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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

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5 hours ago, Evil Blea said:


U know what I was just thinking about this today, haha. Yea, when are the rest of the cast announced or has it been announced already and I’ve just missed something?


I feel like filming in October is too early? I thought zyl  just finished filming and now the next filming will begin next month?! Wow this man.

I actually have been wondering about this for quite a while haha.. probably because I'm really excited to see him as WuXie, I hope he gets good costars. Do they usually announce the cast this close to filming?


And yeah I think I saw somewhere that he usually films back to back, very close schedule, like finish one drama, start on the next one the very next week. I do hope he gets some quality rest, but he seems like he's enjoying himself. I've seen it, for some people, they're happiest when they're working probably because it's what they like most. Although I do hope he gets to travel soon, he seems to like travelling a lot too haha..

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@katthy I'm glad it works! haha.. Yeah I personally prefer the original ending too, the one that they aired. It's very sad, but it had a sense of closure? and I felt satisfied with it. And also the line that ShenWei said, something about we might've gone through a lot of mess, but at least our choices were meaningful. It gives me a sense of reassurance, knowing that they'll meet and sacrifice themselves again, but it would never be for naught and makes for a meaningful ending. This is my personal opinion tho haha. 


@siobhanne "technically a year old or a bit longer" 

A year? Whoa he has a lot of self restraint haha, my antsy hands would keep picking at this pimple that won't go away. But he seems to be good at keeping his hands off his face (unlike me, bad habit really, good for him). I didn't know it has been that long though, you hardly notice it in any of his dramas. Anyway, I hope all goes well with the removal and he doesn't have to worry about it anymore haha.


I agree with you, I think it's wise of him to take more projects and bolder characters at this time of his career, it might leave a lasting impression on people so that he can get better projects for the future and get to star in films like he wanted to. I personally think he suits more serious and mysterious characters rather than having just romantic plotlines, not because I don't like seeing him in a romantic drama, but because I think it's not displaying his charisma and vast expressions much. But really that's just me haha. It's good that he likes challenges and are trying all sorts of characters though, I hope all goes well for him.

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@biskotmeri heh, actually his fans were saying that do you honestly think that a guy who doesn't get rid of a zit for so long cares enough about looks to have plastic surgery. I think he's well suited for romance as well, but I agree that he's had a lot of such roles and I don't think he wants to do them any more for now. I have confidence in any role he chooses :). 


Happy camp: 


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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@siobhanne True, I hope those who talk badly about him realize how silly they sound. Well even if they don't they're silly anyway. I'm looking forward to his future works, I have confidence in his choice too :)

Talking about which, do you happen to know how we can watch his performance in Phantacity tonight? I'm actually counting down the hours to the show, haha, but I have absolutely no idea where to begin looking ^^"

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@biskotmeri I heard that if you're a member of mango tv you can watch at 20:10 china time, but if not then from 22:00. Presumably on their webpage or app. They also upload to YouTube after a while. And fans will probably post clips to bilibili soon after. The performance parts usually have English hardsubs. Except songs. At least on YouTube. 

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I am so excited to watch his Phantacity performance. I even started watching the previous episodes because I’ve also been really into ‘The birth of an actor’ recently and after finishing all the latest episodes I wanted to watch something similar and found Phantacity sort of(?) similar so way to go zyl for introducing Phantacity to me lol.


anyone else watch birth of an actor too? I think our long ge’s best friend Peng Guan Ying was in the latest episode, even though he didn’t go as an actual contestant (I think they had limited spaces) but it was nice to see him as a side in the performance. Great performance nonetheless 


i originally thought zyl was actually going to be in “The birth of an actor’ instead of ‘Phantacity’. I wonder why he didnt go for that one instead if his friend was going too

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They haved announced a second actor for Reboot, Hu Jun, who will play ZYL’s uncle. I am so excited for him! 


And I'm glad he went to Phantacity instead of The Birth of an Actor. To be honest, the Birth of an Actor does not have a very good reputation, with too many dramas going on off stage. The show itself may be a good choice for some unknown actors, but not for ZYL. 

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I also just wanted to say that I've read that the judging and criticism on The birth of an actor seem to be motivated by industry politics. Plus I've actually seen some really cool pieces being created on Phantacity, and I think ZYL is much more about creating something, rather than just showing his training. Since he got the opportunity to be on Phantacity, I think it's definitely a better choice. And could we really stand to watch if it did turn out to be biased judging on that other show (not sure if it is, just what I've read).

They're showing his show now, but I have to wait. I didn't sign up for this character building excercise.

Btw, from the australia stuff, there's some evidence of him chatting to several white people, presumably australians, presumably in english! No evidence with sound yet that I've discovered. But I really hope I was wrong about his beginner english skills and he's actually conversant!!!

http://livesportsss.com/2018/07/hunan-satellite-tv-live-tream/ here's a stream, but i don't know if longge has been on already.

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Longge hasn't been on yet (in my stream at least, I'm a bit behind live).

I saw the short haired lady's and the young lady's performances.

The short haired lady is a singer I think. Story and acting were a bit meh, but it had a really nice scene with footsteps in the rain, and a cool car scene (although she didn't wear her seatbelt, very irresponsible ; )). The young lady's story was simple and nice, I liked it more than the 1st story. They had a cool scene in the beginning where they turned off the lights of reporters, and turned them on for her, and played with the sound and then she started singing. Really cool way to show her inner feelings. She had a granny actor who gave an amazing performance and also a beijing opera actress. Overall she was more just tying the different parts together.

I really like this show, the directors do really cool stuff. And once in a while it's a magical performance altogether. 

I'm gonna write my other impressions into this post as well.


Oh wow. Longge. I'm crying : D It's the type of performance, fully embodied, so vibrant, that I knew he had in him, I just thought he would need some more practice before from the 1st second you feel a character. But he's already there. And the story. Ok, now the last performer started, but I'm too wound up to take in anything else right now. Plus I didn't like his previous performance in phantacity.

The story is about the child in a man meeting another child. And healing the wounds of the child and protecting that child, heals the child in the man. And he becomes the man and adult that the child needs. It was so beautiful. The child actor is awesome, they managed to keep her natural, obviously adores Longge. Longge didn't say anything for most of the performance, so powerful. He only got a voice after he became an adult, before that he just sang in his heart. They had a bit where he was singing out of rhythm with the track, I'm not entirely sure if it's because he didn't hear the music, because it suited that moment perfectly and I felt it was intentional (but then it's live so maybe not). If not, a really happy accident. And the ending was so touching, and they didn't overexplain it, they believed that the audience would understand, they respected the audience.


Edit: I wanted to explain a bit more what I meant by singing out of rhythm. Basially in that scene he is preoccupied, and that's why he is not singing perfectly with the track. It's very effective. So I think it's intentional. But could also be a happy accident.


Ahh. I love this piece so much. I knew I would like his acting. But I liked it even more than I imagined I would. And I was afraid I wouldn't like the story, because I'm very sensitive to things being too sentimental or.. yeah, I'm allergic to a certain type of sentimentality. But I love the story. Such a great piece, and he starts out as a completely different character and transforms throughout the show. I'm so wound up, I need to drink warm milk and calm down.

I actually clapped to my laptop when it finished like a fool : D

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21 minutes ago, Evil Blea said:

They uploaded the YouTube version. I'm so glad I made it home on time haha. So excited!! 

I just saw few pieces on weibo... I'm already moved... pls do you have the YT link to watch it entirely because the one posted by siobhanne don't work on my cell... thanks^^

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18 minutes ago, katthy said:

I just saw few pieces on weibo... I'm already moved... pls do you have the YT link to watch it entirely because the one posted by siobhanne don't work on my cell... thanks^^

@katthy this is the link

Edited by huilin84
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Omg I watched his performance and im in tears. I literally tried to put off all spoilers for his performance, just knew that he was going to be dressed as a clown, so that I wouldn’t be spoilt. 


I agree with @siobhanne about the part where his singing wasn’t very synchronised with the music. At first I was like ?? but watching the scene, whether it was a mistake or not, I felt like he pulled it off so well.... although now that I think about it I think it was rather intentional haha.


the ending... I don’t even know how to say it, but it’s so beautiful! the child actor and zyl obviously formed such a cute friendship as well

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3 hours ago, huilin84 said:

@katthy this is the link

whaaa thank you so much, I'm gonna go and watch it right now, SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!


but before I just want to leave ZYL's thanksgiving video for his 10000000 follower quote reached, that he posted on his weibo... I'd like to know what the song's words are... and understand what he's saying to us...:heart:


“ There are flaws, but I am happy, thanks to every creator of #幻乐之城#! This is the 10 million present that I’d prepared [allowing sadness] “


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Phantacity's "Chǒu" (Ugly/Clown) Performance Review of Zhu Yi Long


As one of the lower class of society, there exists the poor who strive to live by everyday without dignity and value. Our "clown" is among this group where on the surface he painted himself as a smiling clown. He entered the stage as the show ended and collected the money rewarded to them. Nobody notice him as it is the end of the show and people are emptying out since his role is only a gimmick at the end. However, he have one audience, a little girl who only survival relies on selling flowers.  To the child,  her only way to show appreciation is to give him the flower petals of the only items she used for livelihood. As times fly by, this clown learned to care and bring happiness to his only audience. Even under all the hardship of life, they learned to enjoy each other company and develop a bond that is beyond friendship. When the girl is hurt, the clown felt angry and violent. Feelings that he should have long overcome as a clown lives without dignity, their existence is to bring other joy at the expense of themselves and to be viewed as a joke. However, for this little girl, he gathered his bravery, executed revenge on the owner and lost his job. The day he left, he watched another 'clown' replaced him, continue living a life at the beck and call of others. He removed his makeup and left to find the little flower girl. The climax of the story is when he asked the girl, "Do you need someone to look after you? The girl said "No, I already have someone who look after me." Even through the little girl didn't recognize him but the man realized that although the girl is young, she felt his care and knew that there is someone in this world who is looking for her.


This is a very touching story about a 'clown' and a flower girl. It is like seeing two common but very similar soul linked together because of their circumstances. For 8 minutes, we went into a different world and felt the emotions and the underlying sadness and despair of this world but we are happy because we see two people who found each other, who they can care for, who they can look up to, and depend on in this dark and gloomy world. Thank you to all participants who made this performance appear before us. It is a truly touching and amazing piece of segment. 


The director is truly fabulous. He set the tone and mood of this piece in a very gloomy and dark setting with sense of confinement which really set the stage of this story. The fact that he shaped this story around Zhu Yi Long's request and manage to make such powerful work of art is amazing. His suggestion to allow Zhu Yi Long's and girl to develop closeness before the performance helped develop the unbelievable chemistry between both actors. It is no wonder ZYL admire this director.


Zhu Yi Long's performance once again brought the audience into his character. Without minor expression on his face that he used in his past acting, he make sure to use stronger facial expression and make his clown so much more of a person. For the major part of the show, he didn't talked, he used his expression and body language to bring out what this clown is feeling and thinking and we completely feel his emotions. Zhu Yi Long is almost a perfectionist in details, the way he truly bring himself into the character of a clown is truly amazing to watch especially at the last scene.  The way he poked at the little girl head, the way his hand swirled to indicate he is buying all the flowers, those hand gestures are the gestures of a clown. If you noticed, he rolled up the money before handing it to the girl because he knows that the money is too big for the little girl's hand. All these details make us believe and bring us into their world inside of viewing it as a performance only. 


This show also allow us to see a different side of Zhu Yi Long which we haven't seen based on his interviews, public appearances, and bits and pieces of his life. There is a sense of eagerness, excitement, and enjoyment you can sense from him. His interaction with the director and the girl gave me a view of a Zhu Yi Long behind the cameras. He is no longer hesitating, no longer deep in thoughts, and thinking about what to say next, he is comfortable. He is himself. This the Zhu Yi Long that his friends and family see after work. When he finished the performance and walked out on stage, he is very comfortable with the people around him because they are all someone he knows. The way he smiled is also different here, it feels like he just accomplished something that he really like and enjoy and is very happy. You can feel all that enjoyment from him. I am sooooo happy he enjoyed himself. 


Lastly, this performance do have minor flaws like the rope that Zhu Yi Long almost tripped but quickly did a wide motion to recover, the out of sync singing that Zhu Yi Long used his nervousness and strong emotions to overshadow it (making it hard to determine whether it is intentional or not), Zhu Yi Long opening the wrong door and quickly correcting himself, and finally the extra lady who almost follow him but quickly turned around in time. Yet, those flaws doesn't diminish the overall performance. In closing, I just want to say this is a performance that I can feel the heart and effort of both the director and the actor. A collaboration that produced the true meaning of this show's purpose. Thank you for bringing this to us!!!


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OMG, PhantaCity, I've already seen it, TWICE ... and I'm still deeply moved ... it's a fairly simple story, even without sub eng I would probably have understood it, but ... simple doesn't mean it hasn't been magnificent or simple to interpret! It's so touching ... from the beginning ... this clown ... without words but with a facial and body expression that transmit everything !! ZYL surprised me once again, much much better than what I expected ... I have no words to describe HOW I admire him from the bottom of my heart ... the little child is just as good and together they gave life to a story that makes heart cries and touchs to a truly profound level, I LOVE THEM !!!!
Then I loved all the backstage that we have seen, from the first meeting between ZYL and the director and then the little actor ... and then the interview on stage at the end of the interpretation ... ZYL was so tried and still sweaty. .. but AMAZING as always ... He arrived with the child in his arms and it was amazing to see their authentic bond ... as well as that with the director .... I LOVED EVERYTHING !!!!! :heart:
I would just have loved understand what is said in the off-stage and then on the stage ... sigh... :(



14 hours ago, Evil Blea said:

I agree with @siobhanne about the part where his singing wasn’t very synchronised with the music. At first I was like ?? but watching the scene, whether it was a mistake or not, I felt like he pulled it off so well....

About this not synchro singing... I really think that was ZYL pure interpretation... and I'm pretty sure about that... he would never did such a "mistake"... he's too too precisely in his work, I'm pretty much sure... his interpretation, I LOVED BTW!!!!







@katthy I think this is the rehearsal for the Phantacity performance. If u watch the YouTube episode, you will get the translation for this song


@Evil Blea yes, that's right, the song is the same he sang on the show, but unfortunately on the YT video there aren't eng sub for the song, just for dialogues.... :(

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As a labour of love I've translated most of Zhu Yi Long's bits from his part (not the beginning of the show, only after his bit starts). Then my phone camera gave out so I ended it when they were mostly done with the evaluation. Finished it. This is google translate. So. Yeah. Some stuff I bothered to interpret into human language, but I left a lot of it in robot speak. 



Hello director
=Looking at it?
*Zhi Yi Long: The 10th (episode?) singer invited to view the scene in advance*
%His tenth episode
=The 10th episode
=There's a long time, there are still 2 weeks
=Less than 3 weeks

Come and see
=We are very painful
It's very painful
*Be careful*
*to be clear*
If I don't come to see what the scene is
*This performance, Zhu Yi Long*
I am very nervous
I don't know what I want to do
What is this thing to do?
After watching the scene
I found more than I expected
More difficult
So I decided not to come
*No retreat, hurry to practice*
Likable, hateful
Pampered, weary
/Good. Alright
Singing off
%This is the director of our evening
-Hard work, teacher Zhu
*Director of the evening?*
No. (modest)
-Let's go over it
*I am serious about my work*
Yes. Let's go over it.
-Let's just have a look
-Fully implemented (prank)
*What is he saying*
-My name is Wei Xiao
-you see it (i don't know what this phrase means)
*Oh, it's you*

I am willing to try a variety of subjects
*Zhu Yi Long & Wei Xiao: Creative work "Ugly"*
A variety of styles.
So at that time, director Xiao
When we meet
I also hope that he wants to play.
Then I can play with one piece
Play this




His part:


Hello everyone, I'm Zhu Yi Long!
What do you want to say?
I have a picture to imagine myself
the image of a clown.
I used to play 
Many of my chraacters are
something on the face will be a little more.
Then a clown
after he blackened his eyes
your little facial expressions
basically can't see it
So I think for me
also an attempt at
a challenge.

-That will cover your handsome face
-Are you sure?
*Handsome Zhu*

I feel very good.

-Are you willing to be covered?

Actually, I used to
I have always liked children very much.

-So you may want this story
-to have a child


-Boy or girl?


-So fast

Yes. (laughs)
Because I like daughters.

-He did not hesitate to hear him
-indeed, yes.

Then there is a son after that.
he is watching that
when watching the video
will he be particularly disappointed?
Actually I also like sons very much.
*Knows how to stay in line. I will see you in the future*

-The child is also not good to pick
-We only have one.

It's a big challenge.
*Little actor is too difficult to control*

-For the obsessive compulsive disorder of my work
-I am never afraid of difficulty
-As long as you like, you want
-must be able to achieve it
*Beijing/ Meet the little actor*

-Jiu Yue (September), Mr Zhu Yi Long.
-Jiu Yue.


-It's fun.
-I'm sorry.
-Jiu Yue, you see a handsome guy.
-It's really more stressful than seeing me.
-Is it not?
-Silly child
-Look inside this manuscript.
-You two have almost
- no lines of communication
-So I think the first two days
-mainly you are getting familiar with her.
-She is very sociable


-I hope they both
-spend more time to get along
-stay more time together
-learn more about each other
-trust each other more
*Cultivate mutual understanding*

I have no nails

>You have

No. You see.
I have bitten
You don't bite your nails

>I also bite
(Ow my heart, his gleeful smile at this)
*Identical tastes*
You see, are our nails not similar

>Pretty similar
*Hand eating pair*
>Give you

You can't reach, your hand is too short
Because I like children very much
*Quickly/ The two are familiar
So I think with little Jiu Yue
this time the communcation is also quite smooth
The relationship between us two is also very good
Like a friend
Sell a cute

>How to sell it
*I will not use this technology*
>Do you know
*Cool - Handsome - Cute*

I don't know

>You sell one

I don't know

>If you sell me, I will sell it

Then you sell first

>You sell first!
>stone paper scisssors
>who won who first

Stone paper scissors
*Paper lost*
Why did I lose?

-Teacher Zhu

>Sell a cute

Come. We both have to do one.

>Don't film
*A secret that belongs only to us*

Don't film


One, two, three

-They are already good friends
-Especially intimate
-He does not have a solo
-performance mission
-They are fine when they are both right

>You came
*Found a little cute*

You came
*Two "Childish souls"*

>You copy me

You copy me
Do you want to eat? I will open it for you.
*Good friends*

>You don't have nails, right?

Yes, I am like you.
If you can hold back crying that night
Then don't want to
The feeling of letting yourself cry
You want to be able to perform
You are too powerful

>Put eye drops in eyes if cry didn't come out.

Then you perform later
Can't use eye drops
Unless you have some special circumstances
You need to reveal 
real feelings at that moment
You are definitely not able to use eye drops
I think that is because you like to perform
From an early age you have to be in this industry
with awe in your heart.
So some need you
when mobilizing true emotions
*Awe and love, protect every heart of the heart*
you try not to fake it.
So now I am with the director
also protecting her emotions.
When we are real, that time
Just give her a little bit
That real thing comes
It's amazing.

~That is masterful (Daxingdong)
~World class performers (I think, this guy is too poetic)

-It's a great honor to invite him.
-They are performance artists

~It's very beautiful, what you're going to do.
~look forward to the work
-Thank you, thank you teacher Liang.

Sister Fei, hello
#What is the final ending?
-I don't tell you
*You can be awesome*
#Don't tell me, okay

Jiu Yue
#You are like a small radish head
>I am not called a small radish head
#I said you are like, not that you are.
>My mother especially likes you.
>And every day I sleep, I will listen to your song
#Your mum's taste is too good
#You are here to support her
#So you are also great
#Your clown makeup
#Finally how to achieve
#Is it finished?
#I can't see it at all

-Almost invisible
-You can look forward to it, Fei sister.
-Will look great
-I think I mainly look at him

#Good. Expecting.

Will the clown makeup bring a burden to the show?
No burden
But there are obstacles
I haven't made such makeup after all
The eyes are two black holes
Because it is a large white face
So your facial expression
Your eyebrows, your veins
Your crow's feet
It's all these
that can usually help you with the details
can't now help you.
Therefore I have to adjust the way I perform
Excessive use of limbs
Use a little exaggeration.
*Performance mode - a new experience*
Physical movements to express it

-Yilong is a good and simple actor
-He is doing his best
-go to the look of that person
-you must cherish his performance
-because he spends most of his time
-without a partner
-He brings a gentle atmosphere to the audience (something like that, I don't know)
-Especially after wearing the clown
-his state makes me
-very surprised

-He is still changing

Let's start

%Yes, right?
-Come on, good luck
Great, good luck
%Come! To everyone!

Let me stay with you (Tang Hangxiao | Eason Chan song)
Lyrics  (Pure google translate awfulness)
I never talk
because I'm afraid noone answers
I never struggled
because I know the world is too big

Too much time wasted,
too many things to face,
too much doesn't matter,
too difficult to tell the truth
too mcuh trouble, right and wrong
who is by your side?

(This is where he is stalking his prey:)
The most small, I have a big dream
time to move forward,
there must be no end to the intersection
bothering the world,
all the understanding

Just let me stay with you

(This is where he is beating him up:)
The most small, I have a big dream
I am willing to live quietly
in every corner where you have
If there is anything in life,
it will make you sad.
Don't be afraid to let me stay with you
The youngest, the most humble dream.

I found that the world is not so different
Reality, if you don't care too much about you
Let's go, rainbow after storm

(This is the piano bit:)
Maybe it will be lost, maybe it will be ordinary
Maybe you don't understand
this mediocre black and white world
All the intersections in life are not the end

Don't be afraid to let me stay with you.

(That caress of the old friend Piano)
(That part where he asks if she needs someone to take care of her. It kills me, the tentativeness and neediness, ow my heart.)

#She finally took the two petals
#Is going to give to him
+ Give him
+Yes, very good.
+She didn't recognize him
+ but she wants to give him

#This script is good
+From the small to the big
¤Wei Xiao teacher has the ability

*End of the performance*
%Waiting for you to finally laugh

Director said no
Because the first one is the same
%Take apart

-You rock! You rock! Come on! (english)
Come on! (english)
- Too strong *hugs*
-Jiu Yue! Jiu Yue! Jiu Yue!
-Jiu Yue it's all good
- I can't give you an Oscar
-If you can

+I actually before
+Especially worried about Zhu Yi Long
+Because I think he is particularly stressed
¤He played very well
#Needless to say
#Just singing is a bit less

+Come! Let's applaud Zhu Yi Long
+director Wei Xiao
*Performance is over, return to the theatre*
+and our best little Jiu Yue.
+Hello, Jiu Yue
+Especially good
+It's okay, they're all good people
+You played very well
+Do you know it yourself?
>I don't know
+What do you want to tell him as a last thing?
*Brain high speed operation*
>Nothing to say
+You said thank you for taking care of me, okay?
>Thank you for taking care of me
+From here
+That brother will pick you up
+Zhu Yi Long, after you last watched it
+you said to me
+I was even more nervous after watching it
+now the play is over
+how is your mood?

*Is a real person/man* (I think they're makng fun that he's of few words)
+But the expert is a bit unsatisfied
+Said you sing too little
*False alarm*
#Yes, the overall feeling he sang
#Slightly less
#But I think the last one
#That line
#It's the feeling of the point to the hole (feel free to interpret this, I give up)
#Special sour feeling
#That is enough
#Let this whole work be established
#The climax does not need to say
#How passionate you are
#But it must hold the acupunture point (google translate does not do poetry, sorry)
#They did it
¤Especially like them this
¤That is, they are two
¤two very unconvinced people (this probably means something else)
¤my feeling
+yes, unconvinced people.
¤Although you lived miserably
¤But your heart is stilll there
¤It's very handsome

+the story between the two of them
+maybe the director is also thinking
+or Zhu Yi Long
+I also want to be small or big

-I hope that you or everyone can
-that is the greatest joy
-from small to big

The director is not usually like this
*professional demolition*
He is usually particularly chatty

+I want to ask
+the middle theatre is called
+Pig One Dragon
+Why not Red One Dragon?
+But Pig One Dragon
+Is there any source for this?

The director asked at that time
What is the name of this theatre?
Then I think this was originally
This work is a little
A little absurd
I said that it doesn't matter
Then laugh at yourself

+Then there is a place
+I want to ask
+you got lost
+opened a wrong door
+Still the design is

I froze for a moment
That is you will short circuit
because i am too familiar
I need to go back and forth in this scene
Three times like this
Run away
-it's too real, it's too real

+fortunately today you remembered to open the door
+remembered it well
+then I will tell you about it
+there are 2 on the stage
+very good action actor
+they are from
+daxingdom tourism world
+youth acrobatic artists
+Nie Li Zhenchuan and Yu Haisu
+Right, it's two

-I cherish them greatly
-I am very sorry for them
-Their action is difficult
-Look at them every time
-not having a good time
-I hope everyone has a chance
-to see their happy performances
+to have a good time

+you can go to Daxingdong Tourism World
+international performing arts base to watch
+they have a work
+called "Power and Beauty"
+we also want to remind
+audience members in front of the tv
+October 17
+Daxingdong Tourism will be officially opened in the evening
+(some sponsor talk)
+If you get another chance to choose
+Do you want to promise
+to come back to Phantacity to sing?

Will come

+Come, right.
+Which director do you want to work with?
(points to Wei Xiao) *My heart belongs*
(totally misses a high five opportunity, everyone laughs)
*have a high five, without a high five* (google translated as "ride", dunno)
+special tacit understanding
*what happened?*
+they are like this
+you take a ride, I take a ride (I'm guessing some slang for high fives, dunno)
+fortunately there is not a ride
+good or not
*They said that we are very tacit*
+Alright, thank you both
+He just wanted to clap with you
+Then you turned to me
*This happened?* (bless his surprised face, hahaha)
+He wants to clap with you
+Applause to Zhu Yi Long and director Wei Xiao
+Thank you both
+Thank you
+Thank you agai, the band conductor
+Thank you

(Then they looked for audience reactions, found one with lots of ups and downs. Asked the fan why she liked the work so much.)
The fan said:
This work is amazing for me. I don't know where is the upper limit of Zhu Yi Long, that he can always give us more surprises. 
¤This should be a mature actor.
+very good
+no upper limit is better than no bottom line
Fan: then is such an absurd
Fan: weird background
Fan: then their mutual salvation
Fan: just like in the dark
Fan: brightly colored roses
Fan: that is, it gave me a kind of
Fan: pure artistic beauty
*Being boasted about, lack of oxygen, need to slow down*
+we have noticed
+the other 3 singers
+don't have good expressions
Fan: not so
Fan: performance by the three other teachers
Fan: also very exciting
¤You have not watched it
¤Only 2 have performed

(They make fun of her.)

Fan: Because from teacher Wang Lei I have seen previous works (good save, girl)
+Good. Please continue to support our singers.
+Please sit, thank you.


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