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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread


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(Posted on: Friday, 19 November 2021)


Zhu Yi Long was angrily criticized by reporters for playing big names. He was accused of grabbing the red carpet finale, making reporters wait in the cold wind


This year's LV brand show in Shanghai, on 17 November 2021 was surging again. Many celebrities in the circle gathered together. However, this event was turbulent, and the main contradictions were still concentrated on Zhu Yi Long.


1) The contradiction broke out in the order of walking on the red carpet. The stars were supposed to walk on the red carpet one by one.  But there was a 20-minute break in the middle. Then, Liu Yifei, the brand spokesperson, appeared on the red carpet.  After her came Zhu Yi Long, an ambassador. 


By right, Zhu Yi Long, the brand ambassador should appear first.  Leaving the Finale to Liu Yifei, the brand spokesperson.


2) A fashion blogger issued a question: "What is the finale of the actor in the women's show?" It is suspected that Zhu Yi Long has robbed Liu Yifei's red carpet "final". There was also a big V tweeting about Zhu Yi Long's "scheming", stating that he had arrived an hour ago, but dragging the last one to the stage resulted in the event not being held on time. 


3) Netizens started a heated discussion about this. Zhu Yi Long fans began to clarify and said that Zhu Yi Long had arrived before the red carpet and was accompanied by LV executives.  Meaning that walking the red carpet behind Liu Yifei was the organizer’s arrangement and not his own intention. 






18 November 2021: The Tides Are Turning


1) On November 18, Fashion Blogger "Mr. Jiliang" issued a post to reveal the situation on the day of the show, saying that Zhu Yi Long and the team went back to the lounge and other arrangements after accepting the interview.  His "Lounge" was located innermost at the venue. Jiliang has cooperated with Zhu Yi Long many times. Zhu Yi Long has been obediently waiting for the organizer to arrange. He does not believe that he will play a big name.


2) Zhu Yi Long's support club issued a document denying Zhu Yi Long Himself was playing a big-name phenomenon. The support club said that Zhu Yi Long completed the brand activities in accordance with the process.


3) LV Daxiu officially released Zhu Yi Long's live photos, with very friendly words.


The official said: "Recalling the past and looking forward to the future. Brand ambassador Zhu Yi Long appeared in the Shanghai LV Spring/Summer 22 women's show, combining classic style with modern charm, interpreting elegance. Welcome back to the big show and unlock the artistic conception of fashion. 


It seems that the two sides have further cooperation. Some netizens have already revealed that Zhu Yi Long's title has been promoted from an ambassador to a spokesperson. I wonder if it will be officially announced?








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(Posted on: Saturday, 20 November 2021)


This is one of the jokes of the year!

Zhu Yi Long’s fans retorted that Chasing Dragon was interviewed before the red carpet and the LV senior executives accompanied him throughout the process, which wasted time.





My Say:

1) Why not blame the Organiser - LV for the Mess.  Why must it always be the Stars?

2) Zhu Yi Long's Studio is not doing a good job in PR and Damage Control.  It is time they learn


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(Posted on: Sunday, 21 November 2021)


Share With You All, A Fan's Comment I Found In the "Net.


Attitude netizens 0gtE3Q[Netease, Guangdong, Shenzhen, mobile phone users]
Popular posts17:35 the day before yesterday
Zhu Yi Long is playing big cards?  Made a mistake.  I once saw a small video.  Once Zhu Yi Long finished signing his name to a fan.  When returning the pen to the fan, he turned the pen over to face himself.  With the sharp tip of the pen facing inwards.  
At that time, I felt that Zhu Yi Long was very educated.  A person's moral cultivation is embodied in inadvertent subtleties.  
I have also watched some interview videos of Zhu Yi Long.  In the interviews Zhu Yi Long faced reporters from all levels and channels.  He was polite, gentle, humble and easy-going.  Today I read that Zhu Yi Long was playing big cards.  I don't believe it even if I were to be killed.,



Whatever it is, Zhu Yi Long has certainly offended a lot of people through this incident.  How Sad. :tears:    He should re-vamp his Team.  That is my opinions.





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(Posted on: Monday, 22 November 2021)


Zhu Yi Long's LV Red Carpet Controversy Took A Turn For The Worse


1. Although Zhu Yi Long himself did not respond to the matter. Fashion blogger Mr. Jiliang stepped up to help him clarify.   In doing so, he cause more controversy instead.


Mr Jiliang has resisted Xiao Zhan during the 277 incident.  He  propagated on Weibo, claiming that he will boycott Xiao Zhan's dramas for a long time, directly complained to the crew, and hoped that he will disappear from the entertainment circle.   So now he is getting Xiao Zhan's Fans involved.



2. After Zhu Yi Long's car was overturned, his past history was picked up. Some netizens broke the news that Zhu Yi Long had served as WWF's global ambassador and recorded a video. Zhu Yi Long's role as an ambassador is nothing. The problem is the WWF foundation


There is a BCI organization under WWF. This BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) boycotted Xinjiang Cotton as early as a year ago, and its position has been reversed many times. In addition, the founder of WWF is actually a figure of FH, and the controversy is also very serious.


In the previous cotton incident, most of the stars in the entertainment circle chose to terminate their contract. As the global ambassador for WWF, Zhu Yi Long did not respond.


It is  possible that  Zhu Yi long is not aware of the history of WWF.  But now that this matter has been brought up, everybody will be watching his next move..  What will Zhu Yi Long do?



Looks like Zhu Yi Long's Luck for the coming year - 2022 is not very good.

I hope it will not affect his New Movie

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(Posted on: Tuesday, 23 November 2021)



Zhu Yi Long: Press Conference For His Movie, "Embrace Again"


Click To Watch:




Zhu Yi Long Arriving For The Press Conference



On November 23, the movie "Embrace Again" held a cloud conference. The director Xue Xiaolu, starring Huang Bo, Jia Ling, and Zhu Yi Long appeared to share interesting shooting stories with the audience.


Jia Ling talked a lot about the romantic scene with Zhu Yi Long. She said that many romantic scenes, such as running in the rain, are actually her ideas. Zhu Yi Long was a little shy on the sidelines, as if he was not used to talking about it. However, director Xue Xiaolu revealed that their roles were very ambiguous, and they couldn't help laughing while filming.


When asked about her feelings of working with Zhu Yi Long for the first time, Jia Ling said her first impression was that he was too handsome.   So she quietly suggested to the director to darken Zhu Yi Long's face, add some Grey Hairs. The Director did.   But he was still very handsome. 


Zhu Yi Long thinks Jia Ling is a very interesting person, and their cooperation is very easy and comfortable.





Zhu Yi Long looks a bit uncomfortable and preoccupied. Like he has not slept well. As if something is bothering him.



Click The Link Below To Watch (Very Cute :w00t:)




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Chingus, it is time to get warm and cozy this winter.  We are already anticipating the next season of many of our favourite K-dramas, do take a moment to vote for your favourite K-drama with multiple seasons. Don't forget to let us know which drama you wish to see the second season of. :dorakiss:





re:  Your friendly and most favourite EO team : @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @confusedheart

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(Posted on: Wednesday, 25 November 2021)



"Embrace Again"








Regarding the scene where Jia Ling was sitting in the VIP seat and listening to him playing the piano, Zhu Yi Long admitted that he was nervous, while Jia Ling joked: "I sit next to him, and his heart is  thumping." 


Director Xue Xiaolu first revealed the reasons for the casting

Director Xue Xiaolu came to the press conference and shared with the audience the original intention of creation. The creative team collected a lot of news materials before shooting, and also interviewed many volunteers and ordinary citizens on the spot. 


She saw Wuhan people after 76 days of quarantine, life is still the same, everyone’s smiles are still on their faces, this kind of optimistic force deeply moved her, "I created this movie with such a touch. I want to focus on the most ordinary and ordinary citizens of Wuhan to show their bravery and faith in the epidemic."


The director also revealed that Jia Ling and Zhu Yi Long have many romantic clips in the movie, and the Crew behind the monitor could not help laughing. 


She also praised Zhu Yi Long's piano skills, saying that all the piano plays in the film were performed by Zhu Yi Long himself.



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(Posted on: Thursday, 25 November 2021)



Zhu Yi Long's New Movie: Tentative English Title is  "The Lost Her" (消失的她)


It is reported that they started filming  a few days ago   But the opening ceremony is only  being done today -  25 November 2021. Everyone at the scene dressed uniformly in team costumes, talking and laughing, and looked very harmonious. And Zhu Yi Long is full of energy, with a short hair cut and looking tough and sunny.  The whole person is still so handsome. This time, Zhu Yi Long’s partner is Actress Ni Ni.


Director                : Mr Lai Mu Kuan (of the "Chinatown Detective" fame)

Producer              : Mr Chen Si Cheng (also the Scriptwriter)     

Male Lead            : Zhu Yi Long (as "He Fei")

Female Lead       : Ni Ni (as the Top Lawyer "Chen Mai")  edited

Supporting Role: Wen Yong Shan  (as the missing wife "Li Mu Ze") edited



On a small island in Malaysia, He Fei, an emotionally out-of-control man, clashed with the local police. 15 days ago, his wife was missing on the third day of their wedding anniversary trip. However, the police thought it was their husband and wife quarreling, so they refused to file a case. When he was desperate, his wife returned to the hotel, but He Fei claimed that he did not know the woman and called the police again. The woman also produced various evidences to prove her identity.  Then the industry's top lawyer Chen Mai appeared to help He Fei break the fog.  Thus unfolding a series of suspenseful and thrilling stories.



Malaysia ??  Are they going to film in Malaysia?  Or are they using Sanya City in Hainan Island  as a Malaysian Island?









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(Posted on: Wednesday, 1 December 2021)


Zhu Yi Long's "Lighting Up The Stars" (Previously called: "Funeral Family") is set for 2022 "Ching Ming Festival" ("Tomb-Sweeping Festival")

"Lighting Up The Stars" officially released the news that the film will be released on April 2, 2022, which is the Ching Ming Festival in 2022. 

The play is a funeral-themed film starring Zhu Yi Long, produced by Han Yan, directed by Liu Jiangjiang.  

In the play, the funeral director played by Zhu Yi Long met Wu Xiaowen, an orphan played by Yang En, during a funeral shortly after his release. The appearance of the child unexpectedly changed the male protagonist's attitude towards career and life



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(Posted on: Friday, 3 December 2021)


Zhu Yi Long has been Nominated for the Best Actor Award in the Annual 32nd Huading Awards.  He is chosen for his role in the Drama - "The Rebel".  He is in competition with 9 other actors.  His strongest competitor is Zhang Tong from "Awakening Age".




The nominations are shortlisted from the China Top 100 TV Series Satisfaction Survey.


Because the 100 most outstanding dramas were selected from nearly 300 TV dramas and online dramas as the survey subjects, it can be said that this list includes the best domestic dramas this year and the actors with the best acting performances.


After all, apart from the narrative rhythm, the wonderful story and the directing techniques, the most uncomfortable thing for the audience in domestic dramas is the acting skills.


But what is most useful to the audience is the moments of the actors.  These shortlisted actors are the benchmark of the current domestic actors' strength.


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