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[Official] Feng Shao Feng | William Feng ❤ Zhao Li Ying | Zanilia Zhao Couple ♥ Proud parents of a baby boy♥


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8 hours ago, Wotad said:

watching couples you love actually get married is such a good feelings.


is this a series or all their different shows? 

Its a mash up from their separate works..acreative fan's mv:D

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Well i read somewhere that fsf will allow his wife to be the boss in small matter, whilst he's the boss for major decision. So many rumours, and they claim that the source from the close friends to zly & fsf, or even from an interview. Some rumours are really weird, eg: zly didn't want to stay with her in laws, zly says that fsf did not take much time to catch her, if fsf bankrupt would she help fsf n the answer is no because fsf wouldn't want her to.. Bla bla bla

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I always thought FSF was just going thru the phases in life, typical of a young guy for 1, he liked to race fast cars and he dated other women and now it's time and age to start thinking about marriage and family.. at the time he was dating Ni Ni, assuming she was his 1st 'serious relationship',  even after 3 yrs she wasn't right for him and comparing his maybe just after a yr or 2 'dating' ZLY, he felt more  with her so he marry her..i truly feels he is a very funny and sensitive guy and he will treat our Yingbao right and i think ZLY makes him happy and vice versa..

Awaiting on their grand red and white wedding ceremony now.

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5 hours ago, ElleWoodsen said:

Have you guys realised in both pics he's the one who sits on the ground? ^_^



Maybe cause liying has back problem (like mine), it's hard to sit on the floor, it's very uncomfortable and hurt for some positions :(

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It's so weird how Kris Wu and Lin Yun is lead actor and actress in Journey To The West,

and FSF & ZLY is lead actor and actress in Monkey King 3.

-MK3 & JTTW is similar.

-Kris is a good friend of ZLY & Lin Yun has been linked to FSF in the past.


Zhang Hanyun is ZLY's friend and she's the lead actress in Princess Of Lanling King (2016),

and FSF was in Lanling Wang.

-Lanling Wang is a predecessor to Princess Of Lanling King.


There are so many subtle links between FSF & ZLY.

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On 10/23/2018 at 2:58 PM, linkpage said:

I just hope shaofeng can treat liying the best that he can so they'll have a happy marriage till they get old despite his past rumour reputation (i feel bad for yifan though, he's nice young gentlemen who treats liying very well and also gentle towards her)


On 10/27/2018 at 10:10 AM, linkpage said:

Hopefully shaofeng won't cheat on liying or he'll be a human jerky (too many angry fans of liying) :D



On 10/28/2018 at 10:32 AM, linkpage said:

I think the majority of people like Elle and me just worry about Liying's heart, she's known for her innocence and good heart and Shaofeng has a lot of experience in relationship with many women.

Like if you have a sister/daughter who dated a much older guy who has "bad" reputation, will you be relaxed?.

I am not accusing Shaofeng as a bad person tho, I want them to have a happy married till the end.

Just some worry fans but time will tell and i hope for the best for them :)



Who do you accused and bashing? 
FSF has a good reputation and a good respectable actor. You're bitter when ZLY prefers someone else :o
(Before with ZLY) FSF only has 2 gf. No one cheating.


I'm tired keep repeating about the false/fabricated news, we have provided the facts straight to you!


On 10/23/2018 at 11:53 AM, dr4malala said:

Because they're still fake news going around out there.. I'll post here.


Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni denounce negative rumours

Heidi Hsia

From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom

19 May 2015, 1:41 PM GMT+




19 May - Former celebrity couple, Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni, has recently released a statement denying rumours of a third party involvement in their recent breakup.


As reported on Mingpao News, the two stars, who were recently revealed to have broken up after three years of relationship, stressed that they ended it in a peaceful manner, unlike what some tabloids have reported.


Their respective agencies denounced the rumours as malicious slander and urged the public to stop making up speculations about the two.


Feng's representative also stated that they will not hesitate to take legal action against those who continue to spread negative rumours about the breakup.


"Life is not a novel," says a statement released by Ni Ni's agency. "There aren't many ups and downs in the plot. We also hope that you will be able to distinguish facts from rumours."




[Breakup Files] William Feng and Ni Ni Stop Malicious Gossip Over Break Up

By jingles on May 21, 2015 in NEWS




Mainland couple William Feng (馮紹峰) and Ni Ni‘s (倪妮) recent breakup resulted in sensational headlines. Speculation over the existence of a third party has been especially rife. Some netizens even implicated William’s former co-star Yang Mi  (楊冪), suggesting that his inability to get over past affections for her was the cause of the breakup. Rumors have persisted despite repeated clarification from both parties that their breakup was mutual and amicable.


William and Ni Ni finally had enough, as they recently both posted an identical and strongly-worded statement on their respective company’s Weibo page, asking all rumor-mongers to cease and desist from spreading further rumors regarding their personal lives.


In the posts, they emphasized that “the breakup was amicable and not due to any particular reason”. They further stated that “for the entire run of the three-year relationship, both parties had actively maintained a low profile”. They hoped their desire to avoid drawing attention to their private lives would continue to be respected. The statements concluded with a stern warning against spreading rumors calculated to injure their reputations – both William and Ni Ni stated that they reserved their rights to pursue legal action against any person who defames them.

Source: On.cc




On 10/20/2018 at 2:53 PM, dr4malala said:



What kind of rumours, for the big time.. all those rumours, gossips, fake news were to promote dramas or to give fans service.


For his recent rumours, I knew FSF denied the one with Victoria Song & Hayden Guo.


Of course, Zhao Liying also has many gossip boyfriends too.

Gao Zi Qi, Chen Xiao, Zhang Han, William Chan, Wallace Huo, Wang Hao, Lin Geng Xin, Kris Wu, Feng Shao Feng. 
LOL!! Exactly 9 too! But I don't care.. rumours is rumours!


To be fair, same as FSF's, ZLY also has many rumours that the shippers or media or haters would love to proved legitimate.. that so called "meeting", matching items, skinships, etc, etc!!

LOL! With all the hints I almost believed LY dating Kris :P


And please can we stop draging Ni Ni and Chen Xiao here?


I dunno if he and LY ever dated, but Chen Xiao is a married man! 


Yep, Ni Ni was his ex, nothing wrong with it. I like Ni Ni as an actress. Not everything about break up was who's wrong who's right. They just not meant to be together. 

Both FSF & Ni Ni had a joint-statement that “the breakup was amicable and not due to any particular reason”. No one cheating! (FSF / Ni Ni never talked bad about the other)
Here it was:



And Ni Ni choosing to openly dating, it's ok. LY tend to keep her love life private, it's ok too. Everyone has their own preferences.



But, Haters gonna be hate!

Why are you trolling here?

No one forced you to like FSF.

But obviously ZLY is in love with him :wub:

If you don't like the couple.. simple, just  don't come to this thread.

Please don't ruin the couple and our happiness.

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On 10/28/2018 at 8:04 AM, ElleWoodsen said:



We all know FSF is the problem here. Come on guys!!!!

FSF dated Lin Yun who is what, 2 decades younger than him!!!

ZLY called him Feng Ge for a reason. To wake him up!!!!


ZLY said in an interview that ever since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, it has been hard for her to move on from the pain and it keeps her from wanting to date again. So it's been a long time since she's been in a committed relationship.

Whereas FSF flys from one person to the next in a blink of an eye. 

ZLY has always considered the male stars who she's worked with as bros and friends. 

She doesn't want her lover to be her friend though.


For someone to say all those things, do you think she would cheat on FSF? 

ZLY has a very fixed personality and is very stubborn. Once committed she is there for the long haul. 


I am more afraid of FSF. Especially him with Yang Mi (she's been flirting around even when she already has a kid. Too disgusting really). 



On 10/28/2018 at 9:01 AM, ElleWoodsen said:

At least I know a NORMAL person wouldn't date someone who is 2 decades younger than them. Period.


Anything else others say is just an excuse to blindly cover him up. 



You are thinking too much. Of course she called him Shao Feng ge (ge = older brother), FSF is much older than her.


There are more about personality, rather than just his love life.


I see, for you age is a big deal. But for others age is just a number. 

Do you think the love story between BZH & XG was creepy because their huge age gap? But, Xiao Gui's love for her teacher have touched many audience (or novel reader) of Journey of Flower. 


I give you a 'real life' true love. What do you think of French President Emmanuel Macron love for his wife Brigitte, who is 24 years his senior? If anyone think its iffy how his wife who also his teacher for dating a young student? Well I think its none of our business. What the most important is both are happy and genuine.


Another May-December love is Nicky Wu  & Liu Shi Shi, with the age gap 17 years. For me, NW & LSS make very sweet couple! They are one of my fav couple of C-Ent!


We've revealed the truth. You too much reading rumours. You still do not want to differentiate gossips and facts.


Btw, I don't like you dragging Yang Mi or the other actors/actresses here.
What Yang Mi have to do with this?
You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.


Sorry but I'm not comfortable I don't like how this thread started to fill with so much negativity. I come here to have fun and get the love of the happy couple. 


Marriage is a happy things. And I believe FSF & ZLY is a good persons who optimistic with their love.


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On 10/28/2018 at 5:38 PM, tearsofoberon said:


It's obvious how little your knowledge is, you should read more about other things not only those mystical mumbo jumbo......Celine Dion is younger than her husband René Angélil for more than 2 decades and I can say they live happily till René Angélil's dead not to mention of how successful Dion is until now..... I can give you the list of some other couple as well.....Plus I can give you a list of many couple with little age gap that lasted only 72 days like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries....


I can see all of you are ZLY's fans here (some have a good intentions as well) but you need to remember that she is a 31 years old mature full pledged woman who has survived with victory in C entertainment world where dog eats dog not a 12 years old innocent virgin. She knows exactly what she is doing, when she made up her mind to married FSF I am sure she already think about it properly.....Please don't say those nasty words about FSF because it put ZLY in a very bad light too, if he is that nasty what kind of woman is ZLY who willingly happily married to him, remember bird of the same feather flocks together......


Totally agree!


Yes, Rene & Celine Dion was a great example of true love <333

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FSF & ZLY known each other for 10 years. Worked on 6 projects together.


They used to be during the same mngt company in Huayi Brother.


They've known each other a long time, so let's credit them both with good sense in choosing each other :mrgreen:

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On 10/29/2018 at 12:19 AM, lxands said:


Btw I wonder if this guy is FSF after all?!


I remember ZLY posted this picture as to retaliate for some insensitive remarks by netizens making fun of ZLY being alone at some charity events...along with the picture she wrote caption captions "I have someone too" Now that we know the rumors with FSF is true, the guy with her in the pic cud be FSF, right?


Looks like it's indeed FSF :yum:


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5 hours ago, dr4malala said:


Looks like it's indeed FSF :yum:







That's what I'm saying..the profile of the man matches with FSF. Especially now that we know for sure when she upload the picture ZLY is dating FSF. Of cos at the time, her relationship with FSF was still a secret, so the best way to tone down the fans enthusiasm was to claim the guy she was with in the gym was her instructor. However the caption she wrote along with the picture was a total giveaway. If she is seeing FSF, why wud she post someone else picture to confuse her fans. I dont think FSF wud be ok with that, as her instructor is still a man. My bet, reading all those sarcastic posts abt her being alone, not just by netizens but by media too, she retaliate by posting the pic before she even consider the consequences. So for damage control they claimed the guy was her instructor .



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