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[Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬


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5 hours ago, Friendly kitty said:

That's right, in normal countries, parents simply pay bribes so that their children go to prestigious universities. But Korea is different. There, parents put pressure on their children so much, they scoff at them so much that the horror ... No, I am sure that in other countries there is one too, but in Korea it’s still more common.:tears: What they showed us in the drama.


Hi kitty.  I'm curious.  If found out, are these rich parents in South Korea indicted?  Lori Loughlin and the other parents are looking at jail time for their participation.  William Singer (he would be Kim Joo Young in the drama) who earned $65 million from the scam, could face up to 65 years in jail.  His co-conspirators have all been indicted.  


If Han Seo Jin in the drama lived in the States, she would definitely be indicted.  In the drama, HSJ did not, so, I'm assuming that South Korea don't indict the parents.  What she did to her daughter would be considered child abuse (she''s been programming her daughter since she was 4 years old) as well as child endangerment (I'm not sure with this because KYS was already in high school).  HSJ was aware that KHN may have been killed but did not report the crime immediately.  Had her daughter showed no sign of stress, she probably would have kept the crime a secret and allow the crime to go unpunished.  So, I did not really buy into her overnight "repentance."  KJY was right when she called out HSJ as being equally guilty in the last episode.  What is heartbreaking is KYS suffered the brunt of her action.  She was expelled as a result, she may not even be accepted in med school while her mother, the perpetrator, went scot free.


Tutor Kim did not get out of jail.  I think the last scene was the writer's way of saying that people like KJY would always be around as long as there are parents like HSJ.


It's just sad to know that parents in South Korea put tremendous pressure on their children.  

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20 hours ago, sheherizade3 said:

Hi kitty.  I'm curious.  If found out, are these rich parents in South Korea indicted? 


I am sure that they are being accused. Both parents and students. Take for example the situation of the drama. Here Ye Seo had to leave school after everything was discovered. And if she entered the university unfairly, then probably she would have to pay fines, and parents would have to answer for a bribe ...

It’s worth remembering how many idols have recently been accused of being unfairly enrolled in universities. With the daughter of the president of the former the same thing was ...

20 hours ago, sheherizade3 said:

Tutor Kim did not get out of jail.  I think the last scene was the writer's way of saying that people like KJY would always be around as long as there are parents like HSJ.

But for this it was enough to show a new family, which entered the house next door to the heroes. No wonder the viewers focused on the fact that the child has a lot of books and then his mother was shocked by the conversation with the neighbors at the table ... She thought that everything here is just thinking about school, and here everything is not as it was before.:rolleyes:


Therefore, the appearance of the tutor Kim is completely incomprehensible ...

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On 3/13/2019 at 4:01 PM, sheherizade3 said:

The finale was, for me, a bit disappointing.  It was too neatly tied in a bow considering the horrendous circumstances that resulted in the death of Kim Hye Na.  Han Seo Jin keeping KHN's identity from her husband, her cruelty towards KHN, her complicity in the cover up of the leaked test questions that led to KHN's death was unforgivable (even if at the end, she relented and reported the crime to the police).  Her actions warranted her husband leaving her.  Kang Joon Sang did not exhibit enough remorse after he learned that he killed his own daughter.  He shed a few tears, promptly went back to his amoral wife and played happy family with their daughters.  Resigning from his job to assuage his guilt was not enough to compensate for his throwing out his daughter from the OR.  Instead of his colleagues asking him to stay, they should have condemned his action.  Afterall, who wants to have a doctor who makes critical decisions based on political gain?  At best, he was a mediocre doctor with a trail of complaints from his patients.


I finally made time to watch this drama. It was better than I thought it would be, however, the ending was a bit disappointing for me.  


@sheherizade3, you basically took the words out of my mouth with your post. I can't see a husband staying with a woman who purposely let him kill his daughter by keeping her mouth shut. I don't see how his last minutes with his daughter will ever leave his mind as he sent her to her death....his wife is also to blame.


The one line where I thought the assistant to the "Coach" has lost his freaking mind, is when he told her as she was about to be captured, that he would never leave her because he had been on drugs and she helped him. WTH?!! You rather be an accomplice to murder than on drugs?  


Lastly, these kids where spoiled and disobedient to the end. Although the grandmother was out of control, the kids being so disrespectful wasn't satisfying at all; it was quite disappointing.


The story was captivating for sure. Just wish the writer had kept it more realistic towards the end. 

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November 6, 2019

2019 Proves JTBC as Drama Kingdom


Source:  Joynews via HanCinema.net




JTBC dramas showed strength in the year 2019, starting with"SKY Castle", which is famous for the line "Can you handle it?" and caused a sensation in the year 2019, as well as "Be Melodramatic", which targeted the 20-40 viewer age range.


According to surveys, "SKY Castle" is the Best Drama of 2019 with 64 votes, "The Light in Your Eyes" comes next with 38 votes and "Be Melodramatic" is last with 26 votes. What draws attention is that they are all jTBC dramas. JTBC has proved its reputation as the Drama Kingdom.


The jTBC Drama Headquarters told Joy News 24 that they are thankful to those who picked jTBC and watched its dramas. Despite other great dramas from other broadcasting stations, they are overwhelmed by the results and entirely thankful.


These results reflect the high trust the viewers have in jTBC. JTBC has been broadcasting dramas of solid quality and unique fun, therefore increasing the trust the viewers have in the station.


The jTBC DHQ says, "It's hard to predict the viewers' reactions in the process of making the drama, so we're always careful. Regardless of source and variety there is a bond within the company, to encourage diverse creators' diverse creativity. We have been able to form an identity not only thanks to the dramas with high viewing rates, but also thanks to dramas with other merits".




"SKY Castle", which was the most voted for, killed two birds with one stone by gaining high viewing percentage and popularity, causing a 'Castle syndrome'. In the SKY Castle where 0.1% of the rich live together, "SKY Castle" is a real-comic satirical drama that takes a close look at the gruesome desires of wives from wealthy families who want to raise their husbands as kings and their children as princes and princesses. It started off with 1%, but ended with 23%, and every episode created a famous line and scene. The drama created 'life characters' for the cast and even when the character Hye-na (Kim Bo-ra) died, there was an issue with the spoiler about the killer.


"SKY Castle" started weak, but ended with pride, and it's a rare case of a 'successful drama' in the drama industry, according to jTBC DHQ. "The intensity of the entrance exam war between children from the 0.1% of the rich, the solid scenario, the performance of the cast, and the unique atmospheric sensitivity of the drama helped to create intense immersion. The desire that everyone has to a certain extent also matched with the adult female viewers".


"As for the Drama Headquarters, the high viewer ratings that no one expected gave a boost of confidence and inspiration for a new project, but on the other hand, the recorded ratings will not easily be exceeded for the time being, which also gives an opportunity for a new beginning".




"The Light in Your Eyes", which came in second place, is about a woman who loses all her time before she can use it up and a man who gives up all of his radiant moments and lives a lethargic life. It stars Han Ji-min, Kim Hye-ja, Nam Joo-hyuk, Ahn Nae-sang and Lee Jung-eun. Their perfect performance in the drama earned it the title 'an unforgettable drama' and Kim Hye-ja was chosen the 'Best Drama Actress of 2019'.


JTBC DHQ commented, "The immersion for Kim Hye-ja's role was touching on its own. From the way she spoke as a woman in her 20s to an Alzheimer's patient in her 80s, the efforts she put into acting her whole life were reflected through this drama".




"Be Melodramatic", which came in 3rd place, stayed in the 1% ratings range the whole time, but it reflected PD Lee Byeong-heon-I's unique characteristics and the outstanding performance of the actors. The viewers absolutely loved the drama and even demanded the production of a second season. Even the cast members expressed that they wanted a second season. It was a chance to realize that viewing percentage isn't everything. The jTBC DHQ said, "We were quite surprised at the response we got. We feel the 'world of their own' displayed by the PD, the writer and the cast was realistic, lovely and even hopeful. However, being responsible for everything that goes on here, we cannot help but admit that we haven't been able to gain the support of the viewers. In the next opportunity, we will think of various ideas to make things more fun".


The criteria and goal of creating quality content by jTBC Drama Headquarters, which achieved good results in the year of 2019, is to first put priority on the trust and support of viewers. Second is the high-quality scripts and respecting the passion of the creators. Third is the colorful fun. "There are dramas with diverse material and genres planned for 2020", jTBC DHQ says. "Criticism from the viewers helps us grow, although slowly. We will make efforts to implement new imagination and creativity in the future".

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Anyone knows where can I watch this drama with mandarin dubbed audio? I tried google but can't find.


Its for my elderly parents who love to watch Kdrama but illiterate. 



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