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What happened to MBC these days?

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The average whole day ratings for September 6 2018 (Obtained from MBN's Website)



Yup. The no.8 you're seeing, it's MBC. 

Well, as you see, MBC 's downfall started with the great MBC Strike that lasted up to 2017. Their variety shows were cancelled that time. There drama series are at an all-time low, and their credibility had suffered a huge blow.


They've already hired a prominent journalist as their CEO, and several programming reforms have been made. Journalists who were fired because of the Mad Cow Disease scandal were rehired. Producers and writers went back to continue entertainment production. Drama series were placed back after months of hiatus. And the biggest change - Their image reformat. They removed their "Good Friend" slogan and replaced it with a new battle cry - "Explore Something New"


Still, after the normalization, they are getting worse. Their news credibility is still behind JTBC and KBS. Their 2049 prime time demographic ratings are beaten by JTBC and tvN. And when tvN moved their Wed/Thur dramas to 9:30 PM, they are beating MBC in the overall prime time ratings. They rated very well last month thanks to the Asian Games. But they're back to their new "normal".


So, what's going on with MBC, really? 

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