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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2018-2019] Bok-Soo's Back / My Strange Hero, 복수가 돌아왔다

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SBS posted a video of his scenes in Remember. YSH was so amazing....:tears: such a deep and emotional acting.  I just want to re-watch Remember now. All the feels came back, it's an intense and frustrating drama. Let me wipe your tears for you, Jin Woo ah. 




Preview for today 's episode




Moving poster 



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Based on few news on this post about BokSoo's character, BokSoo is going to return in school as a teacher.


Now it's finally confirmed in the highlight that BokSoo is going to be a highschool student again  (just like what it mentioned in the synopsis) .


He's returning in school as an adult studying in high school. (Just like Rain's character SangDoo in "SangDoo's Let's Go To School") .

BokSoo's classroom teacher/adviser will be most probably SooJung.


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@uglypearl the highlights aren't clear either. On one hand, we saw him facing the high school with a determined look and clenching the fist and in another sequence going through the mass of reporters in his high school uniform. On the other hand he went to the rooftop to meet SJ in civilian clothes, I assume that scene happens 9 years later. Until now I refrained myself to come up with a conclusion based on the highlights. 


And synopsis differ from one site to another. I read many of them, some stated he will be back as a student (asianwiki and k-plus) and others said he will be a teacher (soompi). 


We wont get a definite answer until we watch. K-plus has translated the main cast bio correctly. I don't  know how much they are reliable though. So I naturally assumed they got it right. I checked their synopsis now , it is exactly the same as asianwiki's... In result,  we have 2 contradictory info from the same site. 





I'm getting submerged by all these news/updates :(. It's getting harder to keep it up. 



JBA and YSH took a selca for the cult show



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1 minute ago, Berou said:

My favourite moment :lol:


I couldn't help to make a gif


The best friend seems like an interesting character :lol:

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13 minutes ago, macello said:

The best friend seems like an interesting character :lol:

 His plan B was to kiss the groom and announce they are dating.  He is the most interesting so far lol. This drama is daring and crazy as gay couples are taboo in SK. And same gender kissing on screen is a forbidden unwritten rule. All is done with humour, so it is easily tolerable. The Whitney Houston BGM was the icing on the cake.  I like the switch of drama's tone, going back and forth. It keeps it entertaining, there are always bends. I wanted to reply shortly but I ended up with an essay :lol:.

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[My Strange Hero] PILOT Ep 1 spoilers, Yoo Seung Ho ♥ Jo Bo Ah

Article: Naver 'My Strange Hero' Yoo Seung Ho in a 'one-sided ♥' with Jo Bo Ah after she curses at him 

1. [+591,-43]
Jo Bo Ah is pretty. 

2. [+369,-12]
Everything's fine except that they used too much filters. Just adjust that. I hope Seung Ho becomes a hit. 

3. [+258,-14]
Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah who came out directly from comics, their combination is good. 

4. [+233,-14]
It's fun. Got to watch this on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

5. [+141,-13]
It's so interesting. I was reminded of my school days too. 

6. [+86,-2]
Yoo Seung Ho is such a cool man. I hope he gets more popular than he is now.........^^ 

7. [+75,-3]
I think Yoo Seung Ho is really good at acting. 

8. [+60,-1]
Yoo Seung Ho is really handsome. I like his character this time too~~ 

9. [+56,-2]
Wow.. It's fun. I didn't have much expectations for this, but it's been a while since there's something worth watching. 

10. [+49,-1]
Seung Ho-ya, why are you so handsome? 
Article: Naver 'My Strange Hero' Yoo Seung Ho jumps into the sea to save his first love, Jo Bo Ah 

1. [+727,-23]
Going to watch this for Mondays and Tuesdays. ㅋㅋㅋ It's fun. By the way, Jo Bo Ah's beauty... *shivers*

2. [+488,-11]
As an actor, Yoo Seung Ho's biggest strength is his strong and deep eyes. This drama is worth watching with a light heart. 

3. [+366,-8]
Be it a serious role or a comical role~ Yoo Seung Ho matches it all well and he analyzes his characters properly... Jo Bo Ah's transformation for her acting in this is fresh too. 

4. [+182,-8]
Going to be a first broadcast killer tomorrow too❤️.. Yoo Seung Ho fighting. 

5. [+168,-7]
Mondays and Tuesdays are seriously Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah. I really like it and their chemistry is good. 

6. [+53,-0]
It feels like a pretty school movie from Hong Kong. Oh, the directing is pretty, the most surprising thing is Yoo Seung Ho's acting. I thought he's only good with heavy roles, but he's totally like a student and my heart throbbed. 

7. [+51,-1]
Jo Bo Ah is really pretty and Yoo Seung Ho is so handsome. The combination is really good. 

Koreans reactions are all positive . And the drama top trending... am I dreaming  ? YSH getting praised for his comedy skills hell-yes-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862 . Now we need to wait for ratings chingudeul~
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