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[Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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4 hours ago, fitzsimmons said:

By the way, I've seen the OINTMENT COUPLE used as a ship name for them in the behind the scenes clip. Does that mean K-fans decided on it and already the ACTORS are aware of it? I was thinking maybe POCKETS COUPLE would work best just because that hand in pocket moment was so BEAUTIFUL and rare. I can't think of any other recent K-Drama that had a hand in pocket moment. So maybe hands in pocket couple? Or even HEART couple? Or HEALING couple? 

Join us in the shipper's thread. We have a lot of names for them ;) 

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I was thinking about something... the director is the same from "What's wrong with secretary Kim", right?


Imagine if we get a kiss like this one in Touch Your Heart??




This is my favorite kiss from WWWSK, I'd love if they ever kiss like this in TYH.

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First time posting in this thread! I absolutely love the slow build for our OTP!


Can someone clarify... Did OJS lie to KJR about her manager? Did she tell him it was her cousin? I think KJR knows she is only there for 3 months...but is CEO the only one who knows it's practice for a drama role?

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Hi all!  I would like to join everyone here.  I’ve been usually lurking and just enjoying everyone’s thoughts.  So far I’ve been enjoying the drama.   So glad Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na reunited for this.  I honestly thought their chemistry was misused in Goblin.  


 Initially I was put off by Yoo In Na’s acting but now I think she has a better understanding of OJS.


Anyone else curious about KJR’s past?  What happened 5 years ago?  In terms of their first kiss, I think it will be in episode 8 — a perfect way to end the first half of the drama.

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47 minutes ago, thehappiesthapa said:

First time posting in this thread! I absolutely love the slow build for our OTP!


Can someone clarify... Did OJS lie to KJR about her manager? Did she tell him it was her cousin? I think KJR knows she is only there for 3 months...but is CEO the only one who knows it's practice for a drama role?

Yes, in that sense she did lie.  The CEOs are the cousins. There was once  when the CEO nearly mentioned to the other co workers that her "manager" was going to pick her up when she was drunk (Ep.2) but no one noticed.


So far yes, he is the one that knows she's preparing for a new drama. He only mentioned about the temporary job to KJR.  I did check it in case he mentioned it. However since I depended on the subtitle 99.9% hmmm....I hope it is correct.


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Hi all.....


been lurking since day 1 here but decided to post as I m curious to watch the next ep..

btw  The text preview of ep 7 is out.

could @stroppyse translate this,  please? :D :heart:

many thanks in advance..

(tried google translate but i only got the word ‘confession’ as the thing that makes sense.. :( )



정록의 고백 아닌 고백에 잠 못 이루는 진심. 도도하게 고백을 기다리는 진심이지만, 아뿔싸. 정록은 법전만 판 연.애.치 였으니... 진심은 좀처럼 다가오지 않는 정록 앞에서 설레발치던 자신의 모습이 부끄러워지고... 만취해버린 진심, 정록에게 전화를 걸어 '취중 진담'을 해버리는데!...

Edited by Yeojachingudeul
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Hercules and his gifts 

Spider-man's Control 

And Batman with his fists :D







Clearly I don’t see myself upon that list ? 

But he said , where’d you wanna go ? 

How much you wanna risk ? 

I’m not looking for somebody 

with some superhuman gifts B)

Just someone can this






I‘ve been reading books of old 

The legends and the myths 

The testaments they told :sweatingbullets:

The moon and it’s esclipse 

And superman unrolls 

A suit before he lifts 

But  I’m not the kind of person that it fits 

He said , where’d you wanna go ? 

How much can you do ? 


Some fairytale bliss 

Just someone can do this <_<





But I am looking for somebody 

With some superhuman gifts 

Some superhero bliss :mrgreen:

Just someone I can turn to 

Just like this 





Somebody I can MISS :phew:

Just like this 




Somebody I can HOLD:wub:

Just like this 




Just somebody I can LOVE  :heart: &





Just for fun , because I don’t know how to do fan video:yum: 

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@stroppyse thanks for the transition and @Yeojachingundeul thanks for sharing the info! 

Im looking forward in weeks episode it’s going to be fluffy and hilarious again because Ms. SoloMotto and Mr. Dense will face each other’s feelings head to head! One will depend n Mr. Google and one will wear her heart on her sleeves! Hehehe I wonder who will take the initiative of the kiss?:kiss_wink:

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@stroppyse thank you for the translation. You are such a star! :wub:


Now that actually clear up few things... including frustrated JR at the cafe. LOL. This drama pacing is perfect but I'm still bummed that we didn't get even an accidental kiss last week. hahaha.


PD nim. You better give us the kiss this week or else... :ph34r:

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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:


A translation, plus some notes

Unable to fall asleep after Jung Rook’s confession which wasn’t a confession, Jin Shim. Even though she’s waiting fervently for a confession, but oh dear! Jung Rok was always an orderly person (meaning he takes his time and considers everything rather than letting emotions carry him)… Jin Shim becomes embarrassed at herself for having become so excited about Jung Rok who wasn’t coming any closer… Having become very drunk, Jin Shim, phones Jung Rok to tell him some ‘in vino veritas’!… (for anyone not familiar with “in vino veritas”, it’s a saying from latin that there is truth in wine, e.g. truth spoken while drunk)

So we will get another drunk OJS in the next episode. :joy: I usually don't like anyone on their drunken state (especially my hubby), but it's different with OJS. She's so cute and charming when drunk. I think kiss scene will happen on ep. 8 as a cliffhanger or mid ep. 9. Hahaha. So where should i place my bet? :joy:

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Poor Jung Rok in this promo! He is trying to take care of YS, but the other guys are simply faster! He was getting the handkerchief out of his pocket to give it to her after she sneezed....but too slow. Then, he was in the middle of taking his coat off to offer it to her. AGAIN, not quick enough....and finally he wanted to give her some food....but of course the other guys were all over it first! The guy is definitely TRYING his best here! I love his effort! I need their kiss ASAP! THIS WEEK please....



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First of all, I needed to express how much I ship this couple!  I love these two actors, and seeing them in Goblin wanted to see them together!  Now my fantasy is being realized!  And thank you for sharing a link to the shipper's forum.  Gonna check it out next!


Next, I do like the progress of these couple.  Don't want give spoilers per se, but I was totally expecting a kiss in ep 7 or 8, especially since the show appears to be using a lot of the troupes used in K-drama rom-coms, however, what Jung Rok did at the end totally melted my heart!

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15 hours ago, triplem said:

Here you go...she's so cute

She is!!! Thanks for the gif! Just watching the gif made me grin again and again...

I am envious of her... nothing in my life makes me react such way... LOL... what a boring life I have :lol:

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7 Cute And Funny Moments From Episodes 5-6 Of “Touch Your Heart”


Feb 25, 2019
by Belinda_C


As Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) continues to grow more and more infatuated with Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook), he (very) slowly sheds his cluelessness and starts taking steps towards our heroine. The stark contrast between their personalities and approach to the relationship gives us a lot of wonderfully cute and hilariously awkward moments. Here’s a look at seven of these moments from this week’s episodes of “Touch Your Heart“:


She knows!

Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 5 and 6 ahead!

1. When flowers become tangerines

The spin of using tangerines to play this classic “He likes me; He likes me not” game is cute. It’s definitely something I can see Yoon Seo and Attorney Dan (Park Kyung Hye) doing, as both of them have quite the teenage-girl-in-love tendencies. And when Yoon Seo realizes she’s going to end up on “He likes me not,” she quickly gulps multiple slices at once, just so she can end on the desired result.


2. When Chansung is savage

Poor Attorney Dan… It doesn’t seem like she can catch a break in her love life, as her infatuation with delivery man Chansung (2PM’s Chansung) comes to a crushing end, thanks to his stone-walling replies.

Attorney Dan: Do you want to eat together tomorrow?
Chansung: I don’t think I’ll be hungry tomorrow.
Attorney Dan: Then let’s watch a movie. Let’s watch “Love in Titicaca.”
Chansung: I saw it yesterday.
Attorney Dan: It only hits theaters tomorrow though.

And for the final blow:


3. When heart-shaped post-its take over the office

After Yoon Seo adds a touch of pink to both their office spaces, we are treated to an adorably sweet sequence of trading pink heart-shaped post-its. And even though Yoon Seo definitely reads too much into it, the little smile we see from Jung Rok is pretty telling too. He’s enjoying these little moments without realizing it, and we can’t help but want to shake some sense into him!


The kicker comes later when Jung Rok supposedly abandons Yoon Seo during lunch, and she declares him no longer qualified to use those post-its while giving him the most accusatory glare.


4. When Jung Rok is clueless

When Yoon Seo again reads too much into Jung Rok’s answer about his movie preferences, she becomes outwardly annoyed with him. However, Jung Rok being, well Jung Rok, just can’t figure out why. He shows up at the firm’s after-work gathering, even after saying he wasn’t going to go, much to the surprise of everyone.

“I came to see Jin Shim (Yoon Seo’s birth name).”
*cue flustered Yoon Seo and colleagues*
“I came to ask her why she’s angry at me.”


Yoon Seo hurriedly makes up a reason as to why she is mad (saying she was hungry), and Jung Rok happily accepts the reason, very satisfied with himself for “resolving” the “misunderstanding.” Yoon Seo looks as if she’s about to murder him for his cluelessness, and honestly, who can blame her?


Heh! He’s so quick-witted, the sarcasm can’t even land!

5. When pasta invokes a meltdown

Yoon Seo later drunkenly (and very animatedly) tells Jung Rok that she’s really angry at him because he ate pasta without her. She starts crying and even has a mini-meltdown, thanks to alcohol. As viewers, we understand she’s more bothered about him eating pasta with Yeo Reum and ditching her (though I suspect she’s also bummed about not getting to eat pasta itself). But Jung Rok doesn’t understand this, so all he can do is stand there looking understandably taken aback and flustered at her sudden meltdown… over pasta.


6. When Yoon Seo’s hands are cold

When Jung Rok sees that Yoon Seo is cold, he suggests she put her hands in the pockets to keep warm. But because Yoon Seo thinks she’s starring in her own rom-com, she mistakenly thinks that he’s offering his pockets to her. I was screaming internally at Yoon Seo the whole time, telling her not to do it, but she obviously can’t hear me, so the next thing you know, she’s sticking her hand out towards him, only to be denied! Yoon Seo, awww sweetie, awwww… *shakes head in second-hand embarrassment*



The little run-and-chase after the awkward moment is super cute though!

7. When Jung Rok becomes less clueless

After a long drive back and forth to see their client, Yoon Seo dozes off in the car. Jung Rok considerately pulls down the sunshade and turns down the music so she can rest better. When she wakes up, she asks if she did anything embarrassing, and Jung Rok replies honestly that she snored. Seeing her distraught and vehemently denying it, he quickly retracts his answer and says that it was just a joke. My notes here — “HE’S LEARNING! He’s finally learning!!” Yay for progress!


What were your favorite moments from the episodes? Let us know in the comments below!



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On 2/23/2019 at 2:17 PM, Winksteyk said:

I actually downloaded the kakaopage app and it seems that I can possibly access all the chapters of the manhwa. I used my kt account to log in and it worked. You must dl the kakaopage apk. I chose apkpure for that. As of now I don't understand the app since I lack Korean skills haha 

You should try this option, but I'm scared of spoilers hahaha


Edit: I just found a tutorial just search kakaopage cash on google, scroll down and you'll see posts about how to access and understand how the app works!


Tried it now and it worked! Thank you~ My only problem now is the translation. Lol. My basic hangul knowledge can't understand anything and the app doesn't allow screenshot so I can translate it using google translate :( Anyone here with kinda advance knowledge in hangul who is kind enough to translate it for us? :) Hehe. We'll be forever grateful. :):)

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