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Japanese Comedy Movies

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A Ghost of Chance (Suteki na Kanashibari)

Just finished A Ghost of Chance, absolutely hilarious. 


Here is a review that I think does it justice. 





It is always challenging to bring absurdity to professions that are traditionally rigid but when a film does so while maintaining utmost respect, humility without losing the wit and undeniable crack, it becomes a gem of a tribute. That’s what director Mitani Koki managed to do just that with Suteki na Kanashibari. The cast’s great acting and witty script resulted to an effortlessly hilarious situational comedy that does more than make you laugh, it will also manage to shock you with its seeming familiarity despite the extraordinary premise.


Hosho Emi (Fukatsu Eri) is eager to prove she can be just as good as a lawyer as her father even if she’s too clumsy, too happy, and hasn’t won a single case. She gets one last chance when she was appointed to defend Yabe Goro who is accused of murdering his wife, Suzuko (Takeuchi Yuko). Goro claims he has a rock solid alibi, he was trapped in a hotel room, held hostage by Sarashina Rokubei (Nishida Toshiyuki). Emi goes to investigate and meets Rokubei. Finally ready to present the alibi in court, she realizes that Rokubei is a 400-year-old ghost.





Also, the writer gives links to free movie downloads if you message her. I got some hard to find movies from her. 


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