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[Drama 2018-2019] Bok-Soo's Back / My Strange Hero, 복수가 돌아왔다

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Kwak Dong Yeon Transforms Into Villain With A Deceptively Sweet Smile In “My Strange Hero”

Nov 30, 2018
by E. Cha

SBS’s upcoming drama “My Strange Hero” has unveiled new stills of Kwak Dong Yeon in character as a charming villain!

“My Strange Hero” is a new romantic comedy starring Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Bok Soo, a boy who is expelled from school after being falsely accused of violence against other students. Years later, Kang Bok Soo returns to school as a teacher in order to avenge himself, but finds himself swept up in a new series of unexpected incidents instead.


Kwak Dong Yeon will be playing the role of Oh Se Ho, Kang Bok Soo’s former classmate and the current chairman of Seolsong High School’s board of directors. Although he never fails to sport a winning smile, Oh Se Ho’s good looks and seemingly gentle personality disguise his ruthless ambition. During their school days, Oh Se Ho secretly felt insecure because of Kang Bok Soo, who always seemed to be happy and cheerful in spite of his low grades.

On November 30, “My Strange Hero” released new photos of Oh Se Ho looking cold and stylish as he arrives at the airport. However, shortly after entering the terminal, Oh Se Ho’s eyes light up as he appears to spot someone in the crowd, and he breaks out into his signature sweet smile.

The scene was filmed on October 29 at Incheon International Airport, and Kwak Dong Yeon’s arrival at the busy airport immediately drew large crowds of onlookers. Nonetheless, the actor showed remarkable focus and poise as he successfully wrapped up the shoot.

The producers of “My Strange Hero” remarked, “It must have been hard to concentrate because there were so many people at the airport, but Kwak Dong Yeon still managed to completely focus on the scene during his acting.”

They added, “Please look forward to the charms of Kwak Dong Yeon, who will be returning [to the small screen] as a gentle villain.”

“My Strange Hero” premieres on December 10 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.



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I saw the trailer! :wub: can't wait to see YSH back on screen! 


@Berou i am planning to participate more in this thread once the drama begins. RL is busy but cannot miss out on our Mr. Sexy Everything :rolleyes: i hope this drama gives us and me lots to discuss and analyze ;) i love a good drama with balanced elements.








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Yoo Seung Ho Awkwardly Receives Award In “My Strange Hero”

Dec 1, 2018
by K. Lew

Yoo Seung Ho has the strangest taste in fashion when it comes to attending awards ceremonies for SBS’s “My Strange Hero.”

“My Strange Hero” is about Kang Bok Soo (played by Yoo Seung Ho), a high school student who was framed as a school bully and expelled. He returns as an adult to the school to get his revenge, but unfortunately gets swept up in another incident.

Yoo Seung Ho’s character Kang Bok Soo gets expelled after incidents of school violence, but returns after becoming somewhat famous, to his high school Seol Song High School. His friends from high school include Lee Kyung Hyun (played by Kim Dong Young) and Yang Min Ji (played by Park Ah In), who likes to consider herself Kang Bok Soo’s adorable stalker. The three continue to get into all sorts of trouble as they establish a company together, “Your Wish,” which fulfills any wish that their clients ask for.

In the released photos, Yoo Seung Ho stands on stage to receive the Brave Citizen Award. In front of many reporters, he is accompanied by his two best friends Kim Dong Young and Park Ah In. Yoo Seung Ho has an awkward expression on his face, as he is wearing a hot pink jacket as well as sweatpants while receiving the award, while his friends wear formal clothing. Yoo Seung Ho continues to look awkward afterwards when taking photos, posing beside two officers.













It was reported that the three actors brightened the mood on set by greeting everyone when they arrived. After rehearsing their scene, they began filming and perfectly portrayed their characters. Yoo Seung Ho was the nervous awardee Kang Bok Soo, Kim Dong Young looked proud as Lee Kyung Hyun as if he were the awardee, and Park Ah In couldn’t take her eyes off of Kang Bok Soo as the smiling Yang Min Ji.

A source from the production staff stated, “Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Young, and Park Ah In are young actors who have brilliant chemistry together. They were able to act as though they had been real friends for a long time, and thanks to them the laughter never stops on set. Please look forward to the three of them on ‘My Strange Hero.'”

“My Strange Hero” will air its first episode on December 10, and will be available on Viki!




@macello his awkward smile reminds me of Kim Min Kyu. But his fashion sense is no where near as good as KMK's


@vangsweetie637 hi again ! The more the merrier :). Our master essays is here lol.  I am on the same side too ,  I hope we will get lots to discuss. Even though Ruler was a  disappointing drama, we had a lot of discussion. The soompi drama thread is over 600 pages !


I just noticed something, in this thread fans of Remember, Ruler and IANAR are under the same roof. It is a first for a YSH drama. Generally each of his drama gathers his own fans. Thus it is a pretty strange sight :lol:

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New still cuts






So... JBA tries to jump off the bridge and will be saved by YSH. Is that how they meet again ?


A month ago I posted this :





In a teaser we see him diving 











Both are wearing the same clothes. By putting every piece together, we get the puzzle.

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2 hours ago, nrllee said:

Press Con should be this week surely?  

Still no confirmed date. This week is the waiting game. 


New character stills for Revenge Returns

by tccolb





On the heels of its premiere next week, upcoming SBS drama, Revenge Returns, released new character stills.

The story is said to be an odd but warm romance about a character named Kang Bok-soo, played by Yoo Seung Ho (I’m Not a Robot), whose name “Bok-soo” means “revenge” in Korean. In his high school years, he is wrongfully accused of committing assault and is expelled. He returns to the school later as an adult in order to take revenge, but things, naturally, don’t go according to plan.

Kwak Dong-yeon plays Oh Se-ho who is described as having a smiling face and a gentle personality. However, the character develops an inferiority complex and a love-hate relationship with Kang Bok-soo. In their youth, Se-ho struggled as a student, but Bok-soo always seemed to be happy and without problems. In his adult years, Se-ho joins the story as a member of the school board.

The stills below show Oh Se-ho arriving at the airport, returning from abroad, and being surprised by something or someone. Filming took place on October 29 at the Incheon airport in South Korea, and production staff praised the actor for showing great concentration despite the difficulty of shooting on location in a busy airport.





Jo Boa (Temperature of Love) plays Sohn Soo-jung, Kang Bok-soo’s first love, who ends up at their old high school in a temporary teaching position in their adult years.

She is pictured below with Yeon Joon-seok(Your House Helper) who plays Oh Young-min. He’s a student in the top tier “Ivy League Class”, but the lowest-ranked in the group and under a lot of pressure and stress. The two are shown standing on one of the bridges over the Han River. Inexplicably, Jo Boa’s character stands atop the ledge with her shoes taken off and her bag set on the ground.

The scene was shot on a chilly and windy October 31 at the Dongjak Bridge in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The production staff noted that the scene is a reflection of the current state of education in South Korea and intended to show the importance of communication.






Stills were also released of the main character with his two best friends, Kim Dong-young(Let’s Eat 3) who plays Lee Kyung-hyun and Park Ah-in (Mister Sunshine) who plays Yang Min-ji. The three are shown attending a ceremony in which Kang Bok-soo receives a Citizen’s Award for Bravery. However, while the two friends are dressed formally for the event, the recipient, Bok-soo, is in casual attire.

Revenge Returns will be airing Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS starting next week on December 10, 2018.


Full article http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/12/new-character-stills-for-revenge-returns/

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New stills


:huh: we've already seen this scene in the teasers too. I wish SBS would release real new stills. And the last teaser was pretty much the same as the previous one. SBS is in the recycling stage.. Which makes me wonder how many episodes they have filmed till now. I know it is common practice in dramaland to film the first episodes and to wait for the airing in order to change the script according to the public 's taste. This unhealthy practice puts casts and crews in great stress and forces them to do live shooting












Nonetheless YSH in a red suit :wub:..... he is so handsome



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Ooo I am liking that last teaser.  Much excitement for Monday 10Dec!  So good to get YSH back on my screen again.  It's been too long.  This will be my first drama watching Jo BoAh.  I like what I see so far in the teasers so I am anticipating good things. :)




:huh: we've already seen this scene in the teasers too. I wish SBS would release real new stills. And the last teaser was pretty much the same as the previous one. SBS is in the recycling stage.. Which makes me wonder how many episodes they have filmed till now. I know it is common practice in dramaland to film the first episodes and to wait for the airing in order to change the script according to the public 's taste. This unhealthy practice puts casts and crews in great stress and forces them to do live shooting


Yeah not a fan of live shooting at all.  But I thought it was a given for most KDramas...bar the few that need CGI etc that seem to be pre-produced eg Memories of Alhambra (they are still filming though so not entirely complete yet)?  Or the ones that have really busy actors/actresses and they have to sandwich filming the drama in between their other professional endeavours.  Still waiting for news of Press Con. :huh:

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New stills 




Source  https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20181204081247283


 Excerpt " The scene of Joe Boa's "Rape Steak" was photographed on October 23 at a convention in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do ".


I 'm going to play detective again lol. In the article of previous still the following was stated : " Yoo Seung-ho's " Battle" scene was filmed at a convention in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province on October 23." 


- > https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000025414


So I conclude both set of stills are from the same scene that has been showed in a teasers already. 


On a side note, still no sign of a confirmed date for the press con. 


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31 minutes ago, nrllee said:

I had to ask inside sources and Press Con is on 7Dec 2pm.  Thank you @rachelyun



Oh thank you :) I have  looked at YSH DC, the drama DC, naver, daum, YSH fancafe, the official website.. there was no notice. I expected it to be on Friday.


So it will be held on Dec 7 in the 13th floor of SBS headquarters. The participants are Yoo Seung Ho,  Jo Bo Ah, Kwak Dong Yeon, Park Ah In and Kim Dong Young. 


[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Yoo Seung-ho's "My Strange Hero" Earns His Title by Crashing a Wedding



We have new stills from Yoo Seung-ho in character for upcoming SBS drama "My Strange Hero", in what I hope is an actual wedding crashing, and not some fever dream said hero is having. I need these little joys in life, you see, and unrequited love fits the character's all around unlucky existence.



In the stills we see protagonist Kang Bok-soo attempting to snatch a bride from her altar, getting restrained for it, and witnessing something shocking along with others. I find it interesting that the man who was unfairly accused of violence in the past is now showing forceful behavior. Has Bok-soo's life really gone to the dogs so badly?

The production has commented "Yoo Seung-hoencapsulates the innocence of boyhood, but also the romantic masculinity that captures hearts". It's definitely a good actor choice for a role existing between his student past and adult present. You can check out where life takes "My Strange Hero" starting December 10th.












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Watch Yoo Seung Ho & Jo Bo Ah's first love fall apart in teaser #3 for SBS drama 'My Strange Hero'





One more week left until the premiere of SBS's new Mon-Tues revenge romance drama, 'My Strange Hero'!



SEE ALSO: [Interview] Ask anything and everything: Send us your ques

In teaser #3 for the drama series above, viewers can catch a more in-depth glimpse into the twisted fates of main actors Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Bo Ah, and Kwak Dong Yeon. Yoo Seung Ho plays the role of an outgoing and friendly student known as a small hero in his high school, Kang Bok Soo. He begins developing a crush on the student body president Son Soo Jung(Jo Bo Ah), but not because of her "fake" image as the kindhearted female student always smiling at others. Through various events, Bok Soo finds out that Soo Jung is putting on an act in front of her classmates while in reality, she's physically strong, tough, with a mean mouth to boot. 


The two high schoolers and their first love story looks just like any old romantic youth drama, until one day, Bok Soo is framed into a very serious school violence incident. 9 years later, Bok Soo lives day to day making money by doing any dirty deed in place of his customers. He returns to his old high school where Soo Jung is a part-time teacher, seeking revenge, and becomes involved in yet another mystery crime. 


Check out the 3rd teaser for 'My Strange Hero' above while you wait for its premiere on December 10 at 10 PM KST!




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