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[Upcoming Drama 2019] Love Alarm, 좋아하면 울리는 - Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram & Song Kang - Premieres in 2019

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2 hours ago, angrytomato said:




OK, if they assure it...


And about Netflix, no new news since that September the 4th announce...



No news ,no photos... Fortunately some fans took photo and we could see Sohyun :D But other casts? Only Sohyun and Song Kang photos was taken by fans. Still no photo or news about Jung Garam. Also I saw Shin Seung Ho 's photo in front of food track.

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"Love Alarm will be released in 2019 only at Netflix all over the world." And Cnbc posted news about first original Netflix Korean drama,Love Alarm :))))))



We already knew who the lead actors but ı think media  recently learned :tounge_wink: Official comfirmed came out today. 

Popular webtoon 'Alarm for Your Crush' is being remade into a drama by Netflix!


The original webtoon tells the story of a universe where an app which notifies you anonymously when someone you have a crush on approaches within 10 meters of your vicinity. However, despite the progressive new app, youths still struggle to relay their feelings and express their affections. 


The female lead role of Kim Jo Jo has been taken up by actress Kim So Hyun, and joining her in a love triangle will be rising rookie actors Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram. Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram play two best friends who have a crush on the same girl - a perfect rich chaebol named Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) and a friendly, next door boy named Lee Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram). 


'Alarm for Your Crush' is a Netflix original youth romance drama coming some time in 2019. 


Song Kang  and Jung Ga Ram 's agencies  announced. They are officily confirmed to joining Love Alarm.




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