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[Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬


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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬 - Fri & Sat @ 23:00 KST - Premieres TONIGHT
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬 - Fri & Sat @ 23:00 KST
Nationwide ratings for episode 1: 1.7% (cr. Naver TV)
1. [+407, -7] I'm sad we can't see more of Kim Jung Nan's acting. 
2. [+398, -8] It's fun, is it because it's all veteran actors ㅎㅎ the gun ㅜㅜ a twist
3. [+185, -10] It's so fun there was nothing to wrong after 'Hand: The Guest' ended, the immersion is the best and there's no acting hole
4. [+133, -10] I don't know if it's because it's a unique material but the story itself is interesting and there's nothing more to add about the actors' acting, I liked it! 
Nationwide ratings for episode 2: Currently unavailable, I'll update it once Naver TV updates it 
1. [+2755, -27] This drama is crazy, it's so fun and look at the immersion because everyone is good at acting, I can't do anything else [but watch it] - as expected of Kim Jung Nan
2. [+1744, -35] JTBC did it with 'Misty' and they're doing it with 'SKY Castle' this time, they're good at making a drama that's reporting about society through black comedy 
3. [+1733, -51] The quality is awesome because weird idols who can't act don't come out in it. I don't like watching dramas these days but this is like a movie quality, it's awesome
4. [+1429, -22] I can't sleep because I'm in awe with Kim Jung Nan's acting skills ㅜㅜ Kim Seo Hyung also has a force so she's cool ㅜㅜ I also like like like Yum Jung Ah ㅜㅜㅜ It's been a while since I've experience immersion like this since 'Misty' ㅋㄱㄷ I'm going to definitely watch it live
5. [+495, -24] I was scared I might miss a second of it, the immersion is awesome and the acting is awesome    
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I just finished the episodes.Thumbs up. Terrific.


On 11/24/2018 at 1:51 AM, lu09 said:

I guess this will be darker than I heard through the grapevine lol. 

I mention previous post it's like  it's Heard It Through The Grapevine.   Sky Castle is like black comedy aimed at  showing the societal norms for the wealthy ones. I feel for the sons and daughters caught up in the war of parents,- more like the wives- lifestyles of the rich and the upsmanship and trying to outdo  each other. But it's darker it seems than HITTG.


Damn they're all neighbors but trying to out do each other.


The coach tho. Does it really happen in real life? In Korea? These "tiger moms".


The scene where the academic coach Kim aka the tutor ( to enter SNU med school) giving instructions Imaging if you're that kid  it will feel so restricted and confined and choked with all the restrictions. Imagine even the type of lamp and the bulb to use nd where to place the study table, what type of food to be eaten. I'd have protest in real life if I was that kid.


LMJ read the journal entry of her son and found out that the constant pressure to be the best to be the top, beaten and cured by  the father if he fails, the reason why he went to 2 month trip but instead stayed with GE.he way GE is treated so lowly because she's "uneducated". She confronted her husband who got violent and hit her and called the son names. She searched for her son found out he's staying with GE ( she's not from wealthy family) LMJ got even madder but YJ defending GE from her. LJM was hitting GE dragging her, calling names YJ had enough.


I think LJM realized she lost to her son, and to GE.  On a snowy night she killed herself because she felt it was her fault YJ was too pressured to get good grades, that he left because of them, that he wanted to kill himself because of that constant pressure.- achieve even to the point of breaking you down emotionally, mentally. To the point that  you want to kill yourself. That's how YJ felt and wrote on his journal.  The scene when KYJ receive a call from YJ.. she ignored it. She said earlier that after the coaching and the tutoring once  the students get in to the med school. Their involvement stop but I think she knew of the constant pressure YJ experienced.


This is a good drama. Mature drama that deals with social norms and conformity for the rich and how they behave and how they are expected to behave. How they shove their status and aspirations for their kids  that it end ups suffocating not only the children but they're lives. Gotta wait next Friday again to watch this good one.  The drama I choose to watch never fails me. i love the mature cast as well as the young actors playing the children.


Want to describe each married couple and their children and what type of  family they are. Maybe next post.


HSJ xJJS (children YB, YS)

LSI x HCY (child WJ - Chani's character)

NSH x CMH (children KJ. SJ)

JJH x WYW (children  YJ, 14) same age as YB,  normal ones, besides WJ.

LMJx PSH (child YJ- his mother committed suicide)


Here the cast of characters via asianwiki. The wives( plus the coach), the husbands ( plus the teacher), then the children ( PSH is hubby of MY who committed suicide)





SKY Castle-Yum Jung-Ah.jpg SKY Castle-Lee Tae-Ran.jpg SKY Castle-Yoon Se-Ah.jpg SKY Castle-Oh Na-Ra.jpg SKY Castle-Kim Seo-Hyung.jpg
Yum Jung-Ah Lee Tae-Ran Yoon Se-Ah Oh Na-Ra Kim Seo-Hyung
Han Seo-Jin Lee Soo-Im No Seung-Hye Jin Jin-Hee Kim Joo-Young
SKY Castle-Jung Joon-Ho.jpg SKY Castle-Choi Won-Young.jpg SKY Castle-Kim Byung-Chul.jpg SKY Castle-Jo Jae-Yun.jpg Lee Hyun-Jin
Jung Joon-Ho Choi Won-Young Kim Byung-Chul Jo Jae-Yun Lee Hyun-Jin
Kang Joon-Sang Hwang Chi-Young Cha Min-Hyuk Woo Yang-Woo Teacher Jo
SKY Castle-Kim Hye-Yoon.jpg Lee Ji-Won SKY Castle-Kang Chan-Hee.jpg Kim Dong-Hee SKY Castle-Joe Byeong-Gyu.jpg
Kim Hye-Yoon Lee Ji-Won Kang Chan-Hee Kim Dong-Hee Joe Byeong-Gyu
Kang Ye-Seo Kang Ye-Bin Hwang Woo-Joo Cha Seo-Joon Cha Ki-Joon
Lee Yoo-Jin SKY Castle-Kim Bo-Ra.jpg SKY Castle-Jung Ae-Ri.jpg SKY Castle-Song Min-Hyung.jpg SKY Castle-Kim Jung-Nan.jpg
Lee Yoo-Jin Kim Bo-Ra Jung Ae-Ri Song Min-Hyung Kim Jung-Nan
Woo Soo-Han Kim Hye-Na Madam Yoon Choi In-Ho Lee Myung-Joo
SKY Castle-Yu Seong-Ju.jpg SKY Castle-Song Geon-Hee.jpg Lee Joo-Yeon
Yu Seong-Ju Song Geon-Hee Lee Joo-Yeon
Park Soo-Chang Park Young-Jae Lee Ga-Eul





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 I'll say it  Best [new] ones currently airing. Yup. Wonderful cinematography captured the emotions of mother who understood finally how her son suffered because of the pressure. She herself felt that she was failure that she did not try to even understand her own son Though she defended  the son against the father.


cr: adepark7 JTBC never fails.






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 For me anyway. Best drama currently airing and amongts the new premier.  Mature drama with mature actors.  I appreciate how the writer includes younger ones YB LJY side parts  and not have them just become an extra.  YB YJ the youngest children 14 yrs old they're cynical and sarcastic about the way  each of their parents try to groom them, have them achieve that scholastic level of being the top. YB in particular just goes a long and. She knows difference in traits with her mum and dad.


all sc ctto





Sky castle children. Who can withstand the  pressure. I'll exclude WJ YB.  YJ was the first one affected. Drove him to thinking of cutting himself.  YS?

top: WJ YS HY SJ (GE is not part of the photos, she plays the g/f of YJ)

bottom: KJ YB YJ LJY


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@jongski A little late but I just got done watching episode one and I must say it was a lot to take in not only being introduced to so many characters but trying to remember who belongs to whom.  It's early but I really like husband JS he is true to himself and I loved when he walked in dressed like he was... I actually think he would have been a better match for NSH.  For her husband CMH gives me the creeps seems cold and treats his wife with no respect or value...


So far of the children I like SH & YB's friendship and I like that YB chooses to follow in her fathers lead and I hope she continues to do so.  Unlike her sister who is a complete opposite of her.  The twins were interesting and I felt that SJ might just be interested in YS and as angry as KJ always seems toward YS I kind of wondered if he was too...


It's hard to describe and a bit sad at the pressures that parents often place on their children and it's not just in Korea it's everywhere.  The expectations that are placed in homes far and wide it's no wonder so many young people are messed up or killing themselves.  It's a bit dark but speaks and sheds light on some real problems and what often goes unnoticed behind closed doors...


In just one episode we can already see how it doesn't just affect kids.  How parents because of self greed and hunger live through their own children and take over their lives.  The price their children pay is surrendering their carefree youth of being free to just be themselves and to have the freedom to choose their own path. 

Most of all they give up time that they will never be able to relive and how sad is that.  It's like someone coming and robbing your childhood under the pretense that they just want whats best for you...


You know a drama is going to be good when it's already making you think and moving your heart in just one episode.  I have heard of going out with a bang but this wasn't what I expected.  Watching her walking slowly in the snow barefoot and the stillness that seemed to surround her you had this sense that she was lost within herself.  I didn't know what had happened and yet when I saw her fall to the ground as if a rag doll.  There was that sadness but I never would have believed a character would be introduced and taken so quickly...

Maybe that's the part although unexpected that makes this drama feel unique..  It's the unknown and unexpected that makes it so interesting...





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@USAFarmgirl thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was suppose to be satirical look at society but turned out to be dark.  Lets see who's going to be the next one to breakdown from rigorous aspirations and greed of the parents. Oh yeah you noticed too. CH gives me the creeps  as well.  CMH is controlling dominant husband. I fear his anger will result into something... The two sons, I'm  kind of worried. esp for SJ who seems to be more the fragile one.


The praises for Sky Castle. From acting to actors to the writer to the director.  This drama is well made. And to think we're only on 2 episodes. Next week ep 3 and 4. It's actually dark drama..


I haven't done this for so long.. I'll share some tweeps tweets. Mostly from international fans.




"sky castle is such an interesting and well made drama omg im a trash for ittt" (cr: zlotrbl)


"now i see why people said that sky castle had a dark atmosphere........ and i only watched the first episode" (cr: haru)


"Just finished the 2nd episode of sky castle and found it is highly intriguing. Can't wait for more!! Great cast & acting" (cr: bedabhin)


"Sky Castle camera work is so clean, sophisticated, sleek and smooth. Such a beauty" (cr: guatenmorgen)


"watched the first 2 episodes of Chani’s drama Sky Castle and I didn’t expect the drama to be this dark omg i thought its going to be a comedy/family drama but im so wrong"  (cr: farah)


"Watching Sky Castle esp. the scene where his mom begged for him to come back. I. Felt. That. (cr: tanjarine)


"So I just watched Sky Castle without much anticipation but it turns better than what i've expected??? The casts, cinematography, plot & storyline 9.5/10 I hope parents will realise that pushing your children too hard acdemically can affect their mentality. (cr: sayakiirah)


"SKY Castle is really good tho. They deserve the good rating" *emoji clap hands* (cr: thefinal) -

Yes it is really good!


"Wooow Sky Castle is overwhelming me..." (cr: jana)


"Sky castle is so gooooood" (cr: chisanhyuk)


"sky castle is so good to the point that i need to take a moment of silence to just breathe and appreciate it" (cr: freudesch)


"this drama called sky castle just started airing its sooooooo fxxking good already its up there in top 3 kdramas" (cr:theteajumpedout)

Yeah I'm calling it this early even if we're only 2 episodes. will be part of my top kdrama of 2018


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Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share  
AGB Nielsen[9]  
Nationwide (%) Nationwide ('000) Seoul (%) Seoul ('000)
1 November 23, 2018 1.727 - - -
2 November 24, 2018 4.373 956 4.584 486
3 November 30, 2018        
4 December 1, 2018        
5 December 7, 2018        
6 December 8, 2018        
7 December 14, 2018        
8 December 15, 2018        
9 December 21, 2018        
10 December 22, 2018        
11 December 28, 2018        
12 December 29, 2018        
13 January 4, 2019        
14 January 5, 2019        
15 January 11, 2019        
16 January 12, 2019        
Average %   %  
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV

Surprisingly, it almost tripled its ratings after its first episode.

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Finally episode 3 later. Best drama amongst the current ones airing.  It's darker than I thought.

The confrontation between and JJS  and KJY (coach Kim). She slapped her.


It's for a book report. They were discussing. "the art of being selfish" shoving them ideas to their children. And the youngsters had to listen and discuss. Look at YB 'here we go again' look. CMH is dominant creepy.

 cr: greensagwa


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The second episode was brilliant in how it revealed that often those whom seem to have everything that perfect life.  In reality have much less than they or we even thought...


A mother who believed that success and what people thought what she wanted was more important than knowing, understanding and most of all listening to her own child's heart.  That finally she had molded her son into the man she thought he should be.  Only to find out she didn't know him at all and he no longer wanted to know her.  For what she had molded was in fact hollow and only within her own mind...  


I thought her gift to her friends was much more than a beautiful statue of a Mother & Child embracing it was her silent way of expressing her own grief, pain and regret.  A gesture and maybe her way of loving them through a warning without words making them place it where it can be seen and think about it's meaning after her death.   Of what a Mothers love and embrace should look like and feel like.  A reminder of what's really important most ( The CHILD ) keeping your child close and yet protecting them even from yourself... 


She thought she had everything only to realize she had nothing there is a song from another drama I hope you won't mind my sharing but it so made me think of her walking in the snow and knowing without a doubt life would soon be leaving her...




Even in darkness there is a light for learning...

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