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Kim Seon Ho/ Kim Sun Ho 김선호 - Mr Dimples - Current Variety - 1N2D Season 4

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Thanks for the info @ixxdhx81    Btw, isn't he the sweetest     

His acting skill was strong enough to work with the ml in Two Cops and he definitely did a way better job in the Delivery man. I think his passion is still in acting, to be a best actor than a celebri

eng sub to his winning speech!          I died watching this. So proud of the 2D1N team, especially KSH! 

If I am not mistaken, the shoot for CTG already ended rite? He even posted it on his insta, notified his fans that he just finished the last shoot.

Wonder what will his schedule on Nov 10th, that makes him to switch schedule with the other actor for his play Memory in Dream.

They said they change the schedule because KSH has another schedule for shoot.



P.S. Seems he did some "cleaning" again for his instagram. Glad I already downloaded all his insta pictures (but not the recent ones). LOL!

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Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD!!! He received offer to appear as new member of 2 Days 1 Night for the new season.

I'm cryinggggggg!!!! 



I was planning to give up watching the show as I'm still hurt with the former members. I really like this variety show.

I read the first news that he's confirmed for the show, then it makes sense he changed his performance schedule on Nov 10th.

But then another news come from Salt said he received the offer and already had a meeting with the production team. Waiting for KSH confirmation.


Keep calm and waiting for the official news. I hope he take the offer. I really like this variety show!!!




Source: http://www.theceluv.com/article.php?aid=1572914367288166010



The new members for the new season of 2D1N(?)





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VIXX’s Ravi And Kim Seon Ho In Talks To Join New Season Of “2 Days & 1 Night”

Nov 5, 2019
by D. Kim

More stars are in talks for the newest season of “2 Days & 1 Night”!

Previously, it was revealed that Kim Jong MinYeon Jung Hoon, Moon Se Yoon, and DinDin are being discussed for the fourth season of the program.

On November 5, it was reported that VIXX’s Ravi and Kim Seon Ho will be joining the new season.

In response, Ravi’s agency commented, “His appearance is being discussed with the production team.” Kim Seon Ho’s agency also responded, “It is true that a meeting was recently held with the ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4’ [team], but nothing has been decided. We are waiting for the broadcasting station’s decision on his potential appearance.”

The new season of “2 Days & 1 Night” is set to begin filming this month and will premiere in December.


cr: Soompi

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@ixxdhx81 it’s confirmed! Yay !!!!

Updated November 5 KST:

The cast has been set for the fourth season of “2 Days & 1 Night”!

On November 5, the program confirmed Kim Jong MinYeon Jung HoonMoon Se YoonKim Seon HoDinDin, and VIXX’s Ravi as the new cast.

The producing director Bang Geul Yi commented, “A never-before-seen season of ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ will be born with a combination of variety show veterans and fresh members who have not been on variety shows much. Along with the special qualities of ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ that previously received love, the fourth season will be upgraded with new qualities.”

Stay tuned for the premiere of the new season in December!


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Sunho... him... joining.... 1N2D.... S4.... I'm speechless.


I was already happy enough when he joined one of my fave shows Waikiki and now he's appearing on one of my variety shows! 


To be honest, he's an interesting addition, he appeared once as a guest in Amazing Saturday to promote CTG a few weeks ago and now he's a fixed member in 1N2D. The best part is that we got to know more of his personality and as much as I hate/love it, I want to see him suffer as well. :lol:. I personally think he will do well, he's witty, funny and I want to see him bond with Kim Jongmin. :) Although, I'm a bit worried that he might be typecasted as a 'funny' guy.

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@ixxdhx81 what is the play about ? Ahh if only we could watch it 



@MarianM yeah won’t want him to be typecast as well because from all his emotional scenes in CTG, I would love to see him in a heavier drama. Nevertheless being on variety is good exposure for him 

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On 11/6/2019 at 12:15 AM, triplem said:

@ixxdhx81 what is the play about ? Ahh if only we could watch it 


We only can depend on the media preview and curtain call (fan cam). But Idk if he'll be on it or not. His first performance is set to be on Nov 10th. Two performances (14:00 and 18:00).


My rough translation.

It's about a romance story centered in New York area. He married a woman, lead a band and a taxi driver.

Sadly, if I am not mistaken, he'll die in this story..


Anyone got time to translate??? :sweat_smile:



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  • Jillia changed the title to Kim Seon Ho/ Kim Sun Ho 김선호 - Mr Dimples - Current Variety - 1N2D Season 4

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