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[Drama 2019] The Light In Your Eyes, 눈이 부시게

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I personally think that the show is extremely romantic.   That wistful, heartbreaking way that Joon-Ha’s face looks when he remembers the short time they had together is unbearably romantic

really appreciate the cinematography    did the production already gave us a clue from the poster? it seems the outfit han ji min's wearing from different era, i barely notice this

have been following this drama, never tot that there would be such a big twist at ep 10. all the while thinking that it is a rom-com.   after reading the comments, i gained a better understa

@SonShinAe Somebody even said this story line was a "stupid idea" they thought the 'watch that turns back time' was the better one. I guess that was the most realistic of the two for them. :D :P

To each their own I guess. Some might prefer pure fantasy, and that is completely fine.

A lot of people loved the plot twist though.

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@MsMinnieFran haha. We can express our ideas and preferences, which also they can do. Good thing that this is a pre-produced drama, its story doesn't get influenced by what we say. Surely it will remain sincere in delivering the story they intend to share the viewers.


Can't wait for tonight's episode! ^^

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6 hours ago, SonShinAe said:


Thanks so much @SonShinAe !!!




Until 'Dazzling's' end the real dazzling story begins.

Only 2 episodes remain of JTBC's Mon-Tues drama 'Dazzling.' Ahead of the final episodes, Kim Hye-Ja, Han Ji-Min, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Son Ho-Joon shared their thoughts and the final point for the viewers.


With dazzling emotional magic, 'Dazzling' made viewers laugh and cry. After making every moment full of laughter and made us feel emotions deep in our heart, the show broke away from the secret of time travel and gave us a shock. That Hye-Ja was suffering from Alzheimer's was a surprising twist that turned everything that happened before upside down.


Kim Hye-Ja, who showed us unfathomably great acting ability was indeed the greatest 'nation's actor,' true to her name. Living inside her precious memories, the Hye-Ja that Kim Hye-Ja showed us went beyond emotion itself. Kim Hye-Ja believes that 'Dazzling' contains a whole life in itself. The viewers felt all the joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure together, and she is grateful to them. She hoped that this show will remain in everyone's hearts for a long time. She wants 'everyone to spend their dazzling todays, this very moment, preciously and meaningfully, and happily, for the rest of their lives,' that was her warm message.


As the 25-year-old Hye-Ja, Han Ji-Min again proved that she is worthy of being considered one of the top actors. The reason she drew the viewer's eye was her ability to successfully show us a performance of the same one person as Kim Hye-Ja, transcending time itself, not missing any small detail or emotion. She said that through 'Dazzling," she could move people, provide laughter, and was happy to make even a small contribution to this meaningful project. She said this project, as much as she received great love, the more unforgettable it will be. She is grateful to everyone who laughed and cried for Hye-Ja. She cheers everyone on that every moment of their lives will be dazzling. Everyone is intensely curious to know what the young Hye-Ja's story will be, the one who emerged with tears in her eyes as Hye-Ja's secret was revealed. Han Ji-Min says, "How long will Hye-Ja's dazzling moment last? Please watch until the end to see how her tangled past is explained."


Nam Joo-Hyuk stimulated emotion with certain tangibility. He expressed Joon-Ha's loneliness and pain very realistically. The Joon-Ha he created was the face of new youth, who hurts but also shines. He said, "I was happy that everyone laughed and cried along with us. As I acted as Joon-Ha, I felt and learned a lot of things, and it was a dazzling time for me. I am grateful for all the love. Please watch until the end." He added, "Joon-Ha and Hye-Ja's hidden experiences and relationship will be revealed, and the secret of the wristwatch will be solved as well, so please watch."

Son Ho-Joon who spread the laugh virus, full of weird funniness, was judged to have shown a comic talent that was previously unseen. He said, "I was happy to make the viewers laugh. Young-Soo was immature and weird, but you couldn't hate him and I was happy to act this character. Thank you for watching Young-Soo grow up. Please watch until the end." He gave his all to show Young-Soo act crazy, and drew the applause of the viewers. As soon as he appeared, he made sure you laughed, he was a total "laugh maker," and he made 'Dazzling' delightful. He said, "Please watch Hye-Ja's twisted life become solved like a puzzle and it will reveal Young-Soo's true image."


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Rather than a time travel drama, i prefer the twist more. That was really unexpected. I just hope they tie everything nicely. And this will be one of my all time favorite dramas. Han ji min might not have a lot of scenes but those limited scenes are unforgettable. Working with sunbae kim hye ja is a great honor. Lesson learned: enjoy our dazzling days since today is a gift and tomorrow is never a promise:D

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Now it's Nam Joo Hyuk's turn:


(Hope they put in subtitles for these interviews soon...)


The photos from the latest articles give me hope of a tearfully happy ending. I am sooo excited to see how Hye Ja's story will end and how her story, in one way or another, change how we look at ours.


As the official poster says:

"There is not a day that is not dazzlingly bright."


(Correct me if I'm wrong. ^^')


Additional ~
Accompanying article to this video:


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Gah...missed this little tidbit from the writer.  Someone commented in Melohwa about the comments on Naver :huh:


In the beginning, the senior talked about covering the Angolan Civil War. But it happened in 1975.. The scriptwriter has been telling us from the beginning...

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spoiler alert!

trying to watch live streaming, and found these scenes in ig.


when you're trying so hard to get a kiss and always failed.:lol:


and finally got the chance to make it, but you overdo it.:lol:







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DRAMA: The Light In Your Eyes Ep. 11


Original Article: [xsports news] 'The Light In Your Eyes' Kim Hyeja's Dementia Progresses... Remembering Memories Of Han Jimin♥Nam Joohyuk








1. +2373, -11 Regardless of the plot, actress Kim Hyeja-nim is really immersed in the character and I can see more of her acting skill. Seriously in this drama, Kim Hyeja's acting impressed me and it allowed me to see more of her acting skills. It's been awhile since I've watched a drama that makes me sad.
2. +1831, -28 This is more than SKY Castle. Drama of the year.
3. +638, -4 Ha this kind of drama needs to have a rating of 40-50% ㅠ It's on a different level from a makjang drama that has all the fighting, screaming, and betrayal.. Those who haven't watched it, please watch it. This will be your life drama..
4. +317, -2 Ah I cried because of the youngest daughter Eunsook-ie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
5. +88, -1 The most dazzling moment of our life is right now......... In the future, I'm sure we'll remember right now and miss it......
6. +64, -0 I cried a lot today~ How am I supposed to watch tomorrow's episode~ㅜㅜ My heart hurts ㅜㅜ
7. +36, -0 This drama is a masterpiece but it's such a pity that the ratings can't keep u


2 hours ago, rocher22 said:

Did our girl make it...:lol:

Did they kiss...:D

They are so cute. 


Why do they have to come and kiss the night too? It's very dark. There are trees as obstacles. LOL:joy:


Behind the scenes kiss:heart:



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Just dropping by to say that Son Ho Jun is sooo cute, handsome, and hot in this vid!  Like, O.M.G. drop dead gorgeous! :love::wub:





Grandma HyeJa's grandson is so different from her "imaginary brother KYS".  The only same is they both do the online broadcast.  The similarity from her "imaginary brother" & her real brother is that they are both weird and funny and he does broadcast too but it's the old fashion way (Radio).  It's amazing how she mixed up both characters in her imaginary world.

But it looks like he doesn't have a good relationship with his parents as shown he is cold to the Dad and won't visit his Mom. :( I wonder what happened. 





So Yeong Soo does broadcast too but on the radio!  Makes sense coz there was no internet then. :lol:



And HyunJu and YeongSoo did have a relationship!  And he even got her pregnant!  Oh my......my OTP did sail (not to Africa) afterall. :blush::lol:   Wonder where is the current YeongSoo & HyunJu?  Maybe they did go to Africa??  Hmmm.....



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