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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

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@katthy aw sorry I thought there was. I must have been half translating it in my mind. but someone did post a rough translation of the lyrics. credits to op on ytube 



I never say one word Because I’m afraid There is no one who wants to respond

I never try to escape Because I know The world is too big

There is too much time to waste

Too many things to face with

Too many craps not to care about

Too many troubles and too much dispute

Who is with you when you need someone

Small as me, like a ripple

Can dream big to be a tide

Time keeps moving forward

So there must be no end but only crossing roads

The world is a mess

All that I know

Is to be with you

Dreams may fail

Life may appears to be everydayness

Maybe you will never understand this chaotic world which is either black or white

But you should know

Whenever you think there is no way out

You’re not running into the end but only the crossing roads

Don’t be afraid

Let me stay by your side

For better or worse


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Here is the translation for this video                   October 1st, 2018 QQ Music PhantaCity ZYL post-credits      Question

Do you guys know you got a new nickname "海鲜包“?In China, people give different nicknames to fans of celebrities  and fan's nickname usually has something to do with their idol's name or character, and

The reason why fans gave him a new nickname "Zhu Yiyu 朱一鱼( fish)" was not because people think he has 7 seconds of memory (there was a saying in China that a fish only has 7 seconds of memory) . There

@siobhanne thanks for millions times for your translation dear!!!!!!!! :kiss_wink:




@katthy aw sorry I thought there was. I must have been half translating it in my mind. but someone did post a rough translation of the lyrics. credits to op on ytube 


@Evil Blea thank you so much to you too, also Siobhanne did the translation....


really thanks girls!!!!!! :heart:

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I still can't watch the performance because of copyright ㅠㅠ I've watched clips but I really don't want to spoil the full performance for myself ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

But now I have the translation, haha, so I can understand better when I watch it later~ thank you @siobhanne for the dialogue translation! 

@BreezeC thank you for the great review! :)

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10 hours ago, siobhanne said:

The story is about the child in a man meeting another child. And healing the wounds of the child and protecting that child, heals the child in the man. And he becomes the man and adult that the child needs. It was so beautiful. The child actor is awesome, they managed to keep her natural, obviously adores Longge. Longge didn't say anything for most of the performance, so powerful. He only got a voice after he became an adult, before that he just sang in his heart.


I just read your impression and you just added another layer of understanding that I didn't realized before!!! I wrote my review right after I finished watching and I refrain myself from reading other's comments because I want a clear review by myself...Wow...Now I can see that when he took off that make-up, it is himself healing and finally being able to 'walk out' and not live like this anymore. In the meantime, the child at the end put on make-up to become strong because of him. Yes, you are right. They healed each other and it is absolutely beautiful. 


Btw, I thought that child was a boy at first and not until I started reading other people's comments that the child is a girl lol I had to edit my review lol 

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some more footage of how he trained.


I made a google translation:


Extra clip:
Just throw it
*have a bloody hand*
I am finished
*mistaken arobat*
-more than one industry
*really exaggerated*
!pretty good
!because by the time you fly 3
*clown performer Lu Bin*
!definitely like this
!or you feel
!this has a longer time for nails to turn (poor Longge, plagued by his nail biting habits)
*nails have been smashed*
Yes. I have no nails.
*try again*
!you are a little
!relax a little
%like turning basketball
yes. like turning basketball
*finally succeeded*
*Acrobatics: nose top newspaper*
adter this is finished
the nose bridge still has a risk of collapse

*Have you bought insurance for your nose?*
-Have you bought insurance on your nose?
have not
*have not*
-he actually answered me
-have not
*Is a real person/man*
I feel that I have to add this kind of technical work to myself
it is easy after adding more
-take a large breath
-right. it is easy to make mistakes
*Final choice. Mime performance*
after looking for some information
learn a little
I think there is interaction
then more classic
fragment of some small mime performances
it will be more interactive
he communicates with the little girl
will be a little more impactful

*"Collision with lamp"*
I went to my room from this place
then this light is a bit low
it is very low
then every time I come over several times
I hit my head when I came up
hit this light
*"Ugly" rehearsal site*
I never talk, (etc etc lyrics)
*continuous impact*
because we have a small set
*subconsciously bending over*
*successful avoidance*
you are always in this scene/set
running back and forth

-what music?
*selected music: "let me stay by your side"*
when this song came out
when I listen
I thought the lyrics are simple and easy to understand
the beginning is more like a story
gossip (real story?)
and the ending
when he is emotional
I can feel the song inside
gave me a kind of positive energy
the song is the only concern I have now
It's too hard to sing
*"Ugly" Song rehearsal*
*Vocal instructor Liu Fang*
The smallest I (lyrics)
!High octave
most (lyrics)
most (lyrics)
the smallest I (lyrics)
Is this in tune?
!this tone is a problem
!just let go and sing
the smallest I (lyrics)
!the smallest I (lyrics)
!it's I
this may be possible to practice
practice and form a habit
the smallest I (lyrics)
this song is really not very easy to sing
the chorus is quite high
because after I got up
the air is not coming well
after i breathe
it will be late for the half shot
the last half beat, the rhythm is wrong

Edit: I submitted subs to this video, they're much easier to understand than the google translate above. You can view them after they're accepted or with the add subtitles trick.



The way he sings in practice I definitely would think the beat being a bit off was a happy accident, because he doesn't feel confident enough in singing to play around with music. But then the way he acts in practice is also not unleashing his true potential. He gets much more energized and adventurous in performance. Whatever the case, I'm so happy with the result. In music, being too perfect is not a good thing, the raisins are in the little syncopations and subversions of expectations. 

I love his voice in the lower registers. And sometimes also higher, when there's a sort of crystal fragility to it (I don't know, sounds too poetic, but it's difficult to describe what I mean).

Edited by siobhanne
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@siobhanne I also thought it was a boy until someone mentioned it was a girl hahaha. I bet our long ge was happy since he straight up answered he wanted a daughter when asked XD... and then apologised to the possibility of his future son. 


and wow, these fans are so dedicated and have so much brain power lol! 


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@Evil Blea I was more inclined towards a girl, but I didn't know for sure whether it was a boy or girl (it was BreezeC who thought it was a boy ; )), but I knew once I translated the subs. Totally didn't notice she was wearing a skirt. Anyway, kids are pretty much genderless anyway, it's just that we keep telling them boys are like this, girls are like that, and encouraging and discouraging certain behaviors, without ever even realizing we're doing it (there's some interesting scientific literature on this).


He's so good with kids. I want some guy to be the mother of my children, then I can be the more distant dad, who plays with them from time to time and once in a while, and much more since their teenage years, has deep conversations about life with them; or helps them with math homework or something. If I do breastfeeding, they should do the diapers. The search continues.

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8 hours ago, BreezeC said:

Anyone else still having "ZYL's Phantacity" withdrawal like me? LOL I can hardly concentrate on work. Do you think watching his other awesome character would heal me? lol :joy:

I'm completely in your same situation dear!!! I can't even say how many times I re-watched it yesterday.... I'm really mesmerized by his interpretation... and also the story is very emotional..   I don't know if you'll heal watching it over and over again, but it can help for sure... at least to me LOL :lol:;)
you're right, it's an addiction... but it's also the way that I am... when I've some serie that I love, I need time to overcome it and finally separate from it... so...




This morning I've saw this vid, backstage from PhantaCity. I'm so enchanted to watch ZYL talking and arguing with the little girl...  he has a so sweet but serious/adult way to talk to her, the way he looks right in her eyes, giving her all his attention.... OMG!!!! I could die to know what he's saying to her!!!! :tears::tears::tears:

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10 minutes ago, katthy said:

Really? He just did PhataCity and now he's already flew to Paris?  I can't keep my pace up with him LOL :lol:

PC is made on 29 August, 27 September he was invited to a gallery of LV in Beijing then took a flight to Australia, 28 September he arrived in Sydney for working as an ambassador of Chinese-Australia Tourism Promotion. At the afternoon of 1 October he left Sydney to Paris...So busy...

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AvenueX made a video based on her understanding of the transition of the scenes for the performance of Ugly.  https://www.bilibili.com/video/av32884153


Rough explanation of what she says in the video to help understanding: (from 2:30 onward)


First run: 6 seconds from his room (first camera) to the bottom of stairs (second camera)

The clown was performing on the stage (third camera)

Replay and pause to explain the position of the fourth camera

Clown and hat: explain the position of the door and the first camera in his room

First camera shoots the clown and the girl

Second run: 7-8 seconds from the stage to the corridor leading to his room (sing)

(Here she shared an interesting interpretation she saw on internet. Someone says the wheat symbolizes the basic living necessities and the rose symbolizes the dream).


She said the window besides the bed was important. From the canopy and the light, she guessed where the street was and how it was staged.

Third run: 5 seconds from the room to the stage to collect the money

Fourth run (hat swaying): 14-15 seconds from the stage to the bar

Four important elements on the street: oil barrel, mail box, stairs, a pillar

Fifth run: 5 seconds from the street to the position between the piano and the stage.

The kid also changed her position

(She praised the skills of shooting when the light changed from on to off. She guessed the camera did not change and was wondering how to control the aperture ISO etc. She also complimented the coordination of the lighting)


The stairs where the kid left is the same stairs leading to his room.


Next the kid ran back to the audience seats and Zhu Yilong ran to his room.

Posters were above the windowfacing the stage.


Sixth run: (posters): 10-ish seconds back to his room

A body doubles played with the kid

She was not sure where the kid was beaten and showed the position she guessed. 

Seventh run: 7 seconds to the street

Shooting in close range on purpose (you will get it in the last scene.)

She explains the position where the boss was beaten (she commented later that her guess was wrong)

Eighth run: 7-8 seconds from the street to the piano

Ninth run: 28 seconds from the piano to his room including changing clothes

Tenth run: 5 seconds from the stage to the street   

25s shows the girl selling flowers to give time to get his make-up removed. 


In the end, she highly praised all the staff and wished the backstage work could be shared to the audience. (Perhaps that the reason that the Phancity Weibo shared some today). 




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