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[Drama 2019] Romance Is a Bonus Book ♥ 로맨스는 별책부록

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I finally watch  the first 2 episodes  :)


It’s sadness me the scene Kang Dan Yi was begging her no good for nothing husband to stay with her while he couldn’t wait to get out , what a selfish person he is , no surprise he cheated , the marriage was doomed from the start , the divorce was obvious outcome because their issues as couple stemmed from issues as individuals and personally I felt she needed to go her separate way and accomplish thing separately and find her own happiness without anyone else . 


And for cha Eun Ho I am abit hesitant to comment on my feeling toward him, I didn’t like their friendship wasn’t that deep that as close friend he didn’t go to her home once to know she wasn’t married anymore, her child is in boarding school , yes didn’t got a home first place what friendship is that  ,but I am under the impression he is the kind of person who keeps most his true feeling to himself , including his crush on her . I would say he is in neutral place about Dan Yi , he seem comfortable in this polite , mild friendship, which is the last thing a woman like Dan Yi need right now I think . 


But that only first 2 episodes :tounge_xd: 


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haha thanks for sharing @ibru I was watching this scene and I just started laughing because it made me think of the ab's gang, where are you all at?@supergal99 @sushilicious @Ameera Ali @staygold @Sar

I started watching this drama without so much of background info except, being here for LJS...   So far I love it and I can totally relate to the female lead...because I've been in her situa

I have a confession to make.  I have something rather embarrassing to share with friends and former colleagues but I can SOOOOO relate to Kang Dan Yi .  I am in the exact same situation.   I have a ma


Romance Is a Bonus Book: Episode 1

A noona romance starring Lee Jong-seok? Yes, please! I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but this was an enjoyable start and I’m excited to see where things go from here. There’s a lot of ground to cover in this initial episode, so without further ado, let’s jump in.

EPISODE 1: “My Noona, Kang Dan-Yi”






A young man we’ll come to know as CHA EUN-HO (Lee Jong-seok) arrives at a wedding and makes his way up to the bridal room. Pausing in the doorway, he smiles as the bride, KANG DAN-YI (Lee Na-young) turns to greet him, but they’re interrupted when a group of women push past to gush over the bride.

Looking on, Eun-ho says she’s beautiful, but Dan-yi can’t hear him. “Forget it if you didn’t hear it,” he smirks and disappears back downstairs. Eun-ho seats himself at the piano and takes a shaky breath as the MC announces the groom’s arrival. Hong Dong-min struts down the aisle to an upbeat pop song and Eun-ho rolls his eyes as the groom dances onstage.


As Eun-ho starts playing the bridal march, Dong-min is informed his bride has gone missing. Eun-ho chases after him, but all they find is Dan-yi’s abandoned bouquet. Dong-min demands to know where she’s gone and grows indignant when Eun-ho asks if they fought… again.

Dong-min snaps that they always fight and Eun-ho runs off to search for Dan-yi. Brushing off some teens hoping he’d autograph his book, Eun-ho jumps into his car and peels out of the lot. As he drives, Eun-ho frantically calls Dan-yi’s phone. When she doesn’t answer, Eun-ho pouts to her voicemail that he practiced for a month to play at her wedding. Dan-yi answers and he quickly asks where she is, confused when she replies, “Behind you.”

RBB01-00024-1.jpg RBB01-00022-1.jpg

Dan-yi sits up in the backseat, causing a Eun-ho to nearly miss a red light and screech to a halt. Eun-ho questions why she crawled into his car and Dan-yi morosely agrees she must’ve lost her mind. They’re interrupted by a call from Dong-min and Dan-yi urges Eun-ho not to answer, lunging to wrestle the phone away when he tries. The grappling results in the phone picking up. “You’re with Dan-yi now, right?” Dong-min accuses, as he watches the security footage of Dan-yi getting into Eun-ho’s car.

Eun-ho quickly assures him it isn’t what he’s thinking, urging Dan-yi to back him up, but she just scoffs. Dong-min orders them back, whining to Dan-yi that he knows he was wrong, but her mother fainted. Dan-yi doesn’t reply, but tears streak down her face and Eun-ho promises to bring her back.


Stopping at a convenience store, Eun-ho assures Dan-yi she doesn’t have to go back. He offers to drive her anywhere, but Dan-yi chokes out that she has nowhere else to go. Eun-ho suggests picking any flight from the airport, and Dan-yi sighs that she had insisted on honeymooning in Spain despite her mother’s concern that the couple is broke. She adds that it hasn’t been long since her father passed and now her mother has fainted.

Dan-yi suddenly shouts, “Your car!” Eun-ho leaps up and chases after the tow-truck, but it’s no use and he turns around to pout at Dan-yi. Her apologetic smile is all it takes for him to relent and they run back to the wedding on foot, hands clasped tight. Dan-yi’s voice narrates, “If I could turn back the hands of time and pick a day to return to, I’d choose that moment. Whenever my marriage stressed me out, I thought of that moment. That day, if I chose not to go back to my wedding… That day, if I went to some faraway country like Eun-ho had suggested… I’d be living a very different life now.”


Dan-yi stands in front of an interview panel and energetically presents her past advertisement successes. Unfortunately, as one interviewer points out, that was seven years ago, and they don’t care that she has been busy raising a child.

The scene breaks into an upbeat musical dance montage of Dan-yi at a motivational seminar, job searching at an internet cafe, patronizing a jimjilbang, working the checkout at a supermarket, and racing to job interviews. The interview panel pops up in each location to question her and Dan-yi admits that she was forced to leave her job after her mother fell ill and she had no one to look after her daughter, and that she divorced a year ago.


At another interview, Dan-yi notices her heel bleeding and asks another candidate for a band-aid, but she doesn’t have one. They’re called into the interview and one of the interviewers notes Dan-yi must’ve felt left behind after giving up a successful career to be a stay-at-home mom. Dan-yi brightly replies that her experiences will only further the company’s success.

Afterwards, in the bathroom, the other candidate hands Dan-yi a band-aid, pointing out that they were rivals before their interview. Dan-yi thanks her, but the young woman gripes that competition is fierce enough among her peers without older women vying for jobs too. As she walks away, Dan-yi sighs that she’s become so nice (by not fighting back).

RBB01-00058-1.jpg RBB01-00060-1.jpg

Dan-yi is startled when the interviewer exits a stall and the woman declares that she’s interviewed many women like Dan-yi, trying to re-enter the workforce after a break. Her tone ices over as she tells Dan-yi it’s insulting to her, when she worked relentlessly to have her current job.

Meanwhile, Eun-ho wraps up his literature class at the university. The students rush to leave, but a collective sigh ripples through the room when Eun-ho piles on more homework. When the students cry that it’s too much, Eun-ho grins. “What? I’m too handsome? I know.” Hee.


A couple girls chase after Eun-ho to give him gifts while a third begs him to read a novel she’s written. Without breaking stride, Eun-ho accepts the gifts and tells the writer to submit her manuscript to his publishing company’s upcoming contest. The other girls ask if he has a girlfriend and Eun-ho pauses to cooly reply that he’ll be getting married soon.

Dan-yi busily cleans house, pausing to smile proudly at Eun-ho’s book as well as a photo of a young girl and boy (presumably young Dan-yi and Eun-ho). While hanging the laundry, Dan-yi marvels at a bra, musing that the size is different from the last one. Oh my.


The house is confirmed to be Eun-ho’s when he receives a text from Dan-yi, claiming his “housekeeper” told her he keeps bringing girls home, and urging him to get married already. Irritated, Eun-ho punches the dial button and tells Dan-yi to fire the housekeeper. Dan-yi can’t understand why, cheekily pointing out the woman cleans well and makes food he likes, as she packs side dishes for him.

Eun-ho grumbles that the woman reports everything to Dan-yi and she grins, asking how long he’s been seeing the owner of the bra. He winces that she even knows the color and says he’s put up with the woman because Dan-yi recommended her, but she’s clumsy. Dan-yi’s smirk vanishes when Eun-ho hangs up, and she sighs that she needs this job.


Dan-yi’s daughter, Jae-hui’s overseas school calls asking for Dan-yi’s letter of employment as well as a bank statement that she has at least 10 million won (roughly 10,000 dollars), since Jae-hui wants to stay another semester. Dan-yi pales and pleadingly texts Eun-ho to keep his housekeeper, assuring him there won’t be further mistakes.

Eun-ho texts back he’s going to change his passcode. He adds that he suspects the woman has been showering at his place, eating his food, and using his laptop, as a montage shows Dan-yi doing all of those things. She even keeps a box of her belongings hidden upstairs.


At Gyeoroo Publishing, a young woman tapes up a meeting sign before promptly being told to take it down by another employee, identified as General Director Ko Yoo-sun, second-in-command, and a “fussy witch.” With a small sigh, the first woman, Assistant Manager of the Editorial Department, SONG HAE-RIN (Jung Yoo-jin), rips it off as her text bubble declares she’s “quickly moving up the (corporate) ladder.”

Eun-ho saunters in next. His text bubble states that in addition to being a professor of Literature at Hanguk University, he’s also Chief Editor at Gyeoroo Publishing, a popular podcast host, and “total eye candy.” Hee. Another man bursts through the doors, screaming into his phone. He’s Bong Ji-hong, Editor-in-Chief of the Content Development Department, and previously a poet.


Last to arrive is Seo Yeong-ah, Marketing Team Leader. Noting that the president isn’t there, she launches into a long-winded list of complaints about her life as she frantically applies makeup. Grumbling at the pointlessness of these frequent meetings, Team Leader Seo doesn’t notice President Kim Jae-min appearing from underneath the table, where he’d been retrieving a box of tissue.

She adds that their boss is practically a dictator and nearly falls out of her seat when he announces that she’s late… again. Laughing nervously, she shoots a glare at Eun-ho for the lack of warning as President Kim adds another tardy mark next to her name.

RBB01-00093-1.jpg RBB01-00092-1.jpg

Soon debate breaks out over the criteria for new employees. Despite the non-discrimination act, President Kim wants to declare acceptance of all college graduates, but eliminate anyone who’s been out of school more than two years. Chief Bong disapproves the sneaky tactics, but is ignored.

Team Leader Seo asks about the “no degree required” criteria and President Kim relents that they should stick to the law for one group. He selects the Task Support Team and although Eun-ho argues that’s only a contract position, President Kim ignores him as well.


That night, Dan-yi climbs over the wall of an abandoned house marked for demolition. Her meager belongings are already piled in the corner of a room and as she sits in her makeshift bed, she flashes back to when the house was new and she lived there with Dong-min and their daughter.

The bright and happy family memories give way to one of Dan-yi sobbing and pleading with Dong-min to start over. He tries to pull his hand from Dan-yi’s grasp, but she holds tight, begging him to think of their daughter and apologizing for saying harsh things when his company went bankrupt and they lost the house.

Dong-min coldly rips his hand free, and Dan-yi snaps, “Then did you think you could solve everything by cheating on me?” With a pitying sigh, Dong-min walks away and Dan-yi chases after him, swearing to never mention the woman again… but he leaves anyway.


Grimacing at her bankbook, Dan-yi starts to text Jae-hui that she can’t swing another semester when her daughter calls, crying about stomach pains. Dan-yi barks at her to go to the hospital. Despite Jae-hui’s protests about the medical bill, Dan-yi assures her there’s more than enough money for her treatment and another semester at school.

Meanwhile, Eun-ho is working late at home and when he tries to print a document, finds the printer unplugged. Vowing to fire the housekeeper, he plugs it back in and Dan-yi’s resume spits out. He finds it odd, but figures it’s too late to call, not knowing Dan-yi is impatiently awaiting an update from Jae-hui. She finally gets a text assuring her the issue was minor and Jae-hui will be discharged the following day.


The next morning, Dan-yi is jolted awake by a commotion outside. Realizing she’s late for her interview, Dan-yi jumps up but is startled by a window shattering. Outside, she finds the demolition crew at work and the foreman barks at her for squatting, but allows her to retrieve her belongings. Scooping up her things, Dan-yi also grabs a green onion plant she’d kept when she’d been married.

After readying herself in a public restroom, Dan-yi stands at the bus stop and inspects the blister on her heel. The bus arrives and in a rush to get on, people kick Dan-yi’s shoe into the street. Traffic prevents her from retrieving it and when the buses pull away, the shoe is gone. Dan-yi attempt to call and reschedule the interview, but the company is unsympathetic. Dan-yi cries that it would be a hassle to commute and they won’t hire her anyway, so she refusesto attend. Hanging up, she dissolves into sobs.


As if her day couldn’t get any worse, Dan-yi is caught in a sudden downpour. She ducks into a convenience store for an umbrella but receives a text about Jae-hui’s medical bill and decides against it. Instead, she chucks her remaining shoe in the trash in order to run barefoot.

Arriving at Eun-ho’s, Dan-yi finds the passcode has been changed. She attempts to call, but Eun-ho ignores it and goes into a cafe to meet a young woman. After a tense silence, she announces that she went on a blind date and is getting married. Unfazed, Eun-ho muses, “You must’ve been busy, considering it’s only been three weeks.”

RBB01-00141-1.jpg RBB01-00140-1.jpg

Stricken, she wonders if he ever loved her, but Eun-ho replies he’s not one to give way to others and marriage isn’t for him. Eyeing the way she’s gripping her water glass, Eun-ho tells her to wait and then removes his jacket before allowing her to proceed. She throws her water in his face, then grabs his and tosses it on his jacket. Heh. She tells him that he doesn’t know love, or even believe it exists, and storms out.

Soaked, Dan-yi walks barefoot into a convenience store for a bottle of soju. Meanwhile, Eun-ho still sits dazed in the cafe. Checking his phone, he finds five missed calls from Dan-yi. “Dan-yi is why…” Eun-ho’s voiceover says, “I don’t believe in love.”

RBB01-00151-1.jpg RBB01-00152-1.jpg

Walking down the street, Dan-yi stops outside a bridal shop and thinks back to her wedding day. She’d gone back and gone through with it, but hadn’t looked very happy. From afar, Eun-ho had caught her eye and asked if she was okay. She had smiled and nodded, but in the present she takes a bitter swig of soju.

Her phone rings and Eun-ho says he saw she called. She asks where he is, noting his new passcode and Eun-ho reminds her he’s firing the housekeeper. Dan-yi wants to know why he didn’t answer her calls and Eun-ho tells her he was getting dumped.

RBB01-00144-1.jpg RBB01-00150-1.jpg

Dan-yi balks and calls the woman weird. Grinning, Eun-ho tells her the woman said he doesn’t know love. Dan-yi grows thoughtful and agrees that men are clueless about love. “It’s all because of you,” Eun-ho teases. Dan-yi asks what she ever did to him but he waves it off as nothing she needs to know about.

Changing the subject, he asks why she was at his house yesterday, admitting he found her resume. He asks if she’s looking for a job, but Dan-i just sighs that it’s all over. She tells him no one will hire her, “This life… is already a bust.” She continues that she’s not wanted and has nowhere to go and she’ll be wiring Jae-hui all the money she has.


Eun-ho is confused since Dong-min’s business had picked up and asks where Dan-yi is. “The edge of my life,” she answers before squaring herself at her reflection and declaring that she’ll just follow the next man she encounters… only to be immediately accosted by a drunk man.

Promising to call Eun-ho back, Dan-yi unleashes a wave of obscenities at the man, but he refuses to let go until a young man runs over. He’s JI SEO-JOON (Wie Ha-joon) and he apologizes to Dan-yi for being late, pushing the drunk man off of her. Grumbling, the man stumbles away and Seo-joon explains he saw everything from across the street.

Dan-yi assures him she had it under control, but thanks him anyway. His eyes fall to her feet and she wonders if he’s never seen a barefooted woman before. “Not when it isn’t summer,” Seo-joon replies and ushers her over to the bench.


Kneeling in front of her, Seo-joon says, “I may sound insane to you since I think that’s how I sound, but I have a pair of shoes.” Pulling a pair of heels from his bag, Seo-joon assures her he doesn’t always carry women’s shoes. He smiles that they fit perfectly and Dan-yi laughs because they’re hers. A flashback reveals Seo-joon standing on the other side of the street when Dan-yi lost her first shoe. He managed to save it from traffic, only for Dan-yi to be gone by the time he made it to the bus stop.

Seo-joon had searched for Dan-yi, but found the other shoe she’d tossed instead. Figuring he couldn’t throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes, but unsure what to do with them… he’d miraculously ran into Dan-yi again. “How was that story?” Seo-joon grins, “I just made it up.” Dan-yi answers that every woman loves the story of Cinderella, but she’s too old to believe in fairy tales and knights in shining armor–she’d rather write her own story.

RBB01-00166-1.jpg RBB01-00162-1.jpg

The rain starts up again and Seo-joon quickly holds his umbrella over Dan-yi. He wonders if she isn’t cold and Dan-yi shrugs, agreeing that she is, but life has its cold days. She also gives him her green onion plant as a thank you for returning her shoes. Seo-joon insists she take his umbrella and despite Dan-yi’s protests that she won’t be able to return it and is already soaked, he hooks it over her shoulder before running up the street.

Having returned home, Eun-ho is surprised when the doorbell rings and a dripping wet Dan-yi shuffles in. He asks why she’s wet and eyeing her bag if she’d fought with Dong-min. Ignoring him, Dan-yi curls up in a blanket and asks for warm water.


Finally, she announces she’s sleeping over. Eun-ho blinks and asks her to repeat herself. Dan-yi asks to say the night and he assumes she’s run away from home. Without answering, Dan-yi starts dragging her bag upstairs. Eun-ho tries to stop her, but she rounds on him, shouting that she’ll just stay one night.

“I really… don’t have a place to go today,” she tells him. Her words echo what she’d said on her wedding day and he relents. Upstairs, Dan-yi pulls out her box of things and extracts some dry clothes. In his own room, Eun-ho wonders what’s wrong with Dan-yi and if he should call Dong-min before deciding against it.

RBB01-00176-1.jpg RBB01-00167-1.jpg

The next morning, Eun-ho tries to question her again, but Dan-yi only continues to shovel food into her mouth until Eun-ho promises to stop asking before she chokes. Instead, he tells her to find a new housekeeper and Dan-yi offers to do it. Eun-ho asks if she’s not going home and Dan-yi admits she has no home to return to–she got divorced a year ago. Eun-ho chides her for fibbing, pointing out there’s no way he wouldn’t have known about it. Oh…. honey.

He tells her to wash the dishes in return for staying over, but pauses to ask if Dong-min cheated. Dan-yi goes back to shoveling food in her mouth, so he leaves, but outside mutters that it can’t be true.

RBB01-00192-1.jpg RBB01-00193-1.jpg

While cleaning up, Dan-yi finds the recruitment packet for Gyeoroo Publishing. She sighs that she’d probably just get rejected again, and grumbles that having a college degree is useless and that she’d be better off having no qualifications. Something catches her eye, and flipping back through, Dan-yi zeroes in on the Task Support Team, which doesn’t require a degree. Back upstairs, she pores over the documents again, her resume and a college diploma beside her.

That evening, Eun-ho returns home to find Dan-yi’s shoes gone. He calls her, but since she’s still upstairs, she doesn’t answer. She does read his texts, though, and smiles when he vows not to let it go if Dong-min really did cheat.


The next morning, Director Ko, President Kim, and Eun-ho sit at the interview panel desk as Hae-rin organizes the interviewees. She calls the first three names and Dan-yi stands up.

Eun-ho flips through the list of candidates and President Kim warns him to keep questions short. Eun-ho grumbles that’s not how to hire employees, but trails off when he sees Dan-i’s name. He quickly flips to her resume, confirming it’s her. As she walks into the room and stands in front of him, Eun-ho looks up and they lock eyes.

RBB01-00206-1.jpg RBB01-00207-1.jpg


How many drama cliches can we tick off in one episode? I feel like this should be a drinking game. Rich, geeeenius male lead. Poor, hard-working female lead. Most adorable puppy second lead. Childhood friends trope. Noona romance trope. Potential living space hyjinks. All we need is a marriage contract and someone to get amnesia and I think we’ve got a BINGO! Which is not to say I’m complaining. I’m just a little unsure of what to expect going forward. This episode was enjoyable, but uneven. The tonal shifts at the top of the episode gave me a bit of whiplash, but luckily I feel the drama had gained its footing by the end. Because while I enjoyed the random dance sequence after the time skip, it was random and felt out of place, especially when the drama didn’t do anything else in that vein for the rest of the episode.

I was surprised at how dark things got for Dan-yi, suggesting within the first five minutes that her marriage wasn’t going to be a happy one (even if we knew it had to fizzle out if Lee Jong-seok was gonna get a shot). But it really makes you wonder why did Dan-yi go through with it? Was it really because she felt she had nowhere else to go? And then the aftermath of her divorce is so extreme. We knew Dong-min was a skeeze, but worse than cheating on his wife and leaving her penniless and homeless, he doesn’t seem to be doing anything for their daughter either. Being a single mom is hard enough in the best of circumstances, but Dan-yi has gotten every short stick the universe could offer.


But moreso than Dong-min and Dan-yi’s failed relationship, I’m curious about Dan-yi and Eun-ho’s. They seem super close, and have known each other most of their lives, if that photo is anything to go by. On her wedding day, Dan-yi sought out Eun-ho for comfort, but she kept her divorce and the gritty fallout to herself. Now, even when she tries to tell him the truth, Eun-ho has trouble believing it. Because as far as he’s known, things were peachy-keen. I’m really unsure how it’s been an entire year and he hasn’t caught a whiff of what went down, but Dong-min seems to be absent and if Dan-yi was his only source of info, then it’s possible, albeit strange. And things are only going to get more complicated from here on out as Dan-yi carves out a place in more facets of Eun-ho’s life.

I liked this episode, and am hopeful going forward. There’s a lot of promise for cute antics. I just hope things keep to the lighter side and we don’t dip too far into dreary. As long as we keep a good balance, we should be in for a fun ride.









Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 2

Things are starting to look up for our leading lady as she lands a job. But contract employment can’t solve all of Dan-yi’s problems right away, and soon our aloof editor has a mouse in his house-a pretty cute one though, and one that I doubt he minds as a roommate. Memories surface to propel Dan-yi towards the future that she wants, and to remind Eun-ho why he adores his first love more than he would ever admit to anyone else.




one call and ends the interview before answering the question. As he walks away, he receives a text from Dan-yi, asking him to change his house passcode back to the one that she knows, so that she can resume as his housekeeper until she finds a job. In the meanwhile, Dan-yi sleeps at the jimjilbang for the night.

The next morning, the Gyeoroo employees compete in a game to decide who will call the new hires and give them the good news. Ji-hong officially wins the game, but his victory is short-lived, as Jae-min decides that it’s his duty, as company president, to call the new hires himself.


Eun-ho follows Jae-min into his office and pulls Dan-yi’s application out of the stack of selected candidates. Jae-min tells Eun-ho that he insisted on hiring this particular candidate after reading her answers to the company questionnaire.

The first question asks the candidates to write what they’d like to tell themselves, and Dan-yi’s response is a heartfelt apology for being hard on herself. As her response reads in voiceover, Dan-yi’s life experiences play out, from the recent moments of homelessness, to times that her daughter threw a tantrum in public, or when Dan-yi had to deal with difficult customers at the supermarket where she worked. “I’m sorry I didn’t value you enough, I’m sorry I mistreated you, I’m sorry I let you feel small.” She encourages herself to take care of herself and work towards being happy.

BonusBook_E02_00146-1.jpg BonusBook_E02_00147-1.jpg

Jae-min comments that she must have lived a hard life, and those types of people often make the best workers. The only thing that Eun-ho can offer up as praise is that there are no grammatical errors, and he leaves Jae-min to make his calls.

First up on his call list is Oh Ji-yul. When the call comes in, Ji-yul is on a group date, leaning in to kiss the guy next to her. Instead of the joy Jae-min was anticipating, Ji-yul doesn’t seem to care much about getting the job. She asks if she can delay her start date to accommodate her upcoming travel plans with her mom, and Jae-min tells her to report to work the next day.


Next up on the list is Park Hoon. As the young man crosses the street, he bumps into an old girlfriend. She notes the resumes he drops and asks if he’s still job hunting. Park Hoon lies and says that he’s found one at a public corporation, and she congratulates him, and even suggests that she should get in touch with him again.

Of course, Park Hoon actually works at a beauty store, and his ex shows up to witness him in his frilly pink uniform. Shortly after she leaves the store, Park Hoon receives Jae-min’s call. He’s excited at first, but then he can’t help but complain that Jae-min called him just a minute too late.


Jae-min’s last chance to get a genuinely grateful response is with Dan-yi, who is working at the jjimjilbang when the call arrives. Dan-yi gasps in shock and then thanks him profusely. But then the sauna ajummas surround Dan-yi and a raucous celebration breaks out. Dan-yi shouts, “Power pose!” and Jae-min is skeptical of her bizarre behavior as well.

Back at Gyeoroo, Hae-rin asks Eun-ho if he’s had a chance to check her work. He reassures her that she doesn’t need him to check before she turns it in anymore, and then he mentions to her that she left her clothes at his apartment. She gasps that she left her things in the dryer, and Eun-ho teases her about leaving behind her bra (I see, so she’s Miss Red Bra…)


At Eun-ho’s home, Dan-yi’s able to enter Eun-ho’s house again and finds more money for her housekeeping services. When she hears Eun-ho at the door, she darts upstairs to the spare room. She shoots Eun-ho a text about her job-related good news, and she watches from above as Eun-ho responds gruffly that he won’t give her any help at work. He also tells her to find him a new housekeeper.

As Dan-yi snuggles into her blankets on the floor though, Eun-ho sends another text, congratulating her on the job. She smiles and texts that she made his favorite stew, and Eun-ho smiles as well.


It’s the next morning, and guess who lives in the neighborhood? It’s Cinderella Prince Seo-joon, out for a walk with his dog. Dan-yi takes her moment while Eun-ho showers and sneaks out the door, but not before stealing Eun-ho’s slice of toast. She’s excited to start work, and Seo-joon recognizes her as she dances past.

Outside Gyeoroo, Dan-yi runs into Park Hoon. He’s excited to get to work, and dazes Dan-yi with a barrage of unfamiliar slang. Once inside, other recruit Ji-yul scurries into the elevator after them. Before the elevator doors close, Hae-rin joins them as well, but everyone assumes she’s also a new recruit.


Park Hoon does his best to introduce himself to everyone, but Hae-rin remains aloof. At orientation, Dan-yi and the others join the rest of the new hires, and Park Hoon leans in to dish some dirt. He’s heard that the orientation trainer, Hae-rin, is known as the “second witch” of Gyeoroo, and that she’s a cranky workaholic with the nickname “Ice Queen.” Oh boy.

When asked who the first witch of Gyeoroo is, Hae-rin finally chimes in that it’s Yoo-sun. At first, Park Hoon assumes that she’s also done her homework, but when Hae-rin hands out everyone’s business cards and drops the employee manual on the table in front of them, he finally realizes that the ice queen has been present for all the gossip, ha.

Hae-rin deadpans that she is indeed a workaholic, and she reminds them that they are all colleagues and competitors, all trying to outlast one another as they prove that they are qualified for the job.


Eun-ho arrives at the office in time to watch the orientation, and he smiles as a junior staff member gushes over how cute the newbies are. But then she points out Dan-yi and calls her dowdy, which Eun-ho will not stand. He says that she’s just his type, classy, and sends the staff member scurrying to follow-up with an unresponsive author.

It’s tour time, and the new recruits receive a warm welcome from Jae-min, and an equally cold one from witch number one, Yoo-sun. During a brief break, Park Hoon gushes about wanting to meet Eun-ho, and then asks Dan-yi how old she is. He cuts her off at just “30,” eager to note they are only three years apart, and then averts his eyes when she finishes “37.” Both of the young hires want to believe that she’s been working this entire time, or in school, but Dan-yi sticks to her story about only having a high school diploma.

BonusBook_E02_00270-1.jpg BonusBook_E02_00271-1.jpg

As the office tour continues, the group is stopped by the arrival of a large floral arrangement. It’s for new recruit Ji-yul, from her mother, and she proceeds to take a bunch of selfies with it. The Gyeoroo staff take in the scene, eyebrows raised at the mommy’s girl. Hae-rin promises to work hard to mentor her, ha.

At the end of the day, Dan-yi smiles down at her new business cards. She thinks back to moments in her life when she was excluded from things or felt ashamed when she didn’t have a business card to exchange.

Eun-ho spots Dan-yi on the sidewalk as he drives home, ruining her plan of sneaking into his house undetected. He offers to drive her home, which she tries to evade by distracting Eun-ho with her business card and running. But Eun-ho has the dowdy comments on his mind, and he catches up with Dan-yi and tells her to get in his car.


He takes her to his ex-girlfriend’s clothing shop for a little shopping makeover. Dan-yi wonders if the two are back together, but ex-girlfriend Na-gyeong hints that they can’t get back together since someone cheated. Dan-yi automatically assumes it was Eun-ho, but Eun-ho reveals that it was actually Na-gyeong who cheated on him.

Dan-yi tries on a series of outfits until they find a style that suits her, Eun-ho seeming to ignore the entire process. Up next, Na-gyeong offers to take care of a haircut for Dan-yi. Dan-yi protests that the salon will be closed, but Na-gyeong is dating the salon owner, the very same person she cheated on Eun-ho with.

Dan-yi is surprised to meet Joo-yeon, Na-gyeong’s girlfriend, and Eun-ho shrugs that it’s obvious he never had a chance in this relationship, ha. After the haircut, Dan-yi teases him that he let another woman steal his girlfriend, and Eun-ho deals it right back that Dan-yi let a woman do the exact same thing to her. Eun-ho wants to drive Dan-yi to her home, but she makes an excuse that she isn’t allowed to have men over and darts away.


Eun-ho snuggles up at home with some work, and he can’t help but think of Dan-yi and how pretty she is when she smiles. Under his work papers, Eun-ho still has Dan-yi’s application questionnaire, and he moves on to question two: what are you most proud of? He smiles when he reads her answer, that she saved a boy’s life when she was in middle school.

That boy is, of course, young Eun-ho, a grade schooler with a love, though maybe not a talent, for soccer. After a disappointing game, little Eun-ho drops his soccer ball in the road. He tries to retrieve it, and a speeding sports car heads straight for him. From the sidelines, middle schooler Dan-yi throws him to safety, while she herself is tossed into the air as the car hits her.


Eun-ho stands over Dan-yi in the hospital. Thanks to her full body cast, Dan-yi won’t be attending school for a whole year, and she is delighted by this. She commands that Eun-ho work as her errand boy, which involves picking up stacks of books for her to read.

Their friendship grows as they sit and read more and more together, laughing over the same stories. And thus, the two forged their friendship and secured Eun-ho’s new passion in literature.


Now late in the evening, Dan-yi sneaks into Eun-ho’s house in hopes of making it to the spare room undetected. As Eun-ho locks up for the night, Dan-yi shuffles from corner to corner to avoid discovery.

She seems to have made it, until Eun-ho hears a glass break in the kitchen in the middle of the night. He finds nothing in the kitchen, as Dan-yi hides on the other side of the counter, a big bowl of food clutched in her arms. Once Eun-ho retreats, she crouches down to clean up the broken glass. But Eun-ho’s no fool, and she looks up to find him standing over her. “Have you been living in my house?” he asks her, eyes wide.

BonusBook_E02_00382-1.jpg BonusBook_E02_00384-1.jpg


I’m going to do my best not to gush too hard about this show, but it’s going to be a struggle, because I am really enamored so far.

There’s something about Lee Jong-seok that brings out the best in an ensemble cast. It’s not just that he’s a great actor, though he certainly is, but he adds this ease to any scene that he’s in that immediately elevates the performances of those around him as well. Everyone, from the leading lady to the smallest role at the publishing company, seems to shine as characters.

There’s just so much to each character, but especially to our two leads. Eun-ho is a sports bro turned genre writer, while Dan-yi is a quirky lover of stories and accomplished marketing pro turned mother turned newbie. There is such nuance to their performances because they aren’t defined by just one thing. Eun-ho isn’t just a prickly childhood friend, and Dan-yi isn’t only a worn down housewife. These two have already lived half their lifetimes, as Dan-yi has pointed out, and so they have so much to take forward with them into the future, and to the story that will unfold in our future episodes.

I love that while their pasts are intertwined, no one is in the dark about it. No lurking secret run-ins or shared relatives. These are just two people who have a shared history with one another, a long and meaningful one. How often do we see a younger version of our usual drama protagonists saved by a stranger, and never find them until much later? But here, it’s how their friendship is forged. Their connection is not used as fate’s hand to bring two destined souls together, but rather it’s the reason they know each other in the first place.


And this meaningful friendship makes Dan-yi’s need to keep secrets from Eun-ho all the more poignant. They don’t need to be estranged former friends to keep secrets from one another, and instead this conflict is driven by complex emotions. Dan-yi and Eun-ho have been in what seems like daily contact for a while, but she still managed to keep her circumstances secret from him.

It shines a lens on the idea that we can think we know someone so entirely, and still have no clue what they are going through. Eun-ho focuses on his love for Dan-yi so much that he doesn’t notice when things seem to be going downhill for her. He’s been so busy mooning over his one-sided lost love and his sad attempts to push other women away, his real love has managed to get divorced and lose her home. It’s not all Eun-ho’s fault though. Dan-yi’s pride and shame have been keeping her tight-lipped about things. It seems that Dan-yi has always had a hard time expressing difficult emotions, from the moment she tried to flee her wedding day, to her attempts to hide in her friend’s spare room rather than admit she needs a place to stay.

But Dan-yi is no pushover either. Dan-yi isn’t a hapless heroine. She’s lived a whole damn life already, and she’s done feeling like things are out of her control. Dan-yi’s letter to herself was the best bit of self-care reminder for all of us. To forgive ourselves, and not be so hard on ourselves, and to not let others take advantage of what we give them.

What I really enjoy about Dan-yi is that she doesn’t get caught up in her own pride. I can imagine the frustration of knowing how much job experience you have and not being able to talk about it, but she is just so grateful to be working again that those feelings don’t touch her. Yet. There’s still plenty of time for her to get upset about the politics of bureaucracy in the workplace, though I wonder if it’s more likely that Eun-ho will be getting upset on her behalf.

The two characters both have a long way to go, and I’m glad for that. I don’t need perfect protagonists, or a lop-sided relationship with one person trying to be as good as the other human. They both need to grow, which means they get to grow together.

I really want Eun-ho’s first series, The Bloody Contract to be super meaningful to the plot/romance. I so want it to be his giant love letter to his first love and all of the genre fiction that brought them together, and also perhaps Dan-yi’s rejection serving as the reason why he abandoned genre for more “respectable” writing.






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This thread is hotting up! Yay!


The following segment placed in "spoiler" section because it discusses other dramas of the same "noona-dongsaeng" genre. @wangnyeo @dramaobsessed 


Regarding this "noona-donseang" genre, if you could call it that, and its seeming popularity these days... I reckon it's really (as with all dramas regardless of the nation they emanate from) an exploration of people's sentiments without it in actuality happening frequently. My husband is younger than me, and interestingly, a number of our friends and acquaintances are in similar relationships too. We however remain the minority in our immediate social circle. So to say that such dramas are being produced because it's common, I should think it would be quite the opposite. Age is a very important part of the Korean cultural psyche and it's probably socially awkward or even unacceptable for younger men to marry older women. Yet, as this and many other dramas to date have explored and presented, there really isn't anything wrong with such a pairing except social conditioning. 


I remember my very first Kdrama and it was a noona-dongsaeng pairing - My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. The circumstances that led me to the drama was also one that I remember clearly - we had just been married not long and my husband was away on a business trip. So for the first time in our marriage, I was alone at home with my in-laws, and bored stiff. And the me who hardly ever turned on the TV, did. Lo and behold! My Lovely Kim Sam Soon was on! Hahaha... I remember at the time being very taken by the story, but more so, very baffled as to why a 3-year age gap between the younger man and older woman was such a big deal. 


Along the way, there have been many other such dramaverse pairings both in real and reel life, particularly in more recent times. But the one thing that has remained common (for those I've watched) is that the relationships succeed, as in you can see it leading to marriage and not just a fling, if at least one of these conditions are true:


• one of the partners is chaebol rich (MLKSS, Boyfriend)

• the couple is outstandingly different (DOTS, Boyfriend, MLFAS, IHYV, the latter 2 being supernatural in nature)


In Something in the Rain, the relationship eventually failed exactly because of social pressures, which I think remain real in Korea and many other parts of the world. For all others I've watched, the story remains that such unusual relationship pairings won't work unless you are too, unusual.


I'm liking the story so far because everything about this couple is so middle-class normal. The foundation of their friendship is one you can find in everyday life of everyday people. Their backstory circumstances are also not spectacular - people do suffer from failed marriages, fear of commitment, and missed opportunities because of unsaid social norms. So what is it that will eventually make them re-evaluate their personal norms and say, "Our relationship has indeed progressed. We've grown up and are no longer our middle school selves"? 


The other thing that the drama is exploring which I also observe has become more popular of late, is that of the "divorced woman". How does society continue to treat them? Why are the men not stepping up to make right what went wrong? In societies of old, you have this concept of the "kinsmen redeemer", someone within your extended family and community who will take care of you if you are somehow abandoned by the man who was to have taken care of you. Where are these people today? Single mothers left to their own while the men merrily skip off with another woman. The young men in these shows are stepping up. Is that a new hope in the next generation? 


It's interesting to note that many of these dramas that explore social issues are written by women. I remain fascinated by Kdramas because I find them being used as a platform for social commentary than just storytelling. 


As regards Cha Eunho's relationship with Kang Dani, @Ameera Ali yes, I too wondered how close their friendship is if she's managed to hide it all from him. As he himself remarked, how ridiculous is it that you got divorced and lost your house and I didn't know?! But when things get very difficult and you feel socially embarrassed by your circumstance, you hide it even from people you live with. Why would it be then that your closest would be suffering from depression and you wouldn't even know until the worst happens? Good for Dani that she eventually, while standing at the edge of her life (as she puts it), calls him and tells him. But then look at his reaction. It was probably that reaction that prevented her from telling him in the first place. 


Once upon a time, Cha Eunho tried to save Kang Dani from this inevitable end. It was clear from the start he did not like Hong Dongmin and probably in various ways tried to tell Dani that Dongmin was just all wrong for her. But she maintained the Noona status with him (right up to her telling him to watch his words because Dongmin was still her daughter's father) and he probably gave up on his advice to her. She did marry Dongmin after all, despite Eunho telling her to not walk down the aisle. With this as the backdrop, how could Dani tell him that the marriage did fail after all? "I told you so" is not something anyone wants to confront. 


And then, life happens. As one of the new hires (Park Hoon) at Gyeoroo observes, Cha Eunho is a lecturer, chief editor and popular podcast host. He runs three jobs when most people can't even handle 1! So while they have clearly maintained constant contact with each other through texting, he probably hasn't met her in a while (sounds like me and a number of friends I count as close), much less gone into a deep conversation with her. And that's why he's angry. He shouts at her when he finds out half of what's going on, but I reckon he's really angry at himself. Exactly, how could all this have been happening and I did not know? But in his defence, if you've been having this really close relationship with a female friend who's so much like a sister but not a sister, once she gets married, are you still her brother or a male friend whom her husband wouldn't quite like you hanging around as much? I have had such relationships before and once you get married, there is an unsaid common sense rule of engagement that tells you the distance must now be kept. 


I'm absolutely loving this show!

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Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text


(Eng sub) "Close Your Ears" - Lee Jong Suk (이종석) Lee Na Young (이나영) in "Romance Is A Bonus Book"

Hi I'm Jemmy!

Went to see Lee Jong-suk (이종석, Lee Jong Suk) in the press conference for his new drama "Romance Is a Bonus Book" (로맨스는 별책부록). 
#LeeJongSuk #LJS #LeeNaYoung #RomanceIsaBonusBook
Right next to him was Lee Na-young (이나영, Lee Na Young), LJS's bias (ideal type) since almost his debut! 
The Korean press asked him many questions about how he feels about co-starring a drama with his bias  

It was CUUUUTE!!
BTW, Lee Na Young is the wife of top actor Won Bin and gave birth to a son in 2015.
Kdrama "Romance Is a Bonus Book" launched on Jan. 26, 2019, on tvN, and is also available on Netflix 


Lee Na Young about Lee Jong Suk :P

During "Romance Is A Bonus Book " press conference Lee Na Young praised Lee Jong Suk when she was asked how it was working with him :




Via: https://twitter.com/kiyimae/status/1089999897733013510


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2019.02.01 A-MAN PROJECT Updated Naver Blog and IG


[Lee Jong Suk]

Man playing the piano ...

Have you enjoyed everybody the TVN TV drama "Romance is a bonus book" that was  broadcasted first last weekend? 

The relationship of the main characters is delicately drawn and raised expectations for the next time! 

- Who is watching the drama in South Korea these days? 
- ,,That person is me ,,, ㅠ

See you tomorrow at 9 pm !! 


Photo Source = tvN




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5 Things We Loved & 2 Things We Hated About The Premiere Of “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

Feb 1, 2019
by kaityv

Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) proved to be charming characters in the premiere episodes of tvN’s new drama “Romance is a Bonus Book.” The story follows the persevering Dan Yi as she battles with the aftermath of her divorce and gloomy unemployment. With a stroke of luck and a lot of confidence, she lands herself a job at Gyeoroo Publishing House, where Eun Ho works. If you’re looking for a fun, dramatic, yet realistic rom-com then look no further. Here’s a list of things we loved and hated about the first two episodes!

Warning: Spoilers for the premiere episodes below.

LOVED: Kang Dan Yi’s resourcefulness

She may be at her lowest point (divorced, unemployed, and homeless), but Kang Dan Yi doesn’t let that get the best of her. While she is constantly on the lookout for new jobs, she is smart enough that she won’t have to sleep on the side of the street. She craftily uses Eun Ho’s place to shower and eat. After all, she is the one cleaning it. Unbeknownst to Eun Ho, who thinks a housekeeper than Dan Yi recommended is cleaning his house, she is actually the one cleaning it (and using its resources).

She also finds solace in her old home that is marked for demolition. After her husband’s business went bankrupt, they lost their house. However, she brazenly jumps the walls and ignores the keep out signs. While the situation certainly goes south, in the end she makes sure that she’s safe. She shows incredible perseverance and determination, and it’s these choices that ultimately lead her to find the temporary job at the publishing house! It’s awesome to see a leading lady who takes charge of her life while trying her best to keep her pride intact.

LOVED: Cha Eun Ho being a supportive friend

The opening scene was a doozy. Not only was Dan Yi getting married to someone that was not Eun Ho, but Eun Ho was also playing the piano for her grand entrance. Temporarily, she becomes a runaway bride and hides in the back of Eun Ho’s car without him knowing, which allows them a brief moment by themselves. It’s here that Eun Ho tells her he’d take her anywhere else if she didn’t want to get married. He wanted to support her happiness, as it was clear she was having some cold feet.


LOVED: Their backstory

Is it really a rom-com if there isn’t some sort of childhood connection? Not only is there a grand role reversal where the guy is in love with the girl and she has no clue, but it turns out Dan Yi was Eun Ho’s life-saver. It was incredibly cute to see how Eun Ho’s never-ending crush began and developed through his humorous but tender meeting with Dan Yi. It will be exciting to see their connection grow deeper as the show progresses.


LOVED: Song Hae Rin and the new hires

Of course, this wouldn’t be a rom-com without comedy. The funniest scenes happened to come whenever we saw the group of Gyeoroo interacting. It was hilarious to see Seo Young Ah (Kim Sun Young) complain about the president (Kim Tae Woo) while she came in clad in slides and with hair rollers still in her hair.


Watching the president call all the new hires was also comical and lighthearted. An iconic scene, however, is when new hire, Park Hoon (Kang Ki Doong) talks about Song Hae Rin (Jung Yoo Jin) being the second witch without knowing who she is.


It will be amusing to see how everyone will become a team as the drama continues!

LOVED: Na Gyeong and Ju Yeon

An absolute stand-out part of this drama was when we discovered that one of Eun Ho’s ex-girlfriends, Na Gyeong left him for a hair stylist named Ju Yeon! The banter Na Gyeong shared with Eun Ho before the reveal was amusing and their friendship definitely added some fluff to the drama amongst all the sadness.


This kind of representation seems rare in K-dramas and it was refreshing to see a glimpse of what will hopefully be the plot of a drama one day! With any luck maybe they’ll make a few more appearances in the drama as it moves forward!

HATED: The inevitable heartbreak of second lead syndrome

I know what you’re thinking. How can someone have second male lead syndrome when Lee Jong Suk is the lead? I admit, it seems crazy. But Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) definitely seems to be a contender alongside Eun Ho! Not only does he swoop in like Prince Charming for Dan Yi, but he also shares with her a staple scene from any K-drama alike: an umbrella scene.


How can your heart not be fluttering?

While this isn’t exactly a negative, it will surely lead to heartbreak as it’s unlikely he will end up with Dan Yi. And admittedly, it is a little weird that he followed her around for the whole day to return her shoes. We’ll have to keep a close eye on him and hope he doesn’t turn out to be creepy (or worse, steal our hearts from Eun Ho)!

HATED: Cha Eun Ho’s cold behavior

Like any male lead, Eun Ho believes that love has betrayed him. Forced to watch Dan Yi marry someone he doesn’t approve of has made him as broody as ever. While he does have a soft spot for her, it was a little annoying to see him talk down at her due to his own personal frustrations. It was also off-putting to have him act so cold when she told him she got the job. Albeit, he did congratulate her in the end.


Of course, he is only human and it’s only the beginning of the drama. Hopefully, his cold heart will soften and this behavior will become a distant memory. After all, we are definitely rooting for him!

Did you watch “Romance is a Bonus Book”? If so, what did you like and dislike? If you didn’t watch it, are you going to tune in? Let us know in the comments below!

kaityv spends most of her time watching K-dramas even though she should be writing. If she’s not watching a drama then she’s for sure binging BTS, iKON, and Red Velvet music videos.

Currently watching: “Romance is a Bonus Book”
All-time favorite: “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Looking forward to: “So I Married An Anti-Fan,” “Vagabond,” and Ji Soo‘s first proper lead role.

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Romance is a Bonus Book Episodes 01-02 Review

Color me enchanted.

That said, the first episode gave a little bit of whiplash. It started with a wedding, one that our leading lady, Dan-i (Lee Na Young), seemed to not want to get through, so why did she? Not only she had a successful professional career, she also had a loyal friend who would support whatever decision she made. So, really, why did she went along with it? Look, I’m no expert but if you get into the car of another man in hopes to get away from your own wedding, I don’t think the couple is on solid ground.

Of course it’s no surprise the marriage didn’t last long but what was a low blow was the way how it ended. The pathetic excuse of a man Dan-i used to call husband, not only left her for another woman, who he went to live in another country, but completely abandoned all kind of responsibility he had with his own former family. On top things, his company’s bankruptcy left Dan-i with no house nor support that she could depend on until she could find a job, quite literally leaving her roaming in the streets.

I can understand why she didn’t say anything to Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk). The show has made it clear that in contrast to Dan-i’s struggles, his life has been quite comfortable and easy going so far. At least, on the surface, I’m looking forward to see if deep down this cynical behavior towards love is rooted on something bigger.

Still, I think she should have reached out to him since she has a child to take care of and he seems to be a real friend who would lend her a hand with sincerity, until she could get back on her feet. And he did when he finally found the truth on the second episode, which was far better than the first.

I think the show found its rhythm with the introduction of the rest of the characters which, by the way, it’s one hell of a solid cast. I have known these actors for years and I have watched many of theirs works, meaning that I’m expecting a really good rom-com drama.

All the characters have already shown a lot of potential to grow and owning their own storylines, especially our leads who will have to figure out a new dynamic between them while they work together and live together, and share that special friendship that’s been brewing something else for a long time. Their chemistry is undeniable and I’m not afraid to say the best is yet to come!


Originally posted by mufalo

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Two episodes down, & I am officially hooked to this…Can
see myself, waiting for new episodes every week & watching them…I can see
myself loving this drama…Must say, Lee Jung Suk looks perfect in his character.
…matured & adorable at the same time…. The transition is so seamless….

Also, I love the concept of the story…looking forward to see how these two
leads gonna come together…as from very beginning he is protective of Dan-Yi…It
was so surprising for Eun-Ho to find Dan-Yi in mess …poor him he was so shocked…He
didn’t seemed to fond of her ex husband from day 1…

The flashback scenes were good…How Eun-Ho became youngest
editor…the flashback was hilarious…& how the publishing house got popular
was interesting…but more than anything loved how EunHo had been errand boy for
DanYi for a year & he developed his love for books…

Already feel sorry for second lead…he is too kind & warm hearted…it will
break my heart to see him not getting the girl…Though he was cute with the
spring onions…

Looking forward to upcoming episodes…but currently loved the hide & seek
game of EunHi & Dan Yi…it surprises
me that till now he wasn’t able to catch her that she was actually sneaking
around his house….dat too since long!!!

It wud be interesting to see his reactions & How Dan Yi actually covers it

goodluck to her!!!

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I'm enjoying this drama so far...

The character that attracts me is actually Cha Eun Ho.... because his flashback gives me more insights about him and his relationship with Dan-i... 


Just curious.. in ep 2 there was a mention about an author named Kang Byeong-jun  If I'm not mistaken.. there hasn't any mention about who he is in the flashback right?? Please correct me if I'm wrong.. :D 

Anyway.... I'm guessing Kang Byeong Jun is Cha Eun Ho himself... lol... 

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ep 3 impression: (all 3 eps now available in Netflix, via your region)

We finally see the eccentric side of Dan Yi, did Eun Ho really fell for her supposed drinking that whole bottle of hard liquor, whole night? aigoo, you naive eun ho. :joy:. you've known  herfor 20 years lol. 


Dan Yi new work is basically what low level position will do. buy drinks for executive meeting, stamp here and there, water plants, all sort kind of odd jobs.  she learn the hard way that a lot of things changed since 7 years she quit working, like now exist  simple acronyms for drinks all sort of nonsense.  But, she strive to use her talent as copywriter at Gyeoroo when the chance open at work . she work hard. asking superiors for feedback yet it came back useless as her idea was stolen right under her nose. typical newbies problem  at new work place :anguished:.


BTW, i think we got glimpse of Witch No.1 nasty behavior. it's probably going to be an ongoing conflicts, so bring it on, show!! Dan Yi, fighting to be recognize for your own work and talent!!:thumbsup:


Second lead Wi Ha Joon show up today and he as suave as ever with his calm and soft voice talking to his unnamed dog and Dan YI. his talent as book designer is recognized by Jaemin and Haerin. can't wait to see how Eun Ho will bring him into Gyeoroo. 


Cha Eun Ho today show his soft side toward Dan Yi. it show at anything to do with Dan Yi, he's willing to do anything. Offering one of his house to Dan Yi when his current tenant move out.  Changing his work out room so Dan Yi can sleep comfortably. Tried to help Dan Yi at work as much as he can afford to, even though Dan Yi refuse.  He actually  can't live without Dan Yi,  judging by the way he always in hazy drunk night went to Dan Yi place even though he never say hi to them when he got there. he knew when she's happy or when she's unhappy every time he went there.  that last scene hug, convey so many meanings to him :wub:


And in another interesting tidbit, Cha Eun Ho also has no parents as far as we can see (what is it LJS and his running jokes, without having complete set of parent in all his drama:sweatingbullets:)


Waiting for tomorrow ep :phew:




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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] Romance Is A Supplement, 로맨스는 별책부록
  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Drama 2019] Romance Is a Bonus Book ♥ 로맨스는 별책부록

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