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[Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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I am having fun reading everyone opinions and spazz~it's awesome, thanks everyone:D

So it's seems like the CEO indeed Jay from Trax! Everyone start point it out after the 9th episode preview come out~ why there is no article yet about his character though :ph34r:

Agree with knetz opinion about second lead couple though, they need to add more background story for them..otherwise the other cast are GOLD! my favorite is the lawyer CEO, he is so funny :D


And the kiss, loved it,it's so sweet :) but like everyone said here (and hopefully trully hope so) there will be another good kiss in the future.. I mean they even got married in the novel hahaha..still loved them and the stories though:wub:


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31 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Short preview translation


JR: Jin Shim-shi… Jin Shim-ah…  (me: he’s trying different ways of calling out YS’ name in a more familiar manner)
CEO: If Yoon Seo-shi quits, then won’t Lawyer Kwon be all sad and everything?
YS: I have something that I haven’t been able to tell you yet.
Man: Lee Kang Joon is where right now, did you say?
JR: From now on, Oh Jin Shim-shi’s story is my story.




Thanks for the translation, but man it gave me the chills. That creepy CEO is coming into the picture and KJR is going to stand up against him.

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58 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

CEO: If Yoon Seo-shi quits, then won’t Lawyer Kwon be all sad and everything?


I feel that next week Our dearest always firm ceo already knew about JR and JS secret relationship..

From the mischievous look on his face and the way he asks YS in this short preview :tounge_xd:..

why he suddenly says lawyer Kwon that is gonna be sad ? Isn’t he the one who sees that Lawyer Kwon doesn’t like her? 



hmm.. would be great if he’s gonna be the one who see their kisses ..

i’m not too certain whether our dearest CEO sees them acting lovey dovey during this MT  or in the elevator where usually he becomes the third wheel in the earlier episodes..





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5 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

I have the impression that the secretary is aware of the change in their relationship.


You mean secretary plus receptionist? ..i forgot her name (sorry:astonished: )

Aside from CEO Yeon..

i also think she’s gonna be the first ones..at least she’s quick on realising people’s gestures and stares on each other ..for example on ep 7 yesterday She was the one who made lovely finger gestures (like two people who have personal/love relationship) when they discussed about JS’s absent at the always firm after she made hillarious confession the day before. 

And today she was also the one  who directly tells paralegal Lee  that he likes secretary yang  during their MT trip..


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5 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Hmm, is it too much to hope for another kiss, however, since they are a couple and they are so cute together? :wub:

Oh, no... we're not hoping for another kiss....

We are demanding for more kisses!! :D

I've been re-watching that last scene YT clip. So sweet these two...:wub:

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1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:




:mrgreen: this week episodes are exciting times , can’t wait for the bed scene too , he need to do sofa scene, I am opposed with sofa in his office - we need overtime exciting cuddles :joy:


Like this


  Reveal hidden contents










*edit : I need to tag  @Sarang21 : for the abs scene :mrgreen:

Chingu you are the best....those abs are :love:... I was hungry while looking at them so I could only think about this :lol::



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I've never been on such an active thread before, it's hard to keep up! But you guys are hilarious, thank you for being so entertaining :D

My thoughts on the kiss: it can only get better from here. I see the point about the PD wanting to emphasize the two are dating virgins so ofc it wouldn't be a super hot kiss. But also true I surely wouldn't have complained had it been more sensual or intense. But I believe that will come later for sure. No worries here about that. The biggest bummer for me was the zoom out. I guess I need to start carrying a magnifying glass for when I watch k-dramas cuz they always do that to us!

Rhobh Kyle GIF - Rhobh Kyle Richards GIFs


Ummm, what's up with mama's boy shocking me with his sex appeal? I really didn't find him that attractive...till he wet his hair and took his shirt off. Otoke. I got a bit out of breath there, not gonna lie. 


Count me in the PAC. You know I was imagining a bed scene before this show even started. But whoever posted that granny pic, I ain't that much an ahjumma now :lol: No offense to anyone on here who is that much an ahjumma. What is the cutoff age for the PAC, anyways? I'm pretty sure I qualify...


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The Protective Oppa is on active radar mode ... 






I can't wait on this moment ... Lawyer Dan's surprise facial expression is so hilarious!

She probably sees the perky-sexy NIPPLES of Laywer Kwon...


Laywer Dan: Oh-Jin-sshiiii ... * on-shock-mode * Oh-Nipples! shock2-onion-head-emoticon.gif?129286251






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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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