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Rich/hot male lead loves the heroine unconditionally and fights really hard to be together?

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Like the title suggests, I'm looking for good dramas where the male lead is hot (no old/unattractive leads please) and rich/semi-rich and falls HARD for the female lead. He loves her unconditionally and would overlook any misunderstandings because he wants to be with her above all else. Basically, a male lead who, upon falling in love, never wavers in his resolve to be with the heroine no matter the setbacks. He should suffer a bit during this process because that makes his persistence all the more admirable and swoon-worthy when he fights through all the obstacles.


Good examples of what I'm looking for are:

New Tales of Gisaeng
Punch (2003)
Truth (2000)
Five Enough
(a bit more on the lighthearted side, but he suffered through unrequited love and really tried hard to get the heroine to fall for him, never wavering in his resolve)


Non Kdramas that also fit are:


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/Eternal Love
Game Rai Game Ruk

Meteor Garden I and Hana Yori Dango I (didn't like "Boys over Flowers", so I dropped it)

Memory Lost


Every male lead up above really suffered and fought HARD to be with their beloved :)\



Honorable Mention: Healer (didn't suffer as much when it came to romance, but really yearned and fought pretty hard to be with the heroine)

Non Kdrama honorable mention: Love O2O (didn't suffer, but put a lot of work in his pursuit and never wavered)




Dramas I dropped due to a messy plot or lack of one (please don't recommend anything similar to these)


Weightlifting Fairy (lost interest due to not much happening; IMO, romance hook not strong enough to sustain all 16 episodes), Descendants of the Sun (lacks an overall direction; plot's all over the place), Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (incoherent plot; tries to be too many genres at once)



This is probably very challenging, lol, since quality dramas are hard to come by as it is, let alone ones with unwavering hot male leads who really fight hard for their relationship. But I just wanted to fish around to see what quality dramas I've missed that fits this thread. Thanks so much for all your help!

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Happy Sisters- It is a 120 episode morning drama but fits your description. It takes a while for the male lead to realize he loves her but once he does he is all in. The lead couple starts off as casual acquaintances and it goes from there. What makes it more fun is she is older than him and not drop dead gorgeous according to most viewers. (Although I think she is.) It is her inner beauty he sees and falls in love with.

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