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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread


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(Posted on: Thursday, 9 December 2021)


I read through all the previous pages of This Thread.  And notice that there was no Post on Zhu Yi Long's background stories.  So let me share them here with you all: 

*11 January 2022: Edited to add in more information*


Zhu Yi Long: The Stories Behind Him

Zhu Yi Long's father is a "sportsman". To be more specific, a Sanda Athlete.  *Sanda is a "mixed Martial Arts" - free style grappling or fighting)


In 1988, a new life was borned into their family. Zhu Yi Long was borned in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.  The little boy was born on the first day of March (Chinese Lunar Calendar), 1988 - the year of the dragon.  So  he was named "Zhu Yi Long"  (朱一龙).  is the Surname meaning "Vermilion";    means "One" means "Dragon".  So Yi Long means "A Dragon".


Little Zhu Yi Long has looked good since he was a child.  With big black eyes, long eyelashes, and curly hair—a beautiful child like a doll.  


Zhu Yi Long's parents are very strict with his Education.


Dad Zhu put his son on his martial art team and let him fight with the older children in order to cultivate his masculinity.


Father Zhu will take his son to the East Lake in Wuhan for a winter excursion. They exercise in the snow together.  Father and son will chat while exercising.  After a long lap, they will take off their shirts and take a photo together. Father Zhu has also crossed the Yangtze River with him on his back.  And made him learn Sanda (Martial Arts), Diving, Basketball and other male-based activities.


When he was 9 years old, his father enrolled him in a summer camp to visit North Korea with a group of art school children.  Fearing that he could not manage the money alone, his father bought him a pair of underwear with a hidden zipper pocket and stuffed several hundred dollars inside. But Zhu Yi Long spent not more than ten dollars.  Not on himself.  But on buying souvenirs such as massage hammers, commemorative coins and small porcelain tigers, as gifts for his family


Courage, strength and a sense of competitive spirit, is what the father instilled in  Zhu Yi Long.


Mother Zhu had a dream of being an actress when she was young, and  was happy to cultivate Zhu Yi Long's artistic qualities. 


Zhu Yi Long has been attending piano classes since he was 4 and a half years' old. His mother stipulated that he has to practise at least 3 hours a day. He was a playful child. But even if he runs to the bathroom, he can't escape the day-to-day practice. Sometimes he plays irritably, sometimes crying. Hands with long nails are inconvenient to press keys. He bit his nails again and again. This has become an unconscious habit which stays with him.


This kind of life continued until he was 12 years old. When his parents moved to Beijing. Zhu Yi Long stayed back in Wuhan, with his Grand-parents


Quote Zhu Yi Long: "I started at four and a half years old and continued until I was 12. After that, my mom went to Beijing with my dad and I was left behind in Wuhan.  So I gave myself a vacation and locked up the piano! "  (:lol: He must be very happy)


Thanks to the two-pronged approach of his parents, Zhu Yi Long  acquire qualities which made his character more tenacious.


As a child he hated the Piano Class.  But later as an Adult, he began to appreciate what his mother had done.  Especially when he can play the Piano himself in his works.


In addition to piano, his mother also asked him to learn to Paint and play the Violin.


When Zhu Yi Long was eighteen years old, he was reunited with his parents.  His mother  suggested that he tried to be an actor.  


Before applying for the exam, his mother asked him to enrol in a three-months' pre-exam training course in Beijing. In order for him to be sucessfully admitted into the Academy of Performing Arts.


Zhu Yi Long attended the 14th Middle School of Wuhan. From there he transfer to the First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong (Central China) Normal University, which is very famous in Wuhan. It is a very good high school.  It is said that Zhu Yi Long's high school grades are very good.  He grew up to 1.8 meters in high school, pushed a refreshing board inch, liked basketball, sweated like rain on the basketball court, and then felt sleepy and fell asleep.


At that time, he never thought of being an "actor".  Until he reached the crossroads of life choices.


In fact, if he doesn't become an actor, he will also have a bright and vast future. With his mind and intelligence, as long as he has a little talent, he can steadily move towards  an illustrious future.


Farewell to the dream of a basketball player, Zhu Yi Long, who is still perplexed, applied to be an Actor. After a series of preparations and assessments, he was called for an interview at the Central Academy of Drama and Beijing Film Academy.  This is the start of his career as an actor. 


 In 2006, he was admitted to the Undergraduate Class of the Acting Department of Beijing Film Academy and graduated in June 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Performance


Many years later, Zhu Yi Long can still remember standing among his classmates, feeling a little inferior and worried. The students are quite talented, and some even have experience in acting.


In the two interviews, Zhu Yi Long did not prepare to sing or play the piano.  He  chose to perform Kendo instead.


Undoubtedly, this is actually smart. In fact, for the tutors who are all over the world, the performance of a group of seventeen or eighteen-year-old children has no possibility of "stunning the audience". And what they have to choose are actors who will enter various professions in the future.


"He is 1.80 meters tall and comes from Wuhan, Hubei." When it was Zhu Yi Long's turn, he set up his posture, rushed out to do Kendo. But he slipped. Twice.


Credits To Wenella for the Twitter  Photo and Clip below:


The socks and the floor were slippery, causing him to fall uncontrollably. He took out his socks and slipped again.  When he sat down on the ground, he was still holding a wooden sword in his other hand.  But he got up, gritted his teeth and continue to perform.


Extremely fast adaptability and strong psychological quality are two qualities that an actor must not be missing.


A good example is Zhu Yi Long's unedited performance of "City of Magic" (PhantaCity). Where his foot  was accidentally caught by a rope as he entered the Stage. But he quickly skipped over it and continued to perform as if nothing happens.




Later, when his teacher Ms Cui Xinqin was asked why she chose Zhu Yi Long, she bluntly said that he was "just like a blank paper, especially good to teach."


While at Beijing Film Academy, all the other students went out to look for filming projects. But Zhu Yi Long did not.  He basically stayed in school to study.


This is something very Rare in a Film Academy.


Zhu Yi Long was in no hurry.  He felt that precipitation (a gradual accummulation of knowledge and experience) is very important.


It was not until 2009, when he was about to graduate, that he took up his First Work - "Regeneration Edge", a movie.


In 2010, Zhu Yi Long, who had just graduated from University, faced an embarrassing situation like many students who had no resources or background : No Work


He was very busy submitting resumes and running for auditions.


For almost half a year, Zhu Yi Long did not receive an invitation.


Later, he signed a contract with a film and television production company and began to work.  From 2010 to 2011, he mainly appeared in Digital Movies:  "Deep Sorrow Cloud", "Hell Gate", "The Stolen Bride", "Bloody Deep House", "Yelang", "Top Secret Mission", "Ci Fei", "The White Fox Spirit", "Duo Er War", "Treasure Trail", "Savage Hunter", "Marry In and Get Married" (a drama), etc...  


For these movies, he sometimes works  six or seven days, the longest is only a dozen days.


In these movies, he played the role of a Harlequin and a Wild Man - "Mao Monkey"...   many of his roles are quite different from his Handsome Image.


Zhu Yi Long did feel disappointed.  But given that he has no opportunity, he could only hone his resilience continuously.


He constantly shuttled between the various filming sets.  He said: "I cannot lurk for long like other Actors, just to wait for an opportunity to soar into the Sky."


Because he believes that, as a man, he can no longer ask his family for money.  It is important for himself to survive first.


But deep in his heart, he has been waiting for a good role.


And who knows this.  He has to wait for 10 Long Years.


In 10 years, he has produced more than 40 Films and Televisions Dramas.


Because he has neither background nor connections, he does not have many roles to choose from. So he will shoot as long as there is a scene.


Many of the scenes he has filmed were Low-Cost Small Productions.  Ratings of these plays mostly ranged from 3 to 5.  The movie box office is even worse.  Almost no more than 10 million.  He tried to fight for the Roles he liked, but basically failed.


He once sent a message with anxiety to the Crew to ask about the results of his Audition: "It may take a day to edit that text message.  I will type the first line from the morning: "Director,  hello."  Then he thought, how could it be possible?  Be more tactful and more sincere.  Don't be too aggressive or eager."


Many people used to tell him: "You may not be suitable to be An Actor".


Hearing this, may people will give up.  But Zhu Yi Long just smiled and then said to himself:  "I Can."


Not everyone can struggle for 10 years.  If it were not for the Staunchness of his Heart, and if he did not love this line of Business, Zhu Yi Long would have changed his Career long ago.


"The Legend of Miyue" is the first Big-Produced Drama Zhu Yi Long received. It allows him to break through his own barriers.


In this play, he played Miyue's son, Qin Zhaoxiang and Wang Yingji.  His age span is very large - from 15 to 50 years old, which is very challenging for an actor.


Later, an insider broke the news that Zhu Yi Long was able to star in "The Legend Of Miyue" through his own efforts - submitting his Resume.


He did not make waves, because he was not the Central Figure in this drama. 


The good news is that after the broadcast of "The Legend Of Miyue", more and more directors began to notice him.  Then came "The Shaw Eleven Lang",  "Border Town Prodigal Son", "My Love To Tell You".......


These dramas were lively, but they did not bring him much heat. After the uproar, he soon returned to oblivion.


As an actor, he was not good at "Hyping" himself. Outside of the camera, he has always been that deserted young actor.


Zhu Yi Long's turning point came when he encountered a small-cost online drama "Guardian" in 2018.


"Guardian" chose Zhu Yi Long because of his Low Pay.


The crew of "Guardian" was really poor.  The Producer was withdrawn halfway, almost unable to complete the filming.  Eventually the props, special effects, etc... give people the feeling of shoddiness.


Zhu Yi Long even has to prepare his own Clothes.


Netizens called out: "The Only Thing Left In This Crew Is Acting."


But who knew that such a Low-Cost Drama, became a Phenomenon-Level Web Drama that year it was broadcast.


Just 10 days after it went online, it created 500 Million Broadcasting Myths.


That Summer, Zhu Yi Long was ranked No. 1 in the Artist New Media Index for 29 consecutive days.  He became a Hit Overnight.


Since then, Zhu Yi Long has occupied the Top of This List many times.


After he became popular, all types of resources began to flood in. Regarding the changes, Zhu Yi Long said: "It's busier than before, and the room for choice has grown."


After "Guardian", he took on "The Story Of Ming Lan", playing the handsome Qi Heng.


Although "Qi Heng" was just a Supporting Character-Role, Zhu Yi Long's acting was outstanding.  He was nominated for the Magnolia Award for Best Supporting Actor.  His acting skills are finally being affirmed.


After "Guardian", Zhu Yi Long slowly moved away from shoddy works and slowly picked up good scripts.


Just when others thought he would take advantage of the heat from "Guardian", Zhu Yi Long went to film "Reunion: The Sound Of Providence - Season 2".


The filming took 7 long months. During these months, he seemed to have disappeared from the entertainment industry.


In order to fit "Wu Xie" when he was seriously ill, even though this look was only less than One Episode in the series, Zhu Yi Long still carried out a Crazy Weight Loss - losing up to 120 pounds.


Although this makes Zhu Yi Long's fans very distressed, it gives him a "Morbid Beauty".


Zhu Yi Long's performance in "Reunion: The Sound Of Providence Season 2" is very relaxed and natural, especially in the scene where he falls after fainting in the rainforest.


His gasp, uncontrollable breath, sadness on his face...  It shocked the audience.  Many film critics even wrote articles to analyse Zhu Yi Long's performance.


The reason why Zhu Yi Long fights like this stems from his anxiety after becoming famous.


He was worried that his Works could not support his Fame.


Halfway into "Reunion: The Sound Of Providence Season 2", his other TV series "To Dear MySelf" started airing


The reason for accepting such a play and such a high-density play, his explanation was: "I don't care whether I take the Lead Role or not.  I will take five or six plays every year to hone my acting skills."


Just when others predicted that Zhu Yi Long would be a "Traffic Star who will not last long", in 2021 Zhu Yi Long starred in the Hit Drama - "The Rebel".


Many audiences originally went to watch "The Rebel" for Wang Zhiwen.  But end up marvelling at Zhu Yi Long instead.


From a fledgling youth to a mature spy with exhausted body and mind, he vividly interprets various life states such as : Despair, Confusion, and Hope.


For filming, Zhu Yi Long is a real person.  He said: "I am very greedy.  I want to take good dramas and scripts.  And I am not afraid of exhaustion!"


Because of his efforts, Zhu Yi Long now seems to have become a  Top-Notch Actor.


As Zhu Yi Long became popular, many people wanted to dig his Black Materials.


The funny thing is that no one has been able to get the evidence so far.


Either Zhu Yi Long is able to hide very deeply.  Or  he is Really Innocent.


Today, when netizens are extremely sensitive to scandals and the paparazzi have various tracking technologies, it is more likely that Zhu Yi Long is Really Innocent.  Zhu Yi Long in the entertainment industry is like "passing among a hundred flowers, leaving no leaves on his body".


He once said that his private life is very Simple. When he is not working, he stays at Home.


In him, there is Optimism and Open-Mindedness that many people do not have.


A Reporter once asked him when he was happiest, and he said bluntly: "I am happy every day. I am not the happiest."


The most commendable quality of Zhu Yi Long is that he does not complain or worry.  Despite being at the bottom of the entertainment industry for 10 years, he still has no complaints. Because he knows :  "Complaining cannot change anything.  It is useless to get angry with others." 


In addition, he never advertised his hard work and dedication.  When someone asked him: "Are you a hardworking actor?"  


Although he found this question strange, he answered very sincerely:  "Just A Normal Actor."


In the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry, he is never rushed or impatient.  Always walking at his own pace, always focusing only on the things he likes.


Although he has become popular over the years, he did not follow the Crowd to participate in Variety Shows.  He said:  "When An Actor participates in Live-Action Shows, people will like and understand him very much.  But when he later builds a character-role e.g. when he makes a small action, everyone will not believe it anymore.  I am afraid that one day people will find it difficult to immerse themselves in the Character-Roles I am creating."


Good-looking, dedicated, logically self-consistent, and magnanimous.  These may be the reasons why people like Zhu Yi Long.



*11 January 2022: Edited To Add More  Information*


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(Posted on: Sunday, 12 December 2021)


Zhu Yi Long Is A Very Disciplined And Dedicated Actor


1) The video footage below showed  a scene from "Embrace Again",  in which Zhu Yi Long suddenly fainted. In order to find the best state of the character, Zhu Yi Long repeated it again and again.  They could even hear the sound of his knees knocking the ground. 


The staff behind the scenes said that Zhu Yi Long was asked to wear knee pads, but he refused for better shooting effects, repeating it again and again without any protective measures.




2) When filming scenes where the Stars have their backs facing the Camera, most Artistes will ask a Stand-In to do it for them.  While they rest in the Shades. 


But Zhu Yi Long always do it himself.



3) As early as the filming process of the movie "Cloudy Mountain", an incident happened. Zhu Yi Long almost lost his life. At that time, he had to climb a mountain slope, which was relatively steep. Although there were protective measures.  Zhu Yi Long was still needed to complete the Free-Hand Rock Climbing scene under  heavy rain. But in the process of climbing, Zhu Yi Long was inattentive and actually fell directly from the hillside. Then, he was pulled by a rope.  But Zhu Yi Long's head still knocked against the Rock, leaving a small "bump" on his head. This shows the degree of Zhu Yi Long's professionalism.





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(Posted on: Thursday, 16 December 2021)


Edited To Include More Items Including The Latest Injury from "Lighting Up The Stars".

Zhu Yi Long: A History Of The Injuries He Suffered From His Filming Career


1) "Legend of Daming Palace" was released in 2011. Because it is a 3D movie, the audience must have a "fist to the flesh" feeling for the audience. Zhu Yi Long, in his early twenties, sticks to his beard and wears a heavy armor.




However, there was an accident. He fell from a four-meter-high platform. This was his "serious injury".


There are lingering fears. Fortunately, he is young and healthy, and he is not afraid of it. He did not stop shooting, and neither did he hesitate to do all the stunts himself.


2) After the decline of digital cinema, Zhu Yi Long followed the company Dongfang Feiyun in filming. 


In 2014, "The Shaw Eleven Lang", in 2015 "New Border Town Prodigal Son", remakes of classic martial arts dramas, the play in it is indispensable.


Zhu Yi Long has to do "Hanging Wire Flips" and moved in the air.  Some scenes required him to hang upside down until his brain was congested and his face was red.




There was another accident during the filming of "The Shaw Eleven Lang".  Zhu Yi Long learnt how to ride a horse very early on in his life. The director knew he was a veteran and did not take too many protective measures.


"But when I was riding, the horse (running) stepped into the ditch. "——The understatement described by Zhu Yi Long.


The horse was frightened and fell.  And Zhu Yi Long was flung out directly from the horse's back. He laid on the ground unable to move for a long time. He suffered a Permanent Waist Injury.


Because of this injury, he usually walks with a "slight waist".  But when filming, his Posture is Upright and Straight.


3) "New Border Town Prodigal Son" in 2015

It was shot in Yinchuan Desert. 


He has to shoot a scene being in a sand pit under the scorching sun at noon. He could have used a "Double". But did it himself for the sake of better effects.  He suffered skin-burns. For faster results, a blower was used to blow the sand. He had sand in his eyes, ears and mouth. The sand in his eyes caused inflammation but he did not get treatment. Saying "red eyes" were good for his character.


In order to portray the character Fu Hongxue, he deliberately drank less water and eat less food, leaving his lips dry and his face pale


4) In the follow-up shots of "As Flower Fade And Fly Across The Sky",  and "The Story Of Ming Lan", Zhu Yi Long's lumbar spine was injured on both occasions - and he showed the most obvious "sequelae".  For example, when he boards a car, he has to use his upper body to enter the car first and then slowly shift his legs in.


Zhu Yi Long has a very clear understanding of professional risks.  So he has never talked much about it, and he is always calm when asked.


During the Jackie Chan International Action Film Festival, he was invited to attend. When talking about the achievements and spirit of his predecessors as "action people", his eyes were shining - he has that kind of "energy" and the spirit of not afraid of hardship, danger and challenge. .




5) In "Reunion: The Sound Of The Providence Season 2", he took a lot of actions, which required a lot of climbing, hanging, diving, raining, and  rolling out of dust and mud in winter.


Because of the plot, he embarked on a weight-reduction programme and lost 120 pounds.  But he still had to do a lot of the stunts: Wu Xie was tired of fate and life hanging by a thread, and he did his best to do it.


This movie took about 7 months to shoot, from the severe cold of Winter, to the birth of Spring, tumbling, bumping, scorching hot, and having fun.


6) Filming the "Rebel" blasting scene, Zhu Yi Long was bombed. The person next to him said his name was called at the time, but he couldn't hear it at all.


He almost deafened his ears. The blast was a second or two earlier than the agreed time. He rushed forward from the corridor and was  hit by the blast. At that time, he was lying on the ground completely, and he couldn't hear the people around him for a long time. Everyone said that he was sent to the hospital, after which his hearing gradually recovered, and it was over.


7) When filming the Movie - "Lighting Up The Stars", Zhu Yi Long's Left Eyelid was injured. He quietly went to the hospital for stitching and treatment, and returned quietly. It did not affect the filming process of the crew. There was no news coming back and forth. 


He refused to disclose specific details, so until now no one knows how he was injured.


The actor's effort, the actor's attitude, the actor's ability, the beginnings and experiences - the jewel fragments that make time congeal into large or small shining gems, will eventually fall into the personal experience of the audience.


Edited to include more items, including the Latest Injury from "The Rebel" and "Lighting Up The Stars".


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(Posted on: Sunday, 19 December 2021)


Zhu Yi Long won the "Best Drama Recommendation of The Year" for - "The Rebel". Netizens expressed their support


He sent a post to celebrate.  "The Rebel" won The Best Drama Recommended by the 2021 TV Drama Award.  Zhu Yi Long plays Lin Nan Sheng, the Male Number One in "The Rebel".




Lin Nan Sheng played by Zhu Yi Long, has a heart for the Motherland.  As long as it is good for the country, he will try to stop it.  Finally, because of the belief in the heart, he chose the people's side.


"The Rebel" is the first work of Long Ge after he became a Top Performer.  The popularity can be imagined, and Zhu Yi Long's performance can be imagined.  Zhu Yi Long's performance in the play can be said to be remarkable.  The plot is also very good.  "The Rebel" is well-deserved as The Best Drama Recommmended By The 2021 TV Drama Awards.

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(Posted on: Wednesday, 29 December 2021)


The 32nd Huading Awards has ended. Zhu Yi Long did not win any award, causing a controversy

The 2021 Huading Awards was officially held in Macau on December 27


Zhang Wanyi, won the annual Huading Award for the best actor in a contemporary Chinese TV series.  He was in "Awakening Age" and "The Bond" (Children of the Qiao Family). The acting skills are good, but Zhu Yi Long in "The Rebel" is way better. Thus arousing controversy.


Zhu Zhu, the Second Female Lead from "The Rebel" won the Best Actress Award. But Zhu Yi Long, the Male Lead did not win anything??


Zhu Yi Long is now considered a predecessor, and his acting skills in "The Rebel" are even more popular.


Very sad indeed.



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(Posted on: Wednesday, 29 December 2021)



My Say:

The first photo reminds me of "Charlie Chaplin" (minus the Moustache), the King of the "Silent Movies Era". To me, it is "cute" but not "hot"


My favourite is the 3rd Snap from the drama -"Guardian": cool and handsome


How about you all? :lol:


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(Posted on: Thursday, 30 December 2021)


Zhu Yi Long: These Are Not Current News. But Relevant Enough For Me To Share

1) Zhu Yi Long found Zhao Liying's seat next to him, and flap down the seat-piece ahead of time. Ying Bao was very happy when she took her seat.

Some time back, Zhao Liying and Zhu Yi Long attended a reading ceremony. At the ceremony, Zhao Liying wore a light blue princess dress, blingbling super gentle and shiny in the night light. Zhu Yi Long was wearing a black suit with a black bow tie. Just like a little prince, a gentleman. 


Zhu Yi Long found out that the seat next to him was Zhao Liying, because the name was posted on it.  When Zhao Liying was approaching, he silently flap the seat-piece down so that Zhao Liying could easily sit down.





In addition to lifting her gown a bit, Zhao Liying had a female assistant to assist her at the back.  If Zhu Yi Long had not help, Zhao Liying would have to put down her gown first and pull down the seat-piece by herself. There were so many people sitting in the back row. If Zhao Liying bends down, it will reveals her chest. So Zhu Yi Long’s actions are very considerate.




After Zhao Liying took the seat, she chatted with Zhu Yi Long, and many netizens sighed: Is this the combination of Xiao Gongye and Minglan?








2) Zhu Yi Long is also a gentleman to others. On another occasion, he helped senior Ms Mao Amin, to take care and carry the "rear end of her gown", on and off stage during the 2019/ 2020 New Year Countdown.








3) A person's success or failure is reflected in the minutiae of life. Each time, after Zhu Yi Long signs something and passes the pen back to the staff, he will make sure that the tip of the pen faces inwards towards himself.  And he always return the pen with both hands. He is  very polite.



These are not superficial skills.  But habits developed over a long period of time. Zhu Yi Long's ability to remain polite and a gentleman in various occasions  shows that he Respects others and has Good Family Upbringing. Only a Person Who Is Naturally Kind and Gentle can consistently and automatically exhibits such heart-warming qualities. 
Such an artist is a model in the entertainment industry.  No wonder so many girls like him. :P
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(Posted on: Sunday, 2 January 2022)



Zhu Yi Long: He Post This On His Weibo. on 1 January 2022 - To Greet The New Year. The Song He Sang Is Called "Mohe Dancehall"





History Of The Song - "Mohe Dancehall"

Liu Shuang, a native of Xinjiang, turned from a policeman to a musician. His first song "Grandpa" was once popular on the Internet.


In December 2019, Liu Shuang went to Mohe, a small North-East City to take photograph of the scenery and passed by a song and dance hall. He was attracted by the outgoing retro music and  curious about an old man dancing alone there. After talking to him, he learned of his story.


The old man's wife was killed in the "May 6th, 1987 Forest Fire in the Greater Xing'an Mountains. It burned an area of 1.01 million hectares, affected more than 50,000 people and 210 people died." 


In the following decades, the old man, Mr Zhang Dequan had not remarried and had no children. He missed his deceased wife who loved to dance, and  often went to the dance hall near the incident 

“Mohe Ballroom“ is on fire, Liu Shuang is very upset


After obtaining Zhang Dequan's consent, Liu Shuang composed the song "Mohe Ballroom." (or Dancehall)


That was how Liu Shuang came to write this song - "Mohe Dancehall".


In March 2020, the new song was released. Liu Shuang wrote a letter in the first person, accompanied by an animated picture of the old man dancing solo in the ballroom, which impressed countless netizens.




On the short video platform, the song "Mohe Dance Hall" has been played 3.42 billion times, and the love behind it.  The story has moved many people for the empowerment of the song, and various cover singing challenges have also emerged, and even inspired Mohe Cultural Tourism. 


Zhu Yi Long could not have chosen a more appropriate song for the Year 2022 Countdown. This weibo post of his garner over A Million Likes and Comments.


China sure has a lot of Lovely Stories


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(Posted on: Tuesday, 11 January 2022)

Zhu Yi Long: A Humble Art Pilgrim

2022 is a harvest year for Zhu Yi Long's artistic achievements.


"The Rebel",  "Cloudy Mountain" and "Embrace Again", are all shortlisted for the selection of outstanding works of the China Film And Television Blue Book of the Year.



Zhu Yi Long is a Devout Pilgrim on the road of Art.  


Sincerity is Spirit. Regardless of belief, sincerity is the most important quality.  From the past to the present, his heartfelt love for Performing Arts has always been the core of his career development.  His original intention has never changed


He has Two Sentences:

1)  "I keep reminding myself not to treat "Acting" as a job. I want my acting to be fresh.  I want me to feel sincere in every role I face."


2) "Stay in awe.  Stay cool.  Stay fresh."



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(Posted on: Tuesday, 11 January 2022)


I cannot remember if this Story has been posted in the earlier pages of this Forum before. But it is worth noting again.  This happened in August 2019.


This Fan of Zhu Yi Long shared that her friend  encountered Zhu Yi Long in a Flight. She told Zhu Yi Long that she had a friend who really liked him and  asked for an Autograph to give to her.  But Zhu Yi Long could not comply as he was given a White Piece of paper to sign.  This could be misused for illegal purposes.


Zhu Yi Long asked for her address. So that he could mail it to her later.  The lady gave him her business card.


She thought this request would be forgotten.  After all, she is a mere stranger to him.


But 2 months later, this lady received Zhu Yi Long's autographed photograph, including a photo frame.  She excitedly gave it to her friend - Zhu Yi Long's Fan


The Fan posted a message to express her gratitude, boasting that Zhu Yi Long was an immortal character.  She was moved to tears.  She said this Actor is worth loving for a lifetime.  He is able to abide by what he said and take small things to heart.






Below was the Photo Zhu Yi Long has couriered to his Fan:



From the Fan's Post, I can see that her friend actually met Zhu Yi Long in a scheduled flight from Beijing to Ethiopia.  At that time Zhu Yi Long went to Africa, as a Global Ambassador for WWF - World Wildlife Fund.  And he then did some Photo-Shoots.




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(Posted on: Wednesday, 12 January 2022)



A warm-hearted Zhu Yi Long quietly donated a lot of materials for the Autistic Children at the "Beijing Xing Xing Yu Educational Research Centre For Autism". (Beijing Stars and Rain Educational Research Centre For Autism). This centre was established in 1993.






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(Posted on: Saturday, 15 January 2022)


Do You All Know.....


2016 was the hardest year for Zhu Yi Long. That year, he filmed "Border Town Prodigal" and played Fu Hongxue. 


Because the plot was too thunderous, the show finally fell. As the Male Lead, Zhu Yi Long endured the greatest malice.  He was  accused of destroying the classics. 


There was also a black fan  who sent a private  message to insult Zhu Yi Long, and then posted a screenshot of the Weibo private message showing the "read" status. 


When Zhu Yi Long saw these vicious abuse, he must be very sad.



Later, he also participated in several large-scale film and television dramas, but he missed them all.  A producer directly said to him: "I saw some of your previous works, not the kind of temperament we want".


At that time, Yu Zheng's "Feng Qiuhuang" ("Untouchable Lovers") was being cast.  Actress Yang Rong recommended Zhu Yi Long to play the Male Lead, Rong Zhi.  So Zhu Yi Long and Yu Zheng discussed about it happily in private, and it was determined that Zhu Yi Long would play the role.


In order to play this role well, Zhu Yi Long pushed away other offers.  But in the end, Yu Zheng suddenly changed the Male Lead. Yang Rong who was supposed to play the Female Lead was also not given the role.


This caused Zhu Yi Long to have no drama for a long time.  He even doubted whether he was suitable to be an actor, and whether he should just quit the circle.


Fortunately in 2018, he encountered  "Guardian" that made him a big hit.  Since then, good resources have continued. And he also cherishes his own resources. He once said that as long as he has a good role, he is willing to die from exhaustion.


After Zhu Yi Long became popular, Yu Zheng continues to consume Zhu Yi Long's fame.


In 2019, during the casting of "Winter Begonia", Yu Zheng also said that Zhu Yi Long was being considered. However this time, Zhu Yi Long ignored him and accepted other offers.


Now, Yu Zheng has been silent for a long time because of some personal implications pertaining to his plagiarisms. And Zhu Yi Long is indeed getting more and more popular. So, time will test everything.



It is a Blessings in Disguise for Zhu Yi Long though.  Because Yu Zheng plagiarised the Script for "Untouchable Lovers", and inserted his own Script for the Second Segment of the drama, causing the Story to lose it's compactness and popularity.


And rip apart the relationship between Yu Zheng and the Male Lead, who happens to be from his company.




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