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[Drama 2019] Romance Is a Bonus Book ♥ 로맨스는 별책부록

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So far, I love this drama.

EH has mentioned to his ex that he knows he loves DY, the problem is what type of love is it?

I can see he is being very cautious about giving his heart away.

And from the conversation with DY about love, it looks like DY is not too sure either. But she knows she did love her husband.


And that's the crux of the matter - a crush, real love, friendship love, a camaraderie....

We accept that we know love exists but what is it that we are actually feeling?


EH and DY have been in each other's lives for so long that it can be that comfortable pair of socks which you will choose over the newer pair which is yet to be opened.

This is where SJ comes in. A push for EH to find out what his feelings truly are - a man's love for a woman, not a sister or a close friend. And for DY - HR is a woman friend who she admires and is close to. At this moment, there is no feeling of jealousy as she knows EH only views HR as a hoobae and colleague. But what if HR doubles her efforts to be with EH? How would she feel? At the end of Ep 5, DY is already feeling the effects when she cannot go home since HR is there. Would she evaluate her feelings then? How she actually feels about EH?


But then SJ appears and so we have Ep 6....

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haha thanks for sharing @ibru I was watching this scene and I just started laughing because it made me think of the ab's gang, where are you all at?@supergal99 @sushilicious @Ameera Ali @staygold @Sar

I started watching this drama without so much of background info except, being here for LJS...   So far I love it and I can totally relate to the female lead...because I've been in her situa

I have a confession to make.  I have something rather embarrassing to share with friends and former colleagues but I can SOOOOO relate to Kang Dan Yi .  I am in the exact same situation.   I have a ma

i cant wait for tonite's ep...from the preview it was hilarious when EH pissed off when DY keep nodding to the JSJ 's * I am very much interested in KDN*..LOL..that jealous face of EH - i died!...the chemistry between the OTP is amazing...we can really feel that they have been close with each other since forever..from ig comments and what not..they are sooo many people are being skeptical in giving this show a try because they think LNY looks much older than LJS ..i feel like fixing their eyes..heheeh....in my opinion they look great together...it represents some of real people out there who have this kind of noona-dosaeng relationship...if we can accept a much older actor acted alongside a much younger actress then we should be open to noona-dosaeng kinda relationship too..no double standard..just my 2 cents..

Oh well, This show really captivate my heart and i believe I wont drop this halfway as i did to Encounter..this story line is definitely fresh and I am very much like it that it centers to the - books - as  it's true that printed books are getting less and lesser read by people nowadays especially younger generations as cellphones took over sooo many things... 

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Dani & EunHo are adorable together & doing such cute things together even though they are not officially a couple yet…I like the chemistry & understanding they have for each other…without being in a relationship as a love couple…Their comfort level just speaks volumes about kind of bond they share…where they don’t even need to speak out in words, yet the other one will always be around.

EunHo, is maturer for his age…he wants to have clear feelings for Dani… & I simply adore how he looks at Dani, with so much love filled eyes, & yet Boy needs more time sort out his feelings….His look has a perfect mix of Love respect & adoration for Dani…


It was good to see, Dani settling well at workplace… & she is getting recognized for her hardwork…her idea of reusing old books as gift…was brilliant idea…It was wonderful that she got support from everyone around…though the boss lady will take her own time to come to terms to accept Dani as a talented person….Dani is quite a positive & bright person …how she convinced the writer & even came up with marketing idea too…

The president of publishing is one fun character, more than being “luckyboy” he is “funnyboy” I laugh hard whenever he is onscreen & whole staff gangs up on him…He gets all cute & funny & his reference to LJS’s drama “I can hear your voice” …..was epic….


What amazes me, how drama not only focuses on relationships, but it also depicts the actual process of publishing houses…how much efforts & hardwork goes into publishing a single book…many new contents come up every day…but only few make it to publishing level…. & In digital era, where majority of creative writings directly goes on blogs…keeping the charm of Book & book reading is getting more difficult for publishers.

Looking forward to jealous EunHo, hope after that he will 100 times sure how deep his feelings are for Dani…

p.s.—Once again, I love the written text at ending of each episode …they are simply Love

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In the k-drama Encounter, the writer used poems, books and stories for many purposes:

  • Spoiler


    • Give more depth to the main characters
    • Use the main message from classical books like The Little Prince (“enjoy your life with simple things, take care of your inner child”) and Alice in Wonderland or poem (Rainer Maria Rilke f. ex.)
    • Discover the beautiful side of poetry, make a connection between poetry and daily life.
    • A demystification of fairy tales: a prince charming is just a façade
    • To promote new books, encourage people to read


Interesting is that now “Romance is a supplement” or “Romance is a Bonus Book” reminds us a lot of Encounter as we have again a noona romance, where Kang Dan Yi, the main character, is a divorced woman too. Striking is that the story of this k-drama evolves around books as well, as CEH and KDY are both working at a publishing company.


As you can see, books have a special place again. However, the use of books is a little different, since the company Gyeoroo Publishing is a fictional company. So the books they publish and are about to publish can’t be real. Besides, our protagonist Cha Eun Ho is himself a professor of literature at Hanguk University, writer and Chief Editor at this publishing company. His works are fictional as well. Then the other difference is that the writer has a different purpose, it shows how a book is born. A book is not just the result of the author, the publishing company had a lot of people working on it: the editing team, the marketing team, the designer etc. KDY even compared a book to the birth of a baby… It takes a long time before the book in his finale form is created. CEH hopes that even with “one book may change someone’s life” (episode 4). Another distinction is the way people treats books nowadays as if it was nothing special. The clients in the bookstores damage the book without even paying for it, a clear sign of disrespect. Then the viewers are confronted with different scenes where readers damage the books. This is one of the gestures:


episode 4: with her cellphone, she is damaging the book. Another gesture is: some coffee stain on the book pages.

Furthermore a lot of published books end up shredded for many reasons. The publishing company can’t donate these books, the best option is to destroy them as they can still get some money from the shredding. With these two examples, we have clearly a critic about consumer society. Moreover, it shows that many books are still published despite the area of Internet and blog.





Imagine the waste of paper and the amount of cut trees



All the pictures are from the episode 4, market economy and profit are now the rules for publishing companies in order to survive.



Yet the survival and the long existence of a book is determined by his success. The pressure is definitely bigger compared to the 20th and 19thcentury, since more and more books are published which was visible in the scene at the print shop. They have to compete with foreign books as well. Furthermore many books become outdated and useless…


In this scene, the character Yeong-Ah sees our heroine DY searching for books about marketing. The recommendation given by YA reveal the short life of certain books. It looks like it is very difficult to create a classical book, a timeless work.  



epsiode 1: Ji Seo Joon and Kang Dan Yi

Nonetheless, both k-dramas used the fairy tale Cinderella, however with a different approach. Our heroine in Romance is a Bonus Book is disillusioned. She doesn’t believe in fairy tales any longer due to her divorce and situation in the episode 1. She rejects the shoes an unknown young man Ji Seo Joon offers her. The writer used certain elements from Cinderella: unknown identity, loss of shoes, night, a beautiful gown (in the shop window).  The shoes belonged to her in the first place but due to an incident, she had lost one and decided to throw the other away which were picked up by JSJ, a book cover designer. DY tells him that she no longer believes in fairy tales and knight in shining armors as she is too old for that.

Finally, the scriptwriter of Romance is a Bonus Book reminds us that diaries are actually books, so many people are already writers. At the end of each episode, we see written thoughts from our main characters. These could be seen as selected notes from the diary CEH and KDY are writing. They both reveal a lot about their affection for each other. Moreover, this was implied when KDY rejected the shoes from JSJ. She said, she would rather write her own story.

As conclusion, although both k-dramas have a different approach to books, they have one common denominator: they are encouraging people to read. Both writers treasure books in the end. Romance is a Bonus Book reveals that it has become really difficult to a classical book nowadays. This is the reason why I like watching Romance is a Bonus Book too because I love books as well.

@avondale16@twtwb @africandramalover@stardustvoid @thistle @jl08 @dukesa1122  @NongpeeP   

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I think just me who still madly in love with book and enjoy reading:)

So there're many still loves reading too:wub:

I agreed this drama open our eyes to values a books and treat a book with respect.

Wish after watching RBB many viewers started to readings:glasses:



Credit to owners.

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Ep 6 Impression (When Jealousy  Strike...Eun Ho)


First, Eun Ho- Danyi-JSJ first "get-together" prove to be exciting little thing :lol:. the private exchange between Eunho-danyi and JSJ judging them, puahaahaha.  Eun Ho jealous expression, A++++.  :joy:


Eun Ho word to Danyi "im your home.you can come to me," in another setting can be really romantic, but in their situation, danyi cluelessness, aiyoo :joy:. Eun Ho turn bloody red after Dan yi questioning that line really get me :lol:. is that CGI or just LJS turning red for real? ;) nonetheless, he's not amused by danyi-JSJ newfound relationship. 


Danyi,  who not believing Cinderella story anymore, perhaps didnt really let go of that fairytale ending. the way she speak fondly about JSJ in front Eunho seems to indicate otherwise. 


Danyi really has some of the worst newbie luck. i dont know if Ms Go reasoning really valid(she seems vindictive not to let Danyi have upperhand :crazy:) , but they can just add Mrs Seo name and still retain Danyi name, maybe as assistant? poor Haerin too for always have to deliver bad news to Danyi. :unsure:


Haerin one-sided love, sigh. she so head over heel over eunho that she always leave her confession letter on Eunho bookshelf everytime she came there wasted. I wonder if Eunho knew about the letters and just put it back at the place as a way to tell Haerin that he will not reciprocate her feelings? i mean,it his bookshelf in the first place. and i guess she start to question  something when she see the :wub: eyes Eunho gave to Danyi at the end. 


Kang Byeon Jun mysteriousness reveal another secret. HE'S EUNHO FATHER!!! and it seem like even danyi didnt know KBJ writer is Eunho father in the first place? \  JSJ will not be his stepbrother, right? :blink: that's too makjang!! 


cant wait for another round of Eunho "Jealousy Fest", when JSJ start making his moves openly. HE'S ASKING DANYI FOR A DATE !!! :smirk:


have some angry teeth brushing from Eunho.:phew:




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To me, it looks like JSJ could be related to the writer. We know for sure that CEH had to fight for his father's heritage. In my opinion, CEH is an illegitimate child and this would explain why the publishing company with the money earned from the writer's books is sponsoring orphanage. 

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8 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

To me, it looks like JSJ could be related to the writer. We know for sure that CEH had to fight for his father's heritage. In my opinion, CEH is an illegitimate child and this would explain why the publishing company with the money earned from the writer's books is sponsoring orphanage. 

uhm, the inheritance fight is his mom tho. he fight for it against his stepdad after his mom died.

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hope the writer never gonna make DY and SJS really a couple. I mean that gonna make Eunho bad guy fo putting in their relationship. So hurry up girl, look in front you who really have been there for you all this years. I wonder if Eunho getting in a accident is the only way for her to  search her heart.... Sorry guys for not being so happy about See joon... I have a weak heart for long time friends turning to lover because to me real friends already know each other bad and good side witch is a good place for a stable and long relationship. 

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20 minutes ago, sal2 said:


hope the writer never gonna make DY and SJS really a couple. I mean that gonna make Eunho bad guy fo putting in their relationship. So hurry up girl, look in front you who really have been there for you all this years. I wonder if Eunho getting in a accident is the only way for her to  search her heart.... Sorry guys for not being so happy about See joon... I have a weak heart for long time friends turning to lover because to me real friends already know each other bad and good side witch is a good place for a stable and long relationship. 


Huhu i agree with you! i dont think i can bare to watch EH brokenhearted seeing DI with anyone else.

His 7 years was enough. I hope DI will slowly seeing him more than a brother soon

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1 hour ago, faithinme lara said:

uhm, the inheritance fight is his mom tho. he fight for it against his stepdad after his mom died.

Thanks for the correction. However, I still think that CEH is an illegitimate son of the writer. Moreover, why would he need to fight for the inheritance with his stepfather? In my opinion, CEH was adopted. This would explain the sponsoring of the orphanage. In my opinion, CEH's biological father wanted to make it right for his son. Yet the latter didn't want to have his father's good name tarnished if his past was revealed. 

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What I realised whilst watching this was that office politics can be so unfair, especially in the competitive environment. 


Although EH and HR tried to stand up for DY, it became clear that they held little power in swaying Director YS opinion. I felt that HR should have personally told DY instead of making a phone call to the printing company. Girl, you know this would hurt her and it would have been better if you told her personally before making a public call about the change. However, in saying all this I think this is important for DY to grow and strive to do better so that Director YS can finally acknowledge her capabilities.

DY: I'll start all over again 

even if I think I know how because I'm a new employee (ep. 6)


EH gift of the book with DY's name in it is a sweet gesture showing that no matter what he is on her side and is always rooting for her. How swoon worthy is that! A man who doesn't fight your battles for you but supports you and allow you do it yourself because he knows you are more than capable of doing so.

DY: He didn't ask when he knew I was struggling

We just had a silly conversation (ep. 5)

EH: All I have to do is put on ointment when she falls

 I believe she will get up and charge forward (ep. 6)


The snippets of inner thoughts and little background history gives more life to this drama.

EH: I read Dani's favourite books to understand her

That's how I learned more about her (ep. 5)


 EH: The moment I said I liked a lake I saw while on the bus, she hit the stop button  


I think is this one of the most important indicators that DY feels something for EH but due to their long relationship, she can't distinguish if it's just being friends or more. DY let me tell you that this happiness and feelings of wanting to be with someone longer is derived from romantic emotions. 

DY: When I'm with him, I wish the moment

would continue and my day would last longer (ep. 5)


@Dramanoona I definitely agree with you that EH is cautious of confessing his feeling for DY because the reality is that they have a history together. 

EH: On my first birthday after losing my mum, Dan-i cooked for me 

It was the best birthday ever (ep.5)


EH needs to be clear with his feelings towards DY because if he makes a move and is rejected by DY, this would change the dynamics of their relationship. DY means way too much to EH to be just casually dating, I think if they do end up dating, marriage is definitely on the horizon. EH also said that he needed to ensure DY feelings before confessing, and he is willing to wait. Again I agree that this is where EJ's character comes into play. However, as many in the forum has started speculating there must be some sort of relation between EH and SJ. 

EH: I don't like her being with other men

I keep making a fool of myself in front of her (ep. 6) 






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Romance Is A Bonus Book E05 + Rating


Naver – Mt Star: ‘Romance is A Bonus Book’ Lee Jong Suk “I’m also curious about my feelings toward Lee Na Young”

1.[+1424, -39] Cha Eun Ho came out so cool and he was such an eye candy today too ㅋㅋ I’m so curious about Eun Dan Yi, tomorrow will be more fun ㅠㅠ

2.[+992, -39] If heart flutter is born as human, that will be Lee Jong Suk, he is seriously cute and heart fluttering, he does everything. Time just flew by today

3.[+867, -52] I like Lee Na Young’s acting so much. Her acting is natural, it doesn’t seem like acting, It’s relaxing and has a unique feeling

4.[+808, -34] A cute and warm drama. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young match so well

5.[+291, -15] Eun Ho-ah ㅠㅠㅠ

6.[+214, -7] It’s not stimulating, it’s like a fairy-tale. A pretty and heart fluttering drama

7.[+196, -3] I’m so into this drama lately. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young are so pretty and lovely♡ When they said they enjoyed it just by reading the script, I was wondering why Lee Na Young chose this drama as her comeback but now I get it. It’s a warm and lovely drama♡

8.[+189, -12] Today was so fun ㅠㅜㅠ

9.[+143, -2] Lee Jong Suk is a master of heart fluttering…it’s really weird…Lee Jong Suk is not my style…but I get heart fluttering when I watch his drama

10.[+144, -6] This is the first time I know Lee Na Young is this good at acting^^ She wanted to act all these time, how did she endure it?^^

11.[+139, -17] It’s definitely more fun than Memories of the Alhambra

12.[+126, -10] Lee Na Young’s acting is so natural and lovely. She is doing well

13.[+105, -7] Romance is A Bonus Book is really fun~^*^~?!

Rating: 4.4%





Romance Is A Bonus Book E06 + Rating



Naver – Xports News: ‘Romance is A Bonus Book’ Lee Na Young accepted Wi Ha Joon’s invitation to a date ‘A love triangle begins’

1.[+1492, -19] Jealous Lee Jong Suk is so cute

2.[+622, -13] ㅋㅋ he was so cute when he got upset and said ‘tch’ ㅋㅋㅋ

3.[+534, -20] The beginning of Lee Jong Suk’s pain ㅠ He is so cute

4.[+419, -12] I cried and laughed today, It was daebak~~ I like Romance is A Bonus Book!! I’m going to keep supporting it

5.[+316, -13] Jealous Lee Jong Suk is so cute

6.[+297, -20] Lee Jong Suk is really weird. He is not even 0.01 of my style but i fall for him every time he starts a drama. I’m going crazy now too

7.[+178, -7] Yeh Bin is her daughter…

8.[+151, -7] I like the atmosphere whenever I watch Lee Na Young~~

9.[+129, -3] How can I wait another week when the preview is so good?

10.[+128, -5] My heart is fluttering lately because of Lee Na Young and Cha Eun Ho Lee Jong Suk~~ It’s fresh because of the publishing company, and I like the casting. Lee Na Young’s acting is still healing as always. This drama is the most worth watching~ I’m watching it while trusting the writer

11.[+99, -2] Lee Jong Suk is Cha Eun Ho and Cha Eun Ho is Lee Jong Suk, his acting is so natural

12.[+93, -7] Lee Na Young is so pretty and her chemistry with Lee Jong Suk is so good~

13.[+82, -1] I can’t sleep because of Lee Jong Suk ㅠ He is cute, cool and does everything ㅠ My heart fluttered when he defended Dan Yi ㅠㅠ because of next episode’s preview, I forgot about today’s content ㅠㅠ what was that ㅠㅠ

Rating: 5%




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Oooh... it's getting spicy!


So Ep 7 is officially the start of all the main characters putting their cards on the table with some holding their cards close to their chest. SJ is declaring his intentions, DY is interested, EH is starting to show his cards and HR has realised who is in the center of this love triangle.


We have a mystery over EH's father and I hope we will soon find out what actually happened and why he is so sensitive when his father is mentioned.


PS. I feel for the President. When he was talking to his late wife and updating her about all that has happened. We saw how hard he worked to save his company along with his colleagues. It's cute how they tease him in the office but still treats him with respect.


Can't wait for the next ep!

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