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[Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬


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1 hour ago, jongski said:


In particular, the young cast, Kim Hye Yoon, SF9’s Chani, Kim Bo Ra, Kim Dong Hee, Jo Byung Kyu, Lee Ji Won, Lee Yoo Jin, and Song Geon Hee, have been impressing viewers with their solid acting talent. These actors broke through a competitive 1 in 200 ratio in auditions to win their parts.




No wonder all the kids are good actors. 1 in 200? Wow... that’s lot of child actors. So we can say that these young actors are the creme of the crop? Hehehehe... I’m sorry, I’m really a fan of Chani and I’m proud that he was chosen. I began to be his fan even when he wasn’t an idol yet. 


I guess Soompi saw the value of this drama. I also hope that more fans will come here and discuss the drama with us. There’s more to this drama than meets the eye... 

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Bast*rd. Venting inferiority complex and frustration to SJ




 Yes ... tell it to that devil CMH.




When HSJ traded her soul to the devil. She said that even if same thing were to happen her family like what happened to MJ and YJ she will accept the consequence.  That fact is she's scared to disappoint the Mother in law more than anything else. Afraid of the look down of the elite. Afraid and scared and embarrassed she will be an outcast of the social circle.. Apart of LSI I think no one knows her past. Imagine the reaction sky castle elites and the mother in law.



cr: Iameliiss


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JTBC still  shots  Kang Chan Hee  and Kim Donghee

 cr: JTBC drama update















So next year is KBS school 2019...... what are the odds? JDY SJH  went on to do  school 2018 after doing JTBC Solomons Perjury .



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It's  Friday. Best one currently airing .  Episode 5 later.  Young Jae is back. I'm excited. I wonder how everyone will react.  The children will they be shock?  the adults especially HSJ who read the journal entries.  How will  coach Kim react?



cr: julia


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Hwang family. Ideal family but I feel the sad story behind WJ, he's not the biological son of the mother. In hinted already in ep 2.



 Cha family Minus the psycho hubby.  The mother who will protect her sons at all cost





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Education Coach Mrs Kim's story time of the 3 sons who fell from the horse and died was interesting story! Does she want some of the parents to fall from their high horses in Sky Castle!



I did not realize Chani's label mate made guest appearance until after I ended wathching the episodes!


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Original Article: [star news] 'SKY Castle' Yeom Jungah, Knifed By Song Geonhee.. "Relieved That Kim Seohyung Is Safe"



Original Article: [star news] 'SKY Castle' Yeom Jungah, Knifed By Song Geonhee.. "Relieved That Kim Seohyung Is Safe"

1. +808, -7 A character like Kim Seohyung who does anything to raise grades is the scariest... The actors' acting is the best ㅋ
2. +495, -7 Noh Seunghye's 2 sons are so cool
3. +416, -2 Kim Hyena is Jung Junho's daughter ???????????
4. +129, -0 Wow..... Relieving stress by stealing.........
5. +110, -1 Whenever Yeom Jungah's mother in law shows up... Jung Aeri's acting gives me goosebumps~~~
6.+98, -2 Is Hyena Jung Junho's daughter..?? This drama is so fun ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
7.+56, -1 Daebak is Hyena Jung Junho's daughter? And Lee Yeonsoo (hyena's mother) is Jung Junho's first love???


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[SKY Castle] Ep 5 spoilers, Yum Jung Ah x Lee Tae Ran x Yoon Se Ah

Posted on Friday, December 7, 2018

Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yeom Jung Ah pays to cover up her daughter's shoplifting acts... Lee Tae Ran 'furious' 

1. [+1521,-17]
Ye Seo's mother who is raising her children with a twisted mind~ These children will go astray for a long time when they start going astray... The mothers and children appearing in Sky Castle.. everyone is so good at acting. It's nice to watch it. 

2. [+1044,-8]
Yoon Se Ah came from a good family and school. But her husband has been putting her down. I hope she divorces and live happily with her children!

3. [+859,-13]
I'm looking at Yum Jung Ah in a new light. I didn't know that she's so good at acting. 

4. [+721,-7]
How can you be a parent but call that a kind of stress reliever and overlook that..? I'm having goosebumps thinking that it might happen in real life too.. 

5. [+594,-7]
Wow, seriously. Every episode gives me goosebumps..... This is the most interesting drama recently. 

6. [+313,-18]
Are you watching this, the scriptwriter and actors of Boyfriend? This is what you call high quality drama and acting.. 

7. [+260,-9]
I'm scared of the people who said that they can relate to Yum Jung Ah. She's saying that her child stealing is only a stress reliever and she lied about her job and school as a parent. How can anyone be able to relate to that?? 

8. [+237,-4]
You can find Lee Tae Ran annoying, and say that she should respect how others educate their children.... But this is cultivating criminals. How can you do nothing... If they live on their own on Mars, probably.. But this is going to hurt other people.. This isn't annoying, but it's helping them learn from mistakes. People who call her annoying needs to reflect. 

9. [+231,-1]
Hye Na is Jung Joon Ho's daughter?? 


Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yum Jung Ah wounded by Song Geon Hee's knife.. "A relief that Kim Seo Hung is fine" 

1. [+1204,-11]
Kim Seo Hyung's character seems really scary since she uses whatever methods and tactics she can to raise her student's grades... The actors have amazing acting skills. 

2. [+817,-8]
Yum Jung Ah who's taking Ye Seo's mother role~ She's acting well without any flaws. 

3. [+722,-8]
Noh Seung Hye's sons are cool. 

4. [+567,-4]
Kim Hye Na is Jung Joon Ho's daughter?????? 

5. [+442,-9]
No acting holes among the actors playing as their children. Wow. 

6. [+261,-1]
Today's summary. 1. Study room destroyed. 2. Hye Na is Jung Joon Ho's daughter. 

7. [+251,-0]
I thought he was going to cut Yoon Se Ah's hair with the scissors. ㅋㅋ But the cards. ㅋㅋ This drama is a black comedy. 

8. [+216,-17]
Yum Jung Ah's acting skills is no joke. She's supposed to be a villain no matter how I look. But I got attached to her and found Lee Tae Ran frustrating instead. I begin thinking from Yum Jung Ah's point of view. This is really daebak.. It's my first time being amazed while watching.

9. [+202,-7]
The fact that there are people saying that Lee Tae Ran is annoying is evidence of how sick the society is, isn't that it? 


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Rating eps 5! It reach 7,5% again! Congrats Sky Castle stays on high rating, hope it will rise more on eps 6, since... there are new secret!! Owaahh.. Professor Kang and Hyena's mom, what is their past secret? I think they were lover?? :blink:


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2 hours ago, marrez1 said:

But who is the lead actress, lead character?

Does it really matter? But I think it's Yum Jung-Ah (Han Seo-Jin). I think this will be like Desperate Housewives were all the moms are the main actresses of the drama. 


20 hours ago, angelbeast90 said:

I did not realize Chani's label mate made guest appearance until after I ended wathching the episodes!

Actually aside from Chani there's another actor from FNC, he's Jo Jae-Yun (Woo Yang-Woo), the suck-up father/doctor.

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this is my first time to write comment on online drama forum. But this drama is so awesome and I couldn let this pass just by reading the others comments.

i wont review the actors performance because we all know that all senior actor is the best and even the child actor got so much praise from the audience.


What triggers me the most was the writternim's idea to convey a drama about education system. Sky castle reflect how poisoned education system in south korea. I am not from SK but Ive seen many SK student life documentaries and its worried me to see student have to study  from 07.30 am till 5 pm in public school and still have to continue their studies till 11 pm in private education. They do that because of tight competition to be accepted in prestigious universities SKY(Seoul National - Korea Uni and Yonsei) woow i just realize its just coincidence that the acronym of these univ same with our drama title or it is the writernim clever way to bring the satire even from the title ??? hohoho
They believes if you got accepted in those univ, you guaranteed to have brilliant carrier in big company. its so sad that their bloody effort only dream to be employee. all this sickening happen because korean society judge people based from their job and look. Korean society circle be like this : studied hard ,got SKY universities, become employee in hyundai, samsung, LG, or other big companies, with this background you will get handsome/pretty partner and your mother in law will smilingly accept you. No wonder SK parents will push their child to be good at studies and they tend to forget to ask what their child actually wanna do. all this pressure is lead SK to be number 2 highest suicide rate in the world.


I hope with an increase in the rating, it means more people in SK watch this drama and for those parents who watch this drama will become open minded with their child's dream. No matter what your neighbor said, what your in law thinking, your friends see, Your child happines is above anything !




Edited by nurrulha
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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬 - Fri & Sat @ 23:00 KST

Just finished the sub. OMG I clap my hand. Yep,  I'll keep on saying best drama currently airing. High quality!


And wow.. I'll start with the last scene  ooooh my geeeee! another revelation could be Hye Na is JS daughter?! I need to watch the sub. I'm waiting tomorrow!



Okay... so for this ep 5.  HSJ... lets see how tough she can be if same thing  to happen to her family.  If she will eat her own  words.  She traded her soul to the devil. YJ is the proof, but still she's greedy. At the expense of Yeh Suh. Sure it's all for her daughter's future, YS wanted to get to SNU. For reputation, for bragging, for  the ego so nothing wrong with that. But HSJ doing this  really because she's afraid to lose reputation,  losing her ego, and she cannot brag to  others and especially to the  mother in law.  if YS fails. And this..one slip of tongue from LSI that HSJ is poor orphan girl growing up climbing social ladder. That she lied, she will be an outcast.


My favorite part when the study room was torn down by NSH and when CMH saw it for the first time. ! Yeah!  I salute the musical scorer for this excellent drama


OMG! You cannot hear me laugh my socks off but I am! God that satisfied laugh I have. I dead as* laugh seeing the scene on Professor Cha's face entering the now defunct study room!  Go eat dust you bast*rd! And the music match that whiny cry with that expression on his face! *evil laugh* lest we forget this is actually satire, a black comedy  but from the onset it's been dark and serious.


It's time that NSH take control and  and protect her sons from the temperamental domineering husband. They better get divorced. You know who would be a good match NSH and JJS instead  And speaking of JJS, if Hye Na is his daughter with the first love,  that explains why she can afford to study in the prep school along with sky castle kids.


I'm so excited. I haven't checked the raw cos I want  the sub.



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[SKY Castle] Ep 6 spoilers, Yum Jung Ah x Lee Tae Ran x Yoon Se Ah x Oh Na Ra

Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Jung Joon Ho unable to forget his first love.. blames Yum Jung Ah, "It's all because of you" 

1. [+1000,-8]
Yum Jung Ah~ Of all actresses who had joined Miss Korea, her acting stands out the most... The kid Ye Bin shows stable acting too. 

2. [+792,-5]
It's spicy flavor for today~~ Jing Ramyeon. 

3. [+524,-19]
The kid acting as Lee Tae Ran's son, I think he's growing up well... His acting in Signal is good. He's a child actor I'm paying attention to, he's cool. 

4. [+440,-9]
Jung Joon Ho's family is funny and pitiful. Both father and daughter are taking turns to create a scene. ㅋㅋ

5. [+285,-5]
Ah, Pa Gook ahjussi's [t/n: Kim Byung Chul from Goblin] sons are so cute. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  It seems like his second son has the same temper as him. The fact that they are holding back because they don't want their mother to get hurt is so funny. And no matter how much their father wants them to compete with each other, they still continue to maintain a good relationship with each other. That's so pretty to see. The two of them being lovey-dovey with their mother is the cutest thing to see. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ♥

6. [+178,-3]
There are no supporting characters in this drama. Even the coordi has her own story and her character makes sense! The scriptwriter is daebak.

7. [+170,-2]
Is it K.. Seeing him acting insane gives me goosebumps... 

8. [+141,-3]
I'm too used to seeing Pa Gook ahjussi being angry or glaring at someone. Now, it seems awkward to see him if he's not angry. 


Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yum Jung Ah's daughter runs away from home... reads the tablet like a Pandora's box 'shock'  

1. [+2709,-20]
Yoon Se Ah's character's lines were delivered calmly, it's clear and soft. That made it impactful. Really, I get why this drama is so popular these days... 

2. [+2180,-19]
Today's touching point is Oh Na Ra saying sincere words while lying on the bed with her son.. Refreshing point is Yoon Se Ah winning the bet with her husband and is now responsible for both her sons.. Sad point is Ye Bin went into Lee Tae Ran's embrace and burst into tears... Shocking point is K's appearance..

3. [+1126,-42]
I think the coordi for entrance exams, Kim Seo Hyung hates prestigious families and wants to take revenge. 

4. [+847,-13]
Spicy flavor for today. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I felt so bad when Ye Bin cried. Who is K? I'm looking forward to next week's episode too. 

5. [+367,-0]
Those words that Oh Na Ra said while hugging her son is what mothers usually feel.. 

6. [+360,-3]
Today's golden lines. 1. It's spicy flavor for today. 2. Why did you become a doctor? My mother told me to. Today's so fun too. ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+297,-2]
Yoon Se Ah, "It's spicy flavor for today." ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Pa Gook ahjussi's acting matches so well. Ah, why is this drama so interesting? 

8. [+281,-1]
The people acting as children here are so good at acting. In other dramas, there are times where the children break the flow. But in here, it feels like the people acting as children are leading the show.. 




(3. [+524,-19]
The kid acting as Lee Tae Ran's son, I think he's growing up well... His acting in Signal is good. He's a child actor I'm paying attention to, he's cool. ) Proud fan Fantasy :joy::thumbsup:

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congrats for the highest rating SKY Castle!! This is really great drama! I'm watching some spoiler clips and the stories development is getting intense. 


3 hours ago, jongski said:

My favorite part when the study room was torn down by NSH and when CMH saw it for the first time. ! Yeah!  I salute the musical scorer for this excellent drama

Yess.. that scene is make me laugh out loud, so overdramatic, kudos for the actors, anyway Cha's family story is the interesting one, imo, and Cha Kijoon is being my fave kids so far because of his strong and rebel personality.

Aniway someone mention on twitter that the bgm use in mother scene is from classical composed "Thus Spoke Zaratusthra", woww it's so good at quip the previous Nietzsche thing on the Omphalos book club. :w00t:

I do patiently waiting for sub to watch eps6 no need to rush to enjoy the story. :wub:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬

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