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[Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

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I think both dramas are good in their own way even though I've only watched 2 eps, and am excited for the rest (that cliffhanger!) but I still like the cast from The Guest better. This one looks scari

I agree that the introduction of Priest seems to be lacking somehow compared to TG, although I must say that I did enjoy the two episodes. It is definitely less mysterious because the story didn't foc

while ppl fussing to drop the drama, im here still stand to support the cast.      ---   clips    

Hi, came across to this drama because of JYM. However, i cant bear to watch horror genre so i fast forwarded from ep 2 until final. Too bad, dramabeans doesnt have recap for this drama. Ive been looking for recap but only summary can be found online. I think the final is beautiful but i am no position to comment on this drama as i didnt watch it properly. I've read through the thread and i'm just curious on  the plot if anyone can give me the spoilers



a) Why is the demon targeting OSM?

b) The plot twist in ep 12, all previous eps was OSM's dream since the swimming pool scene meaning the kissing scene? or is there any other scene with swimming pool?

c) The last ep why and how is the demon possess dr ham again? or is the demon actually stayed in dr ham for the past 8 years?

d) How did dr ham manage to regain her memory after the last exorcism and join the regia while OSM can't remember at all?


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