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Unable to recover original Disqus login for Soompi articles



Totally unrelated to the forums, but not sure where else to ask.


Although I have my own Disqus account, in the past, I have never had to specifically log into Disqus when I posted comments under Soompi articles - apparently a Disqus account was automatically associated with my Soompi login, enabling me to post. I have no idea how the credentials are tied to my Soompi account, but it appears to be linked in some way.


Lately, it appears that credential is no longer tied to my login, and I no longer am able to see comments I previously posted over the years (yes yes, I'm sentimental that way!)

Is there any way to trace what the original Disqus login is, and allow me to recover it?

Thank you in advance for any advice and help.

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Sorry... revisiting this thread again just to ask if a resolution has been found to this issue. 

Is there any way to restore connection to the original Disqus login for comments?

Please advise. Thank you.

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