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[Drama 2019] The Light In Your Eyes, 눈이 부시게

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vacation reward

Photo on the background of the sea is lovely! The girls look so small near NJH. And he looks next to them so courageous, caring and good ... Very touching photo, it carries a real positive charge!:wub::wub:^_^

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Interview of Nam Joo Hyuk about Radiant:

(Source from Soompi)

Nam Joo Hyuk Discusses His Acting In “Radiant” And How The Drama Influenced Him

Apr 16, 2019
by S. Cho

In a recent interview with Star Today, Nam Joo Hyukaddressed the mature acting he showcased through his drama “Radiant.” He said he received many questions regarding his acting, even while it was airing.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead

In “Radiant,” Nam Joo Hyuk played Lee Joon Ha, an aspiring reporter with a troubled childhood and the husband of the real Kim Hye Ja (played by both Han Ji Min and veteran actress Kim Hye Ja).


Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting has gotten deeper than before, like a boxer who was upgraded from the training ring to the official ring. With his cynical lines and mysterious gaze, he was able to showcase a more emotional performance. Through his portrayal of Lee Joon Ha, he intricately expressed feelings of anger and loss that allowed viewers to immerse themselves in the story further.


After “Radiant” finished airing, Nam Joo Hyuk stated, “I’ve heard many things like, ‘ sold my soul to the devil’, or ‘ met a fairy’. While I’m thankful about such comments, I was personally very embarrassed.”

He continued, “Comments like that make me think again about myself. I have worked hard and competitively prepared in the same way for all of my projects. Even when I was not actively working on a project, I worked very hard. For this drama, I don’t think there is much I did. I believe this was all possible because the director prepared everything and I was surrounded by so many helpful senior actors. Instead of acting, it felt as if we were just talking when we were on set.”


Nam Joo Hyuk was the last actor to be cast in “Radiant.” He agreed after only looking through the script once. He enjoyed participating in a pre-produced drama and said he watched every broadcast from a viewer’s perspective. Especially for the last episode, which he stated was “an hour of crying.”

Regarding the finale, he stated, “I watched it at the office with my team, where you could hear sounds of sniffling from all over the room until everyone was crying. It is a very thought-provoking drama that allowed me to feel thankful about those in my life.”

He also said that the ending narration was especially unforgettable—”The past I regretted and the future that I was unsure of.” As a 25-year-old young man, he said, “It was so touching, and it made me realize that I had to live a good life. I have the same concerns as the youth of this generation, and I’m still chasing after my dreams. Although people are all in different situations, I believe everyone faces the same hardships. Since I acted with those hardships in mind, I think I was able to get into the character of Lee Joon Ha even better.”


Nam Joo Hyuk revealed that the hardest part about filming this drama was being unable to hold back his tears. He stated, “A lot of scenes were actual tears, not acting. I was so touched by all the scenes. Even for scenes where the director told me to be strong and reassure Hye Ja, I couldn’t help but cry.”

He continued, “Especially for the funeral for ‘Chanel grandma’ and scenes at the jail, I was so overwhelmed by emotion that I could not even stay on set. After the passing of ‘Chanel grandma’, I really broke down when Hye Ja told me that she wishes my life was full of love. I wasn’t acting like I was crying; the situation was really so sad that I had a hard time controlling my tears.”

Check out the first episode of “Radiant” below!

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April 16, 2019



Nam Joo-hyuk, "The Love Scene With Han Ji-min Was Short But Affectionate"


Source: Nate via HanCinema.net / Photos: MediaSR


Nam Joo-hyuk played almost 3 roles in "The Light in Your Eyes"; Lee Joon-ha standing on the cliff of despair, Hye-ja's husband who died at such a young age, and Hye-ja's doctor who looks just like her late husband.


He worked with the Hye-ja (Kim Hye-ja) in her 70s and Hye-ja (Han Ji-min) in her 20s. Nam Joo-hyuk had to travel 50 years back and forth in time for this act. "Joon-ha who struggled in the year 2019, Joon-ha the public relations officer, Joon-ha the doctor and Joon-ha from the 70s; I played almost four different characters. I didn't want them to all be different. I tried to make them seem like one person", said the actor.




"I think someone like Joon-ha exists. So does Hye-ja. That helped me to concentrate more".


The romance with Han Ji-min's character was short and painful. About working with her, Nam Joo-hyuk said, "I didn't meet her much, so maybe that's why the viewers thought that we were much more affectionate and yearning for each other. Otherwise, we got along pretty well on set".


Is he regretful that the romance wasn't sweet enough?


"Romance wasn't the key in this drama so no. I did think the couple should be very loving. I learned a lot from Han Ji-min. She made me think I want to be that kind of person".


With Kim Hye-ja, a senior actor, Nam Joo-hyuk said, "It was an unbelievable experience working with her". He also said "It was an honor" a couple of times. "Just watching her on the set was unbelievable. She told me never to lose focus, and to work hard to become a good actor".


Actor Nam Ju-hyeok / photo = drama house provided


Apparently, director Kim Seok-yoon was the atmosphere maker of the set. He was 80% responsible for the laughter.


"He's a great leader. When we had dinner for the first time he said he'd 'heal' me and it was exactly what I expected the story to be".


"While playing Joon-ha I realized there was something he didn't let go of. It may have seemed like he was only alive because he couldn't die but actually, he was struggling to be happy. That is how he managed to survive, and when nothing happens is what happiness is for him".


Nam Joo-hyuk's next project is "School Nurse Ahn Eun-young" on Netflix. He meets with Jung Yoo-mi here. He said, "I just have to do my best and make sure I don't regret it".


April 15, 2019

[Interview] Nam Joo-hyuk Asked If He Sold His Soul for Acting Prowess in "The Light in Your


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After the drama, Kim Hye Ja still hold close friendship with Han Ji Min.  She sent her a food truck to support her current drama.  :wub:

Credit to author


Below from https://www.hellokpop.com/fashion/han-ji-min-high-cut-magazine/



Han Ji Min also opened up about working with her senior, Kim Hye Ja. “She always lived like an actor even when the camera wasn’t on her,” the actress notes. “After the work is done, I like to talk to her as my friend. Talking to her is fun, and there are many things to learn.”

Han Ji Min for High Cut

(image via High Cut Magazine)


((Full article and click above link))

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Extract from Ji Min award speech... zoom to kim hye ja and nam joo hyuk, they are so close and rocking each other happily when listening to Ji Min. :wub:

Credit to author

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May 2, 2019


Winners Of The 55th Baeksang Arts Awards

Source: Soompi by J. K


Winners Of The 55th Baeksang Arts Awards


The 55th Baeksang Arts Awards celebrated some of the best of this year’s television and film!


The award ceremony held on May 1 in Seoul was attended by many of Korea’s top stars. Shin Dong Yup, Suzy, and Park Bo Gum took on the role of hosts again for the night.


The Grand Prizes went to Jung Woo Sung in the film category for his performance in “Innocent Witness” and Kim Hye Ja in the television category for her work in the JTBC drama “Radiant.”


Lee Byung Hun of “Mr. Sunshine” received the Best Actor award for television and Yum Jung Ah took home the Best Actress award for television for her performance in “Sky Castle.”


In the film category, the Best Actor award went to Lee Sung Min for “The Spy Gone North” and Han Ji Min was recognized once again for her work in “Miss Baek” when she received the Best Actress award.


Check out the full list of winners below!


Television categories: congrats.gif


Grand Prize: Kim Hye Ja (JTBC’s “Radiant”)
Best Drama: tvN’s “My Ahjussi”
Best Variety Show: MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View”
Best Cultural Program: KBS’s “Journalism Talk Show J”
Best Director: Cho Hyun Tak (JTBC’s “Sky Castle”)
Best Script: Park Hae Young (“My Ahjussi”)
Art Award: Park Sung Jin (tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra”)
Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun (tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine”)
Best Actress: Yum Jung Ah (“Sky Castle”)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Byung Chul (“Sky Castle”)
Best Supporting Actress: Lee Jung Eun (“Radiant”)
Best New Actor: Jang Ki Yong (MBC’s “Come and Hug Me”)
Best New Actress: Kim Hye Yoon (“Sky Castle”)
Best Male Variety Star: Jun Hyun Moo (MBC’s “I Live Alone”)
Best Female Variety Star: Lee Young Ja (“Omniscient Interfering View”)


Film categories:


Grand Prize: Jung Woo Sung (“Innocent Witness”)
Best Film: “The Spy Gone North”
Best Director: Kang Hyung Chul (“Swing Kids”)
Best New Director: Lee Ji Won (“Miss Baek”)
Art Award: Hong Kyung Pyo (“Burning”)
Best Script: Kwak Kyung Taek, Kim Tae Kyun (“Dark Figure of Crime”)
Best Actor: Lee Sung Min (“The Spy Gone North”)
Best Actress: Han Ji Min (“Miss Baek”)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Joo Hyuk (“Believer”)
Best Supporting Actress: Kwon So Hyun (“Miss Baek”)
Best New Actor: Kim Young Kwang (“On Your Wedding Day”)
Best New Actress: Lee Jae In (“SVAHA: The Sixth Finger”)


Additional awards:


Best Short Play: Sung Soo Yeon (“Actress-1: National Robot Actress 1”)
V Live Popularity Award (Male): EXO’s D.O.
V Live Popularity Award (Female): IU
Style Icon Award: Kim Hye Soo


Congratulations to all the winners!


Source (1) (2)

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May 2, 2019


Veteran actress Kim Hye-ja wins grand prize at Baeksang Awards


SEOUL, May 2 (Yonhap) -- Veteran actress Kim Hye-ja won the grand prize in the television category at this year's Baeksang Arts Awards on Wednesday for her work in the time travel drama "Radiant."


It is the fourth time that the 77-year old has clinched Baeksang's highest honor. She first won the award in 1979.


In the drama that aired in February, Kim played the part of a woman who loses her youth and travels through time to meet a man who throws away the brightest days of his life by living a listless life. She starred in the drama along with Han Ji-min and Nam Joo-hyuk.


The drama "My Mister" received the best drama and script awards, while mega-hit "Sky Castle" garnered four prizes, including the best director award.


Veteran actress Kim Hye-ja smiles at the Baeksang Arts Awards held in Seoul on May 1, 2019. (Yonhap)

Veteran actress Kim Hye-ja smiles at the Baeksang Arts Awards held in Seoul on May 1, 2019. (Yonhap)


The best actor award went to Lee Byung-hun of "Mr. Sunshine," and the best actress award was given to Yum Jung-ah of "Sky Castle."


In the film category at the Baeksang Arts Awards, meanwhile, Jung Woo-sung won the grand prize for his performance in "Innocent Witness."


"The Spy Gone North" was awarded the best film prize, while the best director award went to "Swing Kids."


Lee Sung-min of "The Spy Gone North" and Han Ji-min of "Miss Baek" received the best actor and actress awards, respectively.


Launched in 1965, the Baeksang Arts Awards are one of the highest honors in TV and film in South Korea.



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Nam Joo Hyuk is so sweet!!  Below extract from Allkpop:





Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF  6 hours ago

'Daesang' winner Kim Hye Ja says Nam Joo Hyuk convinced her to attend the 'Baeksang Arts Awards'


Veteran actress Kim Hye Ja wasn't planning on attending the '55th Baeksang Arts Awards' until she talked to Nam Joo Hyuk



On May 1, the prestigious award ceremony took place at Coex D Hall in Gangnam. Kim Hye Ja won 'Daesang' for her outstanding performance in the drama 'The Light In Your Eyes.'


During the interview following the event,  Kim Hye Ja shared, "When I heard I was nominated, I thought an actress should only focus on acting, and I didn't want to feel anxious wondering if I will get awarded."

As a result, Kim Hye Ja wasn't planning on coming as her attendance didn't feel necessary. She told this to Nam Joo Hyuk, and he said to her, "Seonsangnim, let's not think about awards. Let's just go have fun." After hearing that, Kim Hye Ja thought, "Even a young person is speaking this way. It wouldn't be right for an adult like me to say I'm anxious about sitting there," and ultimately decided to attend. 


Kim Hye Ja and Nam Joo Hyuk worked together for 'The Light In Your Eyes.'

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May 1, 2019


55th Baeksang Arts Awards 2019 - Dramas: Winners List


Source: HanCinema.net




The 55th Baeksang Arts Awards 2019 ceremony was held on May, 1 2019 presented by Shin Dong-yup, Suzy and Park Bo-gum. Here are the winners for dramas.




Grand Prize (Daesang)

"The Light in Your Eyes" - Kim Hye-ja


Best Drama

"My Mister" - Kim Won-seok


"The Light in Your Eyes" - Kim Seok-yoon
"Mr. Sunshine" - Lee Eung-bok
"Children of Nobody" - Choi Jeong-gyoo
"SKY Castle" - Jo Hyeon-tak


Best Director

"SKY Castle" - Jo Hyeon-tak


"The Light in Your Eyes" - Kim Seok-yoon
"My Mister" - Kim Won-seok
"Memories of the Alhambra" - Ahn Gil-ho
"Mr. Sunshine" - Lee Eung-bok


Best Actress

"SKY Castle" - Yum Jung-ah


"SKY Castle" - Kim Seo-hyung
"Mr. Sunshine" - Kim Tae-ri
"The Light in Your Eyes" - Kim Hye-ja
"My Mister" - IU


Best Actor

"Mr. Sunshine" - Lee Byung-hun


"The Fiery Priest" - Kim Nam-gil
"The Crowned Clown" - Yeo Jin-goo
"My Mister" - Lee Sun-kyun
"Memories of the Alhambra" - Hyun Bin




Best Supporting Actress

"The Light in Your Eyes" - Lee Jung-eun


"Mr. Sunshine" - Kim Min-jung
"My Mister" - Oh Na-ra
"SKY Castle" - Yoon Se-ah
"Beauty Inside - Drama" - Lee Da-hee


Best Supporting Actor

"SKY Castle" - Kim Byung-chul


"The Crowned Clown" - Kim Sang-kyung
"Live" - Bae Sung-woo
"The Light in Your Eyes" - Son Ho-jun
"Mr. Sunshine" - Yoo Yeon-seok




Best New Actress

"SKY Castle" - Kim Hye-yoon


"My Mister" - Kwon Nara
"Just Dance" - Park Se-wan
"Clear Tomorrow" - Seol In-ah
"Less Than Evil" - Lee Seol


Best New Actor

"Come and Hug Me" - Jang Ki-yong


"My Only One" - Park Sung-hoon
"Memories of the Alhambra" - Park Hoon
"Matrimonial Chaos" - Sukku Son
"Romance is a Bonus Book" - Wi Ha-joon


Best Screenplay

"My Mister" - Park Hae-yeong


"The Light in Your Eyes" - Kim Su-jin and Lee Nam-gyoo
"Mr. Sunshine" - Kim Eun-sook
"Children of Nobody" - Do Hyeon-jeong
"SKY Castle" - Yoo Hyeon-mi


Technical Award (Including variety/reality shows)

"Memories of the Alhambra" - Park Seong-jin-II (Visual effects)


"Mr. Sunshine" - Kim So-yeon-V (Art direction)
"Five Elements, the Origins of Civilization" - Kim Yong and Jeon Joon-woo (Cinematography)
"SKY Castle" - Oh Jae-ho (Cinematography)
"Mr. Sunshine" - Lee Yong-seop (Visual effects)


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May 3, 2019


Stars shine at annual Baeksang Art Awards: Actors Kim Hye-ja and Jung Woo-sung were granted top honors


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


From left, actors Lee Byung-hun, Yum Jung-ah, Kim Hye-ja, Jung Woo-sung, Lee Sung-min and Han Ji-min, all winners at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards, pose for photos after the ceremony. Kim and Jung each received the Grand Prize - Kim for television and Jung for film. [ILGAN SPORTS]


Wednesday was a big night for the film “The Spy Gone North” and the tvN show “My Mister,” which both took home top honors at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards, which was held at Coex in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. 


As for the top awards for actors, the veteran actress Kim Hye-ja received the Grand Prize for actors in the television division, while “Innocent Witness” star Jung Woo-sung won in the film division. 


Both actors seemed to be stunned when their names were called and the audience exploded in applause for them while they walked to the stage to accept their awards. It was Kim’s fourth time receiving the prestigious award - she took her first in 1979. 


In the series “Radiant,” Kim plays an old lady in her 70s who is surprised by her suddenly aged appearance because she swears that she was in her mid-20s yesterday. As the story unfolds, it turns out she is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, a startling plot twist for viewers. 


Kim said that she was truly unprepared to make a speech, but she came to the ceremony with a page from the script of the last episode of the show. She read, “To all who are struggling in their lives, as you were born into this world, you deserve to have it all every day. Whether you have a normal day, doing nothing particularly great, it does not matter, because your life is worth living. Do not let your past, full of regrets, and your anxious future ruin your day. Live for today.” 


The prize for Best Director went to Kang Hyung-chul, who directed “Swing Kids,” while the film awards for Best Actress and Actor went to Han Ji-min from “Miss Baek” and Lee Sung-min for his role in the film “The Spy Gone North,” respectively. 


Best Screenplay went to “Dark Figure of Crime,” which is based on a real case about a serial killer who committed seven murders. Yet the detectives have a hard time investigating the crimes due to a lack of evidence and due to the statute of limitations. 


As for the television series, although the mega-hit JTBC’s “SKY Castle” failed to clutch the award for Best Drama, four actors from the show went home with awards. Yum Jung-ah received the Best Actress award, while Best Supporting Actor went to Kim Byung-chul, and Kim Hye-yoon for Best New Actress. 


The anticipation for the final episodes of “SKY Castle” was so intense that scripts for episodes 17 and 18 were leaked online, much to the dismay of the show’s producer. But it came as no surprise when Jo Hyun-tak was named Best Director for a TV Series. 


Best Actor, on the other hand, went to Lee Byung-hun for his portrayal of a Korean U.S. Marine Corps officer during the Japanese colonial era in tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine.” Lee thanked his fellow cast and his wife Rhee Min-jung for “always being there for him and cheering him on although he wasn’t home much while the shooting [of the drama]”


The MBC show “Omniscient Interfering View,” which features assistants talking about their famous bosses, won Best Entertainment Program. Best Variety Performer awards went to Lee Young-ja for her role on the show, while Jun Hyun-moo received the prize for MBC’s “I Live Alone.” His win was deemed a surprise by many because the host is no longer part of the show due to his break up with co-host Han Hye-jin. 


Both stars quit the show soon after news of their separation broke in March. 


JTBC Plus and Ilgan Sports were the organizers of the annual ceremony, which was hosted by comedian Shin Dong-yup, actor Park Bo-gum and singer-turned-actor Suzy for the second consecutive year. 


BY LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]

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The radiant team are spotted together again!  They are supporting Kim Hye Ja's Happy Ending Star Chair



Credit all the ig images to author

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