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[Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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There better not be any breaks after that ridiculousness ....


K starting! 

Morning... JS wakes up with clothes on. JR is already up making breakfast. Sorry no continuation of night before. They are playfully chatting being dorks. It's cute.

JR arrives back home to SW questioning him. I'm sure SW had his suspicions.

SW walking with YR, probably talking about needing to move out. They walk and talk a bit.

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4 minutes ago, turtlegirl said:

Lalallalalalalalalalalalalalalala waiting watching same commercials over and over again lalallalallalalallalalalala goodness it's almost 840 Pali pali 

I saw one really funny one with mama boy...dancing away :joy:


But so sweet i saw him cook for her and gave her a peck


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Always. Everyone talking. In walks CEO with his bandaged hand. I'm sure he's gonna play it up as much he can. Yeah he's already lamenting I think about JR and JS probably like, does it even make sense lol. I dunno. Mama's boy said something to make CEO angry. CEO gonna go after him but JR walks in.

JR and CEO meeting. I think ceo is grilling him about JS. JR gets a love text from JS saying I miss you. CEO is like I know who that's from, I can see it on your face! He says Yes, she said she misses me. CEO holds his heart in pain. Lol now ceo trying to garner sympathy for his hurt hand. Actually he's just making JR move all his furniture around probably to punish him. He tells JR to sit down and he'll give him a massage. Instead he just jumps on his back and JR walks off with CEO on his back lol

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Lol!!! CEO being sour grapes 

omg..SW & YR set him up on a blind date & JS caught him ..this man is taken & dragged him home . He was so happy . JS was miffed & jealously nagging him . But he was pleased 

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Short scene with SW and YR on the bench. Think it's when he asks to move in with her.

Back in JRs office. He is talking to JS on the phone. Not sure about what. 

Now JR is going to a cafe and talking to SW. Think SW says something about a soccer team lol prob that soccer club from his shirt again.

I dunno but now some pretty lady comes and sits with JR. Oh I think SW sent a lady to him, a lady who likes soccer or something? Lol maybe SW was setting him up on a date. Anyways JS came up and pulled JR away. 

Now they're at her house and she's pouting as per preview like you're so handsome all the ladies will like you  pout pout. JR is flattered but JS is pout pout. It's cute though. JR making her feel better and laugh. They hug tightly. 

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1 minute ago, guin89 said:

Well, since her clothes have been changed and there is no “pillow barrier” between them in bed, I guess we could just assume SOMETHING did happen :lol::lol:






I was about to say that since she woke up with different outfit.....:joy:

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Next day. JS meeting with manager on drama set. Finds out surprising news. Is this about her leaving? JR receives the news and sets his mind to something. He marches into ceo office to ask for something. I think ceo is trying to stop him and he gives his very lawyer argument and CEO sighs oh I hear him say you've become a melodramatic actor now like in preview. 

JR is trying to rush out the door but gets stopped by ms yang for some reason. He may not make it to say his goodbyes to her. Cut to her in her van on phone with him. She seems sad. 

JR still at law firm. He goes into his office and there's JS to surprise him. Maybe she put off her flight? That's just my assumption. Maybe someone else can better clarify 

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The sweet peck at the beginning 

aww JS so sweet , JR was in need of help for another case ..she surprised him to be his secretary for the day ! Then some ridiculous cell phone PPL of JR not having enough battery & JS could use hers to recharge ...WAH more PPL ..JR buying her a subway sandwich, and them enjoying their office lunch :rolleyes:


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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