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[Drama 2019] Romance Is a Bonus Book ♥ 로맨스는 별책부록

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haha thanks for sharing @ibru I was watching this scene and I just started laughing because it made me think of the ab's gang, where are you all at?@supergal99 @sushilicious @Ameera Ali @staygold @Sar

I started watching this drama without so much of background info except, being here for LJS...   So far I love it and I can totally relate to the female lead...because I've been in her situa

I have a confession to make.  I have something rather embarrassing to share with friends and former colleagues but I can SOOOOO relate to Kang Dan Yi .  I am in the exact same situation.   I have a ma


9 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Do you think so? I don't think that JSJ will go to their publishing company just because DY is working there, but will be won over as he realizes EH and KJM are actually good people and not shady as he seems to think right now. If JSJ was the male lead of the OTP, I'm sure that he wouldn't find out until he started working for the publishing company that actually DY works there as well, however, since he's second lead, I suspect that he will learn that the publishing company is a good one through DY which will eventually change his mind about working with them instead of where he currently works. This is just my speculation though.


He won`t go there just because Dan Yi is working there but that will be a major factor  for him. As we found out, he was with his current publication company from the beginning. To me that`s saying many things. He is a loyal man, he likes stability, he is pleased profesionally. For him money will not be a factor. The fact that Seo-Joon met Kim Jae-Min and Cha Eun-Ho is telling me that he is intrigued by them. He had his eyes on them, he knows their company history. To come to them, It has to be something that challenges him creatively or emotionally. He already has Dan Yi in his mind/heart and I think he liked Kang Byeongjun`s work. He would like to find the mystery surrounding Kang Byeong Jun. I do believe that knowing that Dan Yi is working there will make him take the decision to accept the offer. 

Who knows what links Seo Joon and Eun Ho beside Dan Yi. The love triangle is formed already. The destiny is getting the three of them together. Even without working at the same company, they are linked together. :P

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oh boy am I already so enamoured by this show! It was on my radar to watch thanks to LJS but didn't realise that it would be released on netflix week by week! I'm all caught up now and I just been gushing about to the show to my mum and partner (who couldn't actually give two hoots about kdrama he isn't interested but I don't care, he will listen to me talk about this show). 


Right from the get go, I could tell from the cinematography and the soundtrack that this show was different to other kdramas I have watched. It had almost a 'movie' like feel to the scene, esp with the opening and the gentle and subtle way of introducing the two main characters and the husband character. I became intrigued with LNY's character immediately and find her incredibly stunning to watch act. LJS is charming and wonderful as always but since I have seen him in a lot of his dramas, I don't sense anything brand new as such. Definitely not saying that is a bad thing at all, it's just LNY is all shiny and new to me and she is just so cool!


Aside from the lead characters and me loving their story, relationship, history, just everything, I just adored some other elements too:

  • Guy who is 2nd lead, liked him straight away. Found myself really enjoying his scenes with LNY and wanting to see how their relationship develops of the course of the 16 episodes. These two actors have great chemistry too. (though I still want the two leads to end up together) but I have found in past drama-watching I get bored of the second lead and annoyed at having to watch their scenes. But this is not the case so far with this guy. 
  • I LOVE the subtle way they introduced bisexuality in to the show with LJS' ex being with a woman now. So cool :)
  • I also just LOVED the "come over for ramyeon" conversation between the leads. The fact that LNY's character was so open to talk about sex and lamenting that it had been ages since she had sex had my mouth gaping in shock but also so pleased that we have a female character openly and unashamedly talking about her (currently lacking) sex life. It feels real, it feels natural and more in line with the fact we are in 2019. 
  • and LOVE the fact that while LJS' character has been pining away for LNY, he hasn't been a monk about it. Like I have always found it rather unrealistic and am intrigued by the fact that we have characters that are engaging in casual relationships but still maintain solid working relationships etc. This also feels 'newish' to the kdrama world and I would be interested to know if there are other kdramas out there now that heading down this path. 
  • I think I still get a shock when watching kdramas and seeing this kind of representation (as small as it was) in korean tv. Compared to another Netflix offering  - Sex Education (a british tv show) which is really good. All that stuff is not a surprise to have in the show. I think it is just really damn cool to have a kdrama that has these elements in it. 

Lol that most of my loves at the moment of the show are centred around the more sexual elements of the show (haha) but I guess those are the elements that don't appear in kdramas a lot. 


Really looking forward to seeing where this show goes over the next 6-8 weeks. :)


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22 hours ago, ibru said:





Haha I just tried to read the link above and google immediately translated it to the weird set of English text. But I think I got the general jist :joy:

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks! :)
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just finished rewatching ep 4 for the umpteenth time..hehehe.....cant wait for tonite's ep..hopefully DY finally acknowledges the love that EH has for her for a long time already...and we get to see the sweet moments of OTP tonite...be still my heart...lol

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So do we have to get annoyed at second leads meddling in the leads relationship...:wacko: That is my least favorite trope, and I would love to see them figure out their feelings without having other party being the forse... I would love Eun ho start on his own accord showing his feelings to Dan yi and make her fall for him this time. I mean there was already that ex husband that made Eun ho close off his feelings for her... 

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Romance is a Bonus Book.

Text preview for Episode 5.
Broadcast date:2019-02-09(Saturday)

Hae-rin (Jung Yoo-jin) who is responsible for the book 'Gray World' hands the marketing to Dan-yi (Lee Na-young).In order to catch the escaped writer, Dan-yi, Eun-ho(Lee Jong-suk), Hae-rin traveled to Gangneung.Dan-yi and Hae-rin become closer to each other at work, and Hae-rin tells Dan-yi that she is in unrequited love.Dan-yi knows that the man is Eun-ho...
Translated by ljyoliverljs
Proofread by @Joanna5959
Layout by Tina




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EP 5 iMPRESSION (heart matter)


Another day at publishing house and new drama with rookie writer who debut day is coming close. Nervous take over, contract termination sent via fax. Well, roadtrip time for our Hae Rin, Eun Ho and Dan Yi. all went well, due to Dan Yi and her soothing words. :wub:







Oh dear, that bit with social media updates between the employees make me LOL, especially with them blocking their boss after just 1 post :lol:. but foreal, who will actually follow your boss on socmed anyway? NOT ME DEFINITELY :lol: 


Kang Danyi spirit:thumbsup:. i love that she won't give up and still strive to show her talent. and a bit strategizing, luck  and a little push from Eunho, she finally pull an idea that won't be covert by Miss Go again. and it was such a beautiful idea too. no wonder Miss Go continue being petty by slaving Dan Yi for whole days. 


Eun Ho and Dan Yi went on a date not a date to celebrate Dan Yi first paycheck in 7  years. they looks so comfy and then.....oh god, you two. :sweatingbullets: Eun Ho A+ for trying to get Dan Yi notice what you mean by asking about the significance of the gift she bought for you with her first paycheck, back then  and Dan Yi,.A+ for still being clueless on what he's trying to say :lol:


Danyi-Haerin bonding time reveal Haerin most embedded feelings for Eun Ho why her drunken behavior follow Eun Ho's own pattern. :tears:.


Eun Ho also share what he truly feels about Dan Yi to Nagyeong who can see though his feeling to Dan Yi since aeons ago, even before they break up back then. (oh, god. this girl is back! i love her!! :love:) ah,well. the usual dilemma when you have been friend and has this deep noona/dongsaeng relationship that you didnt know how to proceed with your feeling, and the fear of losing everything if it didnt go well :unsure:


but no worry, he gonna get some high dose of wake up call when he see, that person who danyi has been eating ramen with. :smirk:


Here's Nagyeong for the night.:heart:










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He is too adorable and pretty and I just can't stop smiling every time he's on screeennn!! And the thingy between EH and DY is just so realistic. A man and a woman with no status or whatsoever but acts like a couple goshhhh stop being so cuuute or I'll get a heart attack! 


AND DAN YI, stop with the investigation between EH and HR and start looking at a mirror whenever you're with EH. Then you will finally get the whole picture:yum:


This drama keeps on getting cuter and cuter><

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Gosh, HOWWWWW can Dani not see that this guy is hopelessly in love with her??!! 


She is really clueless about love, isn't she? She doesn't know a thing about it. I can forgive her from being clueless over the food events. From everything I can tell (referencing basically ever drama ever made, plus real life people moving to Korea and commenting on it, plus Korean language instructors making a whole lesson out of it), people in Korea simply do not go out to eat alone. It's like putting a neon sign on your head that you have no friends, so it seems it's better even to grab the office weirdo to come along than go alone. So I can see how maybe she thinks it's just food, even if he is thrilled to be eating with the girl of his dreams. Just the act of eating with someone in a restaurant does not automatically mean you're on a date. 


But you know, Dani, when a guy takes you to fun events and spends the evening with you and stares at you continuously and walks around HOLDING YOUR HAND--then, I think it should be clear that he is sending you a message. 


Then again, he sends mixed messages to poor Hae Rin, too. I mean, his friendly contact with her parents, patting her on the head, listening to her at inconvenient times (guys, if you want to boost your ratings for a girl, listen to her! Jinjja)--those are also messages that most people interpret a certain way, too. I feel bad for Hae Rin, especially since she has this real friendship developing with Dani. That's going to hurt when it all comes crashing down.


Back to watching...

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