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[Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬


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I don't think they skip the story to after Entrance examination . it 's like they just go on to the 12 th grade

Woo Joo is 19 y/o in the latest ep . In Character relationship 's chart ,WJ is 17 y/o ,he is in 10th grade .We know so far that in this episode they had already skipped to 2nd semester of 11th grade. so there 's reasonable that WJ will turn 19 in 12th grade


About WJ 's We all Lie 's theory .In my opinion ,I don't think WJ enters "We all Lie" club

SKY Castle must be the normal family whose raise their child appropriately to compare to the other family in CASTLE which treat their child inappropriately  . We know so far Normal Family is WJ 's family which really warm to each other

He definitely had problems in the past (Elementary school) but he and his family could get though that problems and live happily nowadays . Maybe we will see more information about WJ and his family on the next EP


If WJ has hidely Major Depressive Disorder or Bipolar ,It will be really shocked me ,lol

His character is really bright and model character in the story.


About Cha 's family . Songhye is the best protective mom .She try to understand her children and protect them at the same time .I hope Prof Cha . will know what 's his mistake that make Seri went to far and change his Studying 's method to Twin


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Oh  hell no not Hye Na. She's nothing more than a dear in the headlights. She's lashing out because she's hurt and as tough as she acts she's a scared wee lass who needs some TLC. Ah man, that time in the class where she stood up to the waste of space teacher had me whooping, so many times I felt the same way whilst teaching in SK but obviously couldn't say it. Love her character.


Coach Kim is a straight up psycho. Instead of reflecting and admitting to her part in her daughters  well actually her families demise she out there totally deflecting and punishing other families for her faults. Like some sort of delusional penance.


Yon Seh Ah deserves all the praise I love it when she switches on her husband and how she protects the twins inspite of his crazy study methods. Kim Seo-Hyung played a blinder in Come and Hug Me and she doing it again, it's amazing how she makes you hate her. Actually everyone's doing a stella job delivering their charcters.

I'm also love Jin Jin's relationship with her son. She has her crazy moments usually due to outside influence but they have real honest conversations which are beautiful to watch.


Loving the social commentary weaved into this drama.


Anyhoos... back to lurking I go... role on next week.



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45 minutes ago, ForgottenSoulx said:

i can see Yon Seh Ah killing the husband i got this feeling. 


Lol she so would.

But I more see her running away with them or telling him to get outta da house.

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I haven't watched ep 13-14 and will do in a bit but wow! This drama is brilliant one. The one with Hye na shocks me! I don't want to see her dead. I like her character, smart, feisty, not afraid of anything, cunning but good. Young actress Kim Bora  playing the character  deserves the praise. impressive acting!


Episode 2 of this drama. I asked.. who will be the one to one to real breaking point and end  his/her life?  I didn't expect Hyena?!  The drama was extended to 20, right? So perhaps...


But this drama!  Wow!!! :thumbsup:


18 hours ago, Nanana85 said:

“SKY Castle” Surpasses Its Own Record For Highest Viewership Ratings In JTBC Drama History

Jan 5, 2019
by K. Lew

“SKY Castle” has made yet another impressive achievement!

On January 5, according to Nielsen Korea, episode 13 of JTBC’s “SKY Castle” achieved 13.3 percent viewership ratings nationwide and 14.4 percent viewership ratings in metropolitan areas. This a personal best for the drama, as well as the highest viewership ratings for a drama in JTBC history.

The viewership ratings for the previous episode, which was 12.3 percent, beat “Woman of Dignity” as the JTBC drama with the highest viewership ratings.

“SKY Castle” stars Yum Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Na Ra, and Kim Seo Hyung. The drama follows the lives of ambitious mothers as they strive to send their children to elite universities through any means necessary. It has achieved popularity notably for its plot centered around the country’s competitive education system.


Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1288169wpp/sky-castle-surpasses-record-highest-viewership-ratings-jtbc-drama-history



Oh wow!:thumbsup:

9 hours ago, SaiSai1988 said:

The Baeksang Awards committee must now be having a headache on who among the SKY Castle actors/actresses shall win the Daesang Award. 



Actress Yoon Se Ah receives praise for her electrifying performance on 'SKY Castle'

 7:29 PM     SKY Castle, Yoon Se Ah   



OMG! Hyena killing herself?! :o


22 hours ago, effy1994 said:

WOW . Kim Hye Na wouldn't kill herself like that. She is flawed she is raw and she act like most people would in the world. I work in the justice department and people fight ugly for what they believe to be theirs. Does that makes them bad people ???? No. When a man passes away you have kids showing up asking to be added to their "family registry" for monetary gain. 


So I can understand why she would feel wronged, her mother suffered painless, she had to work for everything and she is always coming in second to her father daughter who had the easy life. Believe it or not that enough to make anyone mean and resentful. I get her even if I haven't been in her shoes because I have seen this play out time and time again in real life. 


Also, this isn't gone girl, I doubt she jumped to frame someone since she breaks every time Kwak Mi Huang leaves the room.

But if YS pushed her, her mother deserves everything coming her way. Woo Joo is not going to rest until he finds out what happened. 


I just hope she isn't dead she is feisty, and the actress playing her is doing a stellar job ! 


Also, you know at the end Kwak Mi Huang is going down, which is nice once the husband finds out she been hiding that he had a daughter. I'll open my special wine, like the one I keep for the day in which Cersai Lannister meets her end thats how much I dislike Kwak Mi Huang (also great job in the actress part). 

Did someone pushed her?But even with the least we expect, sometimes, when there's no way out... one think of something to stop the hurt and anger.  I have to watch first to form my own thoughts.

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On 7 January 2019 at 7:20 AM, jongski said:

Did someone pushed her?But even with the least we expect, sometimes, when there's no way out... one think of something to stop the hurt and anger.  I have to watch first to form my own thoughts.


She didn't act like someone ready to end her life.  For all intensive purposes, that last scene she looked like she was in a 'happy' place and looking forward to what life had to offer her?


I think KNetizens freeze framed the bit when she toppled over the railing and there was someone in black (some say figure looks like a man) behind her.  So yeah I think she was pushed :o.  This drama just delivers in spades every week.  Just when I think well, here we go...there has to be a lull now...surely...but no...it delivers another cliffhanger worthy of its steady ratings rise.  No wonder Koreans are staying up (drama starts at 11pm) to tune in.


And I agree with @lakiz .  I did think the Hwang family was too picture perfect to begin with and was waiting for a hole in their armour but it's a bit late now to throw in another variable with WooJoo going 'weird'.  I can accept self harm (there's talk about the sound of a 'cutter' he's hiding?) but I think it would be totally unreasonable to turn him into a Monster who would push HyeNa over a balcony railing.  So there needs to be 1 relatively 'normal' family as the 'control' in the experimental mix.  It's already dark enough as it is.  The Woo family provides some relief with comedy.  The Hwang family steadiness and 'normality'.  The world would be a very sad place if EVERY family had a hidden evil lurking within.  :o

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My favorite family is Jinjin's family, because it is apparent that they always love each other, be honest to one another and whatever happens in the office or in the neighboorhood, they always return to their family (despite everything). They dont abandon their family, or ignore them. They all work for the family - the daddy being a good minion in the office, the mommy pulls her hair off to get her son better grades without cheating AND safeguarding her hubby's career (and being open to him about it), and Suho tries pull himself together to study although it kills him. Haha. It is soooo funny when he tried to explain to his parents about a basic formula slower. Whenever these three together, suddenly the tone of the drama becomes comedy. Hahaha


I love Prof Cha as well.


I guess I understand why he ignored Seri completely now, because he still feels so hurt. He must have felt so miserable inside. I hope these two can get back together soon.


Applause for the twins! I tell you, Prof Cha is so lucky to have these two. They may not have perfect grades, but they are reliable, and they takes care of their daddy when he hit rock bottom. They even cooked (well...ehmm...provide food that is not ramen, -although it came straight from the can. Hahaha.) when their mother is sick. They didnt rebel when Prof Cha got back on his feet and resume his way of teaching to heal  -instead of making peace with Seri. I love the twins. I hope they also got their happiness.


I mean, we are on ep 14 already! We have only 2 more eps!


Just for the record, however pitiful Hyena is right now, or however bratty Ye Suh is, I am not siding with Hyena for the reason that she has always been this cocky kid, even before her mother died. I guess that came from her daddy's genes. Her dad is always cocky and act almighty in the hospital too, unless when he has something that he wants. But I guess it takes one Hyena to annoy one Ye Suh, because I cant imagine how the world would be if there is no Hyena and only Ye Suh.


I wonder, can they simply be friends??

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I was able to finish Episode 14. Yoon Se-ah's acting prowess is superb on this episode. She really deserves the recognition she is now getting. Also, I'm thinking that the major public and  cable networks are praying that JTBC will not send this drama to Baeksang Awards (which is impossible since it is organized by its sister company), as all the casts might get the top acting awards. I mean, everyone's acting in the series are blowing away the competition.

Also, when Hye na looked at the top of the Castle just to grab some fresh are and think, I think nothing is going on to her mind. BUT THE ENDING! It just flashed out of nowhere! It was like I'm seeing a comfortable seen, and  writer-nim shouted "SURPRISE, B!+¢H" right in front of my face! I mean, how can is that! The drama series hasn't done, yet, and I feel like the writer is still up for more surprises till the end.

This makes me conclude that the Public networks and other major channels have to learn from JTBC on how to properly promote a drama series - No hype at first, but providing a well-put, thought provoking story that connects to the people, and would make them questions the morals in life. Then, people will start talking about it. Positive word-of -mouth is always the best type of promotion, and you don't have to spend so much money for it. 

Lots of dramas nowadays are putting so much budget for promotions, but they are neglecting quality storytelling and production values. In the end, dramas are losing their hype, and eventually, losing people's trust. I think, JTBC realizes this, which is why they do not over-hype their dramas. They wait for people to actively promote it.  It makes me not surprised that out of all the TV networks in South Korea, JTBC has the softest images, and they appear to be pro-people .

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1 hour ago, marinated_lemon said:


That is true! Thanks for correcting!

6 actually makes more sense. Perhaps Ye Suh and her sworn enemy will make up afterall. 6 eps is enough to do that, dont you think?


Prognosis for HyeNa after the final scene in ep 14 wasn't particularly good... :tears:.  We'll wait and see what the writer has in store for us. Poor WooJoo.  How terrible would it be to have tragedy strike on your birthday...you wouldn't want "Happy returns" if something like that happened on your birthday :(

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Not sure if this article have been posted.. browsed through the previous 4 pages but didn't see it. Sorry, if it was overlooked and double-posted.


January 3, 2019


Education consultant sees truth in 'SKY Castle':

JTBC hit drama's plot is closer to reality than viewers may realize


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


In a scene from “SKY Castle,” Cha Min-hyeok (Kim Byoung-cheol) scolds his sons for not participating in a reading club discussion at their school. Mothers Han Seo-jin (Yum Jung-ah) and No Seung-hye (Yoon Se-ah), center, ask elite college admissions coordinator Kim Joo-young (Kim Seo-hyung), right, to guide their children through the rigorous college application process. [JTBC]


JTBC’s currently airing hit series “SKY Castle” is a black comedy telling the story of rich and ambitious mothers who will do anything to send their kids to study medicine at Seoul National University, which is considered the most prestigious college in Korea. 


The center of the conflict is Kim Joo-young, an elite “college admissions coordinator.” Every year, she works with two smart students and manages their daily study schedules, their grades, eating habits and even stress levels in order to make sure they enter their desired college.


In the series, the lead character, Han Seo-jin, played by actor Yum Jung-ah, pays millions of won - probably enough to buy an apartment - for Kim to be the coordinator for her smart daughter.


The show, which started off with a viewership rating of 1.7 percent on Nov. 23, is now the most viewed JTBC series. The most recent episode, which aired on Dec. 29, hit a rating of 12.3 percent, according to Nielsen Korea. 


But does the series really reflect the reality of Korea’s rigid and competitive education system? According to Lee Man-gi - once a star lecturer of educational network EBS and the current research director of college admissions consulting firm Uway - coordinators for college admissions do actually exist. 


Just like in the series, these coordinators manage students from the beginning of high school, and wealthy parents attend covert meetings to gain valuable information about college admissions.


The Joongang Ilbo, an affiliate of Korea JoongAng Daily, met with Lee in order to discuss the realities of the Korean education system. 


Lee has been a teacher since 1986; he spent 18 years teaching in schools and the other 14 working at private academies and is an expert when it comes to college admissions system in Korea. 


The following are edited excerpts from the interview.


On the show, only a few selected families are able to reside in SKY Castle, left. Lee Man-gi, right, is the director of educational consulting firm Uway. [SCREEN CAPTURE, JOONGANG ILBO]


Q. Do “college admission coordinators” really exist?


A. As a fan of the series, I was surprised by how much research the scriptwriter has done. Seventy percent of the facts about the private education system depicted in the series is true. People like Kim are called “consultants” in real life. But of course, what they do is illegal, so they work confidentially. 


What do these consultants do?


They hire private teachers for each subject the student takes and plans relevant extracurricular activities that can enhance the student’s school transcript. [Han’s daughter] Kang Ye-seo, for instance, aims to study medicine at Seoul National University, so she volunteers at hospitals and joins a biology club in school. The consultant writes papers and reports [for the student,] too.


In the drama, one of the fathers from a rich family says, “We have saved money to buy an apartment” after his contract with Kim gets canceled. Although they don’t explicitly say how much it costs to hire the consultant, it still implies that people pay a lot. But in legal terms, a consulting service for college admissions cannot exceed 300,000 won ($270) per hour.


Are there really rich, first-class consultants who earn hundreds of million won per year like Kim?


This part is a little big exaggerated. Of course, some consultants are paid 10 times the amount of other consultants - that’s about 50,000 won per minute. Usually, it costs about 3 million won for [a consultant to write] a cover letter. A consultant who manages a student throughout his or her high school years gets paid more than 10 million won. But I’ve never heard of anyone paying hundreds of million won for a consultant yet. But some parents pay them a 5 million won bonus after the student gets admitted to their desired college.


What is the consulting process?


Consultations managed by private firms like Uway have a set price and time. It costs 300,000 won per hour and runs four times a year. More expensive ones that take place illegally in other places vary in price, though.


Have you ever been invited to a private meeting [where popular consultants are introduced to wealthy parents]?


Many are curious about this. Big banks, stock firms and imported car dealers usually invite wealthy customers to their special college admissions lectures. I also attend them as a lecturer, around 10 times a year. In the first part of the lecture, we introduce our products and services, and in the second part, we hold lectures. But unlike in the drama, we don’t collaborate with parents and consultants.


What kind of people become consultants? Do they have a special certificate?


There’s an eight-week training process. There are those who create their own consulting firms after the training. Consultants are usually one of four things: an academy teacher, a school teacher, a college admissions officer or a “pig mom” (rich mothers who know a lot about private education and college admission systems). Admissions officers from prestigious colleges are especially popular among parents.


In the drama, consultants choose the students they wish to manage. Does this happen?


Popular consultants choose their own students for their reputation. But this is the same for some college admissions academies. Popular academies choose who to admit by looking at the students’ College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) scores. Only those who have a certain score are able to register in a certain academy. In the past, there have been a lot of lobbying [between parents and academies] in order to have their kids registered.


BY YUN SEOK-MAN [yeo.yerim@joongang.co.kr]

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Notice how the various family portraits are depicted.  Spot the difference - biggest would be the Hwang family portrait. Child(ren) are not in the centre (of attention). Also everyone else is in their Sunday best, Hwang family portrait - jeans and casual white. :lol: ...and barefooted!!




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January 6, 2019


17.3%: 'SKY Castle' surges in TV ratings 

Scenes from "SKY Castle."


By Park Si-soo The Korea Times


Is entering a prestigious university a matter of life or death in Korea? Maybe yes.


Cable network JTBC's Friday/Saturday drama "SKY Castle" got off to a good start with a storyline about uptown families desperate for their children to enter a top university. 


Its viewership rating continues to rise with attention-grabbing scenes and rule-breaking story development. 


According to ratings research company Nielsen Korea, the 14th episode's nationwide rating reached 15.8% and 17.3% in the Seoul metropolitan area, exceeding JTBC's all-time high drama rating of 12.3% that "Woman of Dignity" set last week." 


With six episodes left, attention is on whether "SKY Castle" can reach a 20% viewership rating. 


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Eps 15 preview.

So Hyena really dies... :tears: poor girl... why writer nim so cruel to her.. and now detectives come to SKY Castle for investigation. So, Yesuh, Seri, and Woojoo being murder suspects.. aah.. the story going darker.. i even still not catching up ep 13-14 because my heart is aching by read some spoilers and theories.. lol :astonished:



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Thanks @Nanana85

Translated Ep 15 preview clip.



Han Ye-Seo: Did you not hear what my dad said? Says you're (nothing but a) troublemaker!

Kim Hye-Na: I'll show you what a real troublemaker is.

Han Ye-Seo: You wanna die?

Teacher Kim Joo-Young: (phone) Ye-Seo, Hye-Na absolutely won't (can't) do that.

Han Seo-Jin: (holding YS's hand) You must not tell you fought with Hye-Na. Absolutely not! Understood?

Police: (to Ye-Bin) Was there anything different that happened last night? Someone got in a fight, for example?

Han Seo-Jin: Oh, Hye-Na and Se-Ri fought fiercely apparently.

Cha Min-Hyuk: This is a plot to by those who want to frame Se-Ri.

Police: If the fact that she was a fake college student was being spread all over the neighborhood by Miss Kim Hye-Na, then well...

No Seung-Hye: Apprently it's not just our Se-Ri who was in a fight.

Lee Soo-Im: That's just nonsense! Of all the kids in this Castle, Woo-Joo was the closest to Hye-Na.

Cha Min-Hyuk: Of all the kids in the Guest House, who do you think the police will be the most suspicious of??




예서: 울(우리)아빠말 못들었서? 넌 골치거리라잔아!

혜나: 진짜 골치아픈게 뭔지보여줄게.

예서: 죽구싶어?


김선생 (전화): 예서야 혜나절대 그렇게 못해.

예서 어마: (손잡고) 혜나하고 싸웠단 예기하면 안되, 절대! 알았어?

경찰: 어제밤에 뭐특의한점 없었어? 누가막 싸웠다던가.


예서 엄마 목소리: 어 혜나하고 세리가 엄청 싸웠대요.

세리 아빠: 이건우리 세리의 음모(음회??)하는자들의 모략입니다.

경찰: 가짜대학생인걸 김혜나양이 동네방네 소문냈으며는 뭐...


세리 엄마: 우리 세리만 싸운건 아니라던데요.

우주어머니: 아 말도않되요. 이 캐슬안에있는 그어떤 아이보다 우주가 혜나랑 친헀어요.

세리 아빠: Guest House있던 애들중에 경찰이 누굴제일 의심할것같아?



Well, I've been watching since Ep 3 and didn't dive in becoz I just had waaay too much I like and wanted say about this drama and didn't want to get started. But I guess I just can't help myself anymore. This is going to go down in k-drama history as a new standard. It's that good - and strangely hardly noticed by Soompi fans (possibly becoz folks outside of SK can't related to why it's such a big deal domestically for most Koreans).

Way too much to write about, so I'll just leave with this for now - @jongski gotta love the Secret Forest reunion between Se-Ri and her mom (Yoon Se-Ah) in friendlier roles this time, right? Poor Hye-Na, though....:skull::cold_sweat::bawling:

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