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Finally, An Article Talking About BTS' Creativity & Not Just Popularity

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Finally... somebody is writing about BTS' creativity and not just their popularity. 

here is an excerpt... well researched... intelligent article




SNS is a channel, not the substance

Crediting BTS success to social media alone is reckless. With so many young people looking for role models and inspirations, making them think that posting on social media is all it takes to make it big will not help them achieve their dreams. This generation is already seeing the world through filters and photoshopped perfections, making them believe someone can achieve BTS’ level of success with consistent social media presence won’t help them realize how actual success is achieved.

SNS is a channel BTS has used to deliver news to their fans and to start conversations. SNS is not what makes them popular, it is what they say, show, and deliver that they often announce first on social media.

It is important for people to understand what really made BTS successful is not not the medium but the substance.

Critics believe that BTS’ success will be short-lived because boybands have a short shelf life but such claims are made by men in suits who cradle their prejudices and stereotypes instead of immersing themselves in the music and band they are writing about.

BTS has achieved success by ignoring boundaries, ignoring stereotypes, and ignoring expectation. They achieved success by creating songs with sentiments and tonalities that resonate to those who will listen to it. It was never success they were focused on, it’s music. They have it all figured out right in the beginning. It’s time for the rest of the world to do the same.




We need more this. the work already knows how popular they are. time to put a spotlight on their popularity.




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Thank you, very good article, I'm gonna use it as a basis for my essay on BTS, gonna grab some essay help for quality editing (everybody needs that) and start working!

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