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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread


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(Posted on: Wednesday, 29 September 2021)



Zhu Yi Long has 2 more movies coming up!


1) "Embrace Again" premiering  24 December 2021. Where he plays a supporting role as a Pianist.  This movie is related to the Covid 19 Epidemic in Wuhan back in 2020. Showing how the lives of the common people were affected.


We can expect to hear him breaking out in the Wuhan Dialects.






2)  "Lighting Up The Stars" (Previously called: "Funeral Family" - No premier date yet




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(Posted on: Sunday, 3 October 2021)



The progress of Zhu Yi Long's "Cloudy Mountain" has been Overshadowed by the premiere of the popular "Battle At Lake Changlin".  


It has dropped to "4th Place".  And it's Box-Office is at a "crawling pace".  What a pity!:frown:


Enjoy these photos before they disappear :lol:







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(Posted on: Wednesday, 6 October 2021)


Zhu Yi Long's "Cloudy Mountain"

It's current box office is stuck at 420 million. With a split account of 146 million, and a production cost of about 170 million, it is still losing money.  It's box office needs to reach at least 500 million in order to pay back. 


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(Posted on: Monday, 11 October 2021)


Zhu Yi Long - "Cloudy Mountain"


After 23 days, it's Box Office only reached 430 million.  It remains at 4th place.  I believe it will not reach 500 million.   


Now it will depend on the Overseas Markets : Singapore, UK and US


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(Posted on: Tuesday, 12 October 2021)



Chenjiaji Volunteer Service Project won the title of "Top Ten" in Wuhan

A few days ago, the Zhu Yi Long's fans volunteer rescue team in Chenjiaji Street, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City, relying on the "Star Forces to Protect the Safety of the Community, and the Five Social Cooperation Party Members Volunteer First" project was successfully shortlisted for the 4th Excellent Volunteer Service Project of Wuhan City and won the "Top Ten Volunteer Services." Project" title. The project will be implemented by the volunteer rescue team of Zhu Yi Long Fan Tianxing Garden Community in Chenjiaji Street.


Zhu Yi Long's Fans on Chenjiaji Street Tianxing Garden Community Volunteer Rescue Team was established in April 2021. The volunteer rescue team launched the first safe home project in Wuhan, Hubei Province with the help of Hubei film and television star Mr. Zhu Yi Long in One Foundation. Mr. Zhu Yi Long’s fans volunteered to raise funds. Founded by ten thousand yuan. All team members are equipped with professional equipment for epidemic prevention and emergency response, carry out emergency skills training, assist the community in formulating a "family-disaster hazard point-community" three-level emergency plan, mobilize the community to carry out family risk investigations, emergency drills and other activities, and cultivate community residents to become The security officers of "family", "community", "street" and "society" take responsibility for life and volunteer for disaster prevention.


Since July 20 this year, Henan Province has experienced extremely heavy rainfall and severe regional floods have occurred in many places. The Social Work Service Center of Chenjiaji Sub-district in Jiang'an District and various community social organizations and volunteer teams in the Chenjiaji Sub-district area have donated money and materials, generously donated money, and supported Henan compatriots in fighting floods and disaster relief. At the same time, on July 28, Mr. Li Yunpeng, captain of the Tianxing Garden Volunteer Rescue Team, Zhu Yi Long's Fans on Chenjiaji Street, and his team members donated 50,000 yuan to support Henan.


In the future, the Zhu Yi Long's Fans Volunteer Rescue Team on Chenjiaji Street will carry out volunteer capacity improvement training camps and community disaster prevention and mitigation activities based on the actual situation of the community, and the service will also be extended to other communities in Wuhan that need help.




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(Posted on: Thursday, 14 October 2021)



Zhu Yi Long's  "Cloudy Mountain":


As of Wednesday, 13 October 2021, it receives an increase of 70,000 yuan only - after a week.  The Cummulative Total Box Office now stands at 433 Million.  


While it's competitive standing drops from 4th to 5th place.


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(Posted on: Saturday, 16 October 2021)



Zhu Yilong accepted an exclusive interview with a Chinese film and never thought of using a stand-in




Recently, Zhu Yi Long accepted an exclusive interview with a Chinese film. The host asked Zhu Yi Long when he talked about the movie "Cloudy Mountain":


"Have you ever thought of using a double when there are so many dangerous actions in the movie this time?" Zhu Yi Long said: "No , Because the actor is actually a part of the whole movie. If my actions and expression at the moment can add points to the movie and this character, I will definitely do it myself." 


Such an answer makes people feel that Zhu Yi Long has always been a good and dedicated actor.


Netizens were also deeply moved by Zhu Yi Long's dedication and left a message: "Use sincerity and professionalism to shape every role", "It is what an excellent actor should do, and I hope Zhu Yi Long can pay attention to safety." 
I also understand that so many people like Zhu Yi Long for a reason.
In 2016, Zhu Yi Long fell from a horse in the "Border Town Prodigal" costume play.
Zhu Yi Long suffered a very serious waist injury. When communicating with the media, Zhu Yi Long didn't say how badly he fell.   Just said lightly: "Because I have filmed a lot of dramas, I have rode horses a lot. So I brought a horse and said come here. But when I rode, the horse stepped into a pit and fell." This is not the first time that he has fallen off a horse. When he fell for the first time, he said that even if a psychological disorder occurred, he would still do it himself for his future works.
In 2018, in another play, a netizen exposed a video of Zhu Yi Long's injury during shooting, and claimed that Zhu Yi Long had a lot of action scenes. He was injured at that time and left scars. In the photo, you can see Zhu Yi Long's wrist. Little thumbs have been injured in varying degrees. Until 2020, in a certain video of Zhu Yi Long, the scars left by the filming at that time are still clearly visible. After being asked by fans, Zhu Yi Long asked fans not to worry too much and kept comforting fans.

When he fell from a four-meter high platform, Zhu Yi Long suffered a waist injury, but he did not say anything. After getting up, he continued to film. As an actor, Zhu Yi Long was very responsible. For his acting career, no matter how painful and tired, he still do it himself, just to give the audience the most authentic feelings. This way, he has never forgotten his original heart and conscientious work. This kind of spirit is worthy of our respect and study. Such Zhu Yi Long is destined to be a good actor.


Fans' Comments:

Zhu Yilong believes that it is very common for actors to be injured in filming and never sell badly. Fans often listen to others from the side or learn about it after a long time. The last time "Events in Life" was about to be completed, the eye socket was injured and the needle was admitted to the hospital. The location was actually very dangerous, but the studio and I did not mention this at all, and only let the support club comfort the fans. Later, when I saw the scar during the event, it was still clearly visible. As for the injury experience that fans don’t know, that’s too much. 
7 hours ago
Mu ran looking back fy
like him! Good character and strong business ability!
14 hours ago
Dynamic design of the project 2Y
It's great, it's good to be a husband or a son 
3 hours ago
Forgetting Yinggege
Just to appreciate this actor, I believe my vision is right. 
1 hour ago
Bubble lili
11 hours ago
Credits to Wenella for this clip below:
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(Posted on: Tuesday, 19 October 2021)


With traffic and strength, netizens ran into Zhu Yi Long on a low-key trip without a bodyguard or assistant

On October 17, a netizen posted a photo of the star Zhu Yi Long in Lijiang.


In the photo, Zhu Yi Long is dressed in sports and casual clothes, travels in a low-key manner, and has no bodyguard or assistants with him.


(In truth, he is not travelling alone.  There is a Lady with him.  But we don't know whether she is just a friend, staff or....

I found out that she is His Manager)


***Enjoy these photos before they eventually "Disappear" :w00t:







This netizen couldn't hide his excitement when he met a star. In his weibo  comments, he said Zhu Yi Long was so white and shiny, that he was tall and invincible.




Later, the studio posted a new picture of Zhu Yi Long, still in exactly the same clothes, confirming that the street shot was indeed the deity.



Note: I don't find him particularly "Tall".   But of an average height for an Asian man
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(Posted on: Wednesday, 27 October 2021)



Oh Yes!  Zhu Yi Long looks different in a Pony Tail.  It gives one a more "hype", sassy and playful feel





(Posted on: Sunday, 31 October 2021)


Zhu Yi Long: Enjoy These Photos Before They Disappear :P













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(Posted on: Saturday, 6 November 2021)


Click To Watch





This Clip Below Is So Cute.  It Says: "If It Is Not For  Zhu Yi Long, I Won't Even Watch".  Because of the odd colour and designs of his Sweater. (I do agree. I'm not a Fan of his Fashion Choice)






Click To Watch The BTS Btn Jing Ran & His Onscreen Mum From The Drama:  "My True Friend"



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Zhu Yilong sent a message to celebrate EDG's victory: "We are the champion"


Last night, Nov 7, 2021, in the League of Legends S11 World Championship in Reykjavik, Iceland, the Chinese team EDG from LPL defeated defending champion, Damwon KIA (DK)  from South Korea 3-2 and contributed a contest that was recorded in the history of e-sports.


The two sides fought fiercely for 5 games. In the end, EDG team won the match point 2-1, and the total score was 3-2 strongly reversed, for China to win the S championship again after a year!


This is the first time that the LPL team defeated an opponent from the South Korean LCK in the final stage of the S game. This is also the third League of Legends championship in the history of LPL China mainland e-sports. It is very worth celebrating.


Many stars are paying attention to this game. After the game, Zhu Yi Long posted on Weibo to express his excitement.


Nov 7 #ZhuYilong Weibo:
P1: “Ahhhhhhhhhh! EDG! EDG! You did it!!! Champions!
P2: “Too excited” ZYL celebrates the Chinese team EDG winning the League of Legends World Championship Finals on Nov 6, 2021. #朱一龍 #朱一龙


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(Posted on: Tuesday, 16 November 2021)




Zhu Yi Long's Next Project Will  Be  A Remake Of The 2014 Hollywood Movie: "Gone Girl"


"Gone Girl"  was directed by David Fincher and starred Ben Affleck.


This Movie is not only suspenseful , but also has "Horror" elements. Filming to start this Sunday, 21 November 2021





Will be back with more details.............................. :hwaiting2:



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(Posted on: Wednesday, 17 November 2021)


Zhu Yi Long's "Embrace Again"

Jia Ling set and Zhu Yi Long sweetly holding hands together

On November 16, the crew of Jia Ling and Zhu Yi Long’s new movie "Embrace Again" released the set footage. The close interaction between the two caused heated discussions among netizens. The director also teased the two for taking wedding photos. In the tidbits, Jia Ling is wearing an orange takeaway rider suit and a helmet in her hand. Zhu Yi Long looked gentle with glasses, sweater and shirt. The two looked at the camera with a grin, and took pictures with a smile.

Jia Ling said with a sweet smile, "Oh, his heart beats so fast", which caused the surrounding staff to laugh. It is reported that Jia Ling plays an ordinary takeaway delivery staff in Wuhan in the film, and Zhu Yi Long plays the piano teacher Ye Ziyang. The two met and knew each other due to an accidental order. The two ate noodles together and sent each other caring. The wonderful chemical reaction has overflowed. The screen ignited the expectations of netizens.



The two played freely at the director's request and interacted. Jia Ling unceremoniously took Zhu Yi Long's hand, and after a while she took Zhu Yi Long's arm again, with a shy look on her face. On the other hand, Zhu Yi Long bowed his head slightly and smiled dozingly. Netizens described him as a "little couple" who "you are making trouble, I am laughing".


Zhu Yi Long was not to be outdone, and put a hand on Jia Ling's shoulder. However, the two of them couldn't hold back long before they insisted, and began to laugh.
Netizens were also excited when they saw the interaction between the two. Zhu Yi Long's fans also recognized Jia Ling's performance in molesting Zhu Yi Long. It seems that everyone likes to see Zhu Yi Long's shy look. Another fan said: "Zhu Yi Long's smile is a bit like Tony Leung."
Click To Watch The Clip (Very Funny)
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