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Kim Seon Ho/ Kim Sun Ho ( 김선호) Mr Dimples ,Completed Drama - Eulachacha Waikiki 2, Upcoming Drama - Catch Yoo Ryung

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Blessed the world with his gorgeous dimples and cheeky smile on 8 May 1986.

Started as a stage actor in 2009 before moving to television in 2017.

Alumni of the Seoul Institute of Arts ( Department of Broadcasting).

He is also the perfect height at 180cm.




Good Manager / Chief Kim ( KBS)

Supporting Cast Sung Sang Tae

Strongest Deliveryman (KBS)

Main Cast : Oh Jin Kyu

2017- 2018

Two Cops (MBC)

Main Cast : Kong Soo Chang


You  Drive Me Crazy ( MBC Drama Special)

Main lead : Kim Rae Wan

Your House Helper (KBS)

Cameo: Yong Joon

100 Days Husband (TVN)

Main Cast : Jong Jae Yoon

Eulachacha (Welcome to ) Waikiki 2 (JTBC) 

Main cast : Cha Woo Sik

Catch Yoo Ryung (TVN)

Main Lead - Go Ji Suk

Stage Work 

  • 《보이스 오브 밀레니엄》 - Voice of Millennium (2016)
  • 《클로저》 - Closer (2016)
  • 《트루웨스트 리턴즈》 - True West Return (2016)
  • 《올모스트 메인》 - Almost Maine (2016)
  • 《거미여인의 키스》 - Kiss of Spider Woman (2015 - 2016, 2017 - 2018, note: end to early year)
  • 《트루웨스트》 - True West (2015)
  • 《연애의 목적》 - Purpose of Love (2015)
  • 《7년동안 하지 못한 말》 - Couldn't Say for 7 years (2013, 2014)
  • 《셜록》 - Sherlock (2012)
  • 《옥탑방 고양이》 - Rooftop Cat (2010, 2015, 2016)
  • 《뉴 보잉보잉》 - New Boing Booing (2009, 2013, 2014)


Industry recognition


31st KBS Drama Awards

Nominated for Best New Actor for his roles in Chief Kim and Strongest Deliveryman

36th MBC Drama Awards

Won the Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama in Two Cops 

Won the  Best New Actor in Two Cops

Nominated for Best Character Award, Comic Character in Two Cops



Salt  Entertainment (since Sept 2018)


Official Website

Social Media / External Links


FB ( but this is a private account)


Asian Wiki

Han Cinema

v live channel







(post still under construction)

Stage Work information with thanks to @ixxdhx81

Edited by triplem
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Let's hope Mr Dimples will have more scenes tonight @Jillia

Since SALT Entertainment has signed him on  , hope he will be better looked after.

Agency update

Aargh my SLS is getting the better of me :D


Kim Seon Ho Signs Exclusive Contract With Park Shin Hye’s Agency

Sep 12, 2018
by C. Hong

Kim Seon Ho has found a new management agency to call home!

On September 12, Salt Entertainment released a statement saying, “Kim Seon Ho, who has been garnering attention for his warm looks and strong talent, has signed an exclusive contract with us.”

They continued, “We are happy to have formed a partnership with Kim Seon Ho, who has a bright future ahead of him as an actor. We will do our best to support him so that he can flourish in both his working and personal life.

Kim Seon Ho first came to many people’s attention in KBS’s “Chief Kim” last year and has appeared in “Strongest Deliveryman,” “Two Cops,” and “You Drive Me Crazy.” He also won the Best New Actor award and an Excellence Award at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards. He is currently appearing in tvN’s “100 Days My Prince.”

Salt Entertainment also houses actors like Kim Jung Hwa and Park Shin Hye.



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39 minutes ago, achinawa said:

There's a thread for Mr.Dimples yayyyy!:lol:^_^

Yes!!! Come show him some love . I’m hanging on to 100 days for him.

I also like the assassin MY ( he’s got charisma too) 



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2 hours ago, triplem said:

Yes!!! Come show him some love . I’m hanging on to 100 days for him.

I also like the assassin MY ( he’s got charisma too) 



Haha..same :lol: I do wish he'll get more scenes in the upcoming episodes.(but then I think he'll have his time in this drama) Coz I seriously don't understand them casting him for the second lead of this drama..have him attend the presscon and all that if his role would just be limited to this :phew: Oh well..I hope his character would be redeemed in the next episodes...those dimples need to reappear haha❤ 


And yes MY's got charisma too. :)

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coz those dimples appear on here :lol: And he's beside HongShim too :phew:




*sorry, I know this isn't the shippers thread hehe 

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Omg ...I hope this comes true


Kim Seon Ho In Talks To Play Leading Role In 2nd Season Of “Waikiki”

Nov 8, 2018
by C. Hong

On November 8, a media outlet reported that Kim Seon Ho was cast in JTBC’s upcoming second season of “Waikiki.”

The first season of “Waikiki” aired earlier this year and told the story of three young men running a failed guest house and a single mother whose stay disrupts their lives.

The second season will feature an entirely new cast, with actress Kang Han Na confirmed to be in talks for a starring role.

A source from Kim Seon Ho’s agency, S.A.L.T Entertainment, stated, “Kim Seon Ho has received the casting offer for the second season of ‘Waikiki’ and the production staff are currently awaiting his positive answer.”

Kim Seon Ho last appeared in the recently-ended tvN drama “100 Days My Prince.” The second season of “Waikiki” is slated to begin organizing in the first half of 2019.

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@triplem, thank you so much for starting this thread...
I have adored Kim Sun-Ho from the first time I have seen him in "Strong Deliveryman." I remember looking and trying to find out who he was, and where he came from... Turns out - theatrical productions... No wonder he is so good....

Still, my favorite with him is the short drama"You Drive Me Crazy" with Lee Yoo Young.
How I want to see him again as a romantic lead in a longer drama, and with an equally good leading lady.


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@triplem, so is Waikiki already a done deal for him?

Kim Seon-ho-I to Star in "Laughter in Waikiki 2"


Kim Seon-ho-I is starring in the new JTBC drama "Laughter in Waikiki 2", which will be broadcast in 2019.

"Laughter in Waikiki 2" is a youth drama based in a guest house called Waikiki, which is about to go down the gutters. The first season was broadcast from February to April this year and season 2 is coming back with a whole new cast.

Kim Seon-ho-I recently starred in the drama "100 Days My Prince" and has been in dramas "Chief Kim", "Strongest Deliveryman", and "Two Cops".



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@irilight I like both your comment and the news. :D

While I agree that he can do better than Waikiki, I am just so happy to see him in something I might watch (I don't really watch saeguks and dramas that repeat the same day for 16 episodes - I regretted it too many times). I haven't seen him since Two Cops & You Drive Me Crazy, so I kind of miss him. Talking about the bright side, if I understood correctly,  this time around he is the lead.


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