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[Drama 2019] Abyss, 어비스

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18 hours ago, lingx2 said:

Did they explain how HJ's face  returns to normal? I remember her face turned old when she revived?

I watched with sub but I don't think they explained to it unless I missed a part when I fast forward certain scene :sweatingbullets:

They didn't explain but I think she was just using make-up. She basically just needed to draw in her eyebrows and get some concealer and foundation to cover up her skin lol!

17 hours ago, lingx2 said:

:love: Cha Min looking handsome in a suit.  This is more of the type of content I want to see!


16 hours ago, turtle0217 said:


Oh! Is CM going to go work for his own mother? Isn't that her in the background?

I didn't notice that. Well-spotted!


16 hours ago, greezlybee said:

HJ is YC's daughter and I'm convinced that Prosecutor Seo is his son. When YC is calling at the hospital lot, the other line sounds like Seo and he's the one who tells YC that his fingerprints did not change. If that's true, Seo is his father's accomplice and might be the one who actually killed SY. As for HJ, I'm sure she will come around and help SY and CM on the case. Probably to avenge her mother's death. 


Lastly, I want to appreciate Detective DC. He is such a sweetheart who's so in love with MD hahaha. I love how he covered SY/MD's eyes:wub: [fighting Lee Si Eon our 3 idiots captain >< (ILA fans will understand this hihi)] And the real MD!! The second she comes in to the picture, it'll be chaotic.

I also think HJ will eventually come around but currently she is annoying.


I appreciate Dong Cheol too. He is very adorable.  It was so sweet how he covered SY's eyes and so cute how nervous he was to give the press conference.

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