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[Official] Feng Shao Feng | William Feng ❤ Zhao Li Ying | Zanilia Zhao Couple ♥ Proud parents of a baby boy♥


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9 hours ago, leeza77 said:

On wb. Some fans pointed out on stage, fsf's hand reach zly's. 



The gif is too fast :lol:


On 2/6/2019 at 7:40 PM, minoku2209 said:

A nice FMV



Idk how feng shao feng usually look at his leading ladies, but 0:35 captured that gentle look he has for yingbao


and look what I found.. bts! Although justa a snippet




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5 hours ago, leeza77 said:

Bts.. Minglan. Think this is when they decide to have their own baby.. Ha ha. Baby is so cute. 

In the bts, there is the look between them, little touch.. Really sweet. 



Sooooo cuteeeee





I agree.. I think playing the gu couple really helped a lot convincing them to settle down together

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