when you have good look, career and noble traits.

If just i knew man like EH.

I will devote my live for him...in this case i really share haerin feelings.B)



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Tell me where is i could find a man like Eun ho...asap:lol:

Good looking, bright future, gentleman and love you unconditionally.

The  kiss scene:wub: how to melt the clueless ice berg Dani with sweetest peck.

Eun ho kissed he love of his live gently full of fondness....awww Suki like always  deserved the best kisser:wub:

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A Shojo manhwa and a Shonen manhwa
Sweet chocolate and coffee
Summer and winter
Puppies and cats
Our likes and dislikes were so different
But now i love them all.
That’s how my world became richer.
Because i love you.’ 





‘nothing happens for no reason.
you have to start in order to reach the finish line.
you need to jump in order to see the depth. 
everyone knows this but it’s hard.
kang dani proves it brilliantly every minute.
i can’t help but love her.’ 





‘even a book that inspires others and that everyone likes may not give you the same pleasure.
find a book that does. a book that will make your heart beat.
i’m sure your book will be full of adventures that only you can find.’ 




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My thoughts after episode 10 (or should I say CEH appreciation post):

1. HR and SJ will make a very cute couple. Their bickering during their first official meeting with CEH was super cute. Even CEH, who's annoyed with SJ, noticed it too.

2. CEH is an excellent sunbae. We already know that HR got an earful from CEH during her first year on the job and quit, and CEH begged her to come back. CEH's talk with JY was very inspiring. It was something also for all the newbie workers out there who don't have a full appreciation of their jobs yet.

3. CEH is a writer and writer-nim did not fail in reminding us that. I mentioned before that his rejection of HR was not out of character and is very CEH, so was his poetic love confession to KDY.

4. The timing of that kiss was perfect! Remember when CEH told his ex that he's waiting for the time when KDY finally reciprocates his feeling. Our boy was observant! He found a glimmer of hope when KDY did not take out the band-aid from her bag, because he thought she's distracted and was thinking of him. That cheeky smile during dinner says it all. He found a small window of opportunity, did not hold back and he took it!

5. CEH's love confession was not done out of selfishness. He's pretty okay keeping his feelings to himself but as he said, she kept asking and he just couldn't lie anymore.


Which led me to the only question I would like to ask right now (but may only be answered in later episodes)... why he hasn't told KDY about KBJ? I'd like to think it was because he didn't want KDY to carry whatever burden that he is carrying. The same way that she didn't initially want to tell him about her divorce. But he did get her reassurance, while they were moon watching (after he supposedly visited KBJ), that she will give him the benefit of the doubt no matter what.

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Romance Is a Bonus Book: Episode 9

by Sunny


We’ve passed the half-way point and it’s time our heroine got some answers from our hero. However, the answers Eun-ho has to give, might not be what Dan-yi is ready to hear.


EPISODE 9:”It’s Like Reading That Old Book For The First Time”




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Nonetheless that's the books power, sometimes i felt struggle to "get in" a book who looked easy and attractive but another time  finding a book who looked a dull and seems no one's  thouch it but amazingly i get drawn faster,deeper and finished before my amusement getting dimer.

RIBB made me remember many precious book i could not forget, the scenes  when the"goryo" team discussed how hard and the complicated to produce a books so inspiring, Haerin and her persistence to presented a perfect book the details and the editorial seems never been acknowledge by many but after this drama i sould says i promised to take more attention in the detail too, hence still couldn't denied for me the essence  storyline and how the writers style writing is still number one unless i want to reading a comics but unfortunately i love a words more than a drawings the exception is "peanut" by Schulz of course.:P


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Annyeong everyone :)


OMG Lee Jong Suk is melting my heart whenever I see him as Eunwoo showing his jealousy and adoration at Dani. Recently I have been missing in action from Soompi but now I'm back because of Romance is a Bonus Book/Romance is a Supplement, Touch Your Heart and The Light In Your Eyes.


Yeokssi Lee Jong Suk's acting never disappoint me. I like this drama lots due to him. It's my first time watching Lee Na Young in a drama. The only time I watched her acting before was in a movie with Cha Tae Hyun. The movie's title "Please Teach Me English". Have to admit Lee Na Young is a great actress.


Inviting my chingu if they are not here yet ~~~  @bebebisous33 @Ahpheng @Mau_Cherry @Kasmic @Hana Budiman @onnififi @plappi @Sarang21 @evie7 @moodypie @nonski @maplekist 

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On 2/25/2019 at 5:25 AM, ck1Oz said:

This drama is chilled and relaxed and for the first time, I actually like LJS playing a character. The only other role was when he was with LSY but he was so young and raw then. He is better now but still the same acting style and same speech patterns. Clipped fast speech and slightly flippant upward tone at the end.


All those LJS fans- this is not a cue for bashing please- people are allowed to have opinions about their " bias." I am talking about the acting style. He is having very good chemistry with LNY here. Who is really good and believable as Danyi. I don't see the actresss but Danyi. Where else I still SEE LJS as LJS. Vs Eun Ho.


Guess I better run away now. 


I am here not to defend for Jong Suk but just to friendly share my opinion.


I agreed that his acting style is kinda the same until While You Are Sleeping, but looking back, most of his dramas are melo *plus* written by the same writer. She knew his style of acting so personally she did him tailor-made. And regarding to his speech patterns & voice tone, he has improved here and there.. I hope that you could spend a bit of your time on Hymn Of Death, so may be you could see him a bit different. It is the only one (too bad, it's short) drama that I can see him in a new light, it's the only one drama I admit that his acting skill has reached another step, after Dr Stranger (and Hot Young Blood movie). It took me almost 4 years to witness his improvement so I really love it (I dont mean that his acting was the same in 4 year long. Except W he performed poorly,  he did improve a bit here and there, detailed one on voice of tone, micro expression etc but those cahnges are unnoticeable easily)


And to tell you the truth, what you see LJS here as LJS vs CEH, is true. Mature, calm, warm CEH is CEH and cute, dorky, adorable CEH is really LJS - that's how he is in real life (same with Jung Jae Chan in While You Are Sleeping) However, mature, thoughtful, considering and self-low esteem LJS, those sides of him are not able to see unless you read his interview and analyze his action sequence. 


It's totally ok if you and other drama-lovers dont see him the way as I do, because I have always truely hoped he could experience much more and build up his skills much wider and stronger. He needs to change his image, whether sharper, uglier etc in order to reach further remarkable milestone, especially after discharge. 



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Lee Jong Suk Gave This Necklace To Lee Na Young In “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

romance is bonus book necklace, lee nayoung necklace, lee jongsuk necklace


Lee JongSuk and Lee NaYoung make viewers heart flutter with their love story in “Romance is a Bonus Book”.

In episode 9, Lee JongSuk (as Cha EunHo) is seen choosing jewelry for Lee NaYoung (as Kang DanYi). After choosing one necklace, he sweetly put on the necklace for her. He later offered it to her with pretty flowers.

Some viewers have been curious about the necklace.

romance is bonus book necklace, lee nayoung necklace, lee jongsuk necklace


It is from the brand DIDIER DUBOT. The product is called Mon Paris Necklace [JDPNRSS344B]. It costs approximately 249USD.


The brand also posted about it on their Instagram






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SPOTTED: Filipino Actress Bela Padilla fangirling over “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

Filipino actress Bela Padilla is another Korean drama fangirl spotted on Instagram!

Recently, Bela Padilla has shared two different photos on her Instagram’s story which feature Romance Is A Bonus Book. It was lovely to have seen the pictures, especially the second one with a heart-shaped fruit on it.

52581004_3054110151281124_77696108278998 Photo Credits to Janelle Medrano via Bela Padilla’s Instagram story 53147937_3054110167947789_70861573936665 Photo Credits to Janelle Medrano via Bela Padilla’s Instagram story

Romance Is A Bonus Book is an ongoing tvN K-drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young. The series was premiered last January 26.


Along with Bela Padilla, co-stars Anne Curtis and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach are also into Hallyu! Isn’t it so adorable seeing numerous fans entering the world of Korean wave?




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Memorable Romance Novel Lines From âRomance Is A Bonus Bookâ


Memorable Romance Novel Lines From “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

Feb 27, 2019
by C. Hong

As the love story between the two leads (Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk) unfolds in earnest, there have already been several memorable, straight-out-of-a-romance-novel lines from tvN’s “Romance Is A Bonus Book.”

“Romance Is a Bonus Book” tells the story of a relationship between an unemployed woman who gets a temporary job at a publishing company, Kang Dan Yi, and the company’s editor-in-chief, Cha Eun Ho.

Warning: There may be spoilers below. 

An old book, a new sentence

Although Cha Eun Ho initiated the process that set their romance in motion, the decisive moment was when Kang Dan Yi’s feelings changed. She began to see him not as a younger acquaintance, but a possible love interest. To Kang Dan Yi, Cha Eun Ho is like a good book. “I can take it out whenever and I’ve read it so often that I’ve memorized each line.”

However, when her feelings changed, she mused, “I keep seeing new sentences. Are there so many things in this book that I’ve missed? It feels like I’m reading a new book.” Ji Seo Joon replies, however, “The book hasn’t changed. The person who is reading it has changed.”

Like the passing of the seasons

During Cha Eun Ho’s confession, Kang Dan Yi asked him when he began to love her. He said, “Noona, do you notice when the seasons change? Can you pinpoint the exact moment that winter turns into spring? I don’t know the moment that I began to love you.”

He went on to say, “I like you. But there’s no need to work yourself up over it, you can just go on as you are now. I didn’t have a hard time when I was in love with you. It’s not a desperate love that I’ve staked my life on.”

One of those days

When two lovers share a long history of friendship, there are a lot of hidden moments that only come to light when the two fall in love. Cha Eun Ho has had many cases where he’d gotten drunk and gone to Kang Dan Yi’s house, seen her cry but not been able to do about it, and more. He’d waited for her with the mindset of, “I’ll wait until her heart is open enough to accept me.”

One day, he told her, “There are days like this sometimes. When it’s hard to be patient. These are days when I have to remind myself, ‘Be patient, be patient.'”

What are some of your favorite lines from the drama?

Source (1)



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Lee Na Young Surprises Lee Jong Suk With Sweet Gift Ahead Of Military Enlistment

by E. Cha

Following the news of Lee Jong Suk’s upcoming military enlistment, Lee Na Young showed her support for her co-star in an adorable way!

Earlier this week, Lee Jong Suk announced that he would be enlisting in the military on March 8, approximately one week after his final shoot for tvN’s “Romance is a Bonus Book.”

On February 28, the actor revealed on Instagram that his co-star Lee Na Young had prepared a thoughtful surprise ahead of his enlistment. The actress sent a food truck to the set of the drama specifically for Lee Jong Suk, along with a sweet message cheering him on.

Lee Na Young wrote, “Eun Ho [Lee Jong Suk’s character in the drama], when spring, summer, autumn, and winter have each passed twice [a reference to his two years of mandatory military service], a season with a beautiful moon will come. Be healthy!”

The actress also playfully added a phrase used by Korean soldiers when they stand at attention, before signing the message, “Dani Dani [her character’s name in the drama].”

Lee Jong Suk expressed his gratitude by posting a photo of Lee Na Young’s message and writing, “Thank you so much, noona… this is the first time I’ve ever received a food truck from a co-star…”





23 February 27, 2019

Romance Is a Bonus Book: Episode 10

by abirdword


Just in time to derail our hero’s love confession, an accident drags him away from home, leaving our heroine to dwell on her changing heart. Eun-ho thinks he understands the world he returns to, but Dan-yi’s perspective may have changed more than he could have anticipated.



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