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it is a public holiday in Malaysia as for New Islamic calendar year is apparently today

Am now finishing my work report  

but can't help myself spying on the update for our OTP

Above is the weibo link if u guys havent know about it





courtesy from weibo..there is so much space.... whyyyyyyyy DL why...:blush:






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Let's compare :P









YZ describes JM as a tiger, also acts like a little tiger, DL's happens to like tigers .... also, DL liked the colour green, now he likes purple....:phew: Somebody should ask him what fruit he likes, I might be able to guess :sweatingbullets:



Photoshopped poster for 'What's wrong with secretary Yang?' - looks pretty good!! :D

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The couple to beat on weibo...

#1 on CP list ( a mix of all popular possible couples in weiboland..lol)

#4 on CP TV list

They're probably on the run as the most fave CP this year... I think it was also a blessing in disguise that both are claiming to be single at the moment...step0000.jpg?1536767139889





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On 9/10/2018 at 8:33 PM, AnN277 said:


yeah of course our dear lil purple grape is his first ...obviously


i read in the weibo ..w gugel translate on :innocent:..DL was interviewed in the singing contest i think and showing of all actresses that had collaborated w him previously gvg well wishes to him..good luck wishes i guess...guess wat ..the most brightest ear-to-ear-cheeky-till-all-his-teeth-shown-smile is when Our Purple grape part was shown.....


im like woaaaahhhh

that aura u cant deny


If there are words I can Google translate them for us but these cute bts videos floating around argh...it is "killing" me as I have no idea what is being said LOL.

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12 hours ago, thephamle said:

Does anyone know what 666 means for this couple? It seems to be a running joke between them. 

If im not mistaken tats becoming DL’s lucky charm after she mentioned it

i saw cnet fan post it sumwhr in weibo

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10 hours ago, Sary Em said:

If there are words I can Google translate them for us but these cute bts videos floating around argh...it is "killing" me as I have no idea what is being said LOL.

Huhu.....we need our chinese pengyou here :tired:

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1 hour ago, AnN277 said:



read till ur heart content ...but not contempt

p/s: pssst....do not forget....google translate ON ya


Google trans is giving me too much headache... LOL 


But this is a good read for all their shippers....:)


And is there someone likes to  translate this? 


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On 9/11/2018 at 9:45 PM, AnN277 said:

i cant find translation for this.....:bawling:

help from my fellow comrade is very much appreciated.....

#电视剧香蜜沉烬如霜#Deng Lun/旭凤杨紫/锦觅
"Working is not as good as the class" "香香沉沉如如霜" in the
drama distressed Xu Feng Jin Yu spiritual couple, outside the drama Deng Lun Yang Zi Interviews hurt each other! "Ling Xiu" CP large-scale mutual mining (stepping on the scene), a word of dissatisfaction on each otherQ: 30 seconds to praise how beautiful Yang Zi? Deng Lun: 3 seconds is enough. My real thoughts are in the inner beauty ofYang Zi: It is said that I am not beautiful outside! Q: In 30 seconds, how proud is Deng Lun? Deng Lun heart os: inner beauty ~ inner beauty...Yang Zi: You are very handsome, you are very handsome, there is a new generation of male gods, your skin is very white...Deng Lun: You needless to say...Yang Zi teacher means It may be because I am so handsome, there is no language to expressYang Zi: You are happy, how can you understand it?HahahahahaQ: Who is the first costume hero in your mind? Yang Zi: You (Deng Lun) must say you next to me~Deng Lun: I am not next to you, you say it...Yang Zi: Deng Lun, Deng Lun is the most handsome! Q: Who is the first to save the three people in the water? Deng Lun: Rescue koi ah, because the two of them (Kuan Qiao Joe) are more generous than non-accountingQ: Yang Zi Tucao Deng Lun does not send friends circleDeng Lun: I can see you very happyYang Zi : But I also want to see your latest news.Deng Lun: You see me every day. This is my latest dynamic fantasy girl sauce second shot video.[笑红]
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On 9/11/2018 at 9:45 PM, AnN277 said:

i cant find translation for this.....:bawling:

help from my fellow comrade is very much appreciated.....


Hi, I'm a Chinese from Singapore. However, my Chinese is not that good (I watched Ashes of Love with English subs), but will try to translate this first for you guys. Please note that the grammar for Chinese is very different than the one for English, therefore, the English below may seem quite broken, but I think it'll still be quite easy to understand. If you don;t understand any part, feel free to ask me. Btw, if I put XXX, it means I don't know the meaning. By the way, Teacher Yang is referring to Yang Zi, just in case you don't get it. I think he calls her that sometimes as she's his senior in acting.


This took me quite some time to translate even though its about 5 minutes long, as I had to keep repeating. Have a new found respect for translators now. Haha. Hope you enjoy.


Deng Lun: Welcome to Big XXX. The person we want to interview is a national star Teacher Yangzi. A round of applause.

Yangzi: Hi everyone, Hi to all my fans. This show is also very weird. Don’t know why they want us to “kill/attack” each other and there is no emcee, making the atmosphere very awkward



Come, “kill/attack” each other!

“Ling Xiu” CP Big xxxxx (xx) right here/now

(sorry have no idea what the words are saying)



Xxxxx (I think it means "one word no same" literally)

Just praise(got cancelled and replaced with “anger”) “ling xiu” husband/wife(this one I’m also not sure)



Yangzi: Firstly, use 30 seconds to praise my beauty

Deng Lun: 30 seconds

Yang Zi: Not enough time right

Deng Lun: Yes, not enough

Yang Zi: Faster, start saying

Deng Lun: 3 seconds enough

Deng Lun: From what I feel, what Teacher Yang has is inner beauty

Yang Zi: What do you mean by inner beauty? So is “Outside” not beautiful?

Deng Lun: If you think that way, than I really (can’t do anything about it).

(He didn’t say the last few words, but if you hear it in Chinese you know its coming/ what he means, and its subtitled in brackets there too)

Yang Zi: Than is there anything else you want to praise

Deng Lun: Next question

*Crow sounds and Yang Zi gets frozen*


Deng Lun: Give you 30 seconds to praise how handsome I am.

Ready, Start!

Inner Beauty (saying in a way like she probably going to say that about him too for revenge? lol)

Yang Zi: I only need 2 seconds. You’re very handsome. You’re super handsome

Got a very new era man kind of aura.

Deng Lun: You don’t need to say already x2. I know already. Just now Teacher Yangzi meaning is maybe because I'm too handsome, cannot use any words to explain.

Yang Zi: You happy, can already (As long as you're happy). Whatever reason/explanation also can


Deng Lun: In your heart, who is your no. 1 historical period drama guy

Yang Zi: What can I say. I’ll definitely say you since you are right beside me.

Deng Lun: What if I’m not beside you. I’m not beside you now. *steps back* Now you say. *erh sound edited in*

Yang Zi: You are still beside me. Deng Lun is the most handsome. Can already? (You satisfied?)




No idea what’s its saying.



Deng Lun: Let’s start the more offensive questions

Yang Zi: Let’s faster start. Jing Mi, Guan Guan and Qiao Qiao fall into the water

Deng Lun: She’s called Qiao Qiao, what do you mean by Qiao Qiao (different pronounciation) *sword stabs into Yangzi*

Yang ZI: You’re very troublesome. Jin Mi, Guan Guan and Qiao Qiao

Deng Lun: Qiao Qiao (correcting her pronunciation)

Yang Zi: Jin Mi, Guan Guan and Qiao Qiao falls into the water, who will you save first.

Deng Lun: Save Jin Mi

*hearts everywhere*

Yang Zi: MY good friend. I didn’t expect you to say that you will save me. My heart is touched.

Deng Lun: Really x2

Yang Zi: I’m so touched.

Deng Lun: Because the other two have a “bigger heart”(Not literally translated but I think that’s what he means) They won’t quarrel/ complain

Yang Zi: What. What.

Deng Lun: No, no. What I just said have nothing to do with the question. (Means he’ll save Jin Mi anyway. What he said after is just a joke)


Deng Lun: In your 20 years of acting, which character you act is the most different from your own personality.

Yang Zi: Qiu Ying Ying (from Ode to Joy)

Deng Lun: Than which character is the most similar to your personality

Yang Zi: I feel that its lu xue qi. The one from the show Zhu Xian. Because Qiu Ying Ying is more lively, but I’m more cold and gentle, so acting as Qiu Ying Ying, I have to be more tian xin (maybe naive, like just follow her heart).

Deng Lun: If I ‘m the one answering this question, I’ll say the opposite for her.

*another sword stabs Yangzi*




I also don’t know what this is saying. Sorry!



Yang Zi: Do you remember what’s the latest content for my “peng you quan” (seems like some social media thing. Literally means “Friend Circle”)

Deng Lun: The latest. I really can’t remember. Please answer it.

Yang Zi: Maybe he got xiao hao (Sorry, don’t know what it means). When you say one line to him, he will ignore you. Than you keep repeating that what you say, than he will roll his eyes. Than after that, it’ll make me even more angry, than I’ll ask him why you ignore me, why you ignore me. Than he’ll reply me with, stop talking already. Than there will be a fire in my head/brain and I’ll say why can’t I talk/say again.


 Deng Lun: I’m a person with no peng you quan

Yang Zi: Yesterday night I snatched his phone, and I went to his “peng you quan” and realize he really don’t post on his “peng you quan”. It’s too much (normally people use this when they’re angry. Like you’re stepping over the line. But here has another meaning as you can probably tell)

Yang Zi:I feel that if there is no interaction with friends, I’ll feel very unhappy. Should post more peng you quan (directed at Deng Lun).

Deng Lun: I see yours, I very happy already.

Yang ZI: But I also want to see what’s your latest “dong tai” (what he is doing lately).

Deng Lun: You see me everyday, means you see my latest “dong tai”



Deng Lun: I ignore you is because I already heard it, I silently acknowledge (what you said), I know already, I received it already. But you please don’t repeat, repeat.

Yang Zi: But after you received, you never reply me. You just “fan bai lian (roll eyes)” at me

Deng Lun: Okay. In the future I will..

Yang Zi: This thing if you want me to change, you also have to change

Deng Lun: I have to change

Yang Zi: Between good friends, must have mutual interaction. This means I must respect you and you must also respect me. Cannot when I talk to you, you ignore me. Especially the type of feeling where you don’t ignore others but you ignore me kind of feeling. This thing you must change.

Deng Lun: Okay. I must change.

Yang Zi: I will also change myself by

Deng Lun: *completing her sentence* not repeating (about her keep repeating what she’s saying)

Yang Zi: Yes. This naggy behavior.





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hai there @legendpng:wub:

Our new Vital comrade...fist bump...

Thank u verrry much for your efforts....

your translation is a MASTERPIECE...............


Been looking for the exact video translation.. these two lovebirds i wud say are really sumthing...DL cant deny YZ...He just like a child obeying our Teacher YZ......well they just buddies right :yum:......but not from my point of view.....


DL chose YZ from his other former heroins...simply because he dont want to hear YZs complain.....hmmmm i feel like SJK-kind-of-vibe confessing in front of live tv news broadcast some time ago :glasses:



Welcome and thank youss again :D:heart:



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