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Did anyone earn money with Forex?

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It's not a scam, forex is the biggest foreign currencies market, it's based on getting profit from investing money in trading with currency pairs and its level is connected with exchange rates for the certain pairs. The main idea is simple, buy one foreign currency for the lower price and then sell for the higher one. However considering how fast these prices can change, it's really hard to catch always the best moments for your deals. So it reminds gambling in this way and not so many people became rich with forex in fact :mellow:
The other problem is with brokerage system, it often leads to less outcome of the investment and lack of transparency, also fees in case of some brokers are really high. Besides you should be very careful while choosing the one at all because scam is a widespread thing here, experienced traders recommend to work only with brokers mentioned in checked online lists https://fx-list.com/ecn-forex-brokers and special regulatory agencies.
Also as serious cons for forex are considered general high volatility, lack of good help for beginners, too fast and unpredictable changes for the currencies prices and complex price determination process https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/050115/pros-cons-forex-trading-career.asp

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Personally, I am very bad at Forex and consider it just a bubble. Moreover, if you look at the statistics of how many people he threw for money, then there is generally no need to trade. From my own experience I was convinced that https://www.fxopen.co.uk/en/trading-accounts/cfd/ this site is much better in all aspects. Moreover, it is great for beginners.

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