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Kim Seon Ho/ Kim Sun Ho 김선호 - Mr Dimples - Current Variety - 1N2D Season 4

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50 minutes ago, triplem said:

Ahh just her ? Maybe was he trying to quell rumours of any sort ? By the way are there any updates on filming.? 

Yesterday I visited his ig he still following 127 acc, but today only 126 acc. When I was checking, found out he unfollow her acc.

Not that much info about the filming. 5 days ago in the naver forum someone said they saw ctg team filming at wansimni station, but no post shared on ig. Maybe the production team didn't allow it. Hope filming is going well, no injuries and he takes good care of himself.


Read some news on soompi 2 actors withdraw from currently airing and upcoming drama. :crazy: I feel bad for the other actors and the production team.

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Thanks for the info @ixxdhx81    Btw, isn't he the sweetest     

Hmm, interesting discussion? But why so somber? IMO I do think that Kim Seon Ho already play his card right. If you read his interviews, he wants to do both tv and theaters. I've done some readin

eng sub to his winning speech!          I died watching this. So proud of the 2D1N team, especially KSH! 

Ohmygahd, someone saw him filming for CTG wearing a uniform, my hearteuuuu. ctto





@ixxdhx81 @triplem didn't expect for him to do that, well that kinda makes sense a bit that he deleted some pics that are related to her. 


On the other hand, I'm sp happy that Gayoung followed him back a few days ago after 2 months! haha.

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6 hours ago, MarianM said:

Ohmygahd, someone saw him filming for CTG wearing a uniform, my hearteuuuu. ctto

Wohooo. An update! Thanks for sharing it here. Welp.. He has long legs! :lol:


6 hours ago, MarianM said:

On the other hand, I'm sp happy that Gayoung followed him back a few days ago after 2 months! haha.

LOL! I don't know if it's one of the staffs' acc or just someone having fun with the id. But often update when the drama airing. There's someone with nickname 으라차차 와이키키 2 (eurachacha waikiki 2) in waikiki2 naver forum, the acc said "으라차차 와이키키3 coming soon". Hahaa..

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Kim Seon Ho, Moon Geun Young, And More Attend 1st Script Reading For “Catch The Ghost”

The actors of “Catch the Ghost” tested their teamwork.

On July 18, the upcoming tvN drama released photos from their script reading.

“Catch the Ghost” is an investigative drama about police officers who guard the subway as they try to catch a serial killer known as “Ghost.”

At the first script reading, director Shin Yoon Seop and writers So Won and Lee Young Joo were joined by Moon Geun Young (Yoo Ryung — meaning “ghost” in Korean), Kim Seon Ho (Go Ji Seok), Jung Yoo Jin (Ha Ma Ri), Ki Do Hoon (Kim Woo Hyuk), Song Ok Sook (Park Mi Hyun), Jo Jae Yoon (Lee Man Jin), Nam Gi Ae (Han Ae Shim), Ahn Seung Yoon (Kang Soo Ho), Song Sang Eun (Park Mi Hyun), and more.

Before the script reading began, director Shin Yoon Seop stated, “I’ll work hard so that it’ll be a joyful project for all of the actors and staff who chose ‘Catch the Ghost.'”

Moon Geun Young said, “I’m already excited that I’ll be working with junior and seniors actors who I like. I’ll work hard.” Wittily using the line of the Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Kim Seon Ho added, “I’ll approach this sincerely and seriously so that I won’t be captured [by the criminals].”

Director Shin Yoon Seop’s directing with emphasis on reality and the passionate acting of the actors brought the script to life during the table read. Despite this being their first time working together, Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho showed off perfect chemistry as the subway police officers.

Moon Geun Young perfectly captured the ambitious desire of a rookie police officer who believes in acting first before thinking with a passionate look in her eyes, facial expressions, and line delivery. Kim Seon Ho showcased detailed emotional acting to portray the head of the subway police force who believes in following the rules no matter what.

Jung Yoo Jin, Ki Do Hoon, Song Ok Sook, Jo Jae Yoon, Nam Gi Ae, and Ahn Seung Yoon gained attention for their realistic acting. As the head of the regional investigation unit, Jung Yoo Jin showed her “girl crush” charms and confidence while Ki Do Hoon upped the tension with his charisma. Nam Gi Ae captured the innocent appearance of a mother suffering from dementia while Jo Jae Yoon and Ahn Seung Yoon boasted perfect teamwork and bromance. Other actors including Song Sang Eun, Park Ho San, and Han Ji Sang also stole the scene with their experience and strong acting skills.

The four-hour-long script reading reportedly felt like 30 minutes due to the passionate acting of the actors. A source from the drama said, “Along with Moon Geun Young, Kim Seon Ho, Jung Yoo Jin, and Ki Do Hoon, talented actors such as Nam Gi Ae, Jo Jae Yoon, and Song Ok Sook all came out to show off their high quality acting at the script reading. It’ll be unlike other investigation dramas and will be fun as each episode tells various stories and incidents from the subway as they investigate the dark mystery. Please look forward to the first episode.”


“Catch the Ghost” will premiere on August 26 at 9:30 p.m. KST as the follow up to “Designated Survivor: 60 Days.”



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On 6/11/2019 at 4:33 PM, triplem said:

Gals , is there going to be some event ?

Google translate to help....

" Preferred Events
Kim Sun-ho staff diary surprise event!
'Catch the moon.'
Please send the words you want to hear to Kim Sun Ho!
For the time being, we will send you a drought season.
tvN Until the first drama "Catch the ghost" first broadcast,
Every Monday, Kim Sun-ho actor's voice gift comes
How to participate
Salt Entertainment email to salt_ent@naver.com
[Kim Sun-ho event]
Please let me know what you want to hear.
Example) "We had a hard day, and let's work hard tomorrow."
Participation period
From Tuesday, June 11, 2019 to Thursday, June 13, 2019 (4 days)
* Up to three sentences can be submitted per person.
(※ However, within 30 characters of each sentence not including spaces)
* Copyright infringed content is automatically excluded.
* There is no announcement of successful applicants.
* Personal information is only used for event applications.


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First Script Reading for tvN’s Catch Yoo-ryung with Moon Geun-young, Kim Sun-ho


The cast and crew of tvN’s buddy-cop rom-com Catch Yoo-ryung recently got together and held their first script reading with lead actors Moon Geun-young (Village: Secrets of Achiara) and Kim Sun-ho (Woohoo Waikiki 2). Also present were supporting cast members Jung Yoo-jin (Romance Is a Bonus Book), Ki Do-hoon (Arthdal Chronicles), and Jo Jae-yoon (Rescue Me 2) among others.

Read more on Dramabeans


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Moon Geun-young, Kim Sun-ho patrol the subways in new teaser for Catch the Ghost


New promos has been released for tvN’s upcoming Catch the Ghost (formerly Catch Yoo-ryung) including character stills and a new video teaser featuring the lead actors as well as supporting cast.

Full article on Dramabeans.


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On 6/24/2019 at 6:46 PM, moon & moon said:

Can someone tell me what this article about? I search up for 김선호 on naver and this article came out

Hi @moon & moon.   I add my Welcome note too..

The article states that on May 25 Go Won-Hee was on top of the searches, as she was appearing in the Drama "Perfume,"  and that lead some to re-examine her previous role in "Strongest Delieryman" with Mr. Dimples, Kim Seon-Ho, and this one"hot" scene, in particular.

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Happy to see him post...such a long wait till the end of October

By the way his staff have been posting these voice messages of him on their IG...what are they about?


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  • Jillia changed the title to Kim Seon Ho/ Kim Sun Ho ( 김선호) Mr Dimples - Upcoming Drama - Catch Yoo Ryung
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18 hours ago, triplem said:

@ixxdhx81 does he even hv time for a play as well given that he’s still filming CTG? Nice to see him return to his roots 


can’t wait for this ...looks fun 



He never STOP, He will not STOP,  no one can stop him. LOL. Just hope he take care of his health.


Kim Seon Ho for Harper Bazaar.

Full interview here -> https://www.harpersbazaar.co.kr/article/42370







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Handsome Alert - TvN's Mobilization of Attractive Men

Keeping relevant material only


Kim Seon-ho turns into a subway police chief in the tvN drama "Catch the Ghost" and continues the legacy of tvN's best leading actors....

... From the 21st onwards, Kim Seon-ho is appearing on the home screens and continues this line of handsome and charming leading men.

He stars in the new tvN drama "Catch the Ghost", a mystery investigative drama in which a subway police force go after a serial killer who is known as 'the subway ghost'.

Kim Seon-ho tackles the role of Go Ji-seok, the chief of the subway police. He graduated from the Police Academy with honors, but he's a man of almost primal prudence and extreme timidity. He is expected to give off the charm of a strong man in the process of confronting Moon Geun-young (Yoo Ryeong), who is completely the opposite of him.

Meanwhile, the new tvN drama "Catch the Ghost" will begin on the 21st at 9:30PM after "The Great Show".


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14 hours ago, triplem said:

oh yeah . Definitely very good looking :wub:. Am looking forward to CTG

@triplem, agreed.. Me too.
I have a feeling KSH is going to be black and blue by the end of this drama...

Do you know if Viu is subbing it?

So far, no news of licensing in the U.S....

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  • Jillia changed the title to Kim Seon Ho/ Kim Sun Ho 김선호 - Mr Dimples - Current Variety - 1N2D Season 4

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