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[Drama 2019] The Light In Your Eyes, 눈이 부시게

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@nrllee    It reminds me ot Weightlifting Fairy, the hilarious parts anyway, and NJH was brilliant and lovable in Weightlifting Fairy, and it has the same quirky humour and odd scenes that just makes it special and original. Have you seen Weightlifting Fairy? It's such an uplifting and funny show and moving, too, in parts. One of my favourite dramas ever.

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I personally think that the show is extremely romantic.   That wistful, heartbreaking way that Joon-Ha’s face looks when he remembers the short time they had together is unbearably romantic

really appreciate the cinematography    did the production already gave us a clue from the poster? it seems the outfit han ji min's wearing from different era, i barely notice this

have been following this drama, never tot that there would be such a big twist at ep 10. all the while thinking that it is a rom-com.   after reading the comments, i gained a better understa

@ChewyChocolate off topic so in spoiler



I watched a few episodes and then got distracted by something I can’t remember what. :lol: I didn’t finish it. I remember when NJH was mentioned in this drama I thought to myself ‘where have I seen him before?’ And it was only when I looked up his filmography that it tweaked.  Weightlifting Fairy.  Is that HyungSik and BoYoung in your profile pic?  It’s a bit small.  That was another good drama :D  One that I finished. 


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On 2/17/2019 at 12:53 AM, tok-soompi said:

Hi Hi!  Do feedback your thoughts after watching.  Enjoy! :D

I finished ep.1-2 already... There were hilarious moments that made me LOL as well as touching scenes where my eyes started to get watery, but honestly, overall the show hasn't grabbed my heart.

I like that the consistency of our main character is still obvious between the young and old Hye Ja, and for now I am going to continue watching just because I want to know what will happen to her and how she is going to handle her situation.

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Positive reviews from last night's episode :D.  I am waiting for subs to watch it.  Question that was raised for me from last week's episode was "If something happened to me eg I became a quadriplegic or I was burnt horribly in a fire, will I still cherish the life that I have left?  Or will I wallow and just 'choose to die' because life isn't 'worth living anymore'?" :huh:  I love dramas that make me think. :wub:


Cr - https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-3-spoilers.html


The Light in Your Eyes] Ep 3 spoilers, Kim Hye Ja x Han Ji Min x Nam Joo Hyuk 

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2019


Article: Naver 'The Light in Your Eyes' Kim Hye Ja, "I just want to die" 


1. [+1006,-5]
It's sad and funny. Kim Hye Ja-nim's acting is amazing... She's cute too. 

2. [+649,-32]
Wow, is Joo Hyuk's acting actually that good? He's cool, and his acting is good. My heart flutters whenever I see him. 

3. [+233,-5]
It's sad and interesting~

4. [+231,-11]
Han Ji Min grew old suddenly and became Kim Hye Ja. That's so sad. 

5. [+181,-0]
Ahn Nae Sang's emotional acting is really immersive. This is what an actor is.. 

6. [+169,-1]
I'm amazed by the dramas cable channels air. Where does all these good quality scripts come from? I don't even see them on public tv channels. Even if capitalism is at fault, the scriptwriters' standards are worlds apart. Daily dramas and weekend dramas on public tv channels are the worst trash. I don't like cable channels, but I like that the quality of the dramas have increased. 

7. [+163,-1]
I thought tvN makes good dramas, but JTBC is improving everyday too~ This is fun. 

8. [+158,-5]
Nam Joo Hyuk picked the right role. It looks like he's immersed in the character.. Every time I see him, it's just sad and I pity him. I look forward to his next work too. 

9. [+138,-2]
I cried and laughed. This drama is really the best. There are no acting holes too. Especially Son Ho Jun, the jobless oppa. His acting is so natural. I'm acknowledging Nam Joo Hyuk's acting this time.


Article: Naver 'The Light in Your Eyes' "Do I like him a lot?" 70 years old Kim Hye Ja's feelings towards Nam Joo Hyuk 

1. [+687,-3]
It was funny when her shoe fell and hit Joon Ha's head.. Son Ho Jun's determined and funny too.. It's calming and sad, but not heavy. In between, there are appropriate funny scenes. I really like this.. 

2. [+435,-6]
This is really interesting. Who is the scriptwriter? S/he's witty, it's moving, there's everything in this drama.

3. [+324,-9]
I've watched so many stimulating dramas, it's been a while since I've watched a drama that makes me tear up. I knew it since I've watched the previews, the development of the story is funny and it doesn't feel forced. It's what we see in our lives naturally.. The beginning is good. 

4. [+272,-3]
Going to be a first broadcast killer for this drama! I've been watching the reruns of episodes 1 and 2. The set-up is about time-slip (am I right?). Anyway, it's not just entertaining and stimulating, this family drama has a message too. I like this immediately. 

5. [+198,-3]
It's sad. It's sad. 

6. [+125,-2]
I was doubting Son Ho Jun being her oppa, but he matches well that role well the more I watch. Kim Hye Ja-nim's acting is really daebak. 

7. [+95,-2]
Son Ho Jun is a realistic oppa. 

8. [+81,-5]
Joon Hyuk is lonely deep in his heart.. His acting made me relate to him. 

9. [+70,-1]
The chemistry between the siblings Son Ho Jun and Kim Hye Ja-nim is jjang.



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I'm bummed that Viki hasn't uploaded Ep.3 yet.


But I did watch it raw and it was so good!



The episode is largely about Hye-Ja coming to terms with what has happened to her.


Quick recap:


She tries to jump off the building, but her shoe falls off and it hits Joon-Ha's head. He tells her that she wouldn't die if she jumped from there, and would only be seriously injured and become a burden to her family, so she should just live until the natural end of her life.


The next morning, she packs her bags and leaves. She goes to a train (bus?) station and buys a ticket to see the ocean, but two con-women steal her bag. She goes to the police station to report the theft but runs away when they ask her for her ID number. She tries to hitch a ride to the ocean but no one gives her a ride because she has no money. But one cab driver picks her up only to drive her back to the police station.


She sees Joon-Ha there and he tells them what neighborhood she lives at, so the police drive both him and her home. She keeps denying that she lives there, but they run into her brother who is looking for her, so she returns home.


The next big event is that she tells her friends what has happened to her. It's incredible but SO LOVELY that they immediately accept her, although there are some comic moments about how they keep treating her with deference for the elderly.


In fact, it's really lovely how her interactions with her brother and mother also remain very similar to before she aged into an old woman. The brother continues to use her and they bicker like they always did. The mother acknowledges Hye-Ja's age, but still treats her as her daughter.


The father takes her to buy some eye glasses. He is the one who treats her differently. At first, he just seems weirded out, which is natural when your 25-year-old daughter turns into a 70+-year-old overnight. But I think that he KNOWS that her aging is related to him, somehow. After all, he was there when she biked towards his car, and he knows that he barely missed being hit by a truck, so maybe he realizes something.


Anyway, she tells her dad that she has chosen to accept the way she looks because the trade-off (saving his life) was worth it. He asks her what she means, but she replies that it's a secret.


The episode ends with the three "girls" dancing in the Chinese restaurant like they used to.


*sigh* I love this show.

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My word.  This show just gets better each Episode!  I LOVED it! :wub:. Bawled my eyes out half the time but it was 'good' tears.  You will know what I mean when you watch it.


My thoughts in spoiler because some of you here haven't seen it.



Where to start?  The feels just don't stop.  So much packed into this little drama.  If there was one thing that I really think hits home for me is that it is a drama that rekindles my hope in humanity.  So much of what's in the news and also in dramaland is about how everyone is selfish, how it's a dog eat dog world, how you need to fend for yourself and constantly prove your worth because you're on your own.  This little drama shines that little light of hope in that gloom and doom.  That even when your world shatters around you, you still have family who love you unconditionally, you have friends who will still care regardless AND you have the kindness of strangers who will go the extra mile to look after you.


2 lives - 2 devastations

HyeJa - lost her youth, yet gained her purpose in life.  She may not be the voice on national TV but she is the voice for the down trodden and weak.  Are they not one and the same?  One could argue that she is doing more good now?  She is making her life count, what's left of it.  Doing what she is able in the best way she knows how.  I love how the show conveys how her family reacts differently to her sudden ageing.  The stoicism of her Mom (as a Mother, you weep for your child's suffering but you put on a brave face in front of them, you weep behind closed doors).  The 'love' of her Oppa - just going about his business treating her exactly as he did before the change thereby providing stability.  There's no time to wallow when you have to fend off an annoying Brother :lol:.  And finally her Father who is obviously silently suffering and at a loss as to how to behave.  Trying his best - he takes her to get glasses made but you can tell he is finding it very hard to adjust.  Her friends - giggling and sharing stories and reinforcing the fact that they still love her.  :wub:


JoonHa - I love how the community rallies around him.  The old ladies show up to feed him.  They give out of their poverty - generous, good hearted people who brought me to tears. No wonder he said he never felt more affinity to any place than the Neighbourhood he was in now.  They were his family when he had none.  Even the udon noodle man knows him.  I think they all know him better than his real Father :huh:.


SHJ as YoungSo - He's the sunshine in this drama for me.  I look forward to his appearing on my screen all the time to provide much needed relief from the harsh realities this drama is delving out.  Everyone needs humour and laughter to get by and he provides it in spades. :lol::wub:


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Last night I just sat and watched Episode 3 without any translation. I was fascinated by Hye ja KIM's performance. She performed very well in the role of Kim Hye ja in old age 70. It makes me sad :cold_sweat:too hard. With tears :bawling:She needs to adjust every situation, both physical and mental. Fortunately, she has a warm family. Waiting to support her It made me smile with tears. It looked warm in my heart.:heart:

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New still for tonight...

Credit to author


Actually this is drama thus more dramatic.  But actually the feeling is the same for everyone who grown up and grown old.  There are lots of adaption to the new physical and mental.  We are majority lucky that it is not drastic.



Credit to author


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@nrllee  Yeah, that's Bong soon and Hyung sik...I love them a lot.


I watched episode 3 today and cried through it. It was just heartbreaking, the scenes between her and her father were terribly sad. The brother scenes were hilarious, and his scenes with the friend were so funny. The actress playing the older woman was just amazing and captured all her youthfulness and her eyes just look so sad and lost that they make me tear up in almost every scene.

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Kim Young Soo, brother, she is a funny person, even if everyone is in a sad situation, he is still a bright person, even if he is in a bad:bawling: situation, he is still ridiculous. HAHAHA !!!!:love:

Is a distinct character with every character clearly:kiss_wink:



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