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(Up-Coming BL Series 2018-2019) My Engineer เมีย'S วิศวะ

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Have seen ep13 teaser, and the less i can say is to help nature and trees is not the best help for love  ha ha ha:sweatingbullets:

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I think cast reaction (or fans reaction) is a disguise promotion so i didn't give it some deep interest.  It gives me the possibilities to more watch actors i like and see a little part of their own personnality. BTW, thanks for posting! :)

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2 hours ago, gogole mongol said:

It gives me the possibilities to more watch actors i like and see a little part of their own personality.

Yeah that's why I watch, they are most of them different from their characters ... and it's funny.

But so far, I'd like a lot the game they played last week they were so chaotic, and that made me laugh!

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Just finish to watch ep 13 and i think this ep should be subtitled: "I know but i wouldn't say anything". It is an unspoken and lack of understanding festival. And more, a strange way to help when P'King who have his night headhache and go to first aid room, then faint on the stairs, then Cool-boy bring back him to the tent, in place to ask help while they are at the right place!!! Then when P'King does to reject Cool-boy when this last one give a saving hand while he had got fever, again without explanation! For Duen/Bohn, it is the usual way to argue, just react, never explain why or search to know! Every (official or not yet) couples are into similar attitude! In place of create angst atmosphere, i feel more angry than affraid! So when the problem's serie start, we already knows every couples will have his turn! This ep seems to me to be a killjoy and going in circles. Ice on the cake is when Duen said at the ultimate moment to let him go to Bohn, and this smooth-talking (with a lack of suitability) guy is unable to say a word to explain the situation! So i'm a lot worried for the tree's saving camp!!! :phew:

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11 hours ago, gogole mongol said:

in place to ask help while they are at the right place!

I think that there is no one in First Aid center, that's the point of the exchange between Ting Ting & Tang, but there is a doctor with them. During all the scene I was telling them, Thara is here, or PiThara is the one who cleans the injury first and it"s great because he came with you to the camping trip! :phew:


Yeah PiKing is really slow in this specific subject, clearly he knows what it looks like, begins to feel (or not, I have my doubt now), but he isn't here yet (and in the last scene in the tent, he pushes Ram away)

It's funny because when I first saw the scene at the Library I thought it was King who fell in love with Ram but it seems not, he was really just interest by his weird personality and just want to know him (friend)


For the other CP, I don't like the dynamic between Bohn Duen, so it was normal for me that the lack of trust and more of that lack of COMMUNICATION will lead to that issue.


MekBoss, I just remember that Boss never clear things out with Fon so he is cheating his girlfriend (they decide to be together even if they can't see each other a lot)!


For once I don't have the feeling that it's angst for angst, it's just everything happen in the same episode.:wacko:

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After a bit of disappointment with the ending of 2gether I have played catch up on My Engineer.

Episode 11 proved dramatic for two of the couples as Boss failed his audition and Ram discovers who his father is having an affair with.

Mek continues to encourage his friend (despite his awfulness on the guitar) agreeing to go pray for success. I love the idea of Boss deciding to change the promise (Can you even do that ? says Mek). Quite why it is easier to find students in full uniform rather than naked is another matter - interesting Uni.

Boss is so full of enthusiasm in the face of his inabilities. Love will conquer all and so he forces Mek to dance with him. Whilst Boss has fun, Mek is clearly enjoying the experience. I laughed at the closing embrace because it is clear from the straining muscles that the pair are having difficulties holding the position. I was wondering about a mis-translation when Mek says that he, also, hopes that Boss's wish comes true but it is the same in French ; he supports his friend.

It was funny at the audition when the other guy is doing his thing and suddenly stops in front of Boss with his 'mike': over to you. Boss was lucky to be able to scramble away without proving his lack of talent.

And so the first kiss of the series comes from Mek. His friend's distress has pushed him to confess his own feelings even if it means ending the friendship. There has always been a hint that Boss returns Mek's feelings but never as openly - because you would need to be either blind, or Boss, not to notice what Mek feels. For Boss though : "You should have told me earlier".

I have not really managed to get into Frong and Thala because of the animosity / rivalry between Frong and Bohn which obviously goes back long before Duen's arrival on the scene. Frong comes across as a bit of a hard case for me but their story line is slowly gathering speed and I really like these interactions where the drama comes from what is happening to somebody else and how it affects our characters. Frong's mother in hospital ; the Da's affair for Ram.

"Cough" and a cauliflower. I have seen some people complaining that Bohn and Duen are not getting on as fast as the others but I find them really amusing. A couple of episodes ago we had the alpha male story and this episode continues to show that it is all very even handed between this couple. Bohn plays sneaky, inviting Duen to come over and cook his cauliflower. That eyebrow at work again, how can one eyebrow insinuate so much ? Bohn plays the predator like a cat edging towards the carpet it's not supposed to sit on. Won't hurt if I try :)

But he manages to show some sensitivity to Duen's reactions.

"What are you afraid of ?"


When Duen gets into bed he shoots down any thoughts that Bohn might have had of a romantic evening. Not that, that is going to stop Bohn trying and there is a certain complicity to Duen, I get the impression that he wants Bohn to work for everything. The look on Bohn's face when the phone went off was the same as mine - you know they are going to be interrupted, it is inevitable. BL had to wait until the invention of the mobile phone before being written :)

But Bohn heads out with him to look for Ram. Duen may come across as a bit of an air-head but he nails Ram's character : I didn't ask because if he wanted me to know he would have said something. And Bohn looks at Duen in a manner that suggests that he has grasped that point. Duen isn't as stupid as he is green looking (might be blue in France:unsure: ).


A year ! Bohn has to wait a year ! None of the old 2gether stuff : move in immediately, fall out over some stupid misunderstanding, move out, make up within a week and move back in again (perhaps). Duen has his head screwed on. Bohn may love him dearly but he is a bit volatile and for that Duen keeps him firmly reined in. "You always have so many conditions". Who's the alpha now?

Yes I laughed when Bohn suggests that Duen is trying to create a 'Harlem', aye it's a spelling error but funny all the same.

Ram's mother has to be Russian! I have to skip her bits on re-watch because I nearly fell off my chair the first time laughing. She actually pronounced it : Cloath-es (Clothes).


The two drunks : "Have to get back before the wife screams. Whose ? Your's. I have a wife ? I borrowed her". Great writing when even minor characters can get good lines.


Ram has his priorities right : "The towel was for you, not the dogs". I can understand phobias but how anybody could be afraid of those three dogs is stretching it a bit. They are pretty cute (and I am a definite cat person).

King, like Duen, also understands Ram's silences and lets him have them.

What is the symbolism of a carnivorous plant being a romantic keepsake ?


Some series give us dramatic cliff hangers : I'm leaving ! You are dead to me !

This one gives us : Oooh doggies !

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9 hours ago, mellialuna said:

I think that there is no one in First Aid center

I ask myself to know what a first aid room can be useful if there is no-one inside, while there is lot of unexperienced peoples at the camp?

Yes, there a "future" doctor during the "save tree session" but i don't think he have some pills and medication into his pockets or personnal bag. Maybe he use the "talking" ("did it hurt somewhere?", or "are you ok?" while he is shaking the poor victim) as main individual balm?  ha ha ha What an emergency service it is!!!

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Ep 12. A Guitar-less weekend, yay !


Ooh Doggies ! Starting where we left off.

Horseback riding to force Ram and King to kiss. A new way to bribe your youngsters. And the kids aren't even phased by the idea "She'll be happy with these, trust me".


How does the 'Greek Choir' of the three girls always appear when Ram and King are together ? They certainly saw a lot more in slow-mo than I did in real life :-)

How did they manage to put the stitches in King's head without shaving it ? that plaster is going to hurt like hell when they pull it off.  At least Ram didn't see to the dog first. Are the pair ever going to stop interrupting themselves from going up a gear ? Not really complaining because they both know where they are at, to the point of : "You met at the bus ? I'll act like I believe you".

Bohn and Duen, the former in a black mood because he has to spend time with his rival Frong and resist teasing Duen. He does eat his way through a fair amount of Duen's ice cream if you watch carefully and only gets a mild slap on the wrists for doing it.

I am in two minds as to whether Duen is match making when he invites Frong and Thara on the trip or is he oblivious to what is going on between Bohn and Frong. I edge towards the former. That Thara turned up on a bike really comes as no surprise. Neither was I surprised to see Cupcake make the trip either. The guy is totally wired.


Jenny the bear, I almost feel sorry for Bohn because Duen just strings him along, but as he says : Why get jealous over stupid things ?
That's a lesson that Tine could have done with in 2gether.


I was interested by Duen's reply of : "Still too early to be kissing me". It made me think back to Ep. 2 when he got so upset about Ben kissing Dao. Remember him telling his mother that they should go to the police ; 'this is serious' ? I don't think he is going to let Bohn get very far until he is very certain that he has earned it, because it obviously carries enormous symbolism for him.

Duen is so happy at the Gear Statue, he knows the final flower is special and I think he has already decided to continue to see Bohn. The man arrives all confident to discover that Duen 'is not that romantic'. Am I reading too much into the way Bohn touches Duen's hands as he receives the plant ?  Subtle direction or just chance ? His smile which turns to doubt as he realises that yes it is the last flower and the way Duen's smile drops as he sees the hurt on Bohn's face. He still goes for the killer blow though : "No". I appreciated that Bohn accepted the decision without exploding. An episode where Bohn is being teased throughout by Duen.


I've said it before that I like the fact that the pair are pretty much equals. Indeed all the couples are, Boss and Mek may appear different but that is only because they have lived with the labels they were given - and the fact that Boss is a a real airhead.


Get your language on the bus ! - hate me, I laughed even knowing it's an error (twice).


Ting Ting ; Just like a poor doggy with no love. A good line but has nothing on the next about her having her ovaries removed because they had become useless :) Though the reply of "I'm not stopping you, but you have to wait for the bust to stop first" is a blinder.

Duen is obviously half Irish because his parents took him places, it's just that he didn't go !!

Poor old Bohn, every time he tries to be seriously romantic, Duen is either not listening, or asleep.

How to throw up properly on a coach.

Have we ever had such an informative special scene ?

It took me back to the days of when I was a wee cub and definitely suffered with car sickness. My father was in the services and his dress caps came in these awful (I mean truly awful) smelling oiled bags. Because they were waterproof my parents used them as sick bags. If you weren't already ill, you were as soon as you got the smell. So Thara's professional demonstration was making me feel ill just watching it.

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12 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

How did they manage to put the stitches in King's head without shaving it ? that plaster is going to hurt like hell when they pull it off.

Ha ha ha i think it is just an adhesive dressing that cement into his hair with a lot of hair-spray! Don't worry too much for the pain King's pain. I am more worried for the feeling he have for Cool-boy! When people felt/feel weird, they act/react weird... With this serie, we aren't in a lack of weird things/situation! It seems it is a constant fact to be into twisting moment. The irrational takes each in turn!


13 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

So Thara's professional demonstration was making me feel ill just watching it

I don't know why or imagine a scene like this can be include in a BL serie. In ordinary way, it is because some drink too much then vomit when love goes wrong, but on this time, it was like a TV advert for sick bag!!! Personnaly, it make me feel laughing than disturbed. Again something weird, and i guess we aren't ending with this kind of surprise!

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"Il y a de l'orage dans l'air, il y a de l'eau dans le gaz..." Claude Nougaro famed song that cement/suit so well with a few couples into next ep! Ho la la! This serie become a serious one? Personally, i like the way it actually goes!

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Link for last ep. :tears:






Enjoy your watch! I hope I will!

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(almost) All's well that ends well! All scene was predictable, i was just asking myself how they will turn for each couple without to add some chili powder into the soup! Hurrah! A new tree's generation will...hmmmm, a new couple's generation will fly with their own wings! And we have some expectation for Ram/King couple, as for Frong/Dr.Thara!!! That's why all season 2 are made, no? I would like Phu and Tee become next soon-to-be-born couple, in the way to end their single status  ha ha ha! Finally, i must say that while the season 1 is over, my fav couple was Boss/Mek. I constantly notice how Mek was so patient (and fidel) in front of an eternal inconsistent Boss. Despite all Boss turpitudes and wrong ideas (his pseudo singer's fiancee affair), he always support Boss, even he had to suffer in consequence. If someone was always constant in this serie, he is the one! At last, with all his imperfections, a not so bad serie that reminds me the best ones as LS, MIR and Sotus (even it doesn't have same quality level) with love at every floor!!! 

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Ep 13

I think the last two parts flow really well. So glad I held off for a week for Ep 13. I'd have gone mad having to wait. I was going to do a combined resume, but this went on too long

What is it about camping trips and Thai BL ? Just because Love Sick had one doesn't mean to say that it is obligatory. Is there any space left in Thailand to plant trees


From the opening when King trips it is clear that something is not right between him and Ram. Only one rock in the river and King's head manages to find it. The grown up asking his junior to be allowed to play but being dragged off anyway (he didn't say please).

Well done King. "It's so nice here and means you can forget all about [insert catastophe here]". A lesson in how not to remind people about something.

When the music stops you have to chose a tent :) I know he doesn't say much but when Ram stares at King you can see the smouldering fire in his eyes. For all the good advice he hands out to Bohn, King is not so good at looking after himself.

The story of us all.


Heaven knows how Frong lost his chain because he was wearing it when he was chatting with Duen. Thara says that he will delete the photo as soon as it is downloaded - bah, that serves what purpose ? He'll still have the photo. Sneaky.

The pair are slowly gaining momentum towards some sort of relationship. The question being what ? Thara goes out of his way to find the necklace and has these heart to heart conversations with Frong, which suggests more than friends (especially shirtless friends).


Continues her sad life as she moves in a world where all the men like each other. A few times I have wondered if Tung likes her. He does tolerate her outbursts and is a subtle presence in her life, he's always there. At the waterfall as Ting Ting takes the photo for King, Tung is clearly looking at Ram and King before sharing his thoughts not in a low voice. Another stupid wee moment but one I appreciated.


"Mek, if you don't answer how will I know if you're asleep ?" That could only have come out of Boss's mouth and yet it is a valid point because Mek was indeed awake. Boss is clearly one of the world's observers. Loves hard work, could look at it for hours. Is Fon going to mess it all up ? A few posts ago I felt that Mek shouldn't get the guy but seeing the pair interact without constraints they do make a good couple.


The final episodes are a greater arc for Bohn I think than Duen. The pair start with Bohn's cheesy lines and grins until Frong arrives in the same shirt as Duen. It's part of Duen's innocent charm that he has clearly never understood the rivalry between Frong and Bohn. He passes the couple shirts, as Bohn will see them, as pure chance and doesn't even understand the reference to a tsunami. The look on Bohn's face as he holds his hand out for Duen at the waterfall - here !

I am not fussed on Bohn's petulant moments and the scene at the waterfall is pure manipulation. As the others slink away and Duen says sorry the grin returns to Bohn's face.

This time, though, his attempt at teasing Duen is going to royally backfire on him. I'd been wondering what the major problem between him and Duen was going to be and had forgotten about Mind. The resulting unwanted kiss from Mind opens up a whole lot of things. We get to see Bohn's very clear hostility towards Mind and his defence of Duen. It isn't just his words but his entire body language. At no moment was Bohn even thinking about doing anything with Mind - apart from beating him to a pulp.


In hindsight back at the camp it is clearer that Duen already knows what happened and if I have a minor complaint it is that if he did see the kiss he should have also been able to tell from Bohn's agitation that it was far from consensual. The question then arises, is Duen's problem not so much the kiss but the fact that Bohn doesn't talk about it? From Bohn's POV he hasn't done anything wrong and announcing that he threatened to beat Mind up may not go down well with Duen either.


I don't feel that the word confession is quite right for when Bohn talks to Duen. He knows he is in the wrong but ultimately not for what Mind did. It's the lack of communication but I am not certain how you start that particular conversation. Perhaps he should have asked Duen what he saw, or thinks he saw, and then offer an explanation. It's a hard one and it is written right across Bohn's face. I loved that Cooper shuts his eyes as he mentions the kiss - he can't even face the thought himself.

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