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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

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I haven't been able to use VPN for a long time. Seems that there's not many discussions about ZYL as before. Anyways, I'm gonna post some updates.

1. Zhu Yilong flew to Shanghai in late March to wrap up the shooting for Dear Myself. The series is said to be aired in 2020. 


2. He cut his hair short afterwards (Gosh I LOOOOOOVE the new hairstyle) and joined a new TV series called The Rebel (叛逆者) as the male lead since April 16th. His character is called Lin Nansheng. I've read the original novel, which is fantastic. And the cast and crew are both worth looking forward to.


3. A few covers for some main magazines: ELLE, Traveler, T China, China Peoples.


4. He will continue to be the brand spokesperson for Coca-Cola for the second year.


5. The Reboot! OMG, we still don't know when it'll come. People say it's at the last stage of post-productions, and the actors have already finished recording their songs for OST. Besides Youku, iQiyi has also bought it. So hopefully we'll be able to watch it on these two platforms this summer.


6. They have also been making adjustments for the The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream, which was a TV series he shot with Zhang Han in 2016. So there is a chance that we can see his character Ke Ze in the near future!

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I'm gald to see that he's built up some muscles! Lin Nansheng is gonna be another unique character he'll present to us!

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