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[Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬


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HSJ xJJS (children YB, YS)

LSI x HCY (child WJ - Chani's character)

NSH x CMH (children KJ. SJ)

JJH x WYW (children  YJ, 14) same age as YB,  normal ones, besides WJ.

LMJx PSH (child YJ- his mother committed suicide)


I clap my hands. Best one currently airing. I  just finished episode 3  and another good episode. Philosophical discussion during their book club meet, children  once again forced and shoved ideas to them by the adults spurned by greed and reputation to never fail to be best to achieve the apex of success at the expense of the youngsters and moral decline so to speak.


Talking about Nietzsche and self appreciation and  YS being that narcissist student that she interpreted  Nietzsche philosophy as something like  the power of self appreciation and having an enemy worth resenting. And the youngsters can't help but smirk and roll their eyes ( cos  they know how she is). YS resets Hyena (Kim Bora's character) She said she is her true friend (in all earnest fakeness) because through Hyena she will accomplished ubermensch. Ha! I have no idea what it means. But WJ countered this  understanding of hers by explaining how he understood the book ( some parts of it) he said....


"Thugs fight in the alleways and boxers fight in the ring. Nietzsche didn't differentiate alleyways, rings or sandboxes I think he's a philosopher who served an uppercut to all fields of human existence.  If you love you fate as it is, and think positively, then even without  thinking of using a friend to better yourself, you can overcome boundaries and become someone amazing. That's the notion of ubermensch"


But CMH agreeing with what YS said power is good, weak is evil that there those who needs to obey.  This domineering jerk! It led LSI to mutter  the book club discussion is utter comedy. She was observing everything and noticed the children are forced to endure this book discussion. CMH said it help the children for long essays. She noticed how the  the children had to sit the while the adults forced their ideas that  should be fed to them. That trong way to  let them understand the philosophies and the books they read  that it's  feels more like a lecture  forcing their ideas (Yeah you tell them, LS! put him  in his own shoes!) So now the HSJ and WJW wants her out of that book club ( which really isn't book club but lectures and shoving ideas  to children).  I like that she spoke her mind about it that she's not someone they can looked down upon even if she was the new neighbor and they hardly know.


cr: alin



Also this episode LSI is not WJ biological mom it seems? Or did I interpret that wrong? When LSI and hubby HCY was  inside the room and heard them laughing JJH said  "mom, do you hear that? Dad's laughing. You don't have to worry now. Dad and I are both doing well."


 HJS is cunning uppity determined to have YS succeed and go to SNU. plus she's scared of her mother in law and if she fails, it's going to destroy everything she worked for after climbing up the social status of wealthy. LSI and HSJ  were both  raised in the orphanage. but this was revealed already in ep 2. LSI actually recognized her (ep 2) but she SJ pretended, she doesn't know  what's LSI is talking.  The end scene brought  that flashback  at orphanage, the way HSJ talked back and got mad LSI, instantly recognized her. This is where SJ is scare because she doesn't want anybody finding out that she was not born with silver spoon, that she was an orphan. she'll lose her social status and this is her flaw. You can imagine what the mother in law will do to her. Even the husband.


As for the children. YS is the smart aleck one. I like her. While one ofd the twins, SJ is the most vulnerable amongst the children.  He could be the second YJ. His dad is creepy dominant CMH. He continues the constant pressure for that scholastic achievement and being on top. I feel a violent nature if the twins fail. SJ is more fragile than KJ it seems. He asked SJ what his thoughts are. CMH shutting down his explanation saying it's weak. LSI observed this.


NMH I feel scared for her. Hubby CMH seems to have authoritative angry side. But I like that she loves her sons and she's not high handed on them unlike HJS. But you know I feel the need to  make sure YS gets into med school SNU is show the mother in law she's not failure that she deserves whatever her status and place  in her wealthy circle.


I haven't seen episode 4 raw so... but HSJ doesn't want her past known. She better be on the good side of LSI. Her husband is irritated at her too.


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Yep. I say again best current drama out there. Mature actors  and terrific acting.


 I always feel SJ is the most fragile after what happened to YJ.  Meanwhile WJ and YB mentally strong ones.

That psycho dad domineering CMH is creepy


cr kdhth



My favorite! Yeh Bin.

cr: writers 02





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Hallo, im bit boring and stressful after Beauty Inside drama end, and give it a try for Sky Castle after some review on twitter and bamm.. i lovee this drama. This is my cup of tea, the veteran actors is guarantee of good acting skills, and the storyline it self, soo interesting and intriguing, there are ambition and prestige.

Im on eps 3 and feel soo engaging so far, i will stan this drama from now on. :D 

I'll give much love to these beautiful and gracious rich wives :wub:


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Omg.. just watch eps 4 aand.. it gives me feels.. and chills.. so much feels,, oh what will happens next... this drama is gold! Oh please soompiers notice this drama, what will bring next, there are secret and lies, and hidden mistery, ugh the bgm is give you goosebumps right. This show is remind me of Big Little Lies, the main characters are powerful but fragile, and the kids too. I'm waiting for next development of the kids stories, they are awesome. Kang yi seuh is so annoying and selfish.. hhh... 

Sorry i'm not good at writing thought in english, just hoping this thread will more lively in the following week because SKY Castle is really really good!!! :heart:

Eps 5 Preview 


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Watched the first 3 episodes and I'm enjoying it a lot. It reminds me a lot of 'Heard it Through the Grapevine' (a brilliant hilarious heavy well acted drama). I adore the new mom. Her personality is much like my own. I believe in happiness, well being, individual thought, and mental health above everything. All the education, money, status, prestige; is meaningless if you are miserable. The first family is a prime example. Everyone thought they were the perfect family. On the outside they looked happy. Gorgeous mom, doctor wife, son accepted SNU medical school as desired, but he hated himself and his life. His dad was verbally and physically abusive, mom was no better in that she was silently complicit and gave consent so long as he achieved their dream. It's no wonder she ended up taking her own life (I wouldn't be surprised if the son and father end up doing the same).


I feel bad for the bob-haired wife. She is living the exact same life with her worthless, arrogant, and selfish husband. She needs to take her sons and get out before it's too late. They still go some good in them (the Elsa scene was so cute) but it's only a matter of time.The lead daughter is such a brat. Truck of doom should do us all a favor. I understand ambition and that she wants to succeed to please her mother and stick to a grandmother who all her life perhaps has made her feel inferior because she wasn't born a son; but that doesn't excuse her nasty behavior and attitude.


She thinks she is above everything and everyone, is pretentious, and has her nose so far up her own richard simmons. Is SNU medical school something she truly wants or what she feels she has to do to please her mother and such? Once she gets it, then what? With her attitude and selfishness; she bound to end up like all the other mothers on the block, living meaningless doll house life. I so hope the new family does not get influenced from the skiers and their happy life isn't turned into one of misery. The mom and her son are so cute together and unlike almost every couple, she and her husband share a bed (it's interesting that everyone but the comic relief family have separate bed like something out of a 40's movie), actually talk, seem to respect one another, and are happy. I want them to stay happy and true to themselves and their values for the entirety of the drama. 


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 I called it. Ha. Previous page I said this is gonna be one of the best drama for 2018.  So I finished episode 4.  My choice has never failed me. Every episode is excellent.


Coach Kim's charisma.


It emanates power and class in a way that even the elite ones has to beg her, kneel to her, go to here just so the SJ KJ, YS  can be tutored. She's got 100% rate of getting student   admitted to SNU. And that's the goal they shove at their children at the expense of becoming mentally pressured. Coach Kim warned and reminded HSJ about the outcome that may happen to YS and to her and to family, that YS may turn out to be another YJ and HSJ like the the mother who killed herself.


CMH is monstrosity.


He pushes his sons so hard  to succeed and climb the pyramid.attaining success and rank, which he still dreams  not by pushing himself but by using NSH father as a stepping stone. He blamed the in law when everything did not do well. CMH father was just a dry goods cleaner.  NSH is the one with the money not him. Her father was a congressman,  So he's like the male version of HSJ. ashamed of their father's work, poor and wants to climb social ladder, in his case the pyramid atop where everyone will obey and follow his command -aka power.  He wanted to be president! he used NSH father in law but that did not happen. So he's venting that to the children.


HSJ and CMH method of self validation using their children as tools is harsh thing. They both of inferiority complex venting anger and  and shoving and forcing ideals to their children in method that is bound to become a tragedy if it continues. I said previous post SJ is the fragile one amongst the children. That scene in the soundproofed study room was scary as it mentally abusing  them. SJ took so long to answer complex equation. That psycho constantly pressuring. SJ was in tears, the fear in his eyes as tears fell reminding him what he needs to do how to achieve that power. I wanted to kick CMH  solar plexus!


I like NSH!


She's very protective of her boys. That is what mother does. I'm not going to be surprised if she leaves that psycho husband. If something goes wrong, I fear for them. She wanted for her sons to succeed and get to SNU too but at least her method is better than how CMH does it (he's the one tutoring them-he believes he's the best, pfft! in the end  NSH convinced him to go to KJY). I like how KYJ shut him down during the tour of the boys study room..serves him right!)


My favorite scene!!




YB YJ and the classmates  stomping their feet atop table with sparkles laughing enjoying freedom from the stress of rigid class, the children deserves this fun. I wish SJ KJ WJ and yes even YS could have joined them. Free from the shackles of the adults constant pressure. YB is smart. We know from episode 2 she was planning something hence he as YJ to be his minion, on cram school when they were given  snack break they went to the convenience store and shop lift some chips. Shop lifting is delinquent offense. LSI saw the misdemeanor act and was shock. LSI saw the children  laughing and carefree. Of course she's going to do something about that.




 Watching the preview for episode 5. it's going to be another excellent one. YB ran away. YJ came back and NSH fiercely protecting her boys! Another week to wait for this  high quality drama.


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[SPOILERS!!!][SKY Castle Roundup] Episode 3 + 4

Nationwide ratings for episode 3: 5.186% (cr. Nielsen Korea)
1. [+2710, -44] This is a really crazy drama... The writer-nim is at least the master of endings 
2. [+1912, -54] But still the thing that gives comfort is that it was written in the official character description that Lee Tae Ran's role is the person who breaks down SKY Castle. I would've been sad if she came out as the role that went into SKY Castle and compromised and ruined her child and family
3. [+1876, -31] The girl who plays Ye Seo's little sister really matches the role ㅋㅋ Whenever she says stinging things, she explodes with charm ㅎ
4. [+1377, -37] It's so fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The story is also really tightly-knitted, the directing is good, and above all, the actors' acting is a masterpiece 
5. [+913, -27] Because actors who are good at acting are giving an enthusiastic performance, the immersion is also totally great.... ㅋ
Nationwide ratings for episode 4: 7.496% (cr. Nielsen Korea)
1. [+2052, -36] No what's with the CCTV, I want to rewatch it, take a screenshot and zoom into it - seriously ㅠㅠㅠ Young Jae at the end, Yum Jung Ah's chilling laugh, this drama is crazy ㅠㅠ How am I supposed to wait until next week 
2. [+1491, -46] The scene where Ye Bin stole the chips, it seemed like it's a way for those kids to break away from their suffocation of living.
3. [+1390, -29] When Kim Seo Hyung scolded the demise ahjusshi, it was hella cider (t/n: When people mention cider (e.g. drinks like Sprite) for dramas, they mean the plot development is refreshing and concludes the episode's plot line and for "demise ahjusshi", they're talking about Kim Byung Chul and his character in 'Goblin', here's the scene - X)
4. [+1295, -34] While you're installing soundproof... why don't you learn how to play the drums ㅋㅋㅋ
1. [+1885, -28] Wow... It started with 1.7% for the first episode but the ratings rose three times by episode 2 and it rose four times by episode 4, 7.5%~~~~~ㄷㄷ Because there's nothing to talk richard simmons about their acting abilities, they're on a roll~ But to be honest, the driving force of these ratings is Kim Jung Nan who left after episode 2 and Yum Jung Ah supported it well~ ㅎ

2. [+1405, -25] It's a drama that shows us that it's not just the actors who are important but it's the story and the script that's the most important, even if top stars aren't coming out because the capability of strong acting abilities and a strong script met, the progress of the ratings is increasing like crazy ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1155, -22] Yum Jung Ah is at the level of Kim Hye Soo and Jeon Do Yeon but I wonder why she kept on being undervalued. 'A Tale of Two Sisters', 'The Big Swindle', 'The Mimic' and even 'Intimate Strangers', seriously she was able to perfectly assimilate into the character and she consistently showed her bold acting, people like her need to succeed more

4. [+977, -16] I really like the actors' acting, even the child actors! I enjoy watching it


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Best scene and my favorite.

 Breaking the norm and conformity expected of them and wanting that freedom from suffocation of elitism.


SJ is the fragile one WJ is the smart mentally strong one. But I feel something sad about him. Eventually.




sc ctto


The monster in the middle. NSH said husband got inferiority complex. CHM the son of dry goods man. He though he can have that power by having a congress man father in law but NSH  hit that sore spot.Good! This jerk venting his anger  to his sons. Despite his title  and social status, he didn't get that power he  was aiming for. Thank goodness NSH protecting her sons. She wants her sons to be a success too and get accepted at SNU but one thing is sure, she will not allow for her sons  to be threatened by the wrongful methods of CHM. Because mother's duty is to be there for their children and ensure success in life, but also protect them.




I like how they can smile and they're relax when not with CMH.






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It's been years since I've been active here in Soompi. I think the last drama I was really active in was Reply 1988. Sky Castle makes me want to be active here again because it really is a good drama to discuss and share POVs. I admit I checked out this drama because of Chani (yes, I am a fan of his group), but after watching it's first episode, I realized that I'm hooked. I like all the actors, no one is irritating me with bad acting. The story is solid and there are a lot of things to reflect with in this drama since I'm also a mom of two kids. 


Each family has their own dynamics. I called the Kang Family the pretenders. The Dad JS is pretending to be this cool person, unaffected by things around him but in reality he is ambitious and wants to be the head of the hospital. Mom, SJ is the most pretentious one to the point that she changed her name and wants to forget her past. YS is pretending to be this above everything girl but in reality she insecure and thus she wants to have the best tutors and everything. YB is also pretending to be a rebel because all she wants is to be noticed by her mom who is just focused on her sister.


Now let's go to the Hwang family, my favorite family. I call them the ideal family. They are actually far from being perfect. SI is not the biological mom of WJ as discussed earlier. So we can say that the reason why they know how to value a person is because WY and WJ lost someone important to them. They have been through a heartache and they have survived it. We can also see how WJ goes the extra mile to make SI feel that she's really part of the family. He appreciates her plants and even joined in the book club when SI didn't even tell him to join. WY is naturally a good person since we've seen him discuss the interns situation with the president. I love that SI is not a pushover but someone who says what she wants and stands up for what she believes in.


Now to the Cha family aka the broken family. It's almost perfect but the Dad, MH is just terrible. He is so ambitious that when he can't get what he wants, he demands his kids to get it for him. I know he is driven but he's too obsessed to become the top person. It's a good thing his wife somehow balances it for him. She does all she can to save the souls of her twins CSJ and CKJ. The boys are nice because of their mom but somehow broken because of their dad. CSJ has insecurities that he tends to get attracted to the person he thinks is superior (YS). CKJ is already acting out because of his dad's weirdness.


The last family, the Woo family or the suck-ups. They are the comedic relief of the drama but sucking up to whoever authority they are currently facing. From the father YW who sucks up to JS, JH to SJ and their son YJ to YB. They may be suck ups but at least their family is a more ideal than the Kangs and Chas. 


I'm looking forward to this drama. I'm intrigued with what the coach was watching while SJ is begging her to tutor her daughter again.

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5 hours ago, cooleet said:

Now let's go to the Hwang family, my favorite family. I call them the ideal family. They are actually far from being perfect. SI is not the biological mom of WJ as discussed earlier.

oh really?? i must miss that part. which episode the fact was mention? so she's not wojoo real mom? does his real mom died or divorce from dad?

i'm still in the stage of memorize characters names. to memorize kids names first is easy since the moms/dads always called by their kids name. :D

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On 12/5/2018 at 2:33 PM, Nanana85 said:

oh really?? i must miss that part. which episode the fact was mention? so she's not wojoo real mom? does his real mom died or divorce from dad?

i'm still in the stage of memorize characters names. to memorize kids names first is easy since the moms/dads always called by their kids name. :D

I know right.  There are 5 families here. LSI is not WJ biological mother. I mentioned it already atop the page post. This is the reason why I said I feel sad story from WJ from previous post.  Below is the families  I included Young Jae's family there though the mom committed suicide. Hope it helps.


HSJ xJJS (children Yeh Bin, Ye Suh) 

The one who begged coach Kim, grew up poor  and stayed in in the orphanage


LSI x HCY (child Woo Jin - Chani's character)

LSI is not biological mother of WJ.  grew up in the orphanage with  HSJ


NSH x CMH (children Ki Joon  Su Joon ) 

The  wife and mother who will protect her sons at all cost.her father is a congressman


JJH x WYW (child Woo Soo Han same age as YB 14 yrs old) 

The one with rich father and she idolizes HSJ, her husband is the wimpy doctor.


LMJx PSH (child Young Jae )

His mother committed suicide.The father worked at same hospital with JJS WYW but left after wife's death.




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Thanks Soompi. Deserve recognition for these young actors. It's like de javu when JTBC aired Solomon's Perjury 2 years ago and we saw the impressive acting of the  then young rookie stars ( Seo Ji Hoon, Seo Young Joo, Jang Dong Yoon..etc).


And now these young rookie actors.


The character names:

Top l-r: Ye Suh Woo Jin. Hyena Young Jae

Bottom l-r:  Suh Joon Ki Joon Yeh Bin Yoo Jin.


Young And Rookie Actors Impress Viewers With Their Talent In “SKY Castle”

Dec 5, 2018
by C. Hong

The young and rookie actors in JTBC’s “SKY Castle” have been stealing the show!


The JTBC drama tells the story of a luxury apartment building in suburban Seoul, where ambitious women try to raise their children like princes and princesses.




In particular, the young cast, Kim Hye Yoon, SF9’s Chani, Kim Bo Ra, Kim Dong Hee, Jo Byung Kyu, Lee Ji Won, Lee Yoo Jin, and Song Geon Hee, have been impressing viewers with their solid acting talent. These actors broke through a competitive 1 in 200 ratio in auditions to win their parts.


Kim Hye Yoon, Chani, and Kim Bo Ra have left an impression with their unique characters and the rivalry between them. Kim Hye Yoon plays Yum Jung Ah‘s eldest daughter, who is obsessed with the goal of getting into Seoul National University. Chani plays Lee Tae Ran‘s son, who is loved by everyone because of his kind appearance but also has a strong ambitious streak. Kim Bo Ra plays a studious and kind girl who has to take care of her ill mother but doesn’t lose hope.


Kim Dong Hee and Jo Byung Kyu play the twin sons of Yoon Se Ah‘s character. Although they have different personalities, they take care of each other and are generally lovable characters. Even when their father is yelling at them about their test scores, they speak up in defence of their mother and say, “I really don’t like watching my mom get yelled at.”


Lee Ji Won plays Yum Jung Ah’s second daughter, while Lee Yoo Jin plays the son of Oh Na Ra. These youngest members of “SKY Castle” frequently incur the wrath of their mothers because they have no interest at all in studying. However, they are characters that the audience can relate to.


Finally, Song Geon Hee shocked audiences from the very first week of “SKY Castle” in his role as Kim Jung Nan‘s son. Although he was accepted into Seoul National University’s medical school and was the ideal son of the entire apartment building, he secretly dreamed of gruesome revenge against his parents.


The young cast has gained acclaim for the way they portray the complicated interior life of children and teenagers growing up in a high-pressure situation. Although they live in the same building, they all have their own unique personalities that frequently clash in unexpected ways. When their ambition hits the wall of cold, harsh reality, how will their true selves be revealed? That is the main question of “SKY Castle’s” second generation.


“SKY Castle” airs every Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. KST.



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