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[Upcoming Drama 2019] Love Alarm, 좋아하면 울리는 - Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram & Song Kang - Premieres in 2019

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Sohyun interview. She talked about Jung Garam and Song Kang.


Kim So-Hyun is Ready for a New Chapter

The Korean actress reveals her dreams for the future, her beauty secrets and her camaraderie wih Jung Ga-ram and Song Kang on set for the upcoming Netflix drama,  "Love Alarm".
by Pameyla Cambe
Kim So-Hyun at Gentle Monster's '13' Launch Party

What do you enjoy and find most challenging about being an actress?

I started out as a child actress but now I’m 21 years old. I feel like it’s the beginning of a new chapter in my acting career. In all those years I spent as a child actress, there were experiences that now serve as a very strong foundation of what I can do today. What I enjoy the most is being able to immerse a hundred percent into the character that I’m playing and really share the feelings that they’re supposed to feel. 


How do you usually prepare for a role?

When I first get the script, I don’t just go straight to memorizing my lines. I set plenty of time aside to really get to know the character like a real person. When I feel that I have really learnt about them, then I try my best to genuinely express the character. It has to be real for me.


What was it like working with Jung Ga-ram and Song Kang for your upcoming Netflix series, Love Alarm?

Jung Ga-ram and I went to the same university in 2018. He is very serious about his acting and very passionate. He really does his best for each scene. So, it was really helpful to have him around and I learnt a lot from him. He is a colleague you can depend on.

As for Song Kang, he is a very delightful, pleasant person to be around. With his great sense of humour, he was able to make everybody working on the set, happy and feel enthusiastic about what we were doing. It felt very comfortable around these two actors, and I was able to really enjoy working on this upcoming Netflix original production. We had a great chemistry when communicating with each other.


Full interview is in Kim So Hyun tread.

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Song Kang 's interview


Song Kang “My first major leading role in #LoveAlarm, was like heaven on the day of casting."


‘About Netflix's promising project #LoveAlarm based on a famous webtoon, asked how he felt about his first starring role, he said, "After the last meeting, I waited a month and a half for the casting result. The day I heard the casting was like heaven" Song said.


"It's pre-production, so I'm done filming. I didn't have any difficulties at first, and the more I got into the 2nd half (of filming), the faster I want to go to the filming set. After the end, I felt like I wanted to play this character again" he said with unusual expectations.


cr:Lily_CFC -twitter

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