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[Drama 2019] The Crowned Clown/The Man Who Became King, 광해 / 왕이 된 남자

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My theory is that LK does not die, but is just injured. He then helps HS execute SCS and the deposed queen dowager, and sets the nation up for a successful future. After things are set up, HS and SW decide they want to step down from royalty and live a normal life. So again HS and LK conspire a plan to have HS and SW deposed (secretly voluntarily ofcourse) and sent into exile. In reality, HW and SW move down south reunite with GS and DR and live a happy civilian life.

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I absolutely love historical/period dramas.  


I just wrapped up watching one that hands down has to be the best Chinese historical drama (The Story of Ming Lan) that I've ever watched; you know it's good when you finish watching it then turn around and rewatch all 73 episodes again. What I loved is the writer truly developed the characters, gave us a lead couple that were smart and bold--constantly outwitting the "evil" people and not afraid to push the envelope. I want more couples like them. If that wasn't enough, the writer gave us a real love story that we watch develop before out eyes. This was also the most romantic historical drama that I've watched  (including Dong Yi--which is still my all times favorite--but it's not tied with TSOML).


I'm only on episode 4 of The Crowned Clown and I'm waiting. This drama started so dark for me that I haven't for one second liked the real King. Only with the little insight I have at this point, it was easy to see that the King knew that his son was going to be manipulated and wanted him to protect his brother; however, it's also easy to see that the "bad" people had already gotten to the Crown Prince--he had a female personal servant working against him with Left State Minister Chi Soo; not to mention female assistant was playing "hand games" with the King. He was also addicted to drugs which also fed into his paranoia. After he killed his brother and was willing to kill anyone that spoke out against him--I absolutely dislike him and can't find an ounce of pity for him. Loved the fact that he was being haunted by his conscience of having killed his little brother.  Maybe when he's clear of the drugs and hedonism, he may be someone I can pity...not at the moment.


As of ep 4, I'm definitely not a fan of the King's/Ha Seon's secretary. Maybe he has a plan that hasn't unfolded at this moment, but he seems to be the worse because he's coming across as a doormat and really not protecting the interest of the king. He really doesn't help guide him, just sits back and let it happen. When the real King gave the order to execute the Queen's father, although he knew her father was being framed, he didn't try to dissuade or even warn the hot tempered young king that he was being manipulated. I was so glad that Ha Seon changed the order.


Then there is the Queen Dowager. I don't know how I feel about her. I would want to kill the king too after he killed by baby. However, I don't want her trying to kill Ha Seon--the real King have at him, but not Ha Seon.


The main problem with this kingdom is there truly is no real King or governing body worth it's salt.  I'm hoping that Ha Seon is the person to make that change. 


Ha Seon was immediately smitten by the Queen, but at this point I'm wondering, "Why?"  At this point her character is so bland and muted, I would love to see some spark out of her--tired of the, 'I'll kill myself to show you my sincerity'.


All that being said, the absolutely darkest point for me was the brutal raping of Ha Seon's sister. This drama has been dark for 4 episodes with only two real lite moments (the "fight" scene between Ha Seon and the Secretary and when Ha Seon ran away after seeing the queen).  Other than those two scenes the drama is heavy and the romance between the two at this point seems heavy (she's thinking he's the King and falling in love with a fake). 


I'm hoping the "Good people" begin to shine more as I continue my marathon of this drama, right now it's just dark. It also doesn't have the palace norms that I'm used to seeing in most historical dramas. 


Update: 2 writer peeves:  


1. There are too many servants talking back to royalty--especially Lady Kim. Not sure why she's even with the King. The little explanation about her solving problems, wasn't good enough for me. Women didn't have that kind of rights back in the day.  


2. This one is a BIG one. To have Ha Seon's sister be curious to find out who was in the lock cottage in the woods, to the point she has to go check it out is extremely unrealistic for a young 14/15 year old girl who was brutally raped. She's fearful even around the monk and yet she wants to go check out the little house he entered?  She even tested the doors? After she was raped in a house just like that? Not even remotely  likely.)


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Everytime I watch on Viu, it states very clearly that this drama, along with  its characters, is a work of fiction...so I demand that Tvn gives me my happy ending  :D . I think I am not the only one who thinks this way.



[The Crowned Clown] Eps 14 & 15 spoilers, Yeo Jin Goo x Lee Se Young & Kim Sang Kyung

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2019

Article: Naver 'The Crowned Clown' Kim Sang Kyung's life in danger because of Kwon Hae Hyo who escaped prison.. declaring war with the rebels [Ep 14]

1. [+1067,-17]
The scriptwriter must've felt conflicted.. It's only a fiction work anyway, I hope they suppress the rebels, make him a good king and live happily together with the queen... 

2. [+838,-9]
Ha~ They should've gotten rid of Shin Chi Soo quickly.. Ha Sun trying to understand the royal secretary today was cool and sad. I liked it. The Kim Sang Kyung and Yeo Jin Goo combination is really good. And they are both great at acting!

3. [+434,-16]
Royal secretary: "Your Highness, I'll give you the honor you deserve from now on." I'm so glad that today's Monday. I wonder what will happen to the rebels, and they are airing tomorrow. 

4. [+151,-3]
The actor acting as the royal secretary, Kim Sang Kyung, his acting..... The scene when he bowed to Ha Sun and say that he'll treat him with courtesy from now on... That was the best scene... Every actor has great acting skills. The immersion is the best. I wonder how will they get past the obstacle tomorrow? 

5. [+125,-4]
Court Lady Kim tells the empress dowager... Court Lady Kim: Empress dowager, the king doesn't have a scar on his chest now.. He's the clown.." ----Empress dowager: That clumsy thing has given me a present before he left, huh? Hehehe...." ----The empress dowager decides to commit treason. She gets dethroned when Ha Sun reveals that he has a scar.. While she is still holding out, the royal secretary gives her a counter-punch. ---Royal secretary: Empress dowager, you came to get the royal seal when the king wasn't around, didn't you? The royal seal on this secret letter, isn't this evidence of you committing treason?!!!! 

6. [+94,-1]
I really hate seeing the rebels. It's disgraceful and humiliating enough seeing the most incompetent king in the Joseon Dynasty, please don't do this in the drama too. I really like Gwang Hae... Please make the king grow old with the queen and make him a good king who creates peaceful days for the people. 

7. [+89,-2]
I'm sure there are allies behind the royal secretary. 



Article: Naver 'The Crowned Clown' Yeo Jin Goo  Lee Se Young, promise to grow old together 'kiss' [Ep 14]

1. [+545,-30]
Please grow old together... I hope for a happy ending... 

2. [+457,-7]
Oh, the royal secretary bowed to Ha Sun with teary eyes. Everyone's so good at acting~ There are no acting holes. He has really become the king~

3. [+213,-6]
I'm touched by the royal secretary. 

4. [+153,-2]
This drama is amazing. The acting, content, everything's good. 

5. [+116,-6]
Can that really be possible..? I'm curious about the ending. 

6. [+55,-1]
The king and queen are cool too, but the king with the royal secretary together are cool too. 

7. [+46,-0]
Is there a need to follow the history? It's fiction once they've changed the king. I hope Prince Jin Pyeong's treason will fail too~~~ 

8. [+45,-1]
Today's episode was the best. I knew it would turn out this way. The royal secretary treating Ha Sun as the real king~~~!!

K Netz asking them to save Hak San...


Article: Naver 'The Crowned Clown' Kim Sang Kyung, protects Yeo Jin GooXCountry… offers his life [Ep 15]
1. [+3914,-33]
I realized how much of a good actor Kim Sang Kyung is once again by watching this drama.. He matches that comical role in 'What Happens to My Family' too, looks like he doesn't have restrictions on genres. He has a wide acting spectrum... His pronunciations, 

vocalizations, if I go on, it would be just nagging. 

2. [+1471,-28]
Hak San hasn't died. Save him. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+1119,-27]
Save Hak San. You can't kill a lead like that. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+1079,-16]
Someone slashed the royal secretary on his back... right?... How can it be a happy ending with wealth and honor without the royal secretary? 

5. [+776,-24]
No, but why the royal secretary? Please, no. Please save him. Make him severely injured, that's all. 

6. [+309,-6]
Royal secretary, get a week of treatment, I'll see you next Monday. ㅠㅠ

7. [+267,-6]
Quick, send a helicopter with Surgeon Lee Guk Jong. 

8. [+252,-1]
Kim Sang Kyung's acting is insane. Yeo Jin Goo too. But Kim Sang Kyung is really amazing. 

9. [+231,-1]
At least he killed someone before dying. That was still refreshing. It's rare to see that. 



Article: Naver 'The Crowned Clown' Rebels pursuit  confirms secret letter  Kim Sang Kyung dies for Yeo Jin Goo's sake [Ep 15]

1. [+672-8]
I really wanted to send a helicopter there with Prof Lee Guk Jong. 

2. [+506,-10]
Ha... Kim Sang Kyung is an excellent actor who had lines that are like gems every episode. Don't just go like that after confessing to Woon Shim while drunk, royal secretary. 

3. [+358,-4]
Shin Chi Soo isn't even dead yet, why is the royal secretary dying so easily, scriptwriter? 

4. [+241,-2]
Save the royal secretary. He can't die. There are still so many traitors around, how can you leave Ha Sun to this country alone and die? He has to make the world a better place together with Ha Sun. 

5. [+37,-1]
Did he close his eyes...? I think it ended with his eyes still opened. 

6. [+25,-1]
Ah, make him survive after treating him. He was just a little injured by the sword. Please make that happen, scriptwriter. 



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It's a sad story for LK's secretary. When he accepted the HS as an ideal king and loyal to him That time was too short for him to work, serving alongside HS, creating a new world together. It's too late. There was no day for him.:bawling:

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2 hours ago, nidcha202 said:

It's a sad story for LK's secretary. When he accepted the HS as an ideal king and loyal to him That time was too short for him to work, serving alongside HS, creating a new world together. It's too late. There was no day for him.:bawling:


I'm playing catch up, so I'm now on episode 10. Still not feeling much in regards to the Secretary. He's so loyal to the real king--a bad/awful person still at this point, he was willing to let Ha Seon die--yeah, yeah, he didn't kill him personally, but he was willing to let the wild lions and dogs kill him.  The secretary told Ha Seon that he too prayed (while he was trapped in the hole) that he would survive. I'm thinking as I heard that, "but I'm not going to do anything to ensure you survive."  The person who should be the closest to the real king, Eunuch Jo, wept tears of joy when he found out that Ha Seon was still alive; even calling him "Your Majesty".  He had seen in the time he was with Ha Seon that he really has a compassionate heart and desire to care for the people. He is the material of a real king. I think the bodyguard also sees the same quality.  He's a skilled fighter, he even encourage Ha Seon to run far away because he didn't have the heart to kill him.


Then we find out in ep 9 that Secretary LK is truly loyal to no one in my opinion. He wasn't really loyal to the King; instead in his own way he encouraged his bad behavior by silence. Knowing that he's the one that fed poison to the King's little brother just cemented that fact. Yes, I know the little prince had a plotting mother, but the King needed to handle the mother (Dowager Queen)--instead he killed the little brother who believed in him. The little boy ate with gusto because he knew that the Secretary was sent by his brother whom he trusted. The king died by the man he trusted. Ha Seon was left to die by Secretary LK with only thoughts of a prayer.


Sadly, thinking that  Secretary LK may die in a future episode is leaving me completely dry eyed....my feelings might change by the time I get to ep 15; somehow, I don't see that happening.  When the king died, the only thing I felt sorry about was that he died the same way as his father and brother--no last dying happy thoughts...only fear and betrayal.  


I will not continue pressing onward. This drama sadly for me will definitely not be a re-watch....too dark and no real bright spots. Even the Queen smiling is no real bright spot because her character is blah in the sense that she really doesn't stand out.

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@nidcha202, I'm going to press onward. I'm hoping that I do have a change of heart regarding Secretary Kim.  However, currently it's almost like he's the king incognito--he's giving the orders. The fact that he advised Ha Seon to severe his emotions towards the queen is a mute point now considering that he killed the real king. What is his plans for Ha Seon and the Queen's future--grown old together with no real marriage? Don't get me wrong--I want Ha Seon to be honest with the queen (surprised that she hasn't discovered it for herself).


Then every K drama romance has to have their "separation". Looking forward to seeing the scene you mentioned.


UPDATE 1  Episode 11: SMH.......the queen ....:angry: It's one thing if she loved the King, but she didn't. She didn't even want him touching her until he became a different person (Ha Seon). I can understand feeling deceived, but come on. She had to leave the palace?  Isn't the queen supposed to care about the country too? Did she forget that he's the one who saved her father? 


She's only tried to kill herself two or three times-- for stupid reasons.  I personally wanted to push her off the cliff myself...her life appears to have little value.


Not a fan of the queen's character at all. Wish the writer could have don a better job developing her character. She's immature in a lot of ways. 


UPDATE 2:  Episode 14:  One thing I cannot stand is the abuse of children. I will beat a stranger down if i see them abusing a child or an elderly person (i'm not talking about disciplining their child, but abuse). I was in a department store and saw a very young mother cussing/swearing at her small son, who couldn't have been no more than 2 years old. I had an out of body experience I found myself yelling at the mother about not speaking to her child that way (I came back to my senses--the stunned mother didn't say a word, but took her son's hand a walked away at a pace he could keep up with)--I did get looks of approval and thumbs up from those who had heard.


I say this because when Secretary Kim, in an effort to get a confession from the Dowager Queen, talked about poisoning her son (her sweet son who loved his brother the king) and his last breath was for his mother--I wanted to reach through the TV and slap his face. If I knew my child had been killed, I would want to exact revenge too. She didn't even begin her plotting against the throne until her child was killed. Case of which came first--the chicken or the egg. The king was awful and deserving of death...the queen doesn't know that Ha Seon is the King. If the old King was alive, I would probably be cheering her efforts on to kill him.  


UPDATE 3: Episode 15: Sadly, although Secretary Kim pledged his loyalty to the King and even vowed with a bow to serve him, call me a harden heart, but the ending of ep 15 didn't move me, didn't fill me with regret or sorrow. 


No doubt, zero doubt, that Ha Seon is a much better king than his predecessors (father and son); however, with the help of Secretary Kim, the throne has been stolen. Since all the legitimate offsprings have perished, it's probably for the best that a man of the people has the throne. 

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Posted (edited)

I have enjoyed this drama from start to finish, a rarity for me as I rarely appreciate historical dramas. It helped that we had YJG at the helm carrying a lot of this drama on his shoulders. Such a talent that can be clearly scene in the dual roles he played here. For instance angry Ha Seon is so different from the raging Yi Heon. I also thought they chose a very good actress to play SW. There's this steadfastness and elegance that Lee So Young brings to her character. 


It also helped that I was very invested in Ha Seon's journey from the start and was rooting for the romance between him and SW. Perhaps it was a blessing that I came in blind, with zero knowledge of the history of Joseon , and also had no comparisons to make with the movie. So it was  exciting to see what the drama served up each week , and the twists and turns were always unexpected. 


I wonder if Haksan dies? I don't actually want him to but it seems that it would be the only way to ensure that HS's position is protected and that the crown does not fall into the wrong hands. Honestly can they wrap everything up tomorrow? 

Stills credit Tvn FB



Edited by triplem
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I can't believe it's already ending... :tears::tears::tears: I waited months for this drama and I've enjoyed every second of it! Now there's only one episode left, I'm not ready to let go of it yet.


Thought I'd share this :)




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Can you find our lead?? :rolleyes:


Lee Se Young saying goodbye to So Woon :bawling:


Yeo Jin Goo also updated his insta. 


I am crying right now. I don’t want this to end. I hope they can find a project together again.

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HS and the Queen live like ordinary people. Both are happy together. Besides they both are happy I felt relieved in my heart. About both of them earlier Now I am very happy that they both survived and were safe. :heart:


Thank you to all the actors, writers, directors, and staff. You've worked hard. This drama will remember and stay in my heart forever.:heart:







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I could not watch live ...but seeing the cuts on IG , it seems all ended well.

Thanks @nidcha202 for the gifs . I am happy that the OTP got to be together living a normal contented life....


But Haksan did die ....:tears:




So who is this young king that took over ?

Best ending for ED ..



I was a little bit sad that HS had to say goodbye to Eunuch Cho..he was one of my favourites here 

But what the heck happened here ? Seems that he got injured 


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Wheewww at least happy ending although I didn't get "ending kissy" scene tonight. :joy: I'm still happy with it. 


If both Ha Seon and So Soon left palace, who will be the next king? I saw somewhere in ig that actor Yoon Bak made a cameo there. maybe as one of the scholars or something but I think his character will be important one since he is quite a big name star to cameo here.



Thanks to @triplem for sharing the videos. Well, seems like Yoon Bak character ended up as a king. But how? why? whaaat?

And Eunuch Cho :bawling: he should've follow Ha Seon to outside. The palace seems too dangerous for a pure human being like him.:kiss_wink:


I was a bit scared in the middle of refreshing Instagram because I saw a video of Ha Seon getting shot by arrows and his guard (I forgot his name) died. And he seems pretty dead too. But, fortunately, the writer give us a happy ending for both of them. :heart: Can't wait to watch properly with the subtitle. Can't believe the drama ended. Can't they make a special episode just to show us how their life outside the palace????:yum:

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@annie1234 it seems that after HS left the palace  , some folks did not want him alive & send some ppl to kill him . Fortunately, the guard had come to send him off but they both got injured . I think the guard did not survive . I believe HS was suppose to meet SW 



SW was so devastated 

I think she mourned for him for a period of time , but one day she went out to the fields & he appeared, so he survived ...not sure how ..



Ending scene 


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