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Kim Seon Ho/ Kim Sun Ho 김선호 - Mr Dimples - Current Variety - 1N2D Season 4

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On 11/17/2020 at 4:15 PM, irilight said:

Hello @Rebekah Magarand welcome to Kim Seon Ho thread  :)
I love this expression of yours.:wub:  I have yet to watch 1N2D.  (I do not usually watch variety shows, but you all are convincing me   :lol:)

After "Start Up" I recommend "You Drive Me Crazy" with Lee Yoo Young.
After that - "Catch the Ghost" with Moon Geun-young.


@petra, that would be awesome!:wub:


Aww thank you so much. I'm currently watching catch the ghost and I'm loving it. Thank you so much for recommending. I'm still not familiar with this site . I will try my best . :sparklyeyes:

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Thanks for the info @ixxdhx81    Btw, isn't he the sweetest     

Waahhh. Great discussion here! Kinda busy right now. I'll edit and join the discussion later. I'll share how he was in theater, how passionate he was when doing the play and acting.  

Hmm, interesting discussion? But why so somber? IMO I do think that Kim Seon Ho already play his card right. If you read his interviews, he wants to do both tv and theaters. I've done some readin

Good News, everyone!

MBC Dramanet Promotes Rebroadcast of "You Drive Me Crazy"


On Twitter the television network MBC Dramanet recently announced that they would be reairing the 2018 short drama "You Drive Me Crazy". In general it is unusual for networks to bother to rebroadcast short dramas. "You Drive Me Crazy" is only two episodes long, about the same length as a movie.

However, "You Drive Me Crazy" has earned a spike of public interest as of late as it was the first starring role for Kim Seon-ho. The currently airing television drama has done much to improve his popularity, explaining why the short drama has been rebroadcast. In "You Drive Me Crazy" he plays an artist whose relationship with his longtime friend, played by Lee Yoo-young, undergoes a dramatic intensification.

"You Drive Me Crazy" only had ratings of 2.5% in its original broadcast. It was well-received enough that Park Seon-ho and Lee Yoo-young both started to receive offers for leading roles. Streaming rights for "You Drive Me Crazy" in the Americas are currently owned by KOCOWA. The drama is free to watch on that service.


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19 hours ago, irilight said:

But please do not let it bring you down. Whatever they say - does not take anything from our beloved Mr. Dimples.  This is the way some fans are, sadly...  They were so expecting this Drama because of NJH, and in their minds, Mr. Dimples stole the show from him. That's just stupid. The only way to "steal" a show is by one's excellent acting.

YES! Let's see the positive things more!

icymi. Our Seonho got his first ads. I don't think this was his very first, because he did an ad before for ohui lipstick if I'm not mistaken. But, yeah under Salt ent this was his first ad. It'll be released tomorrow! Yeaaaayy, can't wait!





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9 hours ago, ixxdhx81 said:

I am sad. The main lead fans dragging KSH. They even said we should thank the main lead because KSH got attention now.

I miss the old days when he was just our little secret. :bawling:

I believe he deserves all the attention because of his 12 years of hard work. It's true SU was the trigger. But after that, the theater fans started to post about him from photos, articles, etc. His old interviews and articles are popping out. People re-watching his old dramas. It's just showed how people missed discovering this gem.

From the start, his goal was never popularity. He just wanted to be a great actor. An actor who wants to hear from his co-star they wanted to work again with him in the future.

Instead of drama, he chose stage play for his next project after SU. It shows his greed in act, as someone who never forget his root as theater actor.

Glad the shoot has finished. Now he's focusing for his upcoming play, Ice.

Someone please give me some comfort talk. I really can't see him got the hate. My heart couldn't take it. :bawling:


That didnt surprise me to much...

KSH looks simply powerful on the screen...  :wow1:


Jealousy is always directed at the best ones...






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2 hours ago, ixxdhx81 said:

Our Seonho got his first ads. I don't think this was his very first, because he did an ad before for ohui lipstick if I'm not mistaken. But, yeah under Salt ent this was his first ad. It'll be released tomorrow!

oh.. how awesome is that....   Something else to look forward to in tomorrow.
@ixxdhx81, thank you, and please update us...  :highonflowers:



1 hour ago, rocher22 said:

KSH looks simply powerful on the screen.

@rocher22, yes - he sure does!


1 hour ago, rocher22 said:

Jealousy is always directed at the best ones..

@rocher22, words of wisdom indeed.   
And yet, I do not think the jealousy comes from the lead actor himself, but rather from his fans only.. Am I wrong?

Kim Seon-Ho had nothing but praises for Nam Joo-Hyuk, and I cannot imagine Nam Joo-Hyuk saying anything bad about KSH either.


Start Up star Kim Seon Ho REVEALS he thought Nam Joo Hyuk came straight out of a manhwa when he first saw him

Kim Seon-ho, who stars in the ongoing tvN drama Start-Up as Han Ji-pyeong, was all praises for his co-star Nam Joo-hyuk's attractive looks in a recent interview.


Start-Up, which is currently airing on tvN, has captured viewers' attention while being steady with the ratings game as well. Moreover, it's the cast that has been the talking point of the drama along with the fresh storyline. It's Kim Seon-ho, in particular, who is getting a ton of love for his portrayal as Han Ji-pyeong while giving fans major second lead syndrome.

Besides his stellar performance in Start-Up, Ji-pyeong stans also can't get over Seon-ho's handsomeness and during a recent interview with Esquire Korea, when praised for his good looks, the humble 34-year-old actor shied away from the compliments, stating, "I'm honestly not handsome though." Upon further reassurance, Seon-ho instead shed the spotlight on his Start-Up co-star Nam Joo-hyuk and how handsome he is. "No, well, although I am very thankful that you say that... like [Nam] Joo-hyuk is someone who is very attractive. When I first saw him, I thought he came straight out of a manhwa (Korean comic book). There are so many other handsome people," Seon-ho recalled, via Soompi.

Well, we can collectively agree that both Kim Seon-ho and Nam Joo-hyuk are two ridiculously gorgeous humans!

While speaking about Start-Up, Seon-ho revealed that he chose the drama because he was a fan of writer Park Hye-run and director Oh Choong-wan's previous dramas. "Just the thought of taking on a project created by them made me nervous, but the script was also beautiful. It was a story with fairytale-like beauty, yet it was also realistic. I wished to be a part of this picture, so I said that I want to do it," Seon-ho confessed to Esquire Korea.

Moreover, Seon-ho disclosed that when he's on the sets of Start-Up, the 2 Days 1 Night star sometimes feels like he's actually living in Sand Box. Seon-ho has become immersed in the world of Start-Up which sometimes makes his heart race. Hence, watching the drama has become a "driving force" for Seon-ho and he gets excited when he watches Start-Up.



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48 minutes ago, irilight said:


@rocher22, words of wisdom indeed.   
And yet, I do not think the jealousy comes from the lead actor himself, but rather from his fans only.. Am I wrong?

Kim Seon-Ho had nothing but praises for Nam Joo-Hyuk, and I cannot imagine Nam Joo-Hyuk saying anything bad about KSH either.


I agree...:)

I love all their scenes...





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11 hours ago, irilight said:

Kim Seon-Ho had nothing but praises for Nam Joo-Hyuk, and I cannot imagine Nam Joo-Hyuk saying anything bad about KSH either.

Both are doing great in this drama. Yes, KSH always praising his co-star. He even said him got the attention because he was doing the drama with famous actors.

From behind the scene, looks like both are enjoying the shoot.

Glad the fans are defending Seonho from the main lead's toxic fans. Even though I saw the hate comments, I still can see more people said good things about him.


Aaaaaah! I'm looking forward to the ad today. Yeeaaay!















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On 11/22/2020 at 1:09 PM, ixxdhx81 said:

Glad the fans are defending Seonho from the main lead's toxic fans.

Such fans do not even do a good service to the subject of their love..


On 11/22/2020 at 1:09 PM, ixxdhx81 said:

Aaaaaah! I'm looking forward to the ad today. Yeeaaay!

@ixxdhx81,  Me too.. Thank you for wetting our appetite with these photo.

I opened their website, and our Mr. Dimples is all over there... Makes me so happy.



Nam Joo Hyuk And Kim Seon Ho Talk About Their ~Rivalry~ On 'Start-Up'


At this point, we're only a couple of weeks away until Start-Up airs its final episode. And the collective K-drama-watching populace has been divided into two teams for as long as the series has been going onyou're either on #TeamGoodBoy or #TeamDoSan. The two lead characters, Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) and Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), have polarizing personalities: Ji Pyeong is snarky, cold, and brooding but is secretly a major softie; while Do San wears his heart on his sleeve and has so many interesting quirks. They're effortlessly charming in their own right and are both trying to win over the same girl, Seo Dal Mi (Suzy).





Whether you're rooting for Ji Pyeong or Do San, the actors who play them are very much aware of the ~rivalry~ they portray on-screen. In a press conference with Netflix before the drama aired, Joo Hyuk and Seon Ho spoke about their dynamics as co-actors who play each other's rivals. And it's a huge sigh of relief to know that their conflict in the drama ends right when the camera stops rolling! Joo Hyuk and Seon Ho are, in fact, pretty good friends who share jokes in-between takes. Read on below on what they have to say!

Nam Joo Hyuk on breaking out of character in some ~tense~ scenes with Kim Seon Ho:

"Do San and Ji Pyeong have a difficult relationship, [especially] if it were something [going on] in real life. Do San is not someone you see every day. As I did my lines, sometimes I, myself, came out. There [were] some times when I felt sorry toward Ji Pyeong for saying these lines as Do San. Those were times we had to film again because it was so funny and we broke out into laughter."

Kim Seon Ho on his newfound chemistry with Nam Joo Hyuk:

"I met Joo Hyuk through this series. He's sincere and real about everything. Everything he does feels so real. I would just follow along with that energy and it was really fun. For chemistry, mutual trust is really important. Sometimes he would improvise and it would be Do San himself. It was amazing."

How sweet are they, no? So, to everyone pitting them against each other (myself, includedsorry!): It's called acting, baby.

New episodes of Start-Up are available on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday night at 9:30 p.m.



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Kim Seon-ho Inspires Powerful Fan Response as Second Lead in "Start Up"



"Start Up" has been surprisingly good for Kim Seon-ho's image. When his role as second lead in the drama was first announced, it was widely seen as a downgrade, and perhaps an unavoidable one. His last drama, "Catch the Ghost" ended with ratings of 2.6% down from a premiere episode of 4.1%. While the performance was not terrible, it also did not do much to inspire confidence in Kim Seon-ho as a leading man.

But he has shown surprising synergy in "Start Up" while surprisingly not upstaging either of the actual lead actors, Bae Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk. Kim Seon-ho has instead shown himself to be a surprisingly credible rival for Nam Joo-hyuk, and their battle of wills has dominated "Start Up" to an extent greater than the plot. "Start Up" has been noteworthy for having a strong presence on social media despite relatively week television ratings hovering in the 5% range.

A big part of this has centered around how Kim Seon-ho's character has the most dynamic story and character arc. Where Bae Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk's characters are motivated by conventional success, Kim Seon-ho has more trouble dealing with his innately cold personality. Raised as an orphan, the prospect of success in the start up business satisfies a deeper yearning for Kim Seon-ho's character, making his victories seem more meaningful even when they're also more minor.

Kim Seon-ho himself deserves much of the credit though, simply for being fantastically cast. He had a late start as an actor, debuting only in his thirties, and his career has had definite ups and downs. This has allowed him to fully inhabit his character, making it as easy to root for the fictional man he portrays as it is for the real Kim Seon-ho. Already Kim Seon-ho has started practicing for his next project, a stage play, even as international fans eagerly await his next televised project.


" He had a late start as an actor, debuting only in his thirties"

@ixxdhx81chincha? is this true?    I thought he debut as a theater actor in his 20's, about 11 years ago? This article makes it sound like he has only had started acting 4 years ago!

We need to correct this article!

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7 hours ago, irilight said:

We need to correct this article!

This! I don't know why people saying something like that. The journalist def needs to do some cross check before write the article. He debuted as a theater actor in 2009 and debut on national television (KBS) in 2017. Even though he debuted as an actor long time ago, but he humbly called himself brand new actor. For me, actor is actor wherever he does the act, either on stage or in front of camera.

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1 hour ago, ixxdhx81 said:

This! I don't know why people saying something like that. The journalist def needs to do some cross check before write the article. He debuted as a theater actor in 2009 and debut on national television (KBS) in 2017. Even though he debuted as an actor long time ago, but he humbly called himself brand new actor. For me, actor is actor wherever he does the act, either on stage or in front of camera.

@ixxdhx81, Thank you!. yes, that is what I thought too...   I have no idea why he said that in the article. I posted a remark to this effect.

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Childhood Trauma + 9 Other Fun Facts About Start-Up’s Kim Seon-ho


Are you watching tvN’s Start-Up? Chances are that you’re suffering from a terrible case of SLS aka Second Lead Syndrome. Everyone thought that Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy‘s adorable chemistry would steal the show, and it is doing exactly that, but not alone. Kim Seon-ho—who completes the show’s love triangle as Han Ji-pyeong—has emerged to be quite the scene-stealer.

Kim Seon-ho is winning the hearts of viewers worldwide thanks to his adorable relationship with Suzy’s grandmother and his efforts in trying to help Suzy’s character. While Han Ji-pyeong’s arc is mostly sad, Kim Seon-ho’s is far from it. The actor is undoubtedly the breakout star of the series, on the verge of becoming the next big international star.


With the way Kim Seon-ho is booking lead roles in major shows now, you wouldn’t be able to guess that he made his TV debut just three years ago. Kim started out with a minor role in the Namgoong Min starrer Good Manager in 2017, following it up with Strongest Deliveryman and Two Cops in the same year. In 2018, he played a major role in Do Kyung-soo and Nam Ji-hyun’s 100 Days My Prince, which went on to become one of the highest-rated dramas of that year.

Since 2019, Kim has challenged himself with full-fledged lead roles in Welcome To Waikiki 2 and Catch The Ghost. 2020, needless to say, has been the best year of the actor’s career so far. He has only appeared in one drama—Start-Up—but it has been enough to completely change the trajectory of his career. If you are one of the many fans who want to get to know the actor more, keep reading!

Kim Seon-ho is a Taurus and has been a cutie since birth

Image Credit: Kim Seon-ho’s Instagram

Kim Seon-ho stans, mark May 8 on your calenders! It was on this day in 1986 that the dimpled actor was born. This means that he’s well into his 30’s and I must say, he doesn’t look it. And going by his childhood photo, it seems that Kim Seon-ho has been cute all his life! He is also an only child and wanted to be a doctor when he was little, which is now making me want to watch him in a medical drama as a brooding young doctor.

Before TV, he was a star in the world of theatre

Despite making his TV debut only in 2017, Kim Seon-ho was no newbie to the world of acting. He majored in theatre at the Seoul Institute of Arts and had been active in the theatre scene for around eight years before his TV break. In fact, his popularity in the theatre world rivaled that of idols and people would line up in the streets to buy tickets to his plays. How cool is that!

His favorite movie is the 2002 romantic drama If Only

Recently, in an interview with Esquire, the actor mentioned that he bawled his eyes out while watching the romantic fantasy movie If Only, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. It seems that Kim Seon-ho has a penchant for heartbreaking romance arcs. And while he certainly has the acting chops to act in a similar romance story, I pray that he gives us time to recover from his arc in Start-Up before giving us more reasons to be heartbroken. You can watch the full Esquire interview below.

If Kim Seon-ho could choose to play another character in Start-Up, he would pick Chul-san

Turns out it’s not just the viewers who are a fan of Yoo Su-bin’s satoori (accent) in Start-Up. The Crash Landing On You actor has found another fan in co-star Kim Seon-ho, who called him hilarious and chose his character as the one he would like to play.

Acting helped him conquer his childhood trauma

The bright-eyed actor hides a lifetime of trauma behind his smiles. When Kim Seon-ho was just a child, a burglar broke into his house and stabbed his mother. The young Kim Seon-ho developed a trauma as a result of this incident. He began to find it difficult to navigate crowds and got anxious whenever someone was behind him. Breaking into the theatre scene in college helped him manage his social anxiety. I’m so glad he seems to be doing better!

He knows the dance to EXO’s Growl

In 2018, Kim Seon-ho worked with EXO’s Do Kyung-soo in 100 Days My Prince. As a gift to their viewers for the show’s high ratings, the cast along with Kim Seon-ho learned how to dance to EXO’s record-breaking 2013 title track “Growl.” Kim Seon-ho was clowned for his terrible dancing skills and earned the nickname ‘paper doll’.


He is labelmates with Park Shin-hye

In 2018, Kim Seon-ho signed with Salt Entertainment, the label that also houses Park Shin-hye (Memories of Alhambra), Kim Ji-won (Arthdal Chronicles), Kim Joo-hun (It’s Okay to Not be Okay), and Kim Jung-hwa (Oh My Baby). In just two years, he is set to become the representative star of his management label!

Kim Seon-ho is quite the comedian

The actor is also a fixed cast member on the travel variety show 2 Days & 1 Night, which has contributed heavily to his growing popularity. Despite being a variety rookie, his antics and comic timing have been appreciated by the audience, so much so that they keep coming back for more. Watch some of his best moments in the show in the compilation clip below!


He is friends with Vixxs Ravi, DinDin, and Moon Ga-young

Kim Seon-ho’s closest buddies in the industry are rappers Ravi and DinDin, who work with him in 2 Days & 1 Night. Their banter in the variety show is the reason for many laughs of the audience. Kim is also close to actress Moon Ga-young (True Beauty), with whom he worked in Welcome to Waikiki 2. He also made an appearance in Moon’s drama Find Me In Your Memory, while Moon sent a coffee truck to the set of Start-Up as a gesture of support.

A video of his kissing scene recently went viral

In 2018, Kim Seon-ho starred in the MBC drama special You Drive Me Crazy opposite Lee Yoo-young (The Lies Within). The two played long-time best friends whose relationship changes after they sleep together. It is a testament to Kim Seon-ho’s rising popularity that a kissing scene from the drama recently surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. Psst, interested in checking it out? Watch below.


While Kim Seon-ho is currently breaking our hearts in Start-Up, he is in talks to lead a fantasy drama. Next year, he will make a return to the stage with the play Ice, where he will portray one of the two detectives trying to pin the blame of a horrific murder on someone else. I can’t wait to see him take the lead in another romantic comedy. My only hope is that next time, Kim Seon-ho will get to romance the girl instead of pining after her. My heart can’t take it!

You can keep up with the actor by following his Instagram here. His management runs another account, which is much more active and full of adorably hilarious clips of the actor on set.



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Link: Start Up star Kim Seon Ho in talks to play main lead as a chef in Suspicious Partner writer's new drama

Kim Seon-ho, who is receiving major praise for his impressive performance in the ongoing drama Start-Up, is already in talks for another project titled Link, which will be written by Kwon Ki-young of Suspicious Partner fame.


From the past few weeks, viewers have been getting major second lead syndrome in the ongoing tvN drama Start-Up, courtesy of Kim Seon-ho. As Han Ji-pyeong, many are rooting for him to end up with Seo Dal-mi (Suzy) over Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk), especially with Seon-ho charming personality and earnest performance. It seems like Seon-ho's recent popularity has impressed tvN!

As per a report in Sports Chosun, Seon-ho is in talks to be apart of the upcoming tvN drama Link. Once the report came out, the 34-year-old actor's agency SALT Entertainment gave a statement to Newsen saying, "Kim Seon-ho received an offer to star in the tvN’s new drama Link. We feel cautious about giving an exact statement at the moment as Kim Seon-ho is still filming Start-Up, but he will thoroughly review the script." What's exciting about the upcoming project is that Link's script is being written by Kwon Ki-young of Suspicious Partner fame while Noh Sang-hoon; who worked with Ki-young in Hello Monster, on board as director.


As for the storyline, Link is a fantasy romance as well as a mystery drama about a chef Eun Gye-hoon; for which Seon-ho is in talks to star as, who sets up a restaurant in a town which happens to be the same place where his twin sister went missing 20 years ago. Over time, Gye-hoon starts experiencing emotions at random which includes spontaneously crying and laughing one day. What it turns out to be are emotions of a woman named Noh Da-hyun.

We can't wait to see Kim Seon-ho as the male lead!



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On 11/18/2020 at 9:25 PM, ixxdhx81 said:

2D1N team done filming for 2020, saw his staff Instagram about it. So, no schedule for it in December.

Ups! I was wrong. They have shooting schedule today (Friday as usual). Someone saw them filming. Jongmin, Dindin, but not sure if Seonho also there with them. Photo credit to owner. Is it SANDBOX? LOL. It's SONGDO, Incheon.



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Moon Se Yoon Jokes About Kim Seon Ho Becoming Too Popular On “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”


On the November 22 episode of KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” Moon Se Yoon and Kim Seon Ho went to see the sunrise together.


After getting up at dawn and climbing to their destination, Kim Seon Ho asked Moon Se Yoon if he was going to make a wish while they waited for the sun to rise. Moon Se Yoon said, “Of course. I wish for the safety and happiness of the ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ members, the production staff, and all our families.”


He also mentioned the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by saying, “We had to wear masks on the way up, right? I wish that we will all be able to take off our masks soon, and talk to each other comfortably while seeing each other’s faces again.


Kim Seon Ho said, “I wish that next year, the ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ members will write letters to each other again. Because that means that we’ll be together for a long time.”


Moon Se Yoon was touched by Kim Seon Ho’s obvious affection for the show, but took Kim Seon Ho aback by quipping, “These days, because your drama is doing so well, I pray that you won’t become too big a star.”


Since the warm atmosphere was broken, Kim Seon Ho commented, “This is the worst.” But Moon Se Yoon joked, “If you become too big a star, then it will feel uncomfortable. I want to be able to keep snoring and be myself with you without feeling uncomfortable. Instead, I would rather you become an actor who will have a steady career for 50 years,” moving Kim Seon Ho with his final words.


Kim Seon Ho is currently starring in the tvN drama “Start-Up” with Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Kang Han Na.

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